“He’s Having His Best Season As A Pro”

October 22nd, 2017

Dirk Koetter responds to a question about his QB

Inside the walls of One Buc Palace, every player gets a grade for his weekly performance.

Sadly, those grades aren’t published for public consumption. Wouldn’t that be fun?

But coaches have the grades and winning head coach Dirk Koetter served up a report card for his quarterback on Friday. On SiriusXM NFL Radio, host Alex Marvez told Koetter that he thinks “Jameis has taken a lot of beating from the media” and asked Koetter what he likes from Jameis Winston so far this year and in what areas Jameis could use improvement.

Koetter didn’t seem to put much credibility into the question.

“I don’t know anything about Jameis taking a beating [from the media], he’s having his best season as a pro,” Koetter replied.

As for improving, Koetter only added that the offense as a whole must start scoring more points, specifically in the first half.

So is Jameis in the midst of his best professional season? The stats back that up, but stats don’t tell the whole story. There’s little consistent rhythm to the Bucs offense, though Jameis has cut his turnovers.

Today, Joe’s interested to see not only Jameis perform efficiently in Buffalo, but Joe would like to see evidence of Jameis’ renowned leadership. The Franchise has to make sure what happened last Sunday never occurs again.

27 Responses to ““He’s Having His Best Season As A Pro””

  1. PistolPete Says:

    Individual stats or team wins? I’m down with wins…personally don’t care if the dude has an average stat season. Get us into the playoffs.

  2. Pickgrin Says:

    “The only thing people give a sh!t about is winning” – Dirk Koetter 2015

    Its time to find a way to get this talented offense rolling Dirk.

    Other than a handful of drives in 5 games – we have yet to see it.

    The GM has provided plenty of talent and its time – 6 games into the season – for you and the good coach Smith to put the pieces of this puzzle together and start winning games in 2017.

    Buffalo is the wrong defense to have to “turn things around” against on offense – especially in their stadium – but the Bills are next on the schedule so it is what it is.

    Recent history suggests that you have one of the better offensive minds in the game. Its time to prove it.

    Go Bucs!!

  3. Hodad Says:

    Joe, I think it’s time to stop calling Koetter a winning coach. In case you haven’t noticed we have a losing record. No one cares he was 9-7 last year, he still didn’t win enough to get us in the playoffs. Should we win today you can call him .500 Koetter. Lose, it will be at least 2 weeks before you can call him that.

  4. Bob in Valrico Says:

    I’m with you that the coaching staff have to make adjustment to win games. Also look for Koetter and Jameis to get the new weapons for Winston into the game.
    Jameis has to be more efficient on third down as he was last year.

  5. westernbuc Says:

    Ironic you’re concerned about his “renowned leadership.” Maybe don’t crown Jameis as “America’s Quarterback” before he does anything….

    Watch Brady, watch Ryan, watch the rest of the quarterbacks. They struggle, they miss open guys, they overthrow receivers.

    As annoying as some of the mistakes have been, Jameis is only in his third year. He’ll get better.

    Heck, Koetter is only in his second year as a head coach, he’ll get better too.

    My instinct is that today will be a turning point in the season. At this point last year we were in a worse position. No reason to think the season is over. NFC south is wide open and we haven’t even played each other yet.

  6. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    What happened about the phrase “No one cares about stats, the only thing that counts in this league are WINS”? I could have sworn Koetter said this last year X about a dozen Joe Bucs Fan articles.

  7. Kevin Says:

    He might be having his best season as a pro. But he’ll always also be compared to the rest of league. As well as just the fan eyeball test. His accuracy often doens’t look good and he locks on/forces too much. We’ve had checkdown QBs but Jameis is like the anti-checkdown QB. Exciting but sometimes it’s good idea to checkdown.

  8. Welcome Back Koetter Says:

    Get off of Dirk’s dork! He’s the best 1st & 2nd down and between the 20’s O-coordinator in the league! I wonder if his “Big MF’n Stick” can finish a drive?

  9. Supersam Says:

    What else would you expect him to say, ” yea Winston sucks he’s missing to many throws, him and desean are a bad mix” cmon man. Coaches talk.

  10. Issic Haggins Says:

    1.No Short Yardage back or Offense ……… Very Bad and Unacceptable as a Professional Coach
    2. No offensive adjustments of necessary proportion and the lack of readiness of the deep passing game of Koetter offense is on Koetter
    3.Winstons lack of expedient check downs , he was much faster in college . I question the Bucs qb coach
    4. The lack of a complete rb back, Martin can’t catch and is awfully short for a high throwing QB. The coaching staffs lack of understanding of Martins talents is mind boggling. There are some very simple pass options Martin can be successful in but neither the QB nor the coaches utilize nor recognize this.
    5.Charles Sims is a non factor and is force fed into the offense , bring him on the field in other sets besides him being the number one option. He can’t run a lick and and Martin can’t catch, this terribly limits and telegraphs your offense.
    6. The lack of Winstons proper alignment and foot work on many throws and his long throws is troublesome for a professional coaching staff !! He makes some of these throws in practice because it’s practice and he has proper footwork but come live game time his feet and shoulders are all over the place.
    7. Hardgraves has not been coached, we saw this in Hard Knocks , Bucs coaches commenting on players doing the wrong or even the right thing but doing no follow up coaching and communication. That’s a poison that spreads !!!
    8. Lack of recognition by Licht to bring in self coaching and scouting, these are outside people not involved in the day to day that keep staffs from believing and protecting themselves !!! I don’t believe the Bucs have this as it is apparent with what’s happening, if they do have this they are to close to the current staff.
    9. Get Peyton Barber 12 carries and this offense will operate much better as the defense has to play more true as they don’t know what he can and can’t do . All the other Bucs backs are one dimensional or are not good in a particular area and certainly don’t get the respect of the defense. This isn’t a long term fix unless Barber shows he can catch but if you just give him a simple pass or two he could help Winston and the Offense allot and this effect could last for a while and at least help. And for the love of football he is at least a short yardage option !!!!!
    10. Go Bucs !!!

  11. Roy T. Buford Says:

    If the Bucs lose today, Koetter is no longer a winning coach. He’s a break even coach. If they lose today and next week Dirk is a losing coach.

  12. Big Stinky Says:

    If Winston was having his best season we would be 3-2 or 4-1, NOT 2-3 or 2-4. Just because he cut down on his turnovers doesn’t mean it’s his best season. He STILL has trouble with fast starts. Most of his yards have come in the 3rd or 4th quarter trying to climb back into games. I don’t consider that a good season, but maybe Dirk does. Today will say plenty about Jameis and the year he is having. If he plays bad I don’t want to hear about his shoulder. He shouldn’t be playing if he is NOT 100% is all I have to say. Fitzy showed he can run the offense last week and give us a chance to win. Just don’t want to hear ANY more excuses. Playoffs or Bust! Go BUCS!

  13. Bobby M. Says:

    So let’s examine this with a degree of common sense….

    Koetter….proven commodity in the league as offensive play caller with a history running different styles of offenses based on the talent and philosophy provided

    M. Evans….Top tier WR in the league

    D. Jackson….One of the best “big play” WR in the league

    C. Brate….Top scoring TE in the league and top tier receiving TE

    D. Martin….2 time pro bowl RB that when healthy produces 1,300+ yd seasons

    Then there’s Winston……who’s having his best season yet….with convincing wins against the 1-5 Bears and 1-5 Giants.

  14. Broy34isTiredofComplainers Says:

    Isaac very well said

  15. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    @Issic – regarding number 7 – you sound like a fool. You have no fking clue what was being said to Hargreaves behind the closed doors to coach him up. You think HBO covered every conversation that takes place. That is just such a moronic comment that I stopped reading the rest of your nonsense.

  16. Captain Big Stick Says:

    Hodad Says:
    October 22nd, 2017 at 8:33 am

    Joe, I think it’s time to stop calling Koetter a winning coach. In case you haven’t noticed we have a losing record. No one cares he was 9-7 last year, he still didn’t win enough to get us in the playoffs. Should we win today you can call him .500 Koetter. Lose, it will be at least 2 weeks before you can call him that.


    Hmmmmm… 9-7 + 2-3 = 11-10 recored overall… seems like a winning record to me.. I don’t do Hodor math though

  17. MadMax Says:

    One of his best seasons in practice? oh, ok.

  18. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Bobby M…well said!!!!

  19. Capt.Tim Says:

    Im never hateful towards the team.
    The offense is not the issue. It will get better. Its good enough to win now.

    The teams inability to defend the pass is the problem.
    If there is some sort of solution to that today, then we have a chance to win.

    If they refuse (again) to address this, we will continue to lose.

    Taylor isnt Palmer. We might get away with blitzing alot.
    That may work today.
    It wont work against Ryan, Brees, or Newton.

    But it might work as a short term fix

  20. Hodad Says:

    I can’t remember last week let alone last year. I do know our record is 2-3, that adds up to loser.

  21. Bird Says:

    Yah. It’s funny that koetter gets ripped here all the time.

    Has more weapons than any team in nfl possibly. Yet we score 15 points a game Call it what you want. Jameis is not playing good enough. Good kid but cmon. He needs to play more consistent

  22. Defense Rules Says:

    Seeing all the comments in various threads about Jameis ‘regressing’ this year got me curious. In looking at Jameis’ passing in 2015-2017 with the SAME 3 targets (ME13, Humphries & Brate) found something really interesting. Not only has Jameis improved, but ME13 & Humphries have also, while Brate has stayed quite consistent (at a very high level I should add).

    What has changed, and changed quite a bit, is how much Jameis is focusing on those 3 as opposed to on all of his potential targets. In 2015, those 3 amassed 1,754 yds and Jameis threw for 4,042 yds total. Thus they accounted for 43.4% of all his yardage (a sizeable % of Jameis’ throws were to his backs that year). In 2016 (Dirk’s first year as both HC & OC) those 3 amassed 2,603 yds while Jameis threw for 4,090 yds total. Thus they accounted for a whopping 63.6% of Jameis’ passing yardage (a 20% increase which is HUGE). Jameis threw a lot less to his backs.

    This year through 5 games Jameis has thrown for 1,259 yds … and ME13, Humphries & Brate have gotten 718 of those yds (from Jameis’ throws … more from Fitz). That’s 57% of the yardage (and Jameis has ‘ONLY’ targeted them on about 65% of his total 162 attempts). Jameis is on-track to throw to his RBs this year about the same amount as he did last year.

    Jameis completion percentages are relatively consistent (2015 – 58.3% … 2016 – 60.8% … 2017 – 60.4%), as are his total passing yardage numbers (this year he’s on-track for 4,029 yds despite missing parts of 2 games).

    For his part, ME13 has gone from catching 50% of his targets in 2015, to catching 55.5% in 2016 and now he’s averaging 56.3% this year. Definite improvement, especially for being thrown so many intermediate & deep balls. Adam Humphries has been a goldmine & is getting a LOT more targets as a result (he caught 67.5% in 2015, stayed pretty consistent in 2016 at 66.3% and has improved this year to a 71.9% catch-to-target ratio … awesome!). Interestingly he was targeted 40 times in 2015, 83 times in 2016 and is on-track to be targeted 102 times this year. Cam Brate is Mr Consistent in my book. He caught 76.7% in 2015, 70.4% in 2016 and is catching 70.0% this year. His targets have also increased dramatically, and he’s on-track this year for almost 100 targets, an increase of 15 over last year.

    And yet all this leaves me wondering. With all Jameis’ new targets (DJax, OJ and Godwin) why are ‘The Reliable Three’ receiving so much of Jameis attention? Since over 57% of Jameis’ passes are going to the 3 receivers he’s developed a great relationship with coming up on 3 years, that should leave all of us asking … Why is Jameis targeting those 3 so much? Is it that those 3 know how to get open better? Or maybe that Jameis knows by this point exactly where they’re going to be? Might it be that Jameis just has overwhelming confidence that those 3 are gonna make plays … period? Or maybe it’s that those 3 have learned how to adjust to Jameis as opposed to the other way around … that even when Jameis’ throws are off they manage to adjust and come up with the catch?

    Oh ya, one other possibility, and that concerns play-calling. Maybe that dramatic increase since 2015 in ME13, Humphries & Brate being targeted isn’t as much about Jameis as it is about Dirk Koetter. Maybe Dirk just knows how to use those 3 in play design a lot better than he knows at this point how to use DJax, OJ & Godwin. Maybe that’s why we’re seeing so much intermediate & deep stuff from Jameis (certainly a lot more than in 2015). If Jameis is regressing it’s in the area of focusing too much on 3 targets, and not trusting his progressions (and yes, that would include the RBs). Maybe he (and Dirk) just haven’t figured out yet how to maximize all the new weapons, or maybe the ‘chemistry’ just isn’t there yet. Actually that was a lot to be thrown at both of them in a short period of time, especially when the one doing the ‘planning’ is charged with being both a Head Coach AND an Offensive Coordinator. (Sorry for the long post BTW Joe; it got away from me … yet again).

  23. MadMax Says:

    yep……gj jw3…fkinhellll

  24. MadMax Says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! Bills did that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and we’ll still probably lose against them!!

    WTF MAN!

  25. MadMax Says:

    wrong thread my bad lol

  26. MadMax Says:

    The second coming of Josh Freeman!!! And I hate that sh!!t!

  27. Issic Haggins Says:

    @ td tampa
    ? To Mike Smith , after giving up the most yards in the NFL,do you tell Hardgraves where to line up ? Mike Smiths answer , No we don’t !!!

    Mike Smith did go on to add , we have a range we like our cb’s in and Grimes is inside ( closer to the line) and Vern is outside of that range ( farther from the line )

    Those are facts ,so 7 is very accurate