Humphries Talks “Stick Carriers” On NFL Network

August 9th, 2017

Yes, Saturday was an epic day, one that was a “franchise-changer” as Joe predicted.

Will that sustain? Well, Joe thinks it will do much more than that.

On NFL Network this morning, adorable, Bucs-adoring host Kay Adams wanted to know more about the rabid Stick Carriers, the fans who invaded training camp practice at One Buc Palace, as part of a Bucs Uncensored/JoeBucsFan Training Camp Takeover.

Here’s the exchange below: Humphries wants to see more. And he will.

16 Responses to “Humphries Talks “Stick Carriers” On NFL Network”

  1. Easy Denman Says:


  2. stpetebucsfan Says:


  3. Buc50 Says:

    I think Kay is a Bucs fan

  4. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    ………..our version of Rudy. ………..everybody loves this little white guy!!!!!

  5. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    What a cutie Kay is, and she appears to be at least Buc Friendly.

  6. NewTampaChris Says:

    This whole stick carrier thing is great…but it will be much greater if the Bucs are 8-4 in early December. If they are 4-8, the Takeover will be a distant memory.

  7. Steven007 Says:

    What NewTampa said. This is all about winning. It’s not about what fans choose to call themselves or team “culture”. You know what creates a losing culture? Losing. Just like winning creates a winning culture. Not specific players or coaches or schemes (though obviously those are pieces of the puzzle and there are always rare players/coaches who make a real difference). What consistently winning team has any kind of “culture” we could identify aside from the vaunted Patriot Way (which obviously remains a mystery to most of the NFL since only the Pats seem to master it. Here’s a clue, the Patriot Way begins with Belichick and ends with Brady)? So I think this culture emphasis is great for sound bites but otherwise BS. I assume this stick carrier thing is broadly inclusive. If so I would assume that all Bucs fans would be absorbed under this umbrella and would not have to wear special t-shirts, attend special events, etc. Aside from that I’m not sure what the broader goal is (aside from clicks and publicity) but as a season ticket holder since the 90’s I’ll assume I’m an honorary member, ha.

  8. roger borras Says:

    unrelated, but episode one of hard knocks is on for anyone who doesnt have hbo.

  9. $acbuc$ Says:

    Joe Sac is back. I went OLD school ICE CUBE jacking for beats. I made a hyper song for the BUCS Nations and all the STICK CARRIERS. I need to get this thang to Kwon and Famous. I can’t stop listening to it. I made it up years ago when I talked to Josh Freeman and Donald Penn on a Tampa radio station. I need help getting it to YALL.

    NOS, BigHog and 13 watch when you hear the theme song.

  10. shouldhavedraftedeifert Says:

    Joe they brought out the cart for Grimes?! say it aint so update plz!

  11. Doctor_Berto Says:


    Apparently Grimes cut his knee and is going to be fine.

  12. shouldhavedraftedeifert Says:

    @Doctor_Berto whew! thx

  13. cmurda Says:

    You can call me crazy or you can have Kay call me. I prefer option 2.

  14. El_Buc941 Says:


  15. Rod Munch Says:

    Those late 90s and early 2000s Bucs did more than speak softly – they constantly talked trash and backed it up with their play. Man do I miss that. In this time of word hurt sissies being everywhere, man would it be a relief to just have people talking trash openingly and not backing down. Also if you think about Dungy himself was the guy who spoke softly and he certainly carried a big f-ing stick.

    Anywho Hump get some energy in these promos, you’re trying to sell the team, not be all depressed because you got moved down the depth chart. You’ll actually be a lot more valuable in a role where you’re a 4th WR running screens and playing against dime backs or LBs. It’s a win/win for you buddy – don’t be so sour about it.

  16. JimmyJack Says:

    Pretty sure that was Humphries sitting next to Jamies in the opening scene of Hard Knicks. Tells me a lot about this kid. He has a lot of pressure to perform. I don’t think he’ll quit until he earns his spot.