“I’m Jealous”

August 22nd, 2017

“Rex, look at the feet on that rookie.”

Hard Knocks is back tonight at 10 p.m. featuring everybody’s favorite football team.

And it seems feet-friendly Rex Ryan has made the editor’s cut. That’s if you go buy a new preview trailer video issued by HBO (see below.)

Joe recommends it. Chucky and Rex Ryan talk to America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, and Ryan explains that he’s jealous of the Bucs.

Ryan was training with BSPN last week and was at Bucs-Jags practice in Jacksonville. Joe was lucky enough to chat with Ryan and snap the photo above. Ryan was Mike Smith’s boss in Baltimore and it was very clear the two have a lot of respect and love for each other.

32 Responses to ““I’m Jealous””

  1. Wausa Says:

    Jameis with both hands tied behind his back > Geno Smith

    Understatement of the year by Coach Ryan

  2. TrollSlayer Says:

    awesome how ryan said that jameis has everything he needs to win on this team nice respect to the bucs hes right we have almost all the pieces in place time for jameis to shine

  3. JAB83 Says:



  4. webster Says:

    Way to go joe. Get us all fired up for hard knocks tonight. I love how all the former coaches just wish they could have coached jameis. If any buc fan out there is still on the fence, you should have your head examined. You are suffering from CTE. If ryan can go to two consecutive afc championship games with sanchez as a rookie and 2nd year player with that good defence, then he knows he could have won at least one superbowl with jameis. What more do you guys on the fence need? And yes, that play jameis tried to make in jacksonville was one of the worst plays i have ever seen lol.

  5. bucsfaninchina Says:

    That caption. lmao

  6. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “That’s if you go buy a new preview trailer…” – Joe

    I’m not ‘buying’ anything.

  7. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    JAB83 Says


    Please no. He’s failed at most jobs he has had.

  8. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    webster Says
    “…that play jameis tried to make in jacksonville was one of the worst plays i have ever seen lol.”

    Imagine if a RB had caught it and ran for a TD. Then he’d look like a genius. 😉

  9. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I still think that play Winston made in JVille was absolutely hilarious.

    I am at least 68% sure he was straight up thinking or saying out loud “f*ck it boys it’s preseason”

  10. Rod Munch Says:

    Webster – Yeah I thought the Bucs would bring in ex-coaches to tell Winston they’re glad they didn’t have him… Chill out man, all coaches are always going to say that. Gruden said during last weeks game that he LOVES Ryan Smith, Smith has been terrible this preseason (although in fairness last weeks game he wasn’t) and didn’t even play last year, how does Gruden LOVE him when he saw him at practice getting beat over and over? Coaches always say they LOVE xyz player and wish they had them. Heck I could go up to Gruden and tell him Dungy’s shadow has more coaching talent than he does and Gruden would say he LOVES me and wishes I could give him pep talks every morning to get him going.

    Anywho the show has been very good so far, very very good. According to ESPN the first episode was the highest rated episode in the last 5 years – except for the Houston opening episode (that’s a classic ESPN fact, it’s true except for when it isn’t). People seem to be enjoying the show but with all the cord cutters out there why HBO doesn’t put it on HBO Go until sometime on Wednesday makes no sense. BTW if you get HBO through Amazon they have a live stream so you can watch it live, but if you miss it it too isn’t on-demand until sometime on Wednesday.

  11. DB55 Says:

    Man we could use a guy like Ryan in Tampa. Bring some attitude to this defense.

  12. Kobe Faker Says:

    It shows Jameis is not there mentally…alot more to do in his in game mental reaction learning

    He can be told before and after, during class, practice but….

    his emotion makes him forget the big picture

    he lacks composure certain times during the game

    i want jameis to be great and asap

    …he almost snapped his ankles

  13. Kobe Faker Says:

    To the BUC sheep….

    Kobe is going to tell you how and why (position) Jameis will get hurt in his football career

    Jameis will have a long career. He has a great frame, sturdy, base BUT…

    He doesnt go down during a tackle naturally. He fights it all the way down. Jameis will plant/brace his feet to the ground while his upper body goes in a different direction. Jameis was very fortunate a vicious sob illegal tag team hasnt occured. 1 top and the other going for his ankles and bent and twist. i believe in the chicago game a mofo tried to intentionally go for his legs

  14. BigMacAttack Says:

    JAB83, good point. Rex could be the guy.

  15. webster Says:

    @ rod,

    When i say ex coaches, i mean nfl ex coaches and not just bucs ex coaches. I am sorry u missed that. Btw…the bucs did not bring in rex ryan. He was here learning his new job as analyst. The bucs had nothing to do with bringing him in.

    @ bonzai,

    No he would not look like a genius if a running back caught it. He would have been lucky just like he was when the ref said he was down and the play was not reviewable. That was a horrific play to try and make and the fact you or anybody else cant see that is scary. The only time you try to make that play is in the 4th qtr, you are down by 4 pts or more, 10 seconds to go and its 4th down. You dont even think to attempt to make that play in the 2nd qtr on 3rd down. Sorry you dont know or see that.

  16. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Is it just me or did Ryan Smith play pretty solid in preseason game 2?

    Joe is the only person this down on Ryan Smith of anyone covering the Bucs.

    I thought he was out of place most of the first preseason game; but was in tight coverage most the time week 2 while VHIII had an off night with a few bad blown coverage’s. Ryan Smith is basically a rookie CB this year but we seem to treat him more like a vet here in terms of expectations.

  17. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    LOL, “Feet Friendly” Rex Ryan, that is Classic right there.
    I remember Favre before he really became Favre. He made a lot of stupid mistakes too, and put ever gray hair on his coaches head for awhile.
    Rex Ryan said it best “I never had a QB like you”

  18. ARGH_M8E Says:

    Kobe EaT a D!€K!!! A REAL oNE!!! If hE eVEr DoEs geT hUrt, YoU’LL bE oN hEre BrAgginG u PüNK. SMH… iTs fOOtBall!!!!!! EvErYone gEts huRT @ SomE poInt u A$$CloWn!!!! SoRRy JaMeiS is A fiGhteR

  19. ARGH_M8E Says:

    I finallly took the bait, I know better but wtf

  20. Kobe Faker Says:

    “^ i thought i had mental issues”

    Kobe faker

  21. Dave Pear Says:

    That diatribe looks like a ransom note, cut from different newspapers and glued together

  22. Dave Pear Says:

    Or , more accurately, a note from the Zodiac Killer.
    You do seem a little coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs.

  23. Wesley Says:

    This show is incredibly over-rated.

  24. The Real Malloy Says:

    Kobe Faker likes men.

    That is all..

  25. Piratic Says:

    Kobe Faker=Oath Breaker

  26. SteelStudBuc Says:


  27. Rod Munch Says:

    Cornelius – Ryan Smith was absolutely terrible in game 1 and from everything I’ve read from all sources has had a terrible camp – he did play OK versus Jacksonville however – but then again it’s Jacksonville. I hope something clicks, the coaches are giving him every chance to prove himself and the Bucs have zero depth at corner, so if he suddenly isn’t awful then that’s huge for the Bucs, I hope for the best for him.

  28. OneBucPerson Says:

    “I’m Jealous” Really? If memory recalls you had the option of choosing between Buffalo and Atlanta. You had the opportunity to have a legitimate franchise QB in Matt Ryan and you went with the worse team in Buffalo, you don’t deserve to be a HC anymore Rexy XD.

  29. Rod Munch Says:

    From ESPN giving offensive line grades….

    “The Buccaneers ranked tied for 29th in both PPM (45.4 percent) and pressure rate allowed (34.6 percent). Tampa Bay also placed last in yards per rush before first defensive contact (1.7) and 29th in GBR (33.7 percent). ”

    Wait… what is that? Tampa was last in yards per rush before contact? For the simpletons that means the RB was getting hit in the backfield more than anyone else in the league. But wait Joe told me Martin stinks because his yards per carry was low. I mean he only had the worst blocking in the league and Dirk being ultra conservative and running the same plays over and over – but yeah Martin is suddenly awful. Anywho while Martin wasn’t breaking those second tackles like he was doing in 2015, he was constantly getting hit as soon as he got the ball and the numbers prove that.

    Anywho those numbers are very disturbing, although I still insist a lot of it was on Dirk’s play calling, for as good as he was in 2015 he was awful in 2016 at making adjustments and mixing it up. So far in the preseason when you run pretty plain offenses it’s more diverse than it was all of last year.

  30. unbelievable Says:

    football outsiders has had those stats out since the end of last season. A few of us have posted them multiple times.

    We led the league for the most plays in which the RB was hit behind the LOS. The Joes didn’t want to hear it (and still don’t)

    that last comment was by far the best you’ve made on this site. LOL.

  31. Spartin Says:

    For those of you calling for Rex Ryan to be the next D-Coordinator, two things with possibly a third depending on how I feel when I’m gone typing the first two.

    1. Ryan uses a 3-4 base defense. Our personnel group is built on a 4-3 base. It would take a few seasons to replace players not suited for 3-4 and teach up the scheme.

    2. I’m almost positive that the Glazers paid Smith extra to not leave over the next two seasons for a head coaching position. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

  32. webster Says:

    @ spartin

    U r correct on point #2. Point #1, the bucs are built to play a 3-4 now. Thats why they signed baker, drafted stevie t, retained silva(sp?) and drafted beckwith who is a bigger lb than david or kwon. Fyi….there has been talk of playing spence and jaquis smith as a stand up lb ie suggs. Mike smith love multiple looks and the 3-4 is part of the bucs packages. I dont know if it would take three years but i understand your point.