“Good Ain’t Good Enough”

May 24th, 2017

Joe got a stone-faced answer from Jameis Winston yesterday

America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, sent a stern, stone-faced message to anyone and everyone listening yesterday.

Joe asked Jameis about being voted by his peers to the Top 100 Players in the NFL for 2017, as rolled out by NFL Network on Monday. Jameis checked in at No. 57, his first time on the list.

How did you feel about the honor, Jameis? Did you vote for yourself?

Jameis didn’t crack a hint of a smile or show the slightest sign of contentment.

“I didn’t vote for myself but I was very honored,” Jameis said. “I was honored, but like I say, good ain’t good enough. You know, hopefully one day I can be higher than that. But it’s good for this team. It’s good to see that we got some high-caliber guys. I know Gerald [McCoy] should have been higher. I mean the guy’s, he’s the best defensive tackle in the league; I’m anxious to see who is going to be in front of him. I’m just trying to get better every year.”

No. 3 finally cracked a smile saying, “I know my dad was happy” with the honor.

Good ain’t good enough.” Another gem of a take from Jameis. That sort of sums up 2016, and there will be mass disappointment from Lakeland to Clearwater Beach if fans are feeling that again after Week 17 of this season.

70 Responses to ““Good Ain’t Good Enough””

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    Jameis wants to be great?

    That’s news to me…

  2. tmaxcon Says:

    The reason gmc is not higher is simple because gmc accepts good as being good enough unlike Jameis. Glad to see Jameis trying to motivate the weakest link on defense the soft mentally weak career loser loser cancer93

    The new bucs have drive and a desire to be great that has been missing around here for a decade.

  3. Bucsfanman Says:

    Keep raising the bar Jameis.

    @tmax- Apparently, Jameis does not agree with your assessment of GMC. I think I’ll lean on the words of our franchise QB and his peers.

  4. rayjay1122 Says:

    I am not sure where he will be rated but I think our highest ranked player will be ME13. DeSean Jackson may be somewhere up there too but since he was not a Bucs last season, his ranking does not mean the same IMO.

  5. Eric Says:

    Did anybody see the candid convo jameis was having on the sideline with another teammate where he was discussing getting injured? He was like, “na man i’ll never care about that. This is football. As soon as I start caring about getting hurt then what am I doing here?” something along those lines.

    Dude is tough as hell and is not worried at all about the liabilities in the sport. Great to see.

  6. Kobe Faker Says:

    Kobe is from Lakeland

    Whats wrong with Lakeland?

    “There are Trailer Parks all over Florida. Why pick on Lakeland Trailer Parks?”

    Kobe Faker

  7. Xandtar Says:

    Winston says GMC is the best defensive tackle in the league…

    Puffing up a teammate, personal experience with most of the others in the league?

    He’s clearly not paying attention to a few of our more, er, lively posters who beg to differ on that point.

  8. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Kobe..I’m from Lakeland. The “Black Bottom” , I love it there, no place like it. How many great players do we have ? GMC is our best player..so if you call out GMC for being mediocre. What that’s says about the other players on the team?

  9. tmaxcon Says:

    gmc is not the bucs best player by a long shot that honor is shared by me13 and 3 right now. this is coming from the same losers that thought dungy’s pathetic run and 2 playoff wins were called glory years so pardon me if i have higher standards and actually have a concept of what the word great means.

  10. Bucsfanman Says:

    I have to agree that Evans is the best player on the team. Heck, he’s easily top 10 if not top 5 WRs in the league. Jameis is getting there. He’s still a work-in-progress but I think he’ll be a top-tier guy in the near future. With the weapons they brought in, his stock should rise considerably.

  11. tmaxcon Says:


    Jameis will be the most important Buc of all time in 2 years. No disrespect to mr selmon and shortly there after he will pass sapp as the greatest on field buc of all time. write it down sir… grant it the bar is pretty low in tampa town for greatness given the team has NEVER EVER contended consistently Jameis will change that. got to get the holdover losers out of the locker room ASAP greatness is around the corner just a few turds left to drop off.

  12. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “thought dungy’s pathetic run and 2 playoff wins were called glory years”

    The “glory years” for me were from 97-02 when we were pretty much in the playoffs every year and averaged 10 wins a year over that span.

    Not sure how you can call Dungy’s era “pathetic” if you look at this franchise’ history.

    From 1976 to 96 we had 9 or more wins twice. That’s 2 9+ win seasons in 20 f*cking years. Tony Dungy averaged 9 wins per year over his 6 year coaching span. Still happy we got Gruden regardless and wanted Dungy gone at the time ( i really just hated his lack of any fire ); but to say the Dungy era was “pathetic” is crazy to me…

  13. Bucsfanman Says:

    The needle points upward for sure. I’d like to think, and hope, that he’ll raise everyone’s game. The “holdovers” will have no choice. I’m optimistic.

  14. tmaxcon Says:

    and I really hope jameis is not scheduled for a drug test anytime soon. everyone must be concerned after hearing 3 drop that nonsense that gmc best dt. hell he’s barley the best dt on a bad dline. i’ll give him top 10 maybe 12 but best no way he is even in discussion for best. maybe aarron donald needs a best fluffer gmc might be on that list but not for football… i do respect the fact that jamesis recognizes his mentally weak counterpart on defense needs propping up after that pathetic defeatist press conference he delivered.

  15. carrythatmofostick Says:

    i agree with tmaxcon jameis will be the best damn player in our teams history, and before he is done he will be one of the best in the leauge, so damn happy we got this young man, and licht, and koetter, these next ten years or so are going to be a magical time to be a buccaneer fan, lets rock, go bucs!!!!!

  16. tmaxcon Says:

    Dungy choked in the playoffs… he had a great defense on a BAD team. he was simply an overrated one dimensional defensive coach who could not field a complete team. we made the playoffs but stood no chance under dungy. great defense bad teams. what the patriots, cowboys and steellers have done is glory years. whyce handed dungy a defense with hall of famers and he could not put the rest together. McKay with a true expansion team won more division titles than dungy

  17. tmaxcon Says:

    regular season wins are MEANINGLESS if you choke in the playoffs.

  18. Bucsfanman Says:

    Hey, I’m going to roll with Mr. Jameis on this one. Best? Debatable. Top 10? The stats say so. This will be a telling year for a few guys on this team. I’m hoping for breakout years from a few of them. I don’t care about the stats, just be a difference-maker.
    It should be “playoffs or bust”!!!
    No pressure!!! 🙂

  19. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “tmaxcon Says:
    May 24th, 2017 at 11:23 am
    Dungy choked in the playoffs… he had a great defense on a BAD team. he was simply an overrated one dimensional defensive coach who could not field a complete team. we made the playoffs but stood no chance under dungy. great defense bad teams. what the patriots, cowboys and steellers have done is glory years. whyce handed dungy a defense with hall of famers and he could not put the rest together. McKay with a true expansion team won more division titles than dungy”

    Ok man. Just pointing out we’ve had a sh1t franchise for most its existence and that relative to OUR franchise; those were the closest thing to glory years we ever had…

    Of course all fans want a f*cking sophistical NFL dynasty lol. The fans you are sh1t talking want the same thing as you..

  20. Lord Cornelius Says:

    i have no idea why the word “sophistical” dropped in there – just ignore that

  21. RayJameisStadium Says:

    2016 brought excitement. The off season brought:


    We are beyond a good team!

    Go Bucs!!!

  22. LakeLandBuc Says:

    We should rename this site: JokeBucsFan.Com. LOL

  23. tmaxcon Says:


    i actually kind of like the word – it flows. just needs a colorful meaning

  24. Bucsfanman Says:

    Hey LC, I thought you had just made up a word!!!

  25. johnnybuc Says:

    the disappointment is gonna be felt much much farther than lakeland to clw beach if they take a step back…

  26. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Choke in the Playoffs? I guess we haven’t choked in the PLAYOFFS for the past 10 seasons. …because we haven’t sniffed the PLAYOFFS in the past 10 seasons.

  27. tmaxcon Says:


    if dungy was not a choke artist in playoffs how else do you explain his career losing playoff record and the fact he cost both the colts and bucs superbowls. hall of fame lost all credibility when that one dimensional hypocrite was enshrined.

  28. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “tmaxcon Says:
    May 24th, 2017 at 11:25 am
    regular season wins are MEANINGLESS if you choke in the playoffs.”

    Cool. Every single game (including playoffs) is MEANINGLESS if it isn’t a SB win I guess lol.

    Fans surely don’t enjoy winning in the regular season and would rather go 0-16 than face the misery of a winning season and potential early playoff exit. lol.

  29. tmaxcon Says:

    when they change the goal of the nfl season to something other than superbowl than I’ll find those games relevant. never settle sir… you either WIN or you LOSE simple as that.

  30. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I do like sophistical as a word lol.

    And tmax even though I’m kind of argue-ing with you I do agree on Dungy and playoff chokes. I was in like 9th grade when we fired him and was happy about it. I seriously thought he was some robot or cyborg with how little emotion he showed which was also annoying to me. I prefer guys that say things like “speak softly and carry a big motherf*cking stick!!”

  31. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    TMax Fameis was eyeballing you when he spoke up about GMC93!😂

  32. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Explain Tony Dungy 85-27 record and Super Bowl win with the Colts.

  33. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    So let me get this straight: GMC is a top 50 player as voted by his peers. He’s a perennial pro bowl player and all pro. His teammates praise him for his play, as well as his work ethic. His coaches do the same. Opposing players and coaches do the same. He is without a doubt one of, if not the, most respected player in the NFL at his position. But some anonymous poster named after a maxi pad thinks differently, so we are actually supposed to take your opinion over all the experts? LMAO. Face it, you’re a nobody. Your opinion is worthless. All you do is repeat yourself over and over again. What kind of person spends so much time of his life bashing a player on his own team? And even more funny is nothing is going to change. They aren’t getting rid of McCoy. He’s having a great career, making tons of money, and doing great things in the community. You are doing nothin. You aren’t changing anyone’s minds. You are completely wasting your time, and making yourself look more and more worthless with each worthless post. But why don’t you tell me again how he doesn’t care about football, and how he hasn’t won a playoff game for us. That never gets old.

  34. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “LakeLandBuc Says:
    May 24th, 2017 at 11:57 am
    Explain Tony Dungy 85-27 record and Super Bowl win with the Colts.”

    Peyton Manning.

    85-27 is like a 12 win average.

    Ignoring his 3-13 rookie learning curve season; Manning has averaged 12 wins a year in his career.

    He’s done that on various teams with various coaches. Any GM/coach who can tie their name to manning will have a good looking resume over that span.

  35. tmaxcon Says:


    enjoy your clients last season in buc land. he no longer fits the criteria of a buccaneer man.

    Win at all costs – Licht
    Badass Team – Koetter
    Players that hate to lose – Jameis
    Hostile – Ayeres
    Bigger Tackles
    More 3-4

    good player but does not fit a single attribute as stated by team leaders and decision makers. Now if that list had attributes like injury prone, penalty machine, worn down easy, disappearing acts etc.. you boy would fit right in… it’s time to raise the bar and trade the old for the new.

  36. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Thanks maxi pad. You’ve got it all figured out.

  37. tmaxcon Says:


    When it mattered most dungy choked. dungy was either too stubborn or ignorant to grasp all three phases of the game. I’ll go with stubborn but he’s proven over the years with some of his stupid statements that he does not lack ignorance either. the hall of fame has zero credibility with him in it simple as that. putting dungy in the pro football hall of fame would be equal to the bucs putting Ray Perkins and Lovie in the ring of honor before Chucky.

  38. tmaxcon Says:


    i would expect a little more creativity from you but I guess it’s very taxing spouting off the same meaningless crap to defend your choirboy failure at dt…. pro-bowls, good in community yadda yadda yadda, the same meaningless rhetoric you spout constantly has never won a single game on sunday and is worthless unless you win.

  39. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @maxi pad,

    You must have missed out on the fact that Dungy actually won a Super Bowl. But let me guess, he had nothing to do with it, right? Because Payton won so many championships for so many coaches, right?

    Dungy defninitely had his flaws, and I wouldn’t put him over Gruden in any poll, but he did a lot for this franchise. Perhaps you’ve forgotten, but I haven’t. Yes we were terrible on defense and he deserves most of the criticism for that, but we were incredible on defense and in the playoffs nearly every year. He made the Buccaneers relevant. I would guess the majority of people on this website became Buc fans during the Dungy era. That means something. He made us proud to be a fan of this team, and gave us national respect. The change to Gruden was the right one, but that doesn’t mean Dungy was a bad coach as you suggest. Then again, your evaluation of bad and good is severely flawed.

  40. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Lord Corn…if that’s the case, then the Bucs brass ahould have brought Tony Dungy a Franchise QB to Tampa. Instead of bringing him trash every season.

  41. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @maxi pad,

    Pot, meet kettle. You spout the same crap, but your crap is worthless. I give cold hard facts – pro bowls, all pro, top 50, etc., but all you do is make stupid assumptions about his character or his will to win.

    Your logic that he’s only great if he wins is hilarious. Was Calvin Johnson a bad player? Barry Sanders? Gayle Sayers? Dick Butkus? Is Aaron Donald a bad player? How many Super Bowls has Geno Atkins won? How about JJ Watt? You said yourself the only thing that matters is Super Bowls, right? I guess the only good players are on the Patriots. You cannot judge how good a player is by team success, especially not at the 3 technique. You know it of course, but you are so desperate it’s all you’ve really got to hold on to.

  42. tmaxcon Says:

    the legend of dungy surpassed his actually accomplishments.

    the bucs have had 4 good seasons in 41 sorry if I can’t excited until we win a meaningful game it’s only been over 14 years since that has happened. been patient enough. dungy did more harm than good to the bucs. he cost the team at least a superbowl and wasted brooks, sapp and lynch in their prime. he gets entirely too much credit for his measly 2 playoff wins.

  43. tmaxcon Says:


    ravens won with dilfer using the same defensive first philosophy that dungy failed at.

  44. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Lord Corn…2001 Indianapolis Colts before Tony Dungy 6-10…Jim Mora Sr….* the playoffs* ….* the playoffs are you kidding me*. Jim Mora Sr was fired and in came Tony Dungy. the rest is history, give the man his props.

  45. LakeLandBuc Says:

    End of Debate, Tony Dungy is wearing his Gold Hall Of Fame Jacket, while he’s sporting ONE of his MULTIPLE SUPER BOWL RINGS.

  46. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Sorry guys, Dungy is a terrible head coach. Maxi pad said so, and he is the greatest judge of all that is good in football.

  47. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Why in the hell would the Bucs put Jon Gruden in their Rings Of Honor? After the Super Bowl team that he was blessed with, his record was 45-51 with the Bucs. Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen totally destroyed the Bucs franchise. When these Clowns were fired, we had a 38 year old starting QB, a 33 year old bum as his backup. A 38 year old WR as our deep-threat, and a 33 year old as our #2 WR. A 33 year old RB, A drunk from Washington u at TE (no not ASJ). We had one of the oldest roster in NFL History. And we should reward Jon Gruden for that? I say hell to the no.

  48. Joe Says:

    Why in the hell would the Bucs put Jon Gruden in their Rings Of Honor?

    Because he accomplished what every other Bucs coach in this franchise history couldn’t: Win a Super Bowl.


  49. Lord Cornelius Says:

    lol Lakeland in Peyton Mannings 18 year career – that is the ONLY season besides his rookie year in which he had a losing record.. It also was his worst statistical year other than his rookie year (23 interceptions to 26 TDs)…

    This all started with me saying it’s ok to reference the Dungy era (although I’d also include Gruden era in that) as our glory years because historically that’s the case.

    I definitely will always credit him, McKay, & Kiffin for stopping the losing and building what became an elite defense. Still think he tended to choke in playoffs (oddly so did Manning in his career). I also think many coaches would have put out great defenses if they had the talent we had along with Monte Kiffin. Just as I’d think pretty much any coach would be in the playoffs every year they had Peyton Manning.

    Even with the Broncos and 2 different coaches and a different roster he had the same or more more wins as he did with Dungy. John Fox & Gary Kubiak’s recent records suck compared to when they had Manning. It’s night and day.

  50. BigMacAttack Says:

    Everything they’ve done in the past is history and doesn’t matter. They all start with a clean slate, 0-0 record, a chance to excel and reach the summit.
    I’m not worried about it. This is our year. Go Bucs!!!

  51. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “dungy did more harm than good to the bucs”

    Comon man. Dude had a career winning record with a career sh1t hole franchise. You gotta give some props for that.

  52. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Joe…so he get in the Ring of Honor for winning a Super Bowl. Yet he costed us 2 1st round picks, two 2nd round picks. And him and his Sidekick Bruce Allen totally depleted our roster. And 10 years later, it’s still a mess. I’m glad the Glazers have Common Sense.

  53. Buc_The_World Says:


    You sound like an idiot right now. So by your logic taking a losing franchise and making them a success is pathetic. So Dungy gets no credit. Let me ask you this, if the Dungy years were so pathetic, what were the years before Dungy? I guess Buc fans were a lot happier paying their hard earned money to watch crap on the field before Dungy came because the team was pathetic under him as a coach. Let me explain something to you because your posts are “pathetic”. Dungy and pathetic shouldn’t be in the same sentence. You are either trolling or just plan stupid. First of all what that man did for this franchise was incredible, we were the joke of the NFL until he came and changed the culture. That’s a fact. Second of all he did not choke, he was loyal to a fault and stubborn, if he would have gotten a different OC things would have be different but he was to stubborn to do that. Third to prove my second point nothing changed on the defensive side of the ball when Chucky took over so what’s doe that say about you little quip about Dungy was only a defensive minded one trick pony. Last I checked the defense was the main factor in us winning the Superbowl. Our offense got better but our defense was still the driving force of the team. How many offensive players from the Superbowl year are in the hall of hame….ooops. If Dungy had a Chucky type as his OC would would have one multiple superbowls. Dungy picked the wrong OC, that in itself does not make him pathetic.

  54. LakeLandBuc Says:

    His 6 years of mediocrity overshadow his one year of excellence. You don’t reward a ONE YEAR WONDER.

  55. DB55 Says:

    Just to clarify some “cold hard facts”. GMC was #52, not top 50. He was 63 last yr.

  56. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Buc_THE_World, Tmax wasn’t a Buc fan until we won the Super Bowl with Jon Gruden. He’s a Jon Gruden Fanboy, like a lot of so-call Buc fans. He don’t remember the 14-15 consecutive losing seasons that we had to endure before Tony Dungy made us relevant. He don’t remember the days of Hugh Culverhouse and his dumb antics.

  57. The Buc Realist Says:

    I still remember, it was 4 and 2 or 1, Dungy called the punt team on the field, Head Coach Payton Manning order the punt team back to the sidelines and then converted the 1st down and scored on the drive, and later won the Game!!!!! dungy said it was a “mis-communication”??????????

    hall of fame coach my azz!!!!!!!!!! every time he wants to wear that jacket he should kiss Manning’s ring and shine his shoes!!!!!!!!!

  58. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Dungy’s career has included several notable firsts. Among them, Dungy is the first NFL head coach to defeat all 32 NFL teams.[18] He was also the youngest assistant coach at age 25[18] and the youngest coordinator at age 28[18] in NFL history.

    Dungy was the first African-American head coach to win the Super Bowl (with the Colts’ victory over the Bears in 2007). He was the third black head coach to win a pro football championship in North America, behind Darren Arbet of the San Jose Sabercats (Arena Football League) who won ArenaBowl XVI in 2002 and Pinball Clemons of the Toronto Argonauts (Canadian Football League) who won the 92nd Grey Cup in 2004.

    Dungy also became the sixth man to play in a Super Bowl and be the head coach of a Super Bowl team. He joins Dan Reeves, Sam Wyche, Mike Ditka, Forrest Gregg and Tom Flores. Ron Rivera also accomplished this feat with the Carolina Panthers in 2015. After the win in Super Bowl XLI, Dungy became the third man to win Super Bowls both as a player and a head coach, following Ditka and Flores.

  59. LakeLandBuc Says:

    It must be nice!!!

  60. DBS Says:

    Why even argue with Maxipad? When Glennon was here he had no problem stating everything was an excuse. Bad o-line. Bad defense. The receivers he had to work with and injuries to running backs. He has no problem bringing up his record and calling him a loser. Putting it all on his back. That means McCoy was on that defense and playing just fine. But now says he has been a loser ever since he has been here and a cancer. He can’t even make up his mind which player it is . But remember in the end it all falls on the QB.

  61. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Just to clarify some “cold hard facts”. GMC was #52, not top 50. He was 63 last yr.”


    And what was he 2 and 3 years ago? He was #28. Funny how you leave that out. If you average out his five years in the top 100, he would be a top 50 player. But yeah, go ahead and stick to technicalities that he was 2 spots out of the top 50 this year. It makes for a great argument.

  62. Pickgrin Says:

    Awesome – its the maxi pad shiet show up in here. Makes me want to read every word of this compelling, informative thread… eye roll

  63. Skipper Says:

    Not enough for TMax to just pick on our pro bowl defensive tackle, now he is picking on a hall of fame coach who got the culture changed here to winners from losers.

  64. Steven007 Says:

    I’ve been busy today so I thank all who have slapped down the leader of the loser posters culture, Maxi. Troll extraordinaire. Can you imagine being a fan of a team and only one game in their existence mattered? And hating one of their best players? Silly, silly man. There’s a difference between being critical and being a complete idiot. Maxi crosses that line over into idiocy every day with his non sequitars about GMC. And he would never, ever, in a million years have the courage to say this to any Buccaneer, much less GMC. Keyboard bully. Looks like he went hiding for the day. He usually does when he’s been b!tch slapped.

  65. Bob in valrico Says:

    cure for Tmax:

    The little software box that says:
    SORRY but it looks like you already
    said that more than once.

  66. JimmyJack Says:

    Yeah it’s funny the dreamer tmax doesn’t even seem to realize he is all alone in the closet with his opinion about McCoy. Not that this article has anything to do with McCoy any ways. And it’s funny that he acts like he is the only one who wants the team to be successful…….but he is a dreamer so his reality is distorted.

    Sorry dreamer we actually do want this team to win. We just aren’t as niave as you and thought that drafting McCoy was the single answer. We also don’t believe,like you, that getting rid of McCoy will do us any good.

    You see tmax, most fans are not close minded and realize there are over 52 other players on the team. And we also know that there are coachs for every position. There a head coach, assistants, coordinators. Oh and there’s also a GM who has a management team and a scouting Dept.

    You can make our entire family base look dumb by posting these assine comments all you want but please forgive us if we don’t blame an entire decade and a half of losing garbage football on one single player. Your dream about McCoy turning around a desperate franchise into a perrinal powerhouse is yours and yours alone

  67. JimmyJack Says:

    Tmax your dead wrong about Dungy too. He will go down as a great HC because of the defense he perfected here. His defense changed the league buddy. Now, me personally, I may call him a great innovator rather then great HC. But you better get used to hearing him referred to as a great HC since he was great and also a HC.

    And you can give Manning all the credit you want child. Anybody that knows a lick could easily see how Dungy defense worked wonders in Indy and was exactly what was needed to put them over the top. Sure, he doesn’t win it without Manning but Manning doesn’t win it without Dungy defense.

    Now go cry butthurt to your mommy about Dungy not winning a SB in Tampa and the rest of the world can talk about how great he was

  68. Rod Munch Says:

    Hey Joe, I’ve been saying non-stop that the reason the running game failed last year was because Dirk was so incredibly predictable that the other teams were loading up the box – to which Dirk would respond by running directly into the middle of it. I should have added what Pete said as well, it’s because no WR’s on the team could get separation and could be covered 1-on-1 with little fear, well other than Evans who was covered nearly the entire season 2-on-1 and most of the time wasn’t open but was still making amazing catches. Also I’ll add that while Dirk would spend the entire first half of every game running up the middle on every first down – when he wanted to throw the ball later in the game he wouldn’t even use the fact he ran up the gut on every first down play to setup playaction passes, nope he’d go to shotgun on first down completely removing any benefit gained by running up the gut the entire game. Dirk had a great 2015, mixing it up, seeing the field well – but in 2016 Dirk was terrible. You don’t forget how to coach in a year and I think there are legit reasons why Dirk went ultra conservative, much of it was injuries and just not having the players to do much, but I also strongly believe Dirk was overwhelmed as headcoach and didn’t see the field well from the sideline. I hope Dirk has someone upstairs that he’ll listen to that will tell him in real time when he’s getting predictable when it comes to playcalling. If the Bucs want to hire me to do it I’ll work them into my schedule for mid-6 figures, which is a pretty good hometown discount. Give me a call.

  69. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Rod Munch that’s exactly what I said.

  70. Capt.Tim Says:

    Tmaxipad, sitting there in his lil apartment, wearing his McDonalds fry chef outfit.
    Trying to act like he knows more than the 1,696 pro NFL players- who all voted McCoy as the 53 best player in the league!!

    Poor Tmaxipad! You just lookin STOOPID now!!