Rhythm Comments Don’t Bode Well For Martin

June 1st, 2017

Will Koetter heed his own words?

As the Doug Martin saga inches closer towards its conclusion, Joe thinks it’s prudent to wave a red flag at what could be a red flag for Martin’s future, as expressed by Dirk Koetter.

Remember, back at the NFL Scouting Combine, Koetter literally told Joe and other assembled media that too many guys carrying the football was a big part of the Bucs’ rushing woes last season.

It crushed the rhythm of the running game, Koetter said.

“The timing, the tracks, the way the [running backs] hit the hole, some guys are more stutter-step, some guys are going to cram it, some guys are going to look and try to bounce more often. … There are a lot of variables there,” Koetter said, in part, in defense of his offensive line.

There was more to Koetter’s speech, but the clear message was that lots of change at running back — regardless of the cause — is poison for rushing consistency and effectiveness.

So that brings Joe to Doug Martin. If Koetter believes what he said in February, then it sure seems like he would be very hesitant to insert Martin as his go-to running back in Week 4, when Martin’s drug suspension ends. If the Bucs are, say, 2-1 and have run the ball reasonably well, then why would Koetter want Martin in the mix?

Sure, one could say Martin would just ease his way into a rotation, a committee approach. But Martin has never been a committee-type running back. He’s been a bellcow his entire career (when healthy). That’s when he’s been most effective, when he can establish a rhythm as the featured back with a full load.

There’s no evidence Martin can thrive in spot duty. Plus, he doesn’t play special teams, which part-time running backs need to play often. And there’s that matter of Martin coming off a truly brutal 2016 season.

48 Responses to “Rhythm Comments Don’t Bode Well For Martin”

  1. Guzzie Says:

    Things tend to work themselves out on the field, such as someone getting hurt in training camp or preseason, or someone separating from the pack, if that’s Doug in either circumstance, so be it

  2. Buccfan37 Says:

    Better blocking, better weapons indicate better offensive capability. Beating the defense off their game better. Better happy Bucs fans. Better believe it!

  3. theodore Says:

    If Martin is still on the team when his suspension ends, the obvious answer is Martin will tote the ball and Martin’s rhythm will be the norm soon after.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We are one injury away from needing Martin…and injuries happen to RBs easily and often.
    My suspicion is that we will keep our powder dry with Martin until week 4 and maybe beyond. A renegotiated contract with a healthy Doug Martin has value to us and to other teams via trade.
    We have a long way to go until then……you can speculate all you like, but that’s all it is. As long as he is under contract, he’s a Buc.

  5. Bama Rich Says:

    Am I the only person to think that J. Rogers was more decisive and therefore more effective running the ball?

  6. Bucsfanman Says:

    There’s also no evidence that says he cannot thrive in a committee approach. There are so many variables to consider IF he remains with the team. I’m not sure what “rhythm” will be had with the dancing Sims and the diminutive Quizz along with the rookie and Peyton. Of the 4, one could argue that the 2 most inexperienced RBs might have some “bell-cow” in them. Other than that, it’s truly RB by committee. I don’t know how you develop any rhythm in a committee approach other than game-time.
    Martin remains the best RB on the roster until he’s no longer on the roster.

  7. Bama Rich Says:

    Am I the only person to think that J. Rogers was more decisive and therefore more effective running the ball when he was healthy?

  8. BUC55 Says:

    “Why would Koetter want Martin in the mix”? Simple answer. He is still by far the most talented running back on the team. If he stays healthy he will tote the rock the majority of the season week 4-17……and beyond. Get used to it.

  9. Cobraboy Says:

    Look no further than how Martin thrived under Koetter as OC. Martin was a monster “bellcow” spelled by a credible performance by Sims on 3rd down and to spell Martin. The Bucs O set team offensive records that year.

    “Committee” doesn’t work as well as a serious back with some “alter-rhythm” depth behind him.

    And keep in mind that with more two TE sets, the intent is to run the ball much more.

    Martin will be fine.

  10. DBS Says:

    But let’s say they are 2-1 and have not run the ball well and the Dancing Bear has done just to much dancing. Or the only thing that kept them alive was the pass. I guess you can keep trying to read between the lines like anybody else.

  11. Cobraboy Says:

    Someone tell me the difference between a good back, injured in PS, coming back to his team healthy in Week 4, and Martin coming back from suspension in Week 4.

    The only difference I can see is an injured player gets to hang with his team, and Martin can’t until after the Week 3 game.

    And Alexander was fine after serving his PED suspension. No reason to think Martin won’t either.

    This thing is getting blown out of proportion.

  12. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    “The timing, the tracks, the way the [running backs] hit the hole, some guys are more stutter-step, some guys are going to cram it, some guys are going to look and try to bounce more often. … There are a lot of variables there,” Koetter said, in part, in defense of his offensive line.

    Well I mean, Just the other day, you posted this article.


    So, If Koetter and Licht identified lack of consistency in running styles as the reason for the drop-off in run-blocking from the Oline. Wouldn’t drafting a guy who purportedly runs in a similar manner to #22 bode well for Martin.

    Food for thought.

  13. Fsuking Says:

    This is without a doubt the dumbest contribution to the exceedingly dumb Doug Martin saga on Joebucsfan.com. While the Joe’s have always been weak in the player personnel department, the tossing aside of Doug Martin sets a new, extremely low bar. Aside from JBF being the only major media outlet that doesn’t realize Doug Martin is still our starting running back, this speculation reflects a blatant disregard for the facts (which I will now clearly lay out below)
    Naive commentary, as well as disrespectful and malicious, in its attacks on Joe’s credibility. There is no disregard for the facts, and Joe has not interest in what other media outlets are spewing when it comes to forming an opinion. Martin was awful last season. That’s the No. 1 fact you overlook. That wasn’t Joe’s fault and neither was Martin’s drug issue.–Joe

  14. Fsuking Says:

    Fact 1: Is the most important by far, given the NFL’s generally forgiving nature for top flight talent. Doug Martin the most talented running back on the Bucs! It’s not even close. In fact 2nd place is a 5th round draft pick who hasent even made our team yet

  15. bucs_365 Says:

    Joe continues his campaign to drive Martin out of town.

    If he stays healthy and is playing well in camp, he’ll be around. Simple as that.

  16. IamtheOne Says:

    I think the reason Doug was hurt soo much is he was over used as the only option that was getting the job done.

  17. Eric Says:

    Only red flag we’ll actually be seeing is Doug waving the Bucs flag after he finishes starting week 4 with 110 yards!

  18. buc15 Says:

    @bucs_365 – exactly. Joe really has a personal mission against Martin but he is the best RB on the roster – PERIOD

  19. Fsuking Says:

    Fact 2 Doug Martin has the full support of everyone in our organization. From players to coaches, not one single person has even hinted at anything negative behind the scenes with Doug. I know Joe’s love to read between the lines, but you are reading between lines on a blank sheet of paper. Do you really believe that Jason Light is upstairs at Onebucplace right now, plotting to drag Doug Martin through a very public training camp with Hard Knocks cameras everywhere, only to cut him after week 3 So he can go win a Superbowl With the pats e?

  20. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Martin was a 1st round pick the ONLY 1st rounder on the team labeled at RB, and was 2nd in the league in rushing, so koetter along with the rest of the organization wants to win, PERIOD…so if its martin so be it, but there is not another RB on the roster that sticks it up in there and runs like doug does when he is at full strength… hopefully licht has not overestimated the strength of the OL and then whoever totes the rock first few games will be ok back there

  21. LakeLandBuc Says:

    There’s one sure thing, our division rivals are more set at RB than us.

  22. Nole&aBuc Says:

    The muscle hamster is trade bait unless someone goes down in training camp.

  23. Nick2 Says:

    Doug Martin is when healthy probably our best back. Hello Adrian Peterson barely beat him for the rushing title two years ago. If we trade him we get probably a lousy 4th round pic. Jasno Leight would be nuts to make such a trade I don’t care what his history is.

  24. TheArmchairAthlete Says:

    Actions speak louder than words.

    Koetter made these comments 4 months ago. Since then, we’ve seen the Combine, Pro Days, private workouts, free agency, the draft, offseason workouts, more free agency, minicamp, OTA’s – and Training Camp is right around the corner. McNichols is talented, but we never acquired an obvious player to replace Martin this offseason. We’ve watched proven Free Agent RB’s sign with other teams for pennies – and we certainly aren’t hurting for salary cap room. All signs point to him suiting up for the Bucs this season.

    Don’t you think you’ve beaten this horse to death? If we end up cutting him before Week 4, I will be the first to admit you called it from Day 1 – but how about we let this thing play out? If he keeps his nose clean, stay healthy, and plays well in camp, I think he has a roster spot in Tampa in 2017 – simply because we can afford it. I don’t think his Bucs future is seriously in doubt until it comes time to pay Mike Evans after this season.

  25. Maze Says:

    So absoulety nothing new to update on Martin but old comments. Gotcha

  26. buc15 Says:

    quote from today’s OTA – “Martin looked good in the first OTA the media was able to see back in May, but today he looked like he was on another level. Head coach Dirk Koetter has stated that he thinks Martin looks as good as he’s seen him, and that includes the year he was the second leading rusher in the NFL.”

  27. Destinjohnny Says:

    Wouldnt write this guy off….

  28. WESLEY Says:

    Everyone has good things to say about Doug, except Joe.

  29. WesternBuc Says:

    Doug must have stolen Joe’s lunch money in middle school

  30. Supersam Says:

    Nice try joe lol. Doug be starting week 4

  31. Broy34 Says:

    Justin P and the Joes get together and share the exact same opinion on different outlets. WHY make stuff up? That has never happened. There’s constant disagreement.–Joe The three of them have been riding Doug for a year and a half because he averaged 2.9 a carry. Simple. So all three have blinders on when it comes to Doug because they’re hurt he hasn’t produced unless rookie or contract year. So just like all the topics that generate 50-100 comments- and even more clicks- they are going to continue to produce. More fabrications. Doug Martin stories are not popular reads, comparitvely, at all.–Joe How everyone hasn’t caught on is incredible. Same thing as the jameis articles pre draft and the dalvin cook articles pre draft. It’s truly a good idea and if I was Joe and Justin I’d do it too. It makes money. Simple. Love the site but over the Martin articles. Considering I’d bet my left nut he’s on the team. Again, be glad you’re not in sports publishing, because you have no idea what you’re talking about.–Joe

  32. Pickgrin Says:

    Wash, rinse, REPEAT. Wash, rinse, REPEAT. Wash, rinse, REPEAT

  33. Mark Says:

    Wow. Hold old is this getting? We get it. You don’t want him on the team. Seems like other running backs were injured last year too but I’m sure he meant Doug Martin and only Doug Martin.
    Wrong personified. Joe would be happy to have Doug Martin, or anyone else, on the team if he can contribute to a Super Bowl run. This post is about 2017, not last year. –Joe

  34. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Bucs ran through 7 RBs last season. I doubt we make it theough week 3 without an injury to a Rb. We need doug.

  35. Maze Says:

    Here let me help. Today Koetter said that Doug Martin continues to do well. There we go, updated Martin info. Glad I could help

  36. Doit Bucs Says:

    Boy oh boy Joe does not want Martin. I believe Martin can still be very good for this team. If they let him go like Joe wants we will be talking about how bad that move is when he does good some where else and does great behind a great line. I can not believed Joe not trying to get OJ when he gets out of jail. OJ maybe out soon.

  37. Fsuking Says:

    It funny that

  38. dooshlarue Says:

    Joe writes what interests Joe guys and he’s been anti Hampster unless he was doing well……then he’s been NOSBOS like and been all in on him.

    I like this site and appreciate the constant updates, but dang man……

    How about more articles about Godwin, Stevie T and our other new draft picks?
    Hell, background stories…….whatever…..I know it’s slow season, but quit beating the same horse Joe.

  39. Fsuking Says:

    … Joe used the words Naive, disrespectful and malicous in response to my comments, [deleted for lies, a crime against Joe] Last season was a general rushing disaster and Doug never found that rhythm that headlines this article. Gotta defend our players over the guys who speculate about then. The guy is the best running back we have had since Warrick Dunn. Have some dang respect! Yawn. Joe has loads of respect, and respect for the reality of Doug Martin’s bad season on several levels. That doesn’t detract from his accomplishments, but they are ancient history in many ways.–Joe

  40. Broy34 Says:

    You’re a writer that shares the same opinion as your hired radio show talking head. Now u tell me I don’t know anything about sports and act likeeyou’re an analyst when u guys were in love with Manziel and the idea of cook round 1. Gimme a break. Don’t anger decade long reader. And like hits on articlestdon’t matter lmao cmon

  41. Broy34 Says:

    And interesting that Laruedsaid the same thing

  42. Dave Says:

    Looking forward to dissing the Joes when Martin succeeds.
    They have the worst case of tunnel vision.

  43. redblud Says:

    We know, we know, you don’t think Martin will or should be back next year. We know, we know. And once again, nothing here signals that Martin won’t be back next year. Despite literally every one saying Martin will be back, you keep beating this damn drum. SMH But the reality is, come game 4, Martin be in Pewter and Red and probably starting. Get over it. I’m starting to think you are a lunatic.
    Great example of a respectful comment that disagrees with Joe. And BTW, “everyone” is not saying Martin returns.–Joe

  44. Lamarcus Says:


    I don’t get why ppl are so sensative to Doug martin. No one here has control of his destiny. He is a football player and I have nothing but empathy. They come and go like McDonald workers, respectively. So, no, I don’t have a God love nor a bias opinion players. However, Martin is still one the best players on the rosters when his head is straight. Tampa is working towards getting his head together. Other teams just don’t cut their players for failing drug test or inefficient play. I see that. Why the hell verner stay so long? Why Josh Gordon and martel Bryant on their teams still?? If tampa didn’t want him they should’ve cut him already Madden stule unprofessional for all they cared.

  45. Lamarcus Says:

    Other wise ur a insider so part of me is already breaking away from Martin. Martin ineffective play was concerning. But more concerning for licht and koetter for signing him. I want them both to stay forever and this doesn’t look good for them if cutting any player after a year of paying him. Worst they didn’t even draft him but to sign him on mega money? Martin is love in my family and to see him go ruins alot. And bad for optics. Bad for resumes. Bad for bucs. Bad for rep. Bad for morale. Bad example setting for a young team. Bad for business.

    You cut him next year tho. Just not this year. Even inactive his azz for the year.

  46. Lamarcus Says:

    And thank you Joe or Joes for everything you do for Bucs fans. Everything. If you can check I probably come here 20 times a day. The best website around. I go to those there sites and their are cookie cutting articles. Every thing is promising actives. Here on this site, it’s just fun.

    So thank you for everything u do for us. Keeping us really entertain during these times. Like everyday. This site is compared to Bucs Heaven for real

  47. Howard Cosell Says:

    Are the Bucs disappointed with Martin? Of course they are.
    Were they mad at Doug? I think everyone was.

    However the fact is that he’s still a top shelf RB in the league and probably the best Rb on the Bucs roster. Getting rid of him would be foolish especially since the Bucs are not on the hook for much money.
    Add to that the fact that Martin works best during “prove it” years.

    Not only will he start in game 4 but he’ll go on to have a great season.
    Instruct the scribes to write it thusly upon scrolls of gold.

  48. Mike Johnson Says:

    Martin will be here and still go over 1,000 yrds in 13 games. Then the naysayers will come back on board. Guy made one mistake. How many have you all made?