“The Buccaneers Are Going To Have To Make A Very Tough Decision”

November 18th, 2017

Says Bucs have difficult choice looming.

If you are scoring at home — if so, Joe is envious — let the record show that to Joe’s knowledge, Jason Whitlock may be the first national talking head to suggest Jameis Winston’s days with Tampa Bay are numbered.

Of course, the subject of the allegation made by an Uber driver that Jameis grabbed her in a private area blew up Friday and Whitlock’s weekday show on FS1, “Speak For Yourself,” led off with this subject.

Whitlock isn’t much of a fan of Jameis.

Just earlier this month, Whitlock referred to Jameis as “Gomer Pyle,” the backwoods yokel TV character of 1960s sitcom fame. And after the news broke of this latest off-field hassle for Jameis, Whitlock believes this could be the beginning of the end for Jameis with the Bucs.

“I think the problems he had at Florida State, the accusations of rape and then after the accusations of rape he stands in the middle of campus says something very profane that is clearly out of bounds particularly given his background,” Whitlock explained. “And then he comes into the NFL and he continues to show a lack of judgement. He gets in front of kids and says something to a little girl that is really stupid.

“Listen, at the end of the day – people are uncomfortable when you say this, but it is just factual — Jameis Winston is not that smart. And if you look at this situation, his response here. It’s not that smart. He may not have done this. But at the end of his statement, he should not have said, I am sorry if I made you uncomfortable with my demeanor, blah, blah, blah. That is a subtle shot. That is a ‘I’m a big black guy and make you uncomfortable.’ It is a mistake. He says he doesn’t want to engage or get into a battle. Then don’t. Just prove it wasn’t you and leave any nitpicking back-and-forth alone.

“Jameis Winston just isn’t that smart. And the Buccaneers are going to have to make a very tough decision on him at some point.”

Of course, if Jameis can prove he didn’t do it — the whole thing makes Jameis look terrible whether he did this or not — it would quell the outrage of some but stoke the fires of the Jameis haters.

What is unknown, and is damn near as bad as the alleged incident, is whether Jameis kept the Bucs in the dark on the incident. If we are to go by the words of Bucs coach Dirk Koetter, who on Friday said that he just learned of the allegation, why did Jameis keep the Bucs in the dark for some 20 months? If Jameis is truly innocent — Joe has no idea if he is or isn’t — this thing should have been put to rest months ago by either Jameis’ camp or the Bucs, or the NFL.

If Jameis did not do what is alleged, this whole situation has been totally botched by either Jameis or one of his highly-paid handlers.

70 Responses to ““The Buccaneers Are Going To Have To Make A Very Tough Decision””

  1. Broy34isExcitedForGruden+Jameis Says:

    Lol oh you gotta love it woman doesn’t even know who touched in a group full of guys but they’re gonna assume he’s guilty because he’s black. If this was Jared Goff or Ben Roeth would they be saying they have a decision to make

  2. BuccaneerByBirth Says:

    Jason Whitlock is not that smart…

  3. James Walker Says:

    Crap, he might be right.

  4. DalvinCookRules Says:

    Not sure if JW did it or not, but what I am sure of is that Whitlock is the trashiest excuse for a sports journalist I have ever seen.

  5. ArthurKoblenzBuc Says:

    Oh boy…and I thought the wheels came flying off in New Orleans!??
    This ruins any Gruden moon shot.
    We would be lucky to hire Raheem Morris back to coach this steamy pile o poo

  6. Rashad Says:

    I told yall earlier in the week that Jason Whitlock is a [none of that nonsense on here. — Joe.]

  7. BucEmUp Says:

    Kirk Cousins 2018

  8. ArthurKoblenzBuc Says:

    Has anyone thought to ask where the general manager is in all of this? That guy is hiding at the bottom of his pool hoping no one can find him to answer the call, again.
    I think the Glazer ownership has really tried hard to get this thing right for the last decade but I am afraid that the council they keep has proven at best untrustworthy and at worst saboteurs.
    Who are the people they talk to when deciding on a Morris, Dominik, Schiano, Lovie, Licht?
    There is something rotten and it smells rough at the top

  9. THETRUTH Says:

    Whitlock can be accused of eating a women whole I guess he would be guilty before proven innocent according to him. Cause in the past he has shown he can’t stop eating so he would eat anything.

    I think this girl came in hard times and looking for money and attention, even when they say they don’t want money they get it.

  10. Season Is Over Says:

    The media smells blood in the water. This team made the media look like fools for picking them in the offseason. Payback time. America’s Present Laughingstock, Investigated, @Jaboorarelywinsandconstantlyoverthrows, Losing, Captain of Immaturity, Only Seen in Local Markets, Backed into Pro Bowler Because Three Others Backed Out and Never Returned, Benched for Ineptness, Mr. Magoo aka Jameis Winston will have a tough time shaking this mess.

    The Glazers need to make the changes in the organization as soon as possible. There is no reason to wait until the end of the season. This team needs an awakening. A rebirth, if you will. Decade long rebuilds mean you have drastically made the wrong decisions. Own them and fix the situation. I have been watching this team since 1993 and can barely stomach even watching Sundays on television at this point. The media should be discussing this team making a playoff run, not all this other stuff.

  11. Nate Says:

    Society always fails to answer and take ownership …..smh…..ones that support this behavior doing it or hiding it from the bucs

    and if yall can listen they said the NFL brought the report up and called her about it being reported to uber

    Gruden and Brooks connection is still live…..if we draft a Baker Mayfield or Josh Allen they have enough offensive pieces

    Just trust Brooks with building the defense…..build a new
    o line gruden

    ultimate fix!!!!! bring back the creamsickles glazers!!! redone logo n all ……mean pirate on the side…send a message….#lovantesaidit

  12. Not there yet Says:

    Please can we minimize the exposure to that idiot Whitlock on this website. I Winston is stupid for how this situation is being handled and he’s not a franchise guy. Either he’s protecting someone who he knew did it and it’s taking unnecessary blame or he did do this and has no defense. Only thing that could be of help is two completely different stories. This is the last thing anyone wanted to deal with.

    Winston was the reason free agents wanted to come here, even if he’s innocent that will probably all change. The niners and browns are losing quietly

  13. BringBucsBack Says:

    His (and other players’) naïveté, ignorance & immaturity is a direct result of the twisted system where these players are coddled, pandered to & raised above the law since middle school. Twenty-three years old is young but, only the criminally stupid & arrogant carry-on as if the world is their oyster & that consequences are symptoms born-out by the mistakes of others.

    Rape & impropriety is hard to get off of one’s resume, if rape & impropriety are all that’s on it!

  14. Bird Says:

    Broy 34

    She is claiming it was only Jameis in car.

    Jameis states it was a group of guys which if true are his crew

    Investigators will demand names of those alleged passengers. Will someone fall on sword if they truly exist Either way it doesn’t look good with his previous history. If Jameis won’t give names then nfl may come down hard. Regardless of police report. For non cooperation

  15. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I don’t disagree with Whitlock at all.

    Jameis makes stupid decisions and we see it on and off the field.

    Obviously. …he never learned from that old saying “watch the company you keep” or “other people’s perceptions often become their realities”

    Jameis is stupid period.

    Glazers – hit the reset button ===

    Release Jameis licking his fingers or trade him.

    Draft John Allen or Baker Mayfield

    ……the sit back and watch QBs that actually make good decisions and can throw a deep ball accurately.

  16. lurker Says:

    it might have been other nfl’ers in the car. he was at a football/qb camp by kurt warner and other pros were there. might be why he does’t want to talk.

    but poor decisions all around for him.

    there’s also this article from yahoo sports:


  17. Bird Says:

    How many games did Brady get suspended for deflategate when he didn’t cooperate ? Was it 4. I forget.

    If Jameis won’t cooperate and give name of alleged ghost passenger (with his history) could he get more ? Cause this accusation is much worse then a deflated football

  18. NFLNut Says:



    HOW in the world could Jameis have done anything to “put this to rest months ago” when it’s an accusation and not a criminal complaint, court case, etc?

    There are now 86 people in the entertainment industry who have been “accused” of sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, pedophilia, etc., and many of the accusations concern things that happened decades ago.

    There is NOTHING Jameis or anyone can do to silence people from speaking to TMZ, Buzzfeed, etc … people talk, it’s as simple as that.

    As for Whitlock … he’s never been a Jameis fan and he constantly rags on Jameis’ intelligence and ignores Jameis 4.0 gpa, academic scholarship offer from Stanford, etc … Whitlock is a transparent Jameis-basher … he doesn’t have any credibility when it comes to Jameis … now, if Derrick Brooks were saying this, I’d listen …


  19. Bird Says:

    Americas ticking time bomb.

    This is bad for bucs organization.

  20. NFLNut Says:


    As for an NFL suspension … I don’t see it … this isn’t like the Zeke case which was based on a filed police report, physical evidence and an absolute i.d. of Zeke … this is ONLY an accusation and it’s an accusation by someone that has no evidence at all and initially couldn’t even i.d. Jameis … I mean, this is akin to someone calling up the NFL and saying, “I just heard Tom Brady call me a blanket blank blank which is both racist and homophobic and I demand he be suspended … I mean, in a way, it’s sort of absurd.

    Without a Police report even being filed and text messages showing she didn’t even know who the passenger was and no physical evidence to speak of, I don’t think the NFL will hand down any sort of suspension … I could be wrong, but I don’t see it …


  21. NFLNut Says:


    Personally, I think the NFL needs to implement a policy where the only time a player can be suspended is for a failed drug test or a conviction … if all it takes is a mere “accusation”, every single player in the NFL could be suspended in the next decade and a whole new industry of accusing players in order to receive a cash settlement could become the norm!


  22. Joe Says:

    HOW in the world could Jameis have done anything to “put this to rest months ago” when it’s an accusation and not a criminal complaint, court case, etc?

    Very simple. If everything Jameis claims is true, he calls a press conference (along with his lawyers) the week after it happens, announces what took place, displays the evidence to back him up for all reporters to see and demands Uber unlock his account. He then is in control of the message and Uber and the accuser are then on their heels playing defense. Such a move by Jameis might even encourage the NFLPA and its members to start chirping not to use Uber, perhaps even go as far as claiming Uber might be discriminating.

    Pretty soon, you have Uber at its knees and they play ball.

    Just in case you haven’t used Uber, sometimes before the ride is even completed, Uber e-mails you a receipt. If there were, for example, more passengers than Jameis, this would be documented on the receipt.

    Jameis (and his handlers) had the ball to play offense (assuming the crotch-grab never took place), instead they badly fumbled and have their backs against the goal line now.

    Remember, this took place 20 months ago, not 20 days ago. Until Friday, no media outlet even had a sniff this even happened.

    Instead of being on offense, it has the appearance Jameis and his handlers hoped this would just go away. Not only not a good look, it’s a terrible look bordering on naive.

  23. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    I agree BucEmUp!!!!!! Gruden loves him a veteran Qb

  24. TonyT Says:

    Chickens coming home to roost. JW has fractured the fan base and hurt the franchise. It is a fact that he has made stupid decesions. The franchise rolled the dice and took the risk. How do you build a franchise around a player that has such bad judgement.

  25. Archie Bunker Says:

    I just want to go back to the preseason and start over. I think i am just having a nightmare.

  26. CalBucsFan Says:

    Jameis’ past indescretions and immature incidents have left him margin for error moving from the college ranks to the pros. The Bucs, desperate for a generational type QB, convinced themselves there was only smoke, and no fire when it came to Jameis and now, well, here we are.

    Regardless of how things turn out, there is nothing good that will come out of this, the damage has already been done. I imagine there’s a morality clause in Jameis’ contract that may yet become relevant, depending on the investigation results. Whether there is or not, I tend to think the Glazers will want to move past this, permanently. The Bucs brand will ALWAYS come first, they will not and should not ever compromise.

    Sadly, I too believe enough is enough. I’ve thought long and hard about this for a few weeks now, and this latest “allegation” just seals it for me. I’ve been a Bucs fan since the day the team joined the league, and have learned in 60+ years of life that where there is smoke, there pretty much always is a fire. There has just been way too much smoke trails in Jameis’ story for my liken, and I really don’t want to listen to the excuses anymore. I want to hear how hard my Bucs QB and team leader is honing his craft to turn this team into a perrenial contender, not listen to he-said-she-said stories, time after time.

    JW is just one more QB in the long line of Buccaneer QBs, yeah, better than most, but the brand and the team will always come first. I say trade him to Cleveland during the off-season, and then either go after Garrapolo or one of the colllege studs coming out in the next draft. Hue Jackson is such a good QB coach, maybe he can help JW become all he can be, I hope he can, but it’s time for a change in Tampa.

    Always, GO BUCS!

  27. unbelievable Says:

    Whitlock is the absolute worst. Can not stand the guy.

    He’s one of the least knowledgable talking heads out there…

  28. Gencoimports Says:

    How could Jameis possibly prove he didn’t do this, short of having a video camera follow him 24/7?

  29. Blackmagic00 Says:

    This really sucks on so many levels. It’s like we’re back in 2014 and free is all of sudden in this tailspin and everyone is pining for Winston. Now we’re in a tailspin and the best qb prospect in college grabs his crotch today. If this all goes south and we draft Mayfield, I’m going to have to check myself into a sobriety clinic. What the heck do we do from here? I can’t leave my team and I can’t take this anymore; I love the sport and just want to root for the bucs as winners. Guess it’s time to buckle up again and get ready for the waves.

  30. Joe Says:

    How could Jameis possibly prove he didn’t do this, short of having a video camera follow him 24/7?

    Out the guy who did and cough up the receipt showing there was more than one passenger. Jameis could lose millions due to this. Millions!

  31. Reverse Jack Says:

    And just like that we are looking for a QB again. Rosen anyone???

  32. Blackmagic00 Says:

    So, I’m thinking this is fitzes team right now. I’m on board. I can only imagine how everything is going at one bucs. I hope it’s not some kind of “seasons done” chaos. Is Jbf still on board with next man up and whatever happens, happens?

  33. Blackmagic00 Says:

    I’m still all for us being a run the table dark horse. If we lose 2? We’re pretty much out. Let’s just win and let everything sort itself out.

  34. Buc1987 Says:

    CalBucsFan …”Sadly, I too believe enough is enough. I’ve thought long and hard about this for a few weeks now, and this latest “allegation” just seals it for me.

    You’ve thought long and hard about what for a few weeks? Whether you have any say so or not?

    Go away then. Coming to a game anytime soon are ya?

    I say Jameis stays as of now….after 2 and 1/2 yrs and all…I haven’t quite had enough yet like you. Then again I have no say so in it all either. I’m actually looking forward to checking out from all this TMZ BS and waiting for it to blow over. I’ll just follow the season. Ya know. Football. Fitz or Jameis.

    Go follow TMZ and woory about the “brand” of this crappy team. The “brand”. Are you serious?

  35. Buc1987 Says:

    Blackmagic00 ….my boyeeeee.

    That’s what I’m talking about. A true Bucs fan.

  36. Ryan K Says:

    Great point by Joe on Jameis keeping this from the Bucs ..
    This whole situation is terrible !

  37. Been around since 76 Says:

    Is this the first article about Winston that Joe did not use the “America’s Quarterback” moniker?

  38. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Hey 87. We were here when free went down. Glad you remember me. I definitely don’t post enough. I’m fully supporting the men on the field. We can run the tables. Fitz has some magic and he needs something for his legacy. I’m 100 percent on board. F the noise. Bucs is all that matters! Fish fry tomorrow and keep it going. Our eyes are on the prize!!!!!!

  39. Buc1987 Says:

    IF Jameis did this he is beyond stoooopid. I don’t think anyone can be that stupid after the FSU ordeal, so I’m calling it…. he didn’t do it.

    So as of right now. Until I see something to change that opinion. I’m still in his corner. I really don’t expect there to be some BIG event or ordeal over this. Of course the media is going to blow it up, but oh well. Perhaps JW was/is always going to be in a lose-lose with some media and fans.

    A grope from how many months ago? A grope? Stop it you FOOLISH libs and everyone alike. I’m not condoning gropes and such, but dayum act as if it’s some vile unheard of thing how dare he do such a thing. Am I some perv for thinking it’s okay? No cause I don’t think it’s okay, but the level some have taken this as if he’s the devil all over again. Nonsense. And Joe….he could lose millions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP up the good work media and he sure will.

  40. Joe Says:

    Is this the first article about Winston that Joe did not use the “America’s Quarterback” moniker?


  41. Joe Says:

    Thanks Ryan. Haven’t confirmed that. Bucs have gone dark when it comes to info on this subject. Just going by Koetter’s words Friday.

  42. Blackmagic00 Says:

    And 87? Ps. Only the more glory if Winston is cleared. No matter though; GO BUCS!!!!!

  43. Buc1987 Says:

    Blackmagic00…as you can see I’ll join in the fray, but I’m Bucs through and through. YES I’ll be rooting for Fitz and the rest of the Bucs today. The season is still here and now for me. Jameis, Fitz, Free Wee, Glennon, McCown or whoever starts at QB for my team.

    It’s called being a Bucs fan. 85% of the time it ain’t easy, but we do it.

    Go Bucs!!!

  44. NFLNut Says:



    You know I love this site and appreciate all you do … and I definitely appreciate your last reply to my question … but … your answer strikes me as strange.

    You say Jameis should have held a press conference immediately and outed the driver, etc.

    While I’m sure he would have done this had there been a police report filed or even a single question from the Police, there wasn’t. Apparently the driver didn’t even i.d. Jameis and uber made it clear his account was being suspended simply because the car was charged to his account. That said, Jameis could have simply figured this was all a mistake and no big deal since it was another passenger and not him that the driver had a problem with, especially since she did NOT i.d. him personally nor file a police report.

    I mean, what if tomorrow Jameis has a party at his house and orders a pizza and when the delivery girl brings the pizza one of his cousins opens the door and makes a lewd comment to the delivery gal, and she goes and reports it to her boss and the boss calls Jameis and says “we won’t deliver pizza to your house anymore because our delivery gal said the person who paid her made a lewd comment. She’s not pressing charges and we don’t have a clue who the person who paid her was but since it happened at your address, we won’t deliver to that address anymore.” … under that circumstance I cannot see Jameis or any other player on earth holding a press conference … they’d just let it go, forget about it and order pizza from some other place.

    I mean, seriously Joe … you’ve got to know that right now just about EVERY PLAYER IN THE NFL has been involved in one or more incidents in the past few years where someone somewhere could accuse them or someone in their clique of something … and probably none of those players even considered the incident a big deal and have likely forgot about it.

    You don’t think nearly EVERY Bucs player has had an incident that COULD be the basis of someone somewhere accusing them or someone in their clique of something? Players party, go to strip clubs, have girlfriends, wives and side-chicks, etc., etc., etc., … every player in the NFL can easily be “accused” of something by someone somewhere and not even think whatever issue is used to accuse them is a big deal.

    If all the NFL needs is a mere “accusation”, not proof, not evidence, not even a police report, then every single player in the NFL is immediately susceptible to blackmail and a future suspension whether they are a straight low-life or a choir boy!

    What’s to stop some weird chick who doesn’t like Mike Evans kneeling for the anthem from seeing him at a super market and telling her girlfriend, “record this with no sound” and then walking by him, saying “hi” and then smacking him when he says, “hi” back and then going to the police and claiming he said a lewd remark and harassed her sexually … NOTHING would have happened and yet once that no-sound video-clip hits TMZ, nearly EVERYONE that sees it will think Evans did something horrible and that the girl slapped him because he did something horrible … and the NFL will suspend him for 6 games … INSANE!

    Not only could this become a new get-rich-quick-scheme for money-grubbers, it could even be used by men to simply give their team an on-field advantage … imagine the Pats and Eagles squaring off in the SB this year and some Pats fan chick doing this to Wentz the week before the game … it’s all insane.

    Without a CONVICTION the NFL should stay out of it!


  45. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Joe. Your words are haunting. When this beloved franchise goes dark it usually means big changes are headed our way. I hope it’s for the t he right individual(s) this time around. I’m so tired of being the browns of the nfc.

  46. Blackmagic00 Says:

    87, in love this team. I hate that were always tied to drama. I’ve been getting flack from everyone for years about this team. Freeman got me so much flack that I started calling all my friends out about their teams. This one? I just keep to my self and root for my qb. Idk what to say, do. Or think. Just go bucs. Why do I punish myself? BECAUSE IM A BUC FAN TILL I MEET DAVY JONES! GO BUCS!!!!

  47. Buc1987 Says:

    NFLNut…calm down. WOW you’re over the top. “Get rich quick schemes” and such. The girl’s not looking for any money.

  48. Joe Says:

    I mean, seriously Joe … you’ve got to know that right now just about EVERY PLAYER IN THE NFL has been involved in one or more incidents in the past few years where someone somewhere could accuse them or someone in their clique of something

    This isn’t about every NFL player, this is about Jameis. So Jameis should blow up his career and future earnings potential (millions of dollars we’re talking here) to cover for some backup cornerback making $800,000? That’s crazy talk.

    Any corporate crisis management firm would say control the message. That’s about as elementary as it comes. When you control the message, you control the outcome and public opinion.

    Of course, this is assuming Jameis did no wrong. If he did do something untoward, all of this hiding and keeping the Bucs in the dark sort of makes some sense. Some.

    But instead of controlling the message and getting out front, Jameis’ handlers (who are paid handsomely) decided to keep quiet (and apparently, not even tip off the Bucs if you believe Koetter) and hope everything blew away.

    Instead, this blew up in their faces and likely will cost Jameis millions.

    How’d that strategy of not controlling the message work out for Jameis? This is the corporate equivalent of playing with matches in someone’s house and setting the curtains on fire and walking away without telling anyone, hoping the neighbor doesn’t notice.

    This whole situation was so botched by Jameis’ handlers that it may become part of a curriculum in public relations classes of what not to do in a crisis management circumstance. Joe could have charged Jameis $5,000 and done a better job than these clowns who are probably lifting six-figures from him. And for what?

    Three Stooges stuff here.

  49. Buc1987 Says:

    Blackmagic00…You’re damn right. Peeps can’t hit us with anything we ain’t heard before….stick by the Bucs. Hell…is there another football team in Tampa?


  50. NFLNut Says:


    I hear what you’re saying but you’re not hearing what I’m saying … it seems Jameis did NOT think this even was a big deal. There was no message to control … for goodness sakes it didn’t even become news until 20 months after it supposedly happened … but there is a 24 month statute of limitation in AZ on civil claims and the driver may have been recently counseled to hurry up and make this news …


  51. '79Defense Says:

    Being a Bucs fan since year one, at times like these I envy my friends who can’t stand sports and don’t ever have to be concerned with nonsense like this. –Wasn’t this season supposed to be fun?

  52. NFLNut Says:



    I did some digging … FORTY-FOUR NFL players have been accused and/or charged with sexual crimes … and right now an official is under investigation as well and he used to be the head of some officiating thing (look it up, I don’t remember what committee or whatever) and there is no mention at all of it in the main stream media.


    AHMAD BROOKS wasn’t just accused, he was CHARGED BY THE POLICE with molesting a woman who was unconscious at a pool after hitting her head … and the NFL suspended him for the pre-season but not a single regular season game!

    BEN ROETHLISBERGER: Zero games for his first accused RAPE and 4 games for his second accused RAPE

    C.J. SPILLMAN: Accused of sexual assault and later of rape and later was indicted by a grand jury and an arrest warrant was issued … but he was NEVER suspended by the NFL for even one game

    JULIAN EDELMAN: Arrested and charged with sexual assault … never suspended by the NFL at all

    The list goes on and on and on and on … if the NFL suspends Jameis it may simply be because of outside pressure from social justice warriors with a “guilty until proven innocent” mentality and not because the NFL would even have suspended him for one game in the past.



  53. Lamarcus Says:

    Jw is my favorite player. But damn he was wrong.

    The part that bothers me is a mysterious women claims wrongdoing and he admit he was there and knew details of every claim and doesn’t deny the women was touched. Nobody in the bucs org knew nothing but jw. This probably have to cost him his job if he did or didn’t do it.

  54. OneBucPerson Says:

    Here is what frustrates me about this situation, Jameis shouldn’t have to prove that he is innocent, he should automatically be presumed innocent until this woman (or the police should they ever get involved) can prove that he committed any wrongdoing. An accusation of wrongdoing isn’t evidence of wrongdoing, it’s just hot air meant to sway public opinion.

  55. Clodhopper Says:

    They didn’t need to get out in front of it 20 months ago because 20 months ago this wasn’t a “Ruin a mans life” offense. It is now. It was stupid if he did it, just because of the position he is in. I don’t care what people claim, everyone in their late teens and early twenty’s has done this or had this happen to them. I don’t believe a single person that says they never experienced this themselves. It would nice if this country could quit setting its hair on fire all the time. The punishment some want doesn’t NOT fit the crime.

  56. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “This whole situation was so botched by Jameis’ handlers that it may become part of a curriculum in public relations classes of what not to do in a crisis management circumstance. Joe could have charged Jameis $5,000 and done a better job than these clowns who are probably lifting six-figures from him. And for what? Three Stooges stuff here.”

    Joe, I’ve never seen you write so much in response to others’ comments. Completely agree with your comments on this with one exception: Pointing the finger at Jameis’ handlers doesn’t get it for me. Tired of hearing all this horsepuckey about ‘Jameis is only 23’ and ‘Jameis is immature’. I know LOTS of men & women who at younger than 23 were off fighting a war and grew up REAL FAST. They didn’t make nearly the $$$ that Jameis does, not did any get the kind of attention that he does. But despite that, they were all responsible, to our nation & to each other. Jameis needs to start taking responsibility for his actions … enough of this immaturity BS.

    Jameis was given the keys to the kingdom, not his handlers. Jameis was apparently in that car (by his own admission), not his handlers. Jameis is the face of this franchise, not his handlers. And Jameis needs to put on his big-boy-pants and start acting like the leader he’s supposed to be, not his handlers.

    You were spot-on earlier when you said HE needed to get in front of this when it first happened. That would’ve been the responsible thing to do. (Actually, the responsible thing to do would’ve been never to have been in that situation in the first place). The proof of his innocence should be on the Uber ticket (# passengers in the car) and in identifying who those others were & letting them substantiate Jameis’ story. I’m still adamant that you’re ‘innocent until proven guilty’ but damned, HE blew it with the way HE’s handled this whole incident. Starting back in March 2016.

  57. LakeLand Says:

    He can always run for President!

  58. Bird Says:

    Nfl nut

    Are you actually on Jameis legal team or in his inner circle. lol

    The all purvy team-that website is interesting and disgusting at the same time. However, those happened years ago. This is the Harvey Weinstein era today and things will be looked at differently and people will be blackballed for being named (Kevin spacey may not work in Hollywood ever again )

    Plus look at what goodell is doing these days. He is making examples of top guys to let league know who is in control.

  59. mark2001 Says:

    Joe…don’t always agree with you (ISU Redbirds) and such (UW Madison), but you are spot on in this situation. Frankly, if I were Jameis, I would never be alone with a woman other than my wife, under any circumstances, and even in riding from here to there, would want a witness that could corroborate my innocence against any accusation. Couldn’t he insist on a male driver? A pain? Yes. But he can afford it.

    Secondly, yes…if there was someone else in the car, Jameis needs to point them out. There is too much at stake to cover for someone… a team mate or friend that assaulted this driver. And obviously if there was someone else, they didn’t have any regard for Jameis to act in such a way when Jameis was in the car, based on his history and the effect on his career.

    Thirdly, he should have been proactive after the incident. There is some understanding in the desire that it would just “go away”. But it was too dangerous to just stand pat. He should have brought the full weight of his available resources to fight the accusation,.

  60. mark2001 Says:

    Joe…one thing further. I think the key here is the “other passenger”. If there is one, he needs to step forward and act as a witness that Jameis didn’t do it, or man up and admit that he did. On the other hand…IF…IF…IF…there wasn’t a second or third passenger, Jameis isn’t telling the truth about the additional passenger. And in fact if that is the case, he has torpedoed his statement of defense, because if he isn’t truthful about that, who would believe that he was truthful about not doing it?

  61. Mike Johnson Says:

    Funny how Misery follows a losing team.

  62. Mark Says:

    I was just in Chicago 3 weeks ago and used Uber 3 times. None of the receipts shows the number of passengers although each time there were 3 people in the car. I do know when you request the ride, you choose the size of car you need.

    If only Winston was in the car, he could’ve requested a bigger car and had the ghosts ride along. Speaking of ghosts, didn’t the driver or Uber claim she didn’t know who grabbed her? Doesn’t that show there were actually multiple people in the car?

  63. Buc believer Says:

    Whitlock needs to lay off the doughnuts and just shut his pie hole.

  64. Sunny Says:

    NFLNut Says:
    November 19th, 2017 at 2:53 am

    I hear what you’re saying but you’re not hearing what I’m saying … it seems Jameis did NOT think this even was a big deal. There was no message to control … for goodness sakes it didn’t even become news until 20 months after it supposedly happened … but there is a 24 month statute of limitation in AZ on civil claims and the driver may have been recently counseled to hurry up and make this news …

    Good job , that’s what I been saying , she can say she doesn’t want money , because she has a legal team telling her what to do , court of public opinion , she came in right before limit expired to get a big payday , her side is controlling the message right now , right or wrong , JW handlers need to put this to bed and make sure it doesn’t pop up in national coverage again. Lack of police report , should keep Godell away , IF we can keep this out of the spot light

  65. BigHogHaynes Says:

    He (Whitlock) gets paid to talk….and when your talk is controversial, it sells better! TAKE A KNEE (Whitlock)!!!

  66. orlbucfan Says:

    LakeLand Says:
    November 19th, 2017 at 6:47 am
    He can always run for President!
    That’s why all this Gropergate nonsense is going down. Cos tRump, the groper-in-chief won over a (stupid which she is) female. Did Fameis rape anyone? Nope. I happen to be an ERA (look it up) long-suffering female Bucs fan. I’m tired of all this crap. It definitely won’t change things in the short term. Go Bucs!!

  67. Joe Says:

    Defense Rules:

    Yes, but Joe knows or no 23-year old who could handle and coordinate a crisis management situation like this is. Hell, 50-year olds wouldn’t be able to handle something like this. Just like lawyers and doctors, you go to professionals for a job like this, you don’t try to wing it (which is seems was the advice Jameis was given).

    Jameis pays these handlers — supposedly learned professionals — for advice and counsel. They certainly let their client down here.

  68. Poor Glennon Says:

    I do not believe in Winston. He is not consistent enough to win big games in the NFL. That being said, those 4 great games he has a year. I put my bias against him aside. Hoping I’m wrong and he can string a few great games in a row…..he simply can’t. Some of you have to realise that you always have excuses for this guy. 4 turnovers….it’s coaching, gameplan, the kicker. No it’s Winston being Winston. The guy could be clean as a whistle. His on the field game is questionable, let alone his off the field antics. I don’t want him as the Bucs QB next year!! But it wasn’t gunna matter how horrible he played. He was going to get the final year of his contract. Now he might not make it…..good riddance

  69. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I love my sister in law but she is a hot mess and so bad stuff happens to her all the time. People hack her phone and computer…she’s a sucker gives her password to “friends”. She stayed at our home for the hurricane and brought over a ton of furniture even though her house is in Woodlawn high and dry.

    So while here her friends ran into a garage door and I haven’t been able to park my car since. Point is she didnt do it…but her bad lifestyle decisions and frankly bad luck I guess she’s cursed…always bit people in the backside.

    With #3 it’s not whether he grabbed her crotch. It’s that he has a LONG history that damn near cost him being the top draft pick…he has to know he has NO benefit of the doubt anymore because of his reputation. He doesn’t have to be out rolling around at 2AM with an immature and stooopid posse. That was the problem for PacMan and #3 should realize he CAN’T do this. He’s RICH!!! If he must hang with immature idiots he needs to keep a bodyguard with him at ALL times to keep this stuff sorted out. He’s WEALTHY!!! He can afford a couple of bodyguards and a hotel suite for his posse to party and drink and act stupid. The women admitted would be prescreened and sign releases. He NEEDS to behave totally differently.

    Is it fair? Who freaking cares. #3 has untold wealth and fame and is set for the rest of his life. If he takes care of his reputation he can make a gazillion dollars over the next twenty years doing commercials and promotions. His life is GOLDEN but he DOES have to put up with the aggravation of incredible public scrutiny. Personally I could take all that scrutiny…and I could keep it in my pants for that kind of money and rewards. One ten year period…you can’t stop acting like a fool for ten years?

    I’m with Joe. Who the hell is advising this kid….they’re AWFUL!!!

  70. NFLNut Says:



    I’m often “accused” on this site of being in Jameis’ inner circle but that’s not the case, at least not exactly. Regardless, I stand by everything I have written above and just hope the truth comes out in all this as I do NOT believe Jameis did what he’s been accused of from all the information I have.

    Now, to everyone saying he should know better and should have controlled the message, etc., etc., … I maintain neither he nor his handlers felt there was even a message to control as they believed the driver’s issue was with the front-seat passenger and not with Jameis himself.

    As for younger men than Jameis going off to war and the like, yes many have, many in my family have as well … but that doesn’t mean a single one was “mature” or would have any clue how to lead Jameis’ life without getting “accused” of something as anyone can be accused of anything by anyone anywhere from time to time. Other than living as a recluse and having all your handlers literally do every single thing for you (which could literally cause you to go mentally insane), there is no protection against mere “accusation”.

    We all know Jameis is a “ball of charisma” and a big-time “people person”. Being railed on by the media for his charitable speaking engagement at the school did NOT make him stop accepting such invitations. Jameis is an alpha and a leader and he doesn’t let the media dictate his life to him.

    However … Jameis is the new Kobe Bryant in that he’s a young star with a massive resume that seems destined to re-write the record books and has a large segment of the population that doesn’t just dislike him but literally hates him and wishes ill on him.