Jump In The Locker Room As Rock Talks To Brent Grimes, Nick Folk, Mike Evans, Cameron Brate And More

October 2nd, 2017

Sports multimedia guru Rock Riley (@RealRockRiley) was all over the thrilling Bucs postgame scene yesterday. And there’s plenty to enjoy in the video below.

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Rock takes you inside the locker room from Rock Riley on Vimeo.

9 Responses to “Jump In The Locker Room As Rock Talks To Brent Grimes, Nick Folk, Mike Evans, Cameron Brate And More”

  1. RayJameisStadium Says:

    A win is a WIN! Right On Rock!!!

  2. Defense Rules Says:

    Good stuff Rock. Nice segment there with Brent Grimes.

  3. sorryitriggeredyou Says:

    Yeah Rock great stuff!

  4. NOSBOS Says:

    Matty ryan 5 ints last two games in case anyone wondering.

  5. The Buc Realist Says:

    Did I just see Head Coach Koetter walked down that aisle and give a Ric Flair WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Coaching staff is just amazing!!!!!! The roster is not quite their yet, but is building and maturing right on cue!!!!!!!

    2 and 1 and no side of the ball is clicking yet!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Buc1987 Says:

    NOSBOS….no one pays attention to that stuff. If JW has a bad game…it’s “get rid of him”. As if no one in Tampa watches other very good QB’s have bad games. As if Jameis is the ONLY qb that overthrows WR’s and it’s simply not true. I’m not making excuses for the over throws, it is what it is and some of the greats do it all the time. Not Jameis though…he better not or it’s hell to pay. I say the same as I’ve always said to those fans. F…….U.

  7. NOSBOS Says:

    Str8 like dat 87.

  8. Stanglassman Says:

    Was thinking the same thing while watching Matt Ryan yesterday throwing ill advised throws right to the defense while under pressure trying to make something happen when he should’ve just thrown it away or taken the sack.

  9. BucEmUp Says:

    Much better than in Minnesota. I still want to see this defense hold brady under 4 tds and not throw Jameis under the Bus with a three score deficit or keep New England from sitting theyre starters to start the 4th quarter

    Offense looked crisp…running game needs doug martin….the good doug martin.

    Folk is the guy…not much to say there