Dirk Koetter, Fifth In Class

October 30th, 2017

Looking up at classmates

As the screams to blow up the Bucs’ hierarhcy bellow from disgruntled fans this morning, Joe thought it would be prudent to share some head coaching data.

As Team Glazer assesses all things Bucs, as they would do after a win or a loss, Joe’s confident they’re monitoring the 2016 coaching class, among other things.

Here’s how they have fared. Dirk Koetter places fifth among the seven head coaches hired last year.

Ben McAdoo, Giants (12-11, + playoff loss)
Adam Gase, Dolphins (14-9, + playoff loss)
Doug Pederson, Eagles (14-10)
Mike Mularkey, Titans (13-10)
Dirk Koetter, Bucs (11-12)
Chip Kelly, 49ers (2-14, + fired)
Hue Jackson, Browns (1-23)

Joe has a special interest in how the Titans are faring, considering Koetter and Mularkey will tell you their offensive systems are nearly identical, though they have very different quarterbacks.

For those wondering, Mike Zimmer, Bill O’Brien, Jim Caldwell and Jay Gruden are the active remnants of the 2014 coaching class. They have all been to the playoffs with their new teams.

And just for kicks, Chuck Pagano is the only head coach standing from the class of 2012, which included Greg Schiano and the Bucs.

24 Responses to “Dirk Koetter, Fifth In Class”

  1. ATrain Says:

    Switching Coaches every two years isnt going to change anything.

    Dont try the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

    Maybe it is time to look inside the ONLY place we havent changed LEADERS in the locker room? Many teams have parted ways with players for being a cancer. Usually because they are loud and over the top.. The KILLER CANCER is the silent one.

  2. Joeypoppems Says:

    Look at the Rams and Bills. Both cleaned out their coaching staffs (Bills cleaned out their front office as well) and they turned things around in 1 offseason. Rams are in the running for their division and the Bills are keeping pace with the Pats.

    The Bills are even more impressive because everybody accused them of tanking after they started trading away what people assumed to be key players and loaded themselves with draft picks in the process.

    We gotta clean house. Im starting to wonder if Licht is just looking at this team and some of the talent with rose colored glasses on. It would be interested to see what changes are made if we got a new staff with a fresh, clear, and unbiased view of this team and its talent.

  3. LakeLand Says:

    Sean McDermott 5-2

    Sean McVay 5-2

  4. jared depiro Says:

    its the hard knocks curse….

  5. JWBUCS Says:

    Joe… The Bucs Team has way to much talent to be losing the way they do…. With yesterday’s defense playing the same last week we beat the Bills… With last week’s offense, we would have beaten the Panthers yesterday…. I fail to understand how Mike Smith got his goes all on board last year with communication and Won Five games straight… We add a few pieces and this defense regressed this season, accept for a couple games… I am puzzled…

  6. Gerald McRuud Says:

    Well, he was fired from Arizona State. You thought this would be easier than that?

  7. BUC MAN Says:


  8. martinii Says:

    I am not a big proponent of firing coaches every 2 years, however letting the OC call plays might be a good Idea. No I am taking a positive approach like I have for the last twenty years. If the Draft was today we would pick at #5. Could land Sqauon Barkley RB, Arden Key DE, or Mike McGinchey OL in the first round. Shame one has to take this approach each year, but the Buc’s are giving it’s fans a typical losing season ,so fans have to try to find some solace for their support. I will admit that while they are losing in typical fashion some of the comebacks, close games, and occasional big plays are fun to watch.

  9. D-Rome Says:

    Switching Coaches every two years isnt going to change anything.

    Dont try the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

    Funny you say that *now* considering you, among many others, were fully on board with switching coaches after two years when it came to Lovie Smith.

    Lovie Smith was fired, in part, because he was the defensive coordinator and head coach. He failed in that regard. Dirk Koetter is the offensive coordinator and head coach and he is failing in that regard. The organization should have never held 2-14 against Lovie Smith given that he lost his offensive coordinator prior to the season. So really, he was fired for going 6-10 in a year that was still considered a building year.

    This year’s team *was* supposed to be the team to take the next step. The most talented Bucs team in YEARS. This was not a rebuilding year yet here we are again.

    Dirk is in over his head. He can’t be a coordinator and head coach. He’s a fine offensive coordinator. Most coordinators fail as head coaches. Simple as that.

  10. 813bucboi Says:


    I 1000% agree…..fun how people want to be patient now….its time to clean house before we waste prime years of Winston, evans and kwon…..GO BUCS!!!

  11. John Ensch Says:

    When I watch the Bucs I don’t see a team playing. I see different individuals making plays, but it’s not like their making team plays just individual plays. What has happened to Mike Evans? If the Bucs aren’t playing like a team together, that’s all on the coaches. There may be talent on the Bucs, but it only shows up as individual talent not team talent.

  12. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Several of my friends wonder if Dirk is too much of a nice guy,
    to be a head coach ?
    Watching Sean Peyton last week was a revelation. He was ready to MURDER his special teams coach, for a game saving horse collar tackle on their opponent.
    Sometimes, you need to be a real prick to win in the NFL.

  13. Not there yet Says:

    Hopefully this all means we won’t see any silly stats about where the offense ranks this week because what you see with your eyes does not compare to any stat sheet, this is my team and my team sucks. This is the reason I’m ok with the Glazer’s making coaching changes but please if you make a change make it matter and bring in someone with proven success….. The last thing this team needs is another washed up coach or some guy who’s never been a head coach. They need someone who’s been there done that and knows how to control the roster

  14. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Perhaps he is too old, but Marty Schottenheimer is out there, and he is a proven winner.

  15. Gerald McRuud Says:

    Marty has alzheimer’s. No joke, hope he’s doing well.

    Bud Grant is available, however.

  16. Mike Johnson Says:

    Agree with you there Chris Apple..Niceness works for some coaches. But niceness can also lead to complacency with others. Dirk is Mr. Nice Guy. Or so ot appears.
    And ATrain, I siagree with you. Defense is a mindset. And our Defensive mindset is shot right now. If Koetter does not finish 8-8 this season, the replacement crys are gonna get defining. And Guess what? Marty Schotenheimer might not be a bad choice at all.

  17. csidedave Says:

    Joe, Lovie and Dirk had one thing in common. Bad lines on both sides of the ball. We put all of our resources in skill players on offense and linebackers and secondary on defense. Both lines got pushed all over the field yesterday and that is the common theme in our losses.

    Sure Doug Martin had some good years but how may times did he have to break a tackle in the backfield before he had a nice run? He made his own holes. Sometimes our O line is adequate in pass blocking but that’s about it.

    We have made the same mistake as Indy did, totally neglecting our foundation. Without decent lines at attack, our skill players on both sides are neutralized.

  18. orlbucfan Says:

    Koetter was a rookie HC last year. He sure called better offensive games than he’s doing now. How is that? His offense added more weapons in the off-season. Why is he regressing so bad? Buc Luck karma? Bought off (naah). I don’t get it.

    If Mike Smith dropped dead tomorrow, I and the defense wouldn’t miss him.

  19. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    csudave….well said and that has been the abysmal personnel moves made by Licht who has ZERO clue on how to build a championship team…draft a Kicker in round 2 and get rid of a pro bowl LT, cmon, if you want to win championships you build the defense and the interior, licht is developing or continuing the domminik blueprint for losing

  20. doolnutts Says:

    ATrain — I think you are spot on man… I have been saying this over and over. How many coaching staffs will we go through before we start to really look around? Bucs nation has been a disaster since day 1 of Gruden leaving…. And not just because of Gruden’s departure. Shortly after that we gutted Brooks, Galloway and the rest of the leadership and never got any back

  21. Syl Says:

    You sat here and defended Donovan Smith, and his terrible play got your QB injured. And how many 1st downs have they converted that was reversed by his errors.

  22. sickofit Says:

    #BringBackGruden….I remember the days when we fired the best coach we ever had for going 9-7 with a less talented team. This time around we won’t handcuff him by giving him an aging roster and denying him 2 years of 1st and 2nd round draft picks.

  23. Ed Kerber Says:

    The Bucs made three bad coaching moves in a row! It is time to fix it. Mike Zimmerman was my pick before Lovie. What we need is a real head coach, not a retread. Someone who has spent real time under a genius of a coach. Someone who is league leading in their own right.That is what Dungy and Gruden were. I am NOT saying we bring back any on them. But find someone who designs systems. And implements variations. Someone who is dominant. Someone who can pick a staff. I am still amazed at how many great people we had on staff in the Dungy and Gruden years. We don’t have a staff currently. jay hAtes is the only one and he has crap to work with.

    We need to start over with SOMEONE who could bring in bright assistants. Not a staff of Duct tape and bubblegum patches.

    We need to trade away everyone who will be 31 or older next year.
    Which would be:

    90 Baker,
    Chris DT 6-2 320 30 6
    11 Jackson,
    DeSean WR 5-10 175 30 10
    98 McDonald,
    Clinton DT 6-2 297 30 8
    43 Ward,
    T.J. SS 5-10 200 30 8
    62 Smith,
    Evan C 6-2 308 31 8
    91 Ayers,
    Robert DE 6-3 275 32 9
    69 Dotson,
    Demar T 6-9 315 32 9
    65 Sanborn,
    Garrison LS 6-1 240 32 9
    56 Tapp,
    Darryl DE 6-1 270 33 12
    14 Fitzpatrick,
    Ryan QB 6-2 223 34 13
    24 Grimes,
    Brent CB 5-10 185 34 11

  24. NFLNut Says: