Is Gerald McCoy “The Golden Gobbler?”

November 25th, 2017


Dirk Koetter told a heck of a Thanksgiving story yesterday.

Yes, we all know what the holiday is all about: family, football, feasting, feasting and more feasting. Of course, Joe got the job done and many NFL players eat massive quantities, too.

Speaking on the Buccaneers Radio Network, Koetter said players are known to gorge to extreme levels. When coaching in Jacksonville and Atlanta, Koetter said those clubs had “Golden Gobbler” awards for the player who gained the most weight over Thanksgiving.

Guys weighed in before the holiday and then again at the team facility the next morning.

Koetter wouldn’t give a name but he’s certain the record was 17 pounds gained. SEVENTEEN!

“Let’s just say this, they were over 300 [pounds] to start,” Koetter said of the winner/loser.

That tradition is not in effect with the Buccaneers, the head coach noted. However, Koetter said he talked to Gerald McCoy on Friday after practice and McCoy told him “he was going to try to sleep off all the bad stuff he ate yesterday.”

So there you have it. McCoy did major league Thanksgiving eating. Hopefully, stud Falcons center Alex Mack ate at least as much bad stuff. As for McCoy’s new diet, it surely will be plenty of helpings of double- and triple-teams tomorrow, which he routinely blew up last week in Miami.

The Bucs likely need another monster game from McCoy to hang with the Falcons.


11 Responses to “Is Gerald McCoy “The Golden Gobbler?””

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    McCoy is the only pass rusher on this team.

    Koetter and Licht should both be fired at the end of this season, for refusing to get a DE.
    Noah Spence doesnt count. Hes too lityle to be a DE. Hes a Lber, in Everyones opinion but Tampa’s. Thats why his shoulder has become chronic.

    Ive been saying it for 3 years. You cant win in the NFL, If you cant rush the passer.

    If only we had a DE. And probably a QB again

  2. Tom Edrington Says:

    I’d think Swaggy is the guy……..he gains weight just standing around…

  3. Buccoon Says:


  4. Lamarcus Says:

    Awww come on Joe

    U laying out the excuse before gametime????

    Eating turkey can’t be yet another reason why gmc gonna suck tomorrow? Ok

  5. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Even loaded on Thanksgiving, I’m still fairly certain GMC will out perform everyone else on the DLine

  6. yrbndr Says:

    I am sure GMC will carry his load on the dline hopefully everyone else well!

  7. ATrain Says:

    Holy Cow

    New Pole

    How many GMC Fatheads does Joe have in his house?

    For the Love of All that is Holy Can Joe LOVE one other player on this team

  8. Capt.Tim Says:

    Labutmunch WISHES his man crush, Gerald McCoy, was a golden gobbler!!
    He wouldnt be so bitter about being rejected!!

    Dont worry, Labutmunch,
    McCoy will play well enough to keep pissing you and your cronies off!!

    Would love to see you, Tmaxipad, and db(IQ)55 when they vote McCoy to the all pro game, then Allpro!!

    Nothing funnier than watching 3 grown men wailing and crying like somebody stole their dolly!

  9. teacherman777 Says:

    3-3-1 ON Passing Downs

    McCoy and Ayers/Gholston at DE

    Swaggy rotating at McDonald at NT.

    David and Kwon at OLB

    Beckwith as our MLB

    and TJ Ward in the box

  10. BoJim Says:

    I like McCoy and am glad he’s a Buc. Is that so wrong????????? pfft to the haters.

  11. Brion Says:

    I suppose “Gerald Mcoy ate a large Thanksgiving meal” would be a bit too Spartan way to approach this article. Nicely done.