Trusting Dirk Koetter

October 22nd, 2017

Man of faith

The growing camp of doubting Buccaneers fans is largely riddled with angst because they either don’t trust winning head Dirk Koetter or don’t believe in America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

That’s about right. When things go wrong, it’s usually the head coach and/or QB absorbing the blame.

However, Koetter isn’t throwing his hands up in the air for a second.

Several times last week, in various ways and via various media, Koetter said he completely believes in his coaching process and the way he and his staff prepare to play a football game.

That probably either makes you cringe, or it gives you peace.

“First off, let’s start with our process. I mean, I’m 100 percent bought in on our process and I believe in our process,” Koetter is seen saying in this video. “Our coaches and players believe in our process.”

Koetter added the Bucs simply need to play better football.

The many thousands who listened to Thursday’s Ira Kaufman Podcast (thank you) know there is split thinking at world headquarters. Ira and one Joe think the Bucs lose in Buffalo today since they haven’t shown up on the road this season and there’s no reason to have faith on this particular Sunday. Ira added he doesn’t like the Bucs against a very physical Bills team. However, the other Joe thinks the Bucs win today because of faith in Koetter and his staff combined with the Bucs’ overall talent level versus the Bills’.

That dialog sort of encompasses what many Bucs fans are talking about this morning. That faith in the coaching staff is a key X factor for so many fans, and at JoeBucsFan headquarters.

Do Koetter and Mike Smith have a firm handle on this team? Wherever you stand on that, the question likely gets answered by 4 o’clock today.

14 Responses to “Trusting Dirk Koetter”

  1. Easy Denman Says:

    Koetter needs to turn Winston loose at let him go up tempo. There are way to many weapons on the offense to keep contained.

  2. MattSpy05 Says:

    Fans need to stop riding the emotional roller coaster…when the Bucs win…super bowl!….Bucs lose…fire everyone Jamie’s sucks! Can we all realize that this team is like 90 percent of the league and are going to be around 7-9 wins…

  3. MattSpy05 Says:

    Jameis…damn autocorrect

  4. Mike Johnson Says:

    I’ll believe Dirk Koetter when he starts winning games consistently. Until then, I’m cautiously optimistic as I have been for…Years. Its as simple as that. Other than that, he’s just like a procession of coaches we’ve had in the past. Win, and we luv you. Lose and you join your taclke and bait buddies Schiano and Lovie down at the fishing spot in St Pete.

  5. Fire the glazers Says:


  6. Q Says:

    When we play fast we have always drove down the field….koetter is NOT trusting the process because he is NOT properly using his offense the way it’s meant to be played which is scary because it’s his offense with players like Humphries and Jackson…speed guys play faster koetter

  7. DoNUTS Says:

    In DK, we trust.

    Bucs come out banging with 10 points in first Q. Bucs play better when up
    The new D wrinkle > 3-4 < has some effect slowing down shady and keeping Taylor in check
    Slants- middle field – more slants- offense needs to take what the D is giving them
    #3 will throw 2+ TD and an INT today due to gunslinger mode being enabled
    #3 will scramble for more than one first down- he will take this team on his back
    Offense must sustain drives to keep D off field; otherwise no gas in 4Q when Bills attempt come back (Jim Kelly style)
    This will be an epic battle of the front 7s; will the bucs match the bills physical play or will they whimper?

    To be or not to be. That is the question. – Shakespeare

    Go Bucs.

  8. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I trust Dirk a lot more than I trust know-it-all fans who think they have all the answers.

  9. Captain Big Stick Says:

    I trust Dirk 100%, I am very suspect of some of our players at the moment. The excuses after the last game were just shocking (i.e. not being ready, playing flat etc.) I am personally appalled that the players weren’t more ashamed to admit that they were not ready to play the game, they seemed very “par for the course” about it. Like it was something that just happens.

    Hopefully today we see a competitive effort from the guys and public enemy #1, Vernon “Cream Puff” Hargreaves, can actually play tackle foot ball instead of just diving after player’s imaginary flags.. that would be great!

    Go Bucs! please be ready to play the game, its been on the schedule for a while now so I assume you knew it was coming..

  10. Cometowin2 Says:

    I am really discouraged with the progress of this team. Last weekend during the first half, I got so angry that for a few plays, I actually start yelling encouragement for the Cardinals. Haven’t done that since Lovie. We have the talent, but seem unable to motivate them or play to the player’s strengths. Jameis obviously plays best rolling out or in hurry up. We don’t use the no-huddle until it’s too late. We continue to throw deep down field when that is his biggest weakness. I love to throw deep but what have we done to improve his accuracy? I thought Koetter was the answer but he seems to be losing the locker room and his time management and play calling is regressing. In his own way, he is every bit as stubborn as Lovie.

    It hurts thinking that I care more about the Bucs than many of the players and coaches. I wouldn’t be playing ping pong. I would be out on the practice field or weight room trying to get better. If we lose this game I will no longer care this year if they win as I will be thinking about the draft and getting a better draft pick and dreaming of a coaching staff that can get the best out of them.

    Licht has brought in the talent despite draft and FA misses. The Glazer’s have spent the money on players, locker room renovations and the indoor facility. This season falls squarely on the players and coaching staff.

    Color me disgusted.

  11. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Koetter is familiar with this defense. The Panthers ran it for years, and Leslie Frazier knows how to run it for McDermott.
    I agree, we need to score fast, and score often, to take the 1/2 drunk Buffalo Fans out of this game.
    If we get way behind, do not expect them to take the foot off the gas, the way Arizona did.
    I don’t think Leslie Frazier has any Love for Tampa, do you ?

  12. Captain Big Stick Says:

    Leslie Frazier probably has less love for Lovie Smith, then for Tampa IMO

  13. Cometowin2 Says:

    Koetter has not been good agsinst McDermott’s defenses in the past. I hate that I feel this negative before the game even starts but this is what the Minnesota and the Cardinal games did to me.

    I’m just glad I did not waste money going to Arizona like I did last year. As far as I’m concerned the season hangs on this game. Not going to go 8-2 if they lose this game.

    Show me you learned something Dirk!!! You’re losing the fans.

    Pissed off in Albuquerque.

  14. Cometowin2 Says:

    Lose this game badly and Dirk’s approval rating may fall below Trump’s. Time to show what’s inside. Step up or step off.