Bernard Reedy Takes Lead In No. 5 Battle

August 12th, 2017

Bernard Reedy

The Bucs let Russell Shepard scamper to the Panthers this offseason and didn’t fill the hole left at the No. 5 wide receiver position with anyone of note.

In fact, they brought back guys who aren’t as good as Shepard.

One is Bernard Reedy, the St. Pete native who grew up idolizing Louis Murphy, and the same guy who drove a medical transport van when he was out of the NFL in 2015.

Reedy, 25, has zero regular-season catches after going undrafted in 2014. His story is one of perseverance. And last night against Cincinnati was a special chapter for Reedy.

He had three catches — on three targets — for 24 yards. He also had an impressive 22-yard punt return.

Other contenders for the Bucs’ No. 5 receiver spot, Josh Huff and Freddie Martino, had rough nights marred by drops, and more drops. Derel Walker was catchless and rookie Bobo Wilson had a nice 11-yard grab. Donteea Dye is still injured.

At 5-9, Reedy is hardly the most versatile receiver, but Dirk Koetter, who had Reedy in Atlanta, respects his work ethic and can’t deny Reedy’s excellent night.

Hooray for Reedy! But Joe doesn’t like what the Bucs have cooking at No. 5 receiver, a position that played a critical role for the team the past two seasons.

12 Responses to “Bernard Reedy Takes Lead In No. 5 Battle”

  1. SB Says:

    Man, I had the DVR going in distress mode tonight trying to evaluate in the 3rd and 4th quarters. Reedy was doing well. Sad watching Martino look good at first then Blowing it.

  2. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Agree with SB…I was rooting for Martino, who can catch and play, but I think his nerves got the best of him tonight..

    That being can we not root for Bernard?? He played well..he played like he wants a spot..

  3. Mike Says:

    Derek Walker rocked someone though….best hit of the game

  4. Ace WigSplitta Says:

    Come on Joe this a completely different WR situation VJax was awful at 2# Wr and the others kept getting hurt!Hump and Shep played well!!Like you say with Winston if we are in major need of our 5th WR then the season is over!Evans Jackson Hump and Chris must have gotten hurt as well as the 2TE !Stop being so dramatic!

  5. Shane247 Says:

    I thought Martino and Aguayo were both terrible. Huff wasn’t bad and had th best return of the night.

  6. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Derel Walker had no opportunities for a catch. Fitz overthrew him once and was nowhere near him the second time.

    I’m hoping in the next game Derel Walker is given more opportunities from a better QB. If you get the ball anywhere near his hands, he will catch it. He may not get many yards after catch, but he’s reliable to make the catches that come near him.

  7. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Martino had a bad game. It happens. He had plenty of opportunities.

    The other day Joe commented that Martino and Walker were neck and neck for that spot. If they had given Walker as many chances as Martino had last night, we would being hearing something much different.

  8. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I’m not ready to make any pronouncements. It’s the FIRST game of the PRESEASON!

    Although I agree with the vast majority…time to move on from Ohnono..we simply do not need that distraction.

  9. C eh N eh D eh Says:

    Was hoping walker would be the 5….shep was the perfect 5, dependable and star sp.teamer…

  10. MazzBuc Says:

    Really rooting for Walker

  11. Dave Says:

    I see 4 WR’s and a couple TE’s.
    That is great depth in the receiving corps.
    The fifth receiver just going to be the one who shines at Kick or punt returns

  12. YungBuc727 Says:

    Let’s go Reedy! He showed up last preseason and didnt make the team due to an injury in the same game he scored in. Hoping to see him make some plays on Sunday. Exciting when the ball is in his hand and has the ability to break it.