Thursday OTA Practice Notes & Nuggets

June 1st, 2017

UPDATED 2:16 p.m. – It’s June 1 — JUNE! — and your Bucs are on the practice field. Joe was patrolling the sidelines and has your need-to-know.  

*Drill work under the broiling sun and receivers coach/offensive coordinator Todd Monken is working his ass off demonstrating all kinds of things, including playing a little corner, simulating tight coverage at the line of scrimmage. It’s clear to Joe that Monken gives extra attention and juice to rookie receiver Chris Godwin. Lot of detail work and coaching on breaking off routes.

*Man, Charles Sims has soft, buttery hands. Dude can catch and run.

*Brent Grimes is ripped, shredded. Photos of Noah Spence’s physique have been opening eyes on social media. Well, Grimes is just as tight. He did his share of soccer juggling with a football today during down time. That’s typical for Grimes, and he appears to be improved from last year.

*Exceptionally loud music for drills. Joe is bummed. Nearly impossible to hear what coaches are barking.

*Floppy hat patrol for rookies safety Justin Evans, plus Hey Jude Adjei-Barimah and new safety J.J. Wilcox.

*Receiver Derel Walker, the CFL superstar, continues to look exceptionally smooth. Big target.

*DROP! Mike Evans from Jameis

*DROP! Bernard Reedy

*Drill period is over but Mike Evans heads right to the sidelines for Monken to fire balls at him from eight yards away – high, low, everywhere.

*Veteran cornerback, the newcomer, Robert McClain fielding a lot of punts. He looks good. Humphries had one bad drop during his reps.

*7-on-7 starts and it’s a slant from America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, to Humphries

*Ryan Griffin throws behind O.J. Howard. No catch. Joe will say this. Multiple times QBs threw behind Howard today, and he caught the majority. Seems like they’re getting used to his speed.

*Jameis to Evans in what might be the play of the day. Jameis throws to the left sideline about 12 yards down the field and it appears to be a sure pick by Javien Elliott. No. No. No. Evans goes over his back, and rips the ball from Elliot and comes out holding it with one hand. Elliott was in stunned disbelief. A Godzilla-like move as two defenders fell to his Evans’ feet.

*Grimes with a great breakup on wide receiver Freddie Martino, he of the velvet-lined lounge at the Vero Beach Ramada Inn.

*Ryan Fitzpatrick to the right for Bernard Reedy but the ball was woefully underthrown in the dirt despite Reedy diving to try to get it.

*Fitz hits The Stampeder (Donteea Dye) perfectly in stride.

*Lavonte David with a completely inadvertent bump into Martino (this is no-contact/no-pads underwear football) that displaces the ball from Martino on a pass from Jameis. C’mon, Freddie. Gotta squeeze the rock from a nothing collision like that. It doesn’t matter if it is underwear football, bodies will sometimes collide despite the best efforts to prevent bodies from slapping.

*Charles Sims churns upfield after catching pass from Jameis on a crossing pattern.

*Humphries goes high to catch a pass from Jameis in right flat. (For the haters who kvetch about Jameis’ passes, he threw the ball where the defender couldn’t get it. Of course, he could have satisfied the haters and thrown the ball low so the pass could have been picked.)
*The immortal Cody Riggs picks a Fitz offering that was tipped.

*Humphries beats Elliott deep on the outside, and the late safety help. Who says Hump can’t go deep?

*Jameis bad pass (five yards) to Cameron Brate.

*DROP! Walker on slant from Jameis. Not the way to make the team, son.

*Jameis to Howard over the middle. Howard with lots of separation from Keith Tandy.

*DROP! Howard on a slant.

*More topless football (aka walk-through sessions with no helmets).

*No dropped kickoffs that Joe could see. Rookie receiver Chris Godwin was among those receiving them.

*Ryan Smith with a sweet pass breakup.

*Camp meat cornerback Cody Riggs with a breakup. The defensive backs are rising up.

*Not the sharpest day for Ryan Fitzpatrick. Some rough throws. He also juggled a snap but recovered for a sidearm instinctive throw to Charles Sims for a five-yard gain.

*Nice extension on by Donteea Dye for a catch with cornerback Maurice Fleming covering.

*Two more catches bye Dye in 11-on-11, with Jameis quarterbacking the second-unit guys. Short reception by Dye and he totally deeks linebacker Adarius Glanton. Dye over the middle with Elliott in tight coverage.

*Ryan Griffin overthrows Walker.

*Undrafted rookie wide receiver Thomas Sperbeck is wearing Vincent Jackson’s number. That sure looks weird.

*QB coach Mike Bajakian is seen running 50-yard sprints (not at full speed) after practice with other staff members. Odd but impressive on this steamy day.

33 Responses to “Thursday OTA Practice Notes & Nuggets”

  1. Jason Says:

    “Multiple times QBs threw behind Howard today, and he caught the majority. Seems like they’re getting used to his speed.”

    Wouldn’t the repeated throws behind Howard indicate they’re NOT getting used to Howard’s speed, because he’s often ahead of where they think he’ll be? It sounds like just great receiving on Howard’s part, DESPITE the throws behind him.
    Regardless, thanks for the OTA update Joe(s)! The regular season can’t come soon enough!

  2. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Quite a few of you out there that like riding the coattails of players of other teams. Well tell ya boy keekly good luck staying with this young stud over the middle.

  3. astrobuc Says:

    Thanks Joe

  4. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Notes & Nuggets, as always, my all time favorite Joe articles. Thanks Joes!

  5. OrlBuc Says:

    How has Ryan Smith looking at CB, from everything I’ve been reading, he is the 3rd CB

  6. Buddy Says:

    Joe how’s that indoor coming along? I have a a question – how are the Bucs throwing up a “indoor practice facility” in 6 months or so when the major universities like Fla,FSU & UM take at least a year to build? Obviously this “state of the art” one the Glazers are getting prefab made is on the cheap side as usual for this org. I’ve heard internal meetings on it have been a disaster too.

  7. OrlBuc Says:

    Is looking that is

  8. BuccoDav Says:

    Nothing in Joe’s notes about Doug Martin. The surest sign yet that he won’t be on the active roster after week 3…

  9. theodore Says:

    Thank you, Joe!

    “Not the sharpest day for Ryan Fitzpatrick.” FYI – Put that phrase in a keyboard macro.

  10. Pickgrin Says:

    Nice job Joe.

  11. JimmyJack Says:

    Joe you mentioned Ryan Smith breaking up a pass. Been wondering what the plans are for him. Any word on if he’s getting reps at CB or S or both?

  12. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Where’s DeSean Jackson?

  13. buc15 Says:

    love your updates Joe but you missed scouting on one particular player today:

    “Martin looked good in the first OTA the media was able to see back in May, but today he looked like he was on another level. Head coach Dirk Koetter has stated that he thinks Martin looks as good as he’s seen him, and that includes the year he was the second leading rusher in the NFL.”

    Would you agree?

    So silly. Running backs, defensive linemen, offensive linemen in OTAs, really? There is no blocking. Joe is not here to con fans. Joe did note a positive comment on Martin in the story above this.–Joe

  14. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Being from Vero Beach, I should let you know that the red velvet-lined lounge at the Vero Beach Ramada Inn is now a Holiday Inn with a lounge that I would describe more as putrid green.

  15. Capt. Blighe Says:

    What about the Kicker, or is it over already.

  16. Lord Cornelius Says:

    That’s at least the 2nd time Joe’s mentioned Ryan Smith making a play… Hoping we got something serviceable at CB in this guy

  17. Eric Says:

    Just got done reading the pewter practice notes and…

    I just wanted to say I found it hilarious they are consistently gloating about Martin’s performance. It appears, from their perspective, that he is not only flashing elite play, but Koetter keeps tooting his horn.

    I realized there was barely any positive reference to Doug in the past month or so on jbf. In fact, you guys are still posting articles that insinuate he won’t be on the team. Hmmmmm

    I think you may be the small minority at this point that believe Doug’s a goner and if all goes according to plan, you’ll be wrong in the end. But please, post another article that suggests Doug needs a miracle…

    Joe peddles in reality. Sorry that doesn’t fit your perspective.–Joe

  18. alamba78 Says:

    I haven’t seen any pics of DJack at this practice. Seems like he wasn’t at this practice either. Hmmm. I guess he’s ok being a one trick pony. Albeit, a killer one trick pony. Hopefully there’s no drama with him.

  19. unbelievable Says:


    Did you hear any running backs mentioned, besides Sims on some passing plays?

    Didn’t think so. Guess they will all be gone by week 4 then, huh?

  20. Eric Says:

    This is a special day for me, I got my first condescending response from Joe!!!!

    However, I’m failing to grasp your definition of “reality”. Are you STILL insinuating that Doug’s chances are minuscule, Joe? Yes, 10 percent shot of being on the roster in Week 4. –Joe

    At this point I think his likelihood of being cut is way outside of reality. Could you please clarify considering he is still on the team, there aren’t any better running backs on the depth chart that are proven, coaches and players are praising him, and he has been practicing very well and has stood out?

    I just want my “perspective” to match your “reality”.

    Joe doesn’t debate on here. Sorry. But your evaluation of the running back talent and how it fits is not the organization’s reality. And the organization is not treating Martin publicly as if he’s the No. 1 running back (or on the roster) in Week 4. Also, he’s here, in part, because they don’t owe him a nickel until Week 4, if he’s here. Praise is rather meaningless, though fun to talk about, and most are taking the praise to mean way more than what it is. –Joe

  21. BuccoDav Says:

    Unbelievable …guess I should have used the sarcasm fonts.

  22. Joe Says:

    Joe how’s that indoor coming along? I have a a question – how are the Bucs throwing up a “indoor practice facility” in 6 months or so when the major universities like Fla,FSU & UM take at least a year to build? Obviously this “state of the art” one the Glazers are getting prefab made is on the cheap side as usual for this org. I’ve heard internal meetings on it have been a disaster too.

    Team Glazer has not had any press conference detailing the exact specs of the facility nor has anyone shared any blueprints with Joe. Just a hunch, but these college facilities also include offices, no? Bucs facility is some 120-140 yards from One Buc Palace, separated by practice fields.

    All Joe can say is ground is broken and there is heavy machinery as well as workers there each day Joe has been there. If you look carefully at photos/video shot of practices, you can sometimes see the construction in the background.

    Joe has no connections with the construction company and no one has shared a firm date for a ribbon cutting. All we have been told is exactly what Joe has reported: It should be ready for the regular season.

  23. Defense Rules Says:

    Looks like the Bucs are experimenting with a number of options for returning kicks & punts Joe. First time I’ve heard McClain’s name mentioned as a possible punt returner. From what I could find he really only did that 1 season (2013) when he was with Atlanta. And yup, Dirk was the OC & Smitty was the HC … maybe they saw something in him that can help us. Never know. Thanks for the great notes on today’s OTA; it might be ‘underwear football’ but it beats no football at all.

  24. Joe Says:

    it might be ‘underwear football’ but it beats no football at all.


  25. unbelievable Says:

    BuccoDav- my bad, I genuinely thought you were serious!

  26. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Underwear football, topless football, bottomless football..any football right now sounds good!

    Thank you Joe(s) for these Hall of Fame worthy tid bits..It makes me want the season to begin like SOON..

    P.S. I like what’s going on in our WR’ have some potential superstars in that position..

  27. Eric Says:

    Okay I respect that response joe. I didn’t want a debate. I just wanted to understand your logic. Of course they’re not treating him like he’s the starter because of the suspension but they are also not treating or even leaning towards him not being on the roster by week 4 either. Goes both ways..

    I just want to know why you think he’s got a 10% chance when all the aforementioned evidence is not supporting your theory. Of course you have more insight to the organization than I do but if we knew each other personally I would put a large chunk of money down that you’re wrong. Also I’m not banking on the approach, I’m banking on the result. Who ends up supplanting him Joe? Which RB is capable to bellcow our season. A fifth round rookie? A role player? RB with limited samples size? Or a 5’6 back to shoulder the load?

  28. grafikdetail Says:

    logic & joe goes together like oil & water 😋

  29. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’m sorry, Joe, but I suspect you will be 90% wrong about Martin.


    Buddy Says
    “Joe how’s that indoor coming along? I have a a question – how are the Bucs throwing up a “indoor practice facility” in 6 months or so when the major universities like Fla,FSU & UM take at least a year to build? Obviously this “state of the art” one the Glazers are getting prefab made is on the cheap side as usual for this org. I’ve heard internal meetings on it have been a disaster too.”

    Buddy trolling from a division rival obviously. Probably the Falcons, because they have the lowest intellect. Just to update the ignorant…it has already been announced that the indoor facility won’t be ready for training camp. Also…


  30. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “most are taking the praise to mean way more than what it is. –Joe”

    Or…some are taking it to mean less than it is. 😉

    If he isn’t in Tampa, I hope the Bucs get something for him. They could be talking him up to try to garner interest in a trade.

  31. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    And yes, a team WOULD trade for him at his current contract…no guarantees and every year is a half-priced franchise type prove it year.

  32. Buddy Says:

    @buccaneerbonzai sorry pal but I’m a Tampa born, (st Joseph’s) schooled at Jesuit & USF, 3 uncles retired TPD & true Buccaneer fan. Family has had 4 season tickets since ’76. I highly doubt you’re from round these parts like the very few of us who have DEEP Tampa roots unlikely many on this site. Were you there at the old stadium vs Eagles & Rams playoff games of ’79. Two of my fav memories as a kid except the rams loss obvi, what bout ’97 you there vs Lions for the wildcard win. Most likely not. Just cause they have more money doesn’t mean concrete dries quicker or the weather doesn’t let up for them. A$$clown Bonzai. The prefab building they are trucking in certainly isn’t on par with any of the structures built on FSU or Fla’s campus.

    Joe- no those building don’t house the coaches offices either they are in their respective stadiums.

  33. Eric Says:

    I see what you mean bonzai, but if we do trade doug, then we’re not looking good with what we have left. No matter what anybody says, sims is not a between the tackles back, barber is too untrustworthy and not the highest ceiling imo, quiz won’t last a full season and mcweapon is a huge question mark.

    I’m still failing to see Joe’s logic. I know the facts, he knows the facts, how is he still utilizing what we all know to conclude Martin’s 10% chance of sticking to the roster? He provides little evidence to complement his theory. I provide a ton and will provide more.

    I just don’t think I have full confidence in Joe’s “logic”. Sure wish I was born with a brain like Joe’s.