Jameis Says He Missed Out On A Veteran Voice

September 14th, 2017

Jameis believes he lacked guidance

Very interesting peek into the mind of America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, late this morning at One Buc Palace.

The Bucs’ franchise quarterback was asked about his speech to Browns starting QB DeShone Kizer seen on Hard Knocks. Here was that August exchange:

“Patience is the easiest way. Alright. Take my word because I’m a risk-taker. Have patience,” Winston told Kizer on HBO. “Who you got — you got coach [Hue] Jackson. So listen to him, let him guide you. But patience is the easy way, checkin’ that ball down, even though you got that cannon. Listen to me, because they ain’t gonna tell you that. Because you got that [arm], you spoiled, you blessed. Alright. Do your thing.”

Today, Jameis explained that he was trying to give Kizer the kind of help he never got as a Buccaneers rookie in 2015.

“I wish an older guy would have told me, a player, more of a player, would have told me, ‘Hey, be patient.’ Especially someone that, I mean, … I put myself in [Kizer’s] shoes. So I’m just trying to help him out a little bit,” Jameis said today.

Damn, that really got Joe’s attention.

First, Jameis had everyone from Derrick Brooks to Doug Williams to Trent Dilfer giving him regular advice when he entered the NFL. But ok, it’s different coming from an active player or teammate. Joe gets that.

But what about Gerald McCoy, who publicly ordered Jameis to relax and enjoy his rookie season? McCoy told Jameis he was unhappy as a rookie (mind-bobbling considering the Bucs were 10-6) because he didn’t have fun and put too much pressure on himself to perform. Did Jameis ignore him? Or was McCoy’s message poorly presented?

What about Vincent Jackson? Are we to believe V-Jax didn’t talk to Jameis about patience and methodically approaching his craft and a game? That’s hard to imagine.

Regardless, Jameis clearly thinks he missed out on guidance. It’s rare to here Jameis express any shred of negativity or lack of accountability as it relates to his game and those around him.

Years ago, Joe wrote many times that having the right veteran backup QB around 21-year-old rookie Jameis certainly couldn’t hurt — and it seems Jameis believes that guy would have helped him immensely.

28 Responses to “Jameis Says He Missed Out On A Veteran Voice”

  1. pick6 Says:

    I think he meant QB’s in the game, not guys who have never played QB or who played in a different era of offensive football (before WRs ran free and back when 4,000 yards was an epic season). Glennon was a kid in his own right when Jameis arrived, and the best he had a chance to download lessons from were Josh Freeman (not a pro) and Josh McCown (not a winner) and sub-mediocre offensive coaching staffs. The Fitzpatrick move is a good one behind the scenes. As a battle hardened vet of the NFL and specifically the AFC East who factors big in our schedule, he will be more helpful to Jameis than Mike Bajakian in some regards.

  2. Brandon Says:

    I love Jameis but I don’t know if he didn’t have that player… telling him to be patient… to check the ball down. His backup his first two seasons was none other than Captain Checkdown, Mike Glennon. The man that never met a play he couldn’t turn into a checkdown. Jameis, I love ya but not sure I can believe you on this one.

  3. Bucfan87 Says:

    Brandon, Bc someone doesn’t have the skill to make all the throws so they check down all the time is not nearly the same. You don’t respect that as an elite QB. Now if say Brett favre or Aaron Rodgers or manning had told him this I think it sticks Bc he looks up to them. He was brought in to replace glennon on day 1. You don’t head his advice if you are taking his job from the jump Bc he obviously isn’t considered good enough.

  4. tmaxcon Says:

    Of course he missed out. This team has had good character guys with smiles not leaders for far to long. way too many of you confuse leadership with window dressing and meaningless bs like pro bowls, good in the community and his teammates like em nonsense… all that warm and cuddly crap works great in a third grade cup cake party however this is nfl football where the only thing that matters is results and until they change the object of the game from winning to meaningless bs or rankings, i’ll just count the scoreboard and leave the excuses and meaningless garbage to low standard fans.

    Jameis still has to overcome far too many mentally weak players in key positions this year to make the playoffs and win a game. One’n’done or shall we say “Dungy Style” in the playoffs is not a success…

  5. tmaxcon Says:

    and let’s not leave out the fact jameis is disgusted by losing when other key members of the team actually embrace and celebrate losses… The new bucs give me hope the old holdovers give me reason to be pessimistic after all they all have never been able to win until Jameis came along.

  6. tmaxcon Says:

    and if martin, vjax, glennon, mcoy, lvd, dotston and all these other great players needed a 20 year old rookie to teach them winning was important wow that is pretty damn sad anyway you look at it. results speak for themselves. good guys but career losers with more excuses than a politician to justify failures.

  7. DBS Says:

    Your running out of players for your list. It’s a 53 man team. Glennon. Gone Murphy. Gone. Shall I continue? Or will you just find new players to add?

  8. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Winston is a risk taker. He always will be. Nature of the beast.

    It is what makes him great…and just like Favre, it is what makes him frustrating at times. The thing we have to remember is that, yes, he makes mistakes…but he also has the ability to recover from them and win games.

    Off topic, I just watched the Bears vs Falcons game. I focused on their offenses during the game and I have to say, the Falcons were predictable about 80-85 percent of the time. I was literally calling out where the ball would go before a play started. They fooled me maybe 4 times. Still, they are a great team to beat.

    On to the Bears.

    Cohen is their ONLY real weapon. Honestly, they remind me of the Bucs about 2-3 years ago. There were a lot of checkdowns, but Glennon did go long once and it should have been caught…so he has the ability.

    So, correct me if I am wrong here. To beat the Bears on Sunday, the Bucs need to render Cohen ineffective and put pressure on Glennon. Let our CBs handle the long game, and take the middle game away from them.

    But pressure on Glennon is the most important part. We all know how he is not a fast thinker. I counted 4-5 seconds on most of his passes. Winston can do it in 3-4 most of the time. Make them run the ball. Stop the run.

    As to their defense, the Bears D got gassed quickly. Some sustained drives for our offense and they’ll wear down. Akeem Hicks looked ready to drop and fall asleep.

    Would everyone agree with that assessment?

  9. unbelievable Says:

    DeShone Kizer has Mia Khalifa hanging out in his kitchen, I think he’ll be just fine…

  10. johnnybuc Says:

    he’s definitely talking about a veteran qb the message has a different meaning when it’s coming from someone who’s been playing along time at the same position as you. why would he really care to listen i for g mac or someone who plays another position tried to tell him how to play quarterback?

  11. RawBucFan Says:

    He’s talking about a veteran QB/coaching presence, thus the Hugh Jackson reference. Patience & youth are a rare combination so you need multiple voices reiterating the message. Jameis only had Koetter & Bajakian as sounding boards because Glennon was a kid who was still more of a competitor than a sounding board. Kizer is in almost an identical rookie situation as Jameis was. Therefore, because he’s been there Jameis felt obligated to share his knowledge & experience with the kid!

  12. Iamabuc Says:

    I believe he meant a veteran QB., guys.

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Haboo had Pablo’s advice…..but Haboo reminded Pablo that Pablo wasn’t very patient with his elongated arc….that’s why Pablo has so many, many, many childrens. Pablo told Hameis…..”you’ve got to know when to swing your arc and when to hold it.”

  14. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Yep simply about a vet QB vs Mike Glennon imo

  15. Bucsfanman Says:

    Agreed about the veteran QB. Tmax likes to spout all that nonsense but how is a QB supposed to take leadership from a DT, RB, or LB?! By default, the QB position IS THEE leadership position on any team. Winston has helped elevate this team through his leadership. As a QB, he could’ve matured faster with a competent veteran presence.

  16. rrsrq Says:

    I know V-Jax is not a QB, but I have to imagine he was in Jameis ear.

  17. NFLNut Says:

    I think he enjoys having Ryan Fitzpatrick as his backup … a guy that has been in the league as a starting QB for a long-time and someone Jameis can respect … NOT someone like Glennon who Jameis would obviously have looked at as his inferior.

    It would have been nice for Jameis to have someone like Michael Vick behind him his first 2 years imho

  18. Kobe Faker Says:

    “What does 31 other teams have but Tampa doesnt?”


    Kobe Faker

    2017 Tampa Bay Bucs analysis and prediction 9/16/17

  19. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    NFLNut Says
    “I think he enjoys having Ryan Fitzpatrick as his backup … a guy that has been in the league as a starting QB for a long-time and someone Jameis can respect…”

    I think Jameis enjoys everyone on the team, but I doubt he respects Ryan Fitzpatrick as a veteran. The man has done next to nothing at all. True veteran value would be someone more like a Mark Sanchez for example, who has been deep into the playoffs a couple times, but will never start again.

  20. Billy Says:

    Unbelievable im pretty sure that was deshaun watson with mia khalifa

  21. NFLNut Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai,

    I disagree entirely about the Butt Fumble vs. Amish comparison

    Mark Sanchez was a #5 pick out of powerhouse USC that was an absolute bust of a player … dude has a started just 72 games and may never start again.

    Fitzpatrick was the #250 pick out of HARVARD and yet has started 116 games in the league … he’s one of the biggest success stories in NFL history.

    By the way, Fitzpatrick has a better career passer rating, completion percentage and TD to INT ratio than Mark Sanchez!

    I think Jameis has infinitely more respect for Fitzpatrick than the utter bust Mark Butt Fumble Sanchez!

  22. Smokeymountainbucsfan Says:

    One would think Logan Mankins was in #3’s ear saying dump it off gunslinger I’m tired, too old to be getting knocked on my a$$ keeping you on your feet. We all know Winston doesn’t lack skills physically and has the mentality to be a leader! I think he’s doing quite well for such a young man on and off the field no matter what he has or has not received from veteran players. True leaders always figure it out…

  23. Smokeymountainbucsfan Says:

    Also I might add this prediction I think Winston has his BIGGEST game since coming in the league this Sunday! Hovering around 400 yards and 3 or 4 td’s. his next contract will blow Staffords out of the water… cause I think he’s that good. Life long Gator fan here who admired his skills in college despite who he played for and glad he’s leading our Bucs and not the qb across the state in which I now live in. Lived in Tampa 45 years before my family and I anchored down in the beautiful mountains

  24. Waterboy Says:

    He had the check down master as his backup one would have thought that he would have trained him in the art of checking it down.

  25. NFLNut Says:

    ^ I too think Jameis can be the highest paid player in league history soon … if he wants to be … it wouldn’t shock me to see Jaboo give the Bucs a discount. The kid already offered to give up some of his rookie scale money so the team could move up in the draft to take Jalen Ramsay … of course that isn’t allowed and the team drafted Hargreaves, but still, Jameis was prepared to give up $$$ even when he was making cheap rookie scale loot … impressive.

  26. Lamarcus Says:

    U mean to tell me our vets couldn’t give the same advice? Smh

  27. unbelievable Says:

    Billy- your’e right, it was Watson.

  28. Andrew Says:

    I also think Jameis meant that he never had a veteran qb to work with