Three Painful Picks And Another Wild Prayer

September 24th, 2017

Jameis was sloppy with the football from the Buccaneers’ very first drive

After an offseason of being drilled to protect the football, America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, may not have absorbed the message fully.

Forget the three picks Jameis threw today, which all were on him.

Go back to the first quarter, the Bucs were driving and had a 3rd-and-3 from the Vikings-21 with 7:01 remaining.

Jameis dropped back to pass. Evan Smith in at left guard and got beaten badly. Jameis didn’t eat the sack. He retreated rolled left and with a guy on his back at the 35 yard line, Jameis heaved a floater in the direction of Cameron Brate.

The ball only made it back to the line of scrimmage and Brate miraculously outworked three Vikings defenders to haul in the ball.

The pass never should have been thrown. Jameis already was out of the pocket. He could have fired it out of bounds, or taken the sack earlier.

Joe loves Jameis’ hunger, but he’s been coached 500 times not to do just that. The play was very reminiscent of what happened in Jacksonville in preseason — a dumb throw made famous on Hard Knocks.

As for the three picks, one was too short to DeSean Jackson in the end zone. Anything too short too Jackson is just criminal. The next was fired right to the Vikings, and the last was another red zone pick, forced to Mike Evans in triple coverage when he had Adam Humphries underneath.

Joe loves Jameis and he’s just 23 years old. But if the Bucs plan to make the playoffs, Jameis needs to process the need to protect the football much faster than he’s doing.

43 Responses to “Three Painful Picks And Another Wild Prayer”

  1. JameisDungy Says:

    Jameis problem is something that Trent Dilfer has tried to get through him since the Elite 11 camp when he was 17.

    Don’t be a butcher, be a surgeon.

    Jameis can’t help, but want to throw chuck yardage plays. He thinks thats just what superstar QBs do so thats what he wants to do.

    Jameis doesn’t have the arm strength to be a gunslinger…yet he plays like one.

    Thats the difference between him and Freeman. Freeman’s ints came from him not understanding the defenses. Jameis understands the defenses….he just doesn’t care. He made two tight widow throws before….surely he can make another right?

    Fan of him. However, its becoming difficult to argue for Jameis over guys like Wentz and Mariota. Both are older, but this is 4 years of int problems.

  2. Usmc-buc Says:

    Starting to remind me of Dilfer, play calling will suffer p. He better turn it around or we will suffocate.

  3. TheLittleGrayCells Says:

    Disagree that the 2nd pick was on him. He was throwing to a spot and Jackson was knocked WAY off his route. 3rd pick was not the best decision, but it was a ball that was nearly caught and then picked.

  4. DBS Says:

    Go ahead. Laugh at Glennon. Payback is hell.

  5. NJBucsFan Says:

    Not to mention it could be 4 picks but Brate made a hell of a play to get a reception between 3 Vikings
    Seems you didn’t read the story. –Joe

  6. Rod Munch Says:

    Jameis was fine today… the 2nd INT looked like Jackson either ran the wrong route or gave up on the route because he clearly wasn’t where he was supposed to be.

    Again for the 540th time… when you go on the road against a top defense and get down and you’re forced to throw the ball to get back into the game, this is the result. If you watched the Bucs great defenses, this is what they did to everyone, and I mean everyone. On the last INT the Bucs are down 3 scores with what, 7 mins to go – you have to force the ball downfield and try to get something to happen. That’s not an “ugly” INT, it just is what it is. If you want a game manager QB that doesn’t turn the ball over then you should have kept Mike Glennon, he could have lost today’s game like 44-6 instead.

  7. JP4 Says:

    Yeah, Winston is pretty much deaf, dumb and blind to this message! He WILL throw a lot more picks in his NFL career. Give him enough help, he can win a lot of games, but he will always be a liability when Bucs are down 2 scores, late.

    Disagree with you, JameisDungy, that he doesn’t have arm strength, he has that – and it’s part of his problem – like Dilfer, he relies on it to make throws he just should not even let go of.

  8. DB55 Says:

    I thought Evans was Interfered with on that last pass

  9. dis Says:

    First pick was under thrown. 2nd pick, I have no idea what that was. 3rd pick was stupid but it hit Evans in the hands right before he got helmet to helmet in the back on the head. Ouch!

    Anyway, besides the first one, it was too little too late anyway. I’ll get over it.

    The Phins got manhandled today too. I wonder if being a week behind everyone else really killed their chances. Maybe they aren’t as used to beat up shape as all the other teams are.

    Now we just have to hope we can field a defense next week. Jameis will bounce back, I have no doubt.

  10. dis Says:

    JameisDungy Winston has plenty of arm strength. Not issues there. He just sometimes tries to finesse it too much. He could sling it with anyone, except Rodgers.

  11. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Do us all a favor and quit calling them America’s quarterback till he actually does something to deserve it

  12. Bird Says:


    Americas quarterback.


  13. TheLittleGrayCells Says:

    The writer of this article might want to watch replays before putting this kind of thing out there. In his post-game press conference, Koetter clearly says Jackson was knocked off of his route as Jameis released the ball. This is obvious in the replay.

    3rd pick is trying to make a play when down big and was actually a pretty good throw, just went through Evans hands. Good luck scoring a TD throwing 5 yard ins/outs in the red zone.

    Really disappointed in the quality of this article.

  14. TheLittleGrayCells Says:

    Aaron Rodgers threw a pick 6. HE SUCKS

  15. Mr. E Nigma Says:

    I think Jackson is in Mr. Magoo’s ear harping for the ball. Winston is forcing everything and hasn’t hit receivers in stride all year.

  16. TheLittleGrayCells Says:

    @Buccaneer Scotty – How about being the first QB to throw for 4000 yds his first two seasons? Yeah, he really is a horrid QB.

    I think there are only about 7-8 teams in the league who would not take him right now as their QB.

  17. SteelStudBuc Says:

    America’s Interception Throwing Machine Quarterback

    Check the damn ball down. Live to fight another day.
    He really hangs receivers out to dry with huge hits too. He needs to stop talking so much and focus.

  18. Pablo Says:

    Pablo says this is who Jameis is. He will not change. We all have to learn to accept this while we watch Mike Glennon have a better year.

  19. SteelStudBuc Says:

    I like Jameis but he really needs to focus. Throwing into triple coverage so many times. If you’re throwing into triple coverage…. somebody else is way open…

  20. JG Says:

    Once again…. the team isn’t that good.. much more hype than anything.. defense continues to be AWFUL. THE MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR ISSUE HERE IS THAT CASE KEENUM HAD A 150 rating 300+ YARDS AND 3 TDs. 0 PASS RUSH/PRESSURE…When will we actually accumulate legitimate defensive linemen? Huge Jameis fan, but there are moments that make me wonder… 0 RUNNING GAME DOES NOT HELP. I think koetters playcalling can create issues as well. This is the same team we saw last year. Point Blank. You’re looking at a 6-7 win team.. maybe they catch a couple breaks and win 8-9.

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It’s time to stop making excuses for Winston…..let’s face it, he had a bad day.

    I fault him much more on the prayer that shouldn’t have been thrown than I do on the interceptions….at least they were downfield.

    I also find it interesting that the one deep ball all year & most of last year that he under-throws is intercepted.

    We will sink or swim this year with Jameis….as most teams do with their QB.

  22. Supersam Says:

    If this was anyone but Winston Joe would be making up joke names (Stewart McClown)…. etc… and bashing the qb for having a Terrible day like he did, why baby him? Afraid of the backlash? He had an AWFUL day. Call it like it is. He keeps this up we may have to look for a new qb. Period. Winston a man of many words but very few good passes.

  23. Bobby M. Says:

    Slow starts…buries team with TOs…Inaccurate….all the same attributes of his college days but now in yr 3 of the same system with a healthy/stacked offense

    He is who he has always been.

  24. Supersam Says:

    These are back to back bad games for Winston we’ll see how he does against a mad giants team and a red hot patriots team.

  25. JP4 Says:

    TheLittleGrayCells says: ‘How about being the first QB to throw for 4000 yds his first two seasons? Yeah, he really is a horrid QB.’

    Testaverde threw for over 46,000 yds; didn’t make him any more than he was, an average QB with a great arm and a tendency to throw a LOT of INTs (267, to go with his 275 TDs). Numbers don’t make a great QB, it’s the way a QB plays. A lot of people want to bring up names – Favre, Elway, Bradshaw, etc., but a lot of these people never saw those QB play much (if at all). QB that passes the eye test is legit – the jury is still out on Winston, he hasn’t established himself as a franchise QB, yet. He will play for years, throw a lot of passes, get a lot of yards – so did Testaverde – but Testaverde was NEVER a franchise QB.

  26. Dreambig Says:

    How far back do we have to go to say Jameis had a great game? He was ok last week, not great. I am thinking 1/2 way through last year.

  27. Rod Munch Says:

    Winston did not have a bad day today – he was fine. Again for the 10000th time, top defense, on the road… enough said. The 2nd INT was 100% on Jackson, he wasn’t in the right place, be it running the wrong route or running a sloppy route. The first INT was underthrown – that’s a timing issue, that comes with having a new player and barely playing together, that will get solved in the coming weeks, it’s all timing. On the pass to Evans you’re down by what, 3 scores with 7 mins to go? You force the ball and hope for something.

    Winston was fine today, for the most part he was accurate, he didn’t panic in the pocket, he threw a great TD to DJax, he made some incredible throws like the pass to Humphries where it was only where he could get it, etc.

    I’m not being a Winston homer, it comes from watching good QBs have terrible days at RayJay against our top defenses. This is what happens like 99% of the time in that situation.

    Everything will be ok, at least on offense anyways.

  28. Roadwarrior Says:

    Jameis still hasn’t shown that he is anywhere close to being a franchise QB. Maybe average at best. I don’t think he will ever be. Talks a better game than he can deliver. Hope someday he proves me wrong.

  29. TheLittleGrayCells Says:


    You mean the same Mike Glennon who threw for 100 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT today? You can have him.

    The majority of the people on this sight have ZERO football IQ.

  30. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    Damn, I mean are you really going to put all this on Winston? One interception was on him – and that was the underthrow to Jackson. The other two – one a missed route and the second one hit Evans in the hands. Maybe James should walk the ball to the receivers and firmly put it in their hands. The problem is Mike Smith’s cavity filled secondary!

  31. JP4 Says:

    Munch says – ‘Winston was fine today…’

    The lengths of reality twisting some people will go to for their own peace of mind. The world is flat, it’s just a big dome…God is in his Heaven…we will all be OK.

  32. Supersam Says:

    You guys really wanna invest 130 million in this qb!? Psssh your outta your mind.

  33. Dreambig Says:

    Certainly this was not all on Winston, this was mostly on the defense. Having said that Winston did not rise to the occaision either. At some point he has to play like a elite QB if we are going to give him credit for being one.

  34. Eric Says:

    Mike Evans should be a professional magician once he retires. Think about it, he has tricked two different fan bases into thinking they have a star at quarterback. If I was Evans I’d leave after this year knowing Jameis is eventually going to get me killed putting the ball in places no man should go because the consequences are so severe. People talk about us blowing this draft as the reason our season is over, I say it was over when we picked the wrong quarterback. Cook would have made no difference in this game whatsoever. We couldn’t focus on shutting down the run game because Keenum disected us like a high school science teacher. Our defense at least has an excuse, they were all banged up so dont give Cook too much credit. If you take 4 probowlers off any team I could gain 100 yards.
    Face it Buc fans we should have picked Mariota. Im no GM but I can tell you I would have never picked Winston, Aguayo, J. Evans or ASJ. All 4 either 1st or 2nd round busts. Hard to overcome such poor drafting. I predict 5-11 on the year

  35. Eric Says:

    Rodmunch must be Papa Winston. On second thought it must be Sean Spicer now works for Joe Bucsfan!
    Please stop sounding like a complete moron with your garbage you type on this site. Not even duct tape can fix you.

  36. bucnut2 Says:

    our year is next year.

  37. NFLNut Says:



    You know NFL history, you know who Favre was, you know Peyton Manning threw ONE HUNDRED picks in his first 5 years, you know many of the all-time great HOF QB’s led the league in INT’s at least one year of their career … you also know many of the most accurate and least turnover prone QBs are not even in the conversation for the HOF … this is just dumb.

    Only ONE of the three picks was “on Jameis” and that was the first one. D-Jax seemingly ran the wrong route on the 2nd one and Mike Evans dropped the third one, which was a desperation, down 20 pts in the 4th Q throw anyways …

    Don’t nitpick Jameis the way Orlando Magic fans nitpicked Shaq or you might end up watching him win rings in a different city just like Shaq did in LA and Miami rather than Orlando!


  38. NFLNut Says:

    ERIC … you obviously know next to nothing about the game of football … carry on though as I’m sure you’re in bliss being so ignorant.

  39. BuccoDav Says:

    Joe says: The next was fired right to the Vikings, and the last was another red zone pick, forced to Mike Evans in triple coverage when he had Adam Humphries underneath.

    But this is what you all wanted… more Favre, less Brady/Montana.

  40. lambchop Says:

    I’ve been saying it since the last game, Jameis forces the ball and Koetter just can’t seem to get that through to his skull effectively enough. Stop killing drives. He needs to get benched for stupid plays. Take away what he loves if repeatedly coaching him up isn’t working.

    There were a lot of pass interference calls that should have been called on the Vikings. And that first TD was a Dalvin Cook fumble! This was going to be a long day right from the start, especially when your offensive game plan is to air it out from the first quarter onwards and forget about the running game.

  41. mike10 Says:

    I give you credit, that’s the most I’ve seen you hold him accountable for Joe.
    But I do think that second pick may had been on the receiver. Was it the wrong route?

  42. Jeffbuc Says:

    Does anyone see that we are not well coached. When is the last time we have had guys running open. Everything we do offensively looks like a big cluster. Nothing comes easy I watched a backup qb look better than our americas qb has ever looked today. Jamie’s hasn’t came within 5 yards that’s 15 feet of hitting a deep ball. His strengths are outside of the pocket but we never do roll outs. It is like we have Lovie as offensive coordinator keep doing the same thing over and over. Even though it isn’t working. The play calling is atrocious. Please let’s be done with the Rodgers experiment he is the slowest running back in the league. Barber should be the starting running back. I am losing faith in Winston there is only so many times you can watch 3+ pick days and keep saying he is young and learning. This was Keemun second start on this team and he demolished us. I’m sure he is no where near as familiar with the Vikings playbook as Winston is with the bucs. It looks like the routes we run there is always two receivers in the same area. We haven’t had as many open receivers as the Vikings had today in a season. That all comes down to coaching. same false hope same result every year. And to think we are going to have to pay that int machine $25 million. At least we can look at the ravens and see how that blue print works so we won’t be disappointed when we are 8-8 every year. But at least americas qb is young. Oh and he has thrown for 4K yards in each of his first 2 seasons. Even though half we’re in garbage time like today. When it mattered he had 60 yards passing when game was out of reach he had 250. But stats give us hope. But I will see his rah rah videos tomorrow about how those turnovers are on him and he let his his family down and that can’t happen. It that he has to be better than that and not let his family down. And how it it is on him to protect the ball better so he doesn’t let his family down. Cause we are a family and I let them down and that can’t happen until next time because as the qb I am the leader of this football team. He is what he is and he will ALWAYS throw a ton of interceptions. So why waste 25 million on that let’s sign Keemun next year to about 8 million a year for a 5 year deal and save us from cap hell. I know you will think I am overacting and Carr only threw for 130 yards today. But he has a lot of good games on tape. Winston has a lot of good throws on tape but very little great games on tape. He has cost us more games than he has won. And he could have easily had two more picks today the one to brate that joe mentioned earlier and the one to Evans that Rhodes almost jumped to the house. He had two last week that were dropped so he could honestly have 7 in two games.

  43. JP4 Says:

    NFLNut – yeah, anybody who disagrees with your opinion must ‘obviously know next to nothing about the game of football’. That’s a really good argument, you must win a lot with that one. You are ALWAYS right, not even the slightest possibility that you could be wrong. You are perfect in every way, in fact, you must be God.

    Hmmm…don’t know if I like the reality of living in a universe where God goes by the name NFLNut and argues with posters on an NFL fan site. You need do more constructive things with your time, God!