GMC’s Message To Haters

April 24th, 2017

Some fans will be upset.

Gerald McCoy hears you, you drooling jackals.

He sees the words you type on the interwebs. He hears your words on sports radio. And for the vocal sect of Bucs fans who can’t wait to run GMC out of town and believe he is the second coming of Stylez White, GMC has words for this angry mob.

Later today, a few Bucs are schedule to speak with the local pen and mic club at One Buc Palace. Last week, GMC spoke, and when discussing how he can become great, he mentioned the haters and had unwelcome news for them.

“It’s not what you guys write about me,” GMC said to the assembled reporters. “It’s not what the fans say. The fans have been trying to get me traded since I got to Tampa. I read everything. I read what y’all write; I read what [the fans] say. It doesn’t matter. I’m here. Sorry if you don’t want me to be here. You are stuck with me because I’m going to be here.”

It is sad that a good player like GMC is reviled by a fanbase. At Super Bowl media week and at the combine, Joe often asks NFL types from around the country why so many Bucs fans despise GMC so, thinking Joe has missed something.

When Joe asks folks this, they stare at Joe as if he fell out of a tree. “Bucs fans hate Gerald McCoy?” they respond in surprise, “Why?”

It’s a good question. It’s not like GMC left his teammates twisting in the wind in a playoff drive by using the wrong PED (allegedly).

123 Responses to “GMC’s Message To Haters”

  1. Larry Says:

    Lot of dumbasses pretending to be Bucs fans!

  2. Lunchbox Says:

    Not all of us think that way. I feel like a lot of Bucs fans were upset when he didn’t turn into the second coming of Warren Sapp, or maybe some are upset because they think we should’ve gotten Suh instead of Detroit. Can’t please all the people all the time. Note to Gerald: the ones that don’t support you being here? Screw ’em.

  3. tdtb2015 Says:

    Draft DeSaun Walker DE/DT future replacement of GMC!!!!!

  4. Dooshlarue Says:

    What a sad, sad story.
    Again this year, like last year and the year before and oh yeah….. the year before.

    But I’m sure Ol’Softy93 really means it this year……until he gets his annual boo boos…..

  5. d-roca Says:

    These are the same tards who dump their girlfriends, then spend the next 10 years trying to win them back. Plus they dont know a whole lot about defensive line play. I hear ya big 93, you better not go anywhere. You can lead the next parade. Go bucs

  6. Not there yet Says:

    Sorry GMC I think it was you wanting to be so much like Sapp then attaching yourself to him picking his brain talking about mentor and idol and all that nonsense. That’s probably what you’re being compared to because lavonte is good not great unlike Brooks but6no one hassles him about it. Sorry your good just not great and there’s nothing wrong with that. No9haters they just compare you to a standard you can’t obtain

  7. Kalind Says:

    Agreed Joe. Those are crap fans. CRAP. Does he not play hard? Does he not perform? Does he not play injured?? 5x pro bowls.

    The guy is a beast. There’s only MAYBE 2 better players at his positio in the league.

    Crap fans. If you’re reading this, keep it up Gerald. I got your back bro

  8. Change is here Says:

    The reason I don’t comment on here.

    You people are all idiots that do not know anything about football. Anyone who believes McCoy is the problem really should go watch soccer.

    He is respected by everyone in the league yet these arm chair quarterbacks believe they are smarter and know more than the professionals around the league.

    Complete idiots.

  9. Steven007 Says:

    d-roca, you just described several well known posters here. And Not there is also correct.

  10. Tampa Tony Says:

    It’s the ghost of Sapp fans had the gold standard for years then get someone who is the complete opposite of the legend you get the pushback. It’s not fair but that’s life

  11. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Put up or…

  12. Q Says:

    Mccoy is average…it does not matter what you mccoy lovers think…end of the day….he is average….hes not a game changer…he gets his play of the game and calls it quit the rest of the game…you dont even notice when hes out with an injury…i dont disagree with his pay because im happy for any player who gets paid in the NFL…but mccoy is not the real mccoy…hes a average player in the NFL…he mistakens pass for run and run for pass…and when he gets pressure (which i give him credit for the least) the runner runs past him…end of story…ill let the mccoy lovers beech and moan on that one…enjoy your day

  13. Pat Says:

    Those three NFL types that McCoy talked to would have told you straight up the truth about him just like they told him. Why not take McCoy himself at face value and trust that what those three people told him is the actual truth? At this point Joe’s your ongoing argument about McCoy is no longer with the fans – it is with McCoy himself as well as with those who told him the same thing many Bucs fans have seen all along from McCoy. Fans of the Bucs know exactly what a bad ass Defensive player looks like and plays like- especially at crunch time. Unfortunately for McCoy, he came to the Bucs right after several Hall of Fame players had shown Bucs fans exactly what those NFL types told McCoy he needed to do in order to be truly special and help his team get to the playoffs and win.

  14. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    McCoy just needs more talent on the defensive line to shine. I love the guy.

    That said, he is getting up there in years, so if say, the Jags offered their first round pick for him (4th overall), I would take it. San Fran of going to go QB. That could land us Solomon Thomas before the Titans take him at 5.

  15. BurgDweller Says:

    McCoy is average and maybe, and barely, a couple of years during his 7 year career he actually did deserve to go to the pro bowl. But lets face it, dude has never had a 10 year sack season. I would like to see this at least once before his knees give out which isn’t that far off. There are many games where you don’t even know if he is playing or not. Is that a pro bowler? Never seen such an average player get so much recognition in my entire football watching life.

  16. Kevinthepainterimagine Says:

    Idiots!!!!!! You gotta be a special stupid to want him gone….I say we deport them all

  17. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Here’s a question for you haters…aside from Sapp, who has played better at his position in Bucs history?

  18. gotbbucs Says:

    Some of you see what you see, and I see what I see. He’s touted as a “super star” and paid as a one as well, but he doesn’t make the super star plays. Chris Baker will have more of an impact at a fraction of the cost.

  19. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I just love how the haters ignore the rest of the defensive line, or the rest of the defense for that matter.

    ‘But McCoy gets paid more!’

    Yeah, and it isn’t your money and it doesn’t affect your pocket. How about calling out the defensive ends your liked for years that never did anything good? Or David for showing promise a couple years and then busting? (yes, I said bust…because he’s had two bad years in a row…its up to him to prove otherwise now). How about the DT next to him, who has done nothing?

    McCoy has had no one around him, even though the Bucs said they were going to build around him when they drafted him.

    Noah Spence shows promise, but if you think one DE will do it, forget that. We need an NT AND another DE. And we need an OLB or two. And a Safety.

    The Bucs defense is not good enough. Last year, they over produced beyond their norm. You MUST add more pieces.

    More weapons for Jameis? How about a defense that can stop the enemy when he throws picks…which he does a lot of?

  20. Mikadeemas Says:

    It’s just plain wrong to say or write “fans”. It’s “some fans”! C’mon! GO BUCS!!

  21. Dooshlarue Says:

    David Logan comes to mind.

  22. Buc 4ever Says:

    As Q just said McCoy is average. Maybe it was wrong for the team to anoint him as our leader because he does not have the qualities. He is not a top five defensive tackle but he could be a piece of the puzzle to our defense. He dissappear too many times in big games. Against Dallas he made the statement that he wanted to see how he stacked up against a good line….Well he was single blocked the majority of the game and was pushed around like a Tonka truck. Just be YOU Gerald and don’t try to live up to Sapp, Suh, Donald, Atkins, or Short. The one thing they have in common are they are BEASTS! They don’t help people up or ask Mr Brady to slow down when he is running the hurry-up offense on them. Get Mad Gerald. We want a 300 pound beast not a church usher.

  23. BucTrooper Says:

    The guy admits that he disappears in the fourth quarter and he needs to be a better leader and he wonders why the fans are critical of him? This could be the least self aware player in NFL history.

  24. Miko Says:

    I guess I’m a hater…don’t like his smiling touchy feely ways after a loss…seems to be OK with losing….Needs to be more nasty and not so polite to opposing teams…I know Lee Roy was supposedly too nice too, but McCoy aint no Lee Roy Selmon that’s for sure…

  25. Voice of reason Says:

    Joe, lots of great stuff on this site and I consume and appreciate almost all of it. But, I think you might be stirring the pot on stuff like gmc hate just for clicks and that’s sad. You don’t need to do that. There is plenty of real news and great insight.
    It’s a nice sentiment, but Joe doesn’t ignore anything Bucs-related that Joe finds interesting. McCoy, a smart guy, brought this to light from the One Buc Palace podium. Not only does he want it out there, it is also interesting. Lastly, there is no doubt in Joe’s mind that this story will be among the the least read today at The vast majority of readers and observers have no clue what is really consumed here.–Joe

  26. OrlBuc Says:

    Simple he is not an ass like Sapp lol…crazy thing is they complained about Sapp because he wasn’t nice to fans and they hate GMC because he is too nice. Like GMC said as long as his teammates and coaches have his back then the fans don’t matter.

  27. Mort Says:

    GMC, we don’t all hate you. Ball out this year like always.

  28. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    @Bonzai says: Or David for showing promise a couple years and then busting? (yes, I said bust…because he’s had two bad years in a row…its up to him to prove otherwise now).
    Ah yes…I was roasted on here last year for suggesting we trade #93 n #54.
    I have since changed my stance on GMC. It is a travesty they haven’t addressed the line as they should’ve with draft picks… Far as David, DAMN lost all respect when he mentally checked out FIRST PLAY 2 years​ ago to START THE SEASON!!!!. There both good players but as a fan we want great. That’s life
    If ya ain’t first, ya last -Ricky Bobby
    There was a losing culture BUT NO MORE
    A new era has begun

  29. Buc 4ever Says:

    Ball out! Haha. Show up and don’t go out with a mysterious injury.

  30. Jim Says:

    Tampa does not like GMC because we were spoiled by #99.

  31. Chris Says:

    TMax, 55? Figured you guys would have had a few comments by now. He’s paid like a gamr changer and he is not. Boo Hoo, the fans have wanted me traded….yadda yadda yadda. Stop running your piehole and carry this defense. Oh that’s right, even his apologists admit he needs help to be dominant… could put the Steel Curtain around this guy and there will still be excuses on why he has o fer games.

  32. Dooshlarue Says:

    But, but, buy all the other experts say he’s great. People love him.
    3 technique and goes to Pro Bowls all the time.

    But those of us who WATCH this team know the heart and fire aren’t there and sadly never will be.

    Am I the only one that suspects him stating that his knees hurt wasn’t a preemptive move to keep him off the trading block?

    We’re building a winning football team and GMC, nice guy and all that, you don’t fit the new winning culture.
    In fact you are a total detriment to our new culture.

    Please take your smile and your helping hand elsewhere , hell I’ll throw you an ice cream party……soft serve of course.

  33. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Exactly when were we on a playoff run? Doug or no Doug the playoffs were not going to happen…I don’t care what round get MIXON…find a way to put pressure on the opposing QB…then maybe we can talk PLAYOFFS!

  34. DPewter Says:

    Who hates GMC? He is like Sapp except isn’t a dickhead. I personally liked Sapp but he was a dick to a lot of ppl.

    GMC is one of the best DTs in the game. Apparently his biggest problem is he can’t make plays in the fourth. Well it’s kind of hard when the opposing team knows your the best defensive player on the field and scheme around you plus double team you.

    Sapp had Rice, get GMC a Rice and see what he can do in the fourth.

  35. A-Train Says:

    Why is every player on this team fair game to criticize BUT GMC…

    If a fan makes a statement they done like something they are a hater. REALLY

    JOE you have called out most players on this team to include Winston BUT not GMC..

    GMC is a GOOD player maybe Great at his position. BUT some fans were looking for the leader, GMC was the face of the franchise for a time..GMC did not rally the troops.

    You can say what you want but this guy has not been prefect or even completely done his job WHICH is to LEAD also.

    HECK NFL players called him out HEY JOE DID YOU TALK TO THEM?????

  36. Yungry Says:

    Most overrated player on the roster! This guy is softer than a pillow

  37. BuccoDav Says:

    “Stop running your piehole and carry this defense. Oh that’s right, even his apologists admit he needs help to be dominant…..”

    Chris, are you wanting “Weapons for Winston”? If so, how can you be so hypocritical demanding GMC “carry this defense” by himself but “The Savior” needs all pros at every position on offense?
    GMC may not ever be a great leader but he is a top 5 DT in the league and we would be foolish to give away talent like that. Give him some help, Give Winston some help and then we will have a dominant team.

  38. Eric Says:

    Our fan base is pathetic. I can’t believe some of the responses I saw on here. McCoy is not one of my top 10 favorite players on here but he is definitely one of the best players in the league. I don’t know how many times people have to say it but I will again, if you don’t agree that McCoy is one of the best, YOU ARE A DUMB***!!! seriously, you don’t know jack about football.

    And for the idiot above that said david isn’t good either and had two bad seasons, well he struggled adjusting to a new scheme but has yet again had a productive season. Kwon is taking tackles but LVD is still a baller, and you’re a dumb***. Seriously man, you guys don’t know jack about football and it’s about time some of you get a job or at least educate yourself about what you’re commenting on.

  39. Chris Says:

    D pewter, he knocked out Rice and Young on the same play before there was Simeon. He had 16 sacks in a year before Rice. He is not even close to a Sapp, stop with your nonsense.

  40. Gencoimports Says:

    I would like to see a poll breaking down the GMC hater percentage. Are they just a vocal minority? I would not be among them.

  41. USMC-Buc Says:

    Where, I don’t ever read GMC hate? Where is that written? all the decent local writers love the guy, the rave about his play and like this artical always come to his defense for the make believe Hate.

    This is literally Fake News.

  42. Tampa Tony Says:

    At the end is Joe taking a shot at Kwon or Doug? Both are guilty of that.

  43. old man says Says:

    GMC should stop reading all and everything the fans say. As a fan of the Bucs and a 50 year fan of professional football GMC is a dominate DT. We are very fortunate to have him. He is part of a team. His body is what it is and no one, even GMC can change that. It it breaks down-it breaks down. He still tries very hard to be productive when in pain. He is an excellent human being, he is a very good DT and he is showing wear and tear. Jason will address the need if necessary. GMC if you read this, stop reading what anyone thinks of you except you, your coaches, your team mates and your family. No one else matters at all.

  44. Chris Says:

    There is only several very good , excellent DTs in the NFL today. Top 5? Hows the defense when hes not on the field? The same because he ansolutely does not take over games. He is average to good. Not incredible, not dominant, decent. He even admits it. Jpe likes him, cause he’s personable, always ready to talk.A writers dream player. He’s the lovable ice cream man, and not a bad guy, it’s why some of you aren’t objective . I’ve been critical of Janeis too, but he’s 100% a leader and hates to lose, unlike your poster boy of medocrity that has dwelt here the past 7 years.

  45. Eric Says:


    The dude has led the league in sacks for a DT in the last 5 years but he’s mediocre.

    You’re a dumb***.

  46. Not there yet Says:

    Well considering that sad depressing press conference McCoy did last week even his pro bowl comrades and friends agreed he wasn’t doing enough for his team sooooo they were right but we’re haters?

  47. tdtb2015 Says:

    I ment Demarcus:

    Future replacement of GMC.

  48. DallasBuc Says:

    So if you the average Joe fan of the Bucs are disappointed with a marquee player that shows flashes of greatness (typically in the middle of the second quarter not so much the fourth quarter) but often is inconsistent when it comes to showing up for his team you are dismissed as “drooling jackals” and “haters”.
    However if you are JoeBucsFan and are similarly disappointed with a different marquee player that shows flashes of greatness (multiple pro bowls and led NFL in rushing just behind HOFer AP) but often is inconsistent when it comes to showing up for his team then you are simply a discerning and sophisticated fan that is expressing just criticism.
    No hypocritical agenda being peddled over here!

  49. Eric Says:

    Lol there is a middle to this debate.

    McCoy is not consistent and he does disappear at times but he is most definitely, 100%, absolutely, no doubt, positively better than average.

    He is better than Suh and Short. He is a top 5 DT. He has not had enough help and it’s unfortunate because he could have been by far the best DT in the league his entire career.

    I genuinely think 2017 will be his best season yet and these threads will have a lot less negativity.

  50. Buc1987 Says:

    GMC gets it and understands why.

    So what’s the problem again?

    Sapp’s my favorite Buc of all time. That’s right I said it.

    To me there will NEVER be another Sapp. To me he’s the best DT EVER!

    Love the guy, mouth and all. I would NEVER compare any DT to my boy. I’ve always understood that McCoy will never be Sapp. I really think the problem lies with all the exposure that he’s gotten over the years as pretty much the best player on a crappy team. Fans expect more, cause afterall GMC does talk a lot during the week and has been for years.

    To me Sapp talked the talk and walked the walk. GMC not so much. NO I don’t expect GMC not to talk. It’s the words he uses during the week that usually don’t transpire on the field come gameday.

    Talk the talk : speak fluently or convincingly about something or in a way intended to please or impress others.

  51. Buc1987 Says:

    DallasBuc..good points.

    Joe can you answer him please?

  52. Vico Says:

    GMC has kept up the spirits of this team throughout the disgraceful coaches hired by the front office since they fired Chucky. Any other team would have drafted him in our spot that year, but then he was drafted by a bad team, with a bad coach and a dreadful GM. Still he’s been the one factor that the rest of the league really respected until we drafted David, Evans and Winston. He is the proudest buccaneer in that roster. Deserves much more respect than what he actually gets from fans.

  53. Lamarcus Says:

    Joe. It wasn’t just fans bashing him. Did not gmc say ” nfl ppl” approach him at the pro bowl and told him he needed to step it up? And if your a ” top tier dt ” why its even a debate?

  54. Capt.Tim Says:

    Its stupidity.
    Caused by arrogance and inbreeding.
    They ignore every expert opinion, and just throw out Hateful and clueless post.
    It probably eases the pain of their own failed lives.

    Or meybe they hope McCoy will put them out of their misery

    Either way- they are unintentional commedians!

  55. A-Train Says:

    ERIC said:

    The dude has led the league in sacks for a DT in the last 5 years but he’s mediocre.

    Don’t make up stats…

    2016 – GMC had 7 sacks the 5th spot (Geno Akins was number one)

    2015 – GMC had 8.5 sacks the 5th spot ( GEno Akins was number one)

    2014 – GMC had 8.5 sacks tied for 3rd spot (Marcell Dareus was number one)

    GMC is still in the top, BUT number 1 in sacks NOPE….

  56. Eric Says:

    Bucs fans are the most ignorant in the league.

    In between wearing their wife beaters, clogging up convenience stores buying cigs and chewing tobacco, and demonstrating an inability to use a chip card, they contribute ignorant and moronic remarks about GMC.

    Same group that ran Chucky out of town as if good coaches grow on trees.

    They should stick to devotion to the Gaaators or some other institution of higher learning that they never attended.


  57. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Hey Pat, you’re a moron. You obviously don’t even know what those three players actually said. They didn’t criticize his play. You and all the other ignorant big mouths who pile on our best defensive player should go away. Go root for the Titans!

  58. Joeypoppems Says:

    Didn’t LVD lead the league in TFL last season? That is quite the bust…

  59. Defense Rules Says:

    GMC has 3 major problems going simultaneously. First, he was the ‘face’ of a losing team for too long (bound to get arrows shot at you when you’re the ‘face’ of a losing team). Second, the media (includes you Joe) AND some fans keep stoking the GMC fire (if some say he’s being unfairly criticized, others are going to swiftly retaliate “rightfully so, GMC deserves it”). And third, GMC really has had insufficient help on the DLine over these past several yrs. If you’re the only DLineman that the other team is concerned about double-teaming, guess what … you won’t be nearly as effective as if they had to be concerned with 2, 3 or 4 other guys. GMC played over 75% of the defensive snaps last yr (and every yr he was healthy). Combine that with being double-teamed constantly and I’m sure it’s hard to sustain a high level of play for 4 qtrs no matter how good a shape you’re in. Hopefully having Baker & (a healthy) McDonald will help a bunch this yr. Still though in favor of using one of our top-3 picks on a DE this yr (I’m not all-in on the Jack Smith bandwagon … gets hurt too easily and then we’re screwed for edge rushers).

  60. Fire the glazers Says:

    He’s no sapp… bu then again, who is a sapp like DT in the NFL? No one. GMC is going to go down as one of the all time greats for Tampa Bay and anyone who disagrees really doesn’t know football all that well. Just ask all the former and current NFL players about him, and you’ll find out real quick. GMC is a stud.

  61. duthsty rhothdes Says:

    ignorant buc fan here, gmc is a whining crybaby do something to be a difference maker in a game… trade him to philly and see how the fans react to his “just have fun” attitude

  62. Eric Says:


    Your reading comprehension is slacking bro….

    He has led the league in sacks for a defensive tackle the last 5 years TOTAL.

    Now revisit those stats. You may want to read a little slower.

  63. Eric Says:

    Either way my point is insinuating McCoy is average is not very intelligent. but keep on trashing the best player on our team for the past 5 years.

    I don’t like him to be honest but he’s a beast. Period.

  64. BuccoDav Says:

    but, but, but… he’s a nice guy and he helps other players off the ground!!!

    You know who else was a nice guy who helped other players off the ground.
    LeeRoy Selmon. I witnessed it. I guess he wasn’t worthy of wearing a Bucs uniform either.

  65. Eric Says:


    The past four years…

  66. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Eric, you cannot deny that David has not met expectations. Perhaps ‘bust’ is too strong a word, but even you have to agree that he needs to prove he is capable of being everything the team and the fans expected him to be.

    Do not be surprised though if they draft a OLB in this draft.

  67. DallasBuc Says:

    McCoy good
    Martin bad
    Oline good
    Drooling jackals bad
    Hypocrisy good
    Truth bad

  68. duthsty rhothdes Says:

    Dallas 100% right

  69. tmaxcon Says:

    Sane crybaby BS from the ice cream man every year.

  70. tmaxcon Says:

    If he truly reads what the fans write were is my freaking Christmas card softee

  71. Buc1987 Says:

    Bottom line for me in all this is…we all have TWO eyes. Most of us have a half a brain. We all watch the games. Each of us can determine what we see in GMC while watching him play.

    What I’m trying to say is you either see that he’s a good player, moderately good, average, bad or whatever. Everyone has their own opinion on the guy.Many fans have lots of ammo to attack or defend the guy. There is no right or wrong way of looking at the guy.

    I will always say this when it comes to McCoy. 5 years after he’s gone, practically no one outside of Tampa Bay fans will even remember who he is. So if McCoy reads this and takes fans to heart, this is where this fan is at with you. You can take it to heart, cause it’s gonna happen. Don’t really no if you care or not, but I don’t, not at this point.

  72. Buc1987 Says:


    (I’m from Pasco, but I’m not illiterate)

  73. Eric Says:

    Well I would say that he has not met expectations as of late because he exceeded them by miles in the beginning of his career. Now the bar is set so high.

    He did play much better the latter half of last season. I do think he should be playing better but I anticipate that he will and I’m really not worried.

  74. shouldhavedraftedefiert Says:

    I love GMC BUT doesn’t this Sapp quote sound exactly like GMC tho?

  75. USFBUC Says:

    Ok so we can look at actual numbers I took the time to find GMCs average ranking for stats that matter for a DT. Looking at his stats I did learn that GMC is like the model of consistency. So, for the past four years he has averaged as the 9th DT in tackles for a loss, 4th in sacks, 17th in solo tackles, and 27th in total tackles. I think for a DT at the 3 position we should really be focused on his ability to penetrate and get in the backfield to make plays and at that GMC is consistently one of the best.

  76. Fred E. Bucs Says:

    I have NEVER heard a cross word for Gerald McCoy at the RayJay. Not saying there are none, but I don’t think it’s many. And here’s one for you. If you don’t buy tickets and go see the Bucs play, win or lose, but you have the financial and physical ability to do so but just don’t…then your opinion doesn’t matter to this Bucs fan, and probably not to GMC.

  77. Couch Fan Says:

    Making a whole lot of something out of nothing. There is only 1 or 2 people that Ive actually heard say we need to get rid of McCoy. Most other “haters” are in the same boat as me. Who just doesnt think the guy is playing to his potential and never has. He’s wildly inconsistant and disappears far to often when the game is colse, which he admitted to himself. Just because you dont like it, doesnt make it not true. He’s never been a $97 million dollar DT in my opinion. Good player, underachiever. I dont care what the experts say. A game changer he is not, the fan boys will tell you though he needs a whole lot of help.

  78. Future Bucs GM Says:

    Gerald McCoy and Roman Reigns. I don’t understand it. Actually I kind of do.

    Buckle up here it goes.

    I think people don’t like Gerald McCoy because he wasn’t the sexy pick when he was picked. Then he got hurt back-to-back years and its hard to overcome first impressions. There’s so many fans that only want to talk negative instead of positive its just their nature.

    So even though Gerald McCoy has exceeded expectations and turned out to be a better pick than Suh people still harbor some kind of resentment. But if you pay attention it’s not just one-sided I don’t think Gerald McCoy likes the fan because of how they treated him in the beginning. You can see it sometimes on the field when he plays he knows how it is supposed to be and knows as fans we can do better. Yet he plays on.

    He’s down on himself but in all reality the Bucs have kind of let him down dude plays a high amount of snaps he’s rarely ever fresh its either him or no one most of the time.

    You have to get him help on the line hopefully Baker will be it but get him a Simeon Rice type like say Tyus Bowser (Houston)

    Bored at work. Here’s my opinion- take it or leave it.

  79. Eric Says:

    Let me clarify that I am in no way, shape, or form a fan boy of Gerald McCoy. I also want to communicate that I don’t even really like the guy. He’s annoying and I question his passion.

    I also do not think he deserves the 97 mil you just said. However, he is still one of the best in the NFL. He is not consistent from game to game, but he certainly is from season to season.

    It’s also funny to ignore or belittle the fact that he has had very little help. He does need help. That’s common sense. I sincerely believe he would have been undeniably elite if he had Bennett or someone his whole career.

    Fact is he’s somewhere in the middle of extremely good and average.

  80. Bucsfanman Says:

    Bonzai mentioned it above: Why do all the other d-linemen get a free pass?
    I see a common critique being that GMC is “soft” or “too nice”. Well, lets compare his attitude with that of Robert Ayers. Ayers is what we want right?! I mean, the guy eats children on the way to the game and “beasts out”, right?! Did any of Ayers “beasting” correlate directly to production for him? Here’s a hint: It’s a rhetorical question!

  81. A-Train Says:

    Eric said

    Your reading comprehension is slacking bro….

    He has led the league in sacks for a defensive tackle the last 5 years TOTAL.

    Now revisit those stats. You may want to read a little slower.

    So you added up 5 years or 4 years of his sacks and totaled them and come up with he is the best DT….But then IF MY READING COMPREHENSION IS GOOD ENOUGH, I believe you say he is between extremely good and Average…

    HOLY cats man you make up a stat by adding some numbers to prove he is GREAT then you say well he may only be average…WHAT THE ?????

    As I will refrain from name calling and stick to a discussion..

    GMC is GOOD I have written that, The BUCS should not TRADE HIM that would be dumb..

    However my point is and has been GMC gets no criticism on this site by the owner (JOE) .. WHY????

    GMC just needs to step up and show some fire I think that would change his perception among many fans.

  82. Eric Says:

    LMAO Your reading comprehension is still slacking bro.

    Nothing in your rebuttal was accurate. I said, McCoy is not consistent and he does disappear at times but he is most definitely, 100%, absolutely, no doubt, positively better than average. I also said, if you don’t agree that McCoy is one of the best, YOU ARE A DUMB***!!! Last but not least I said, The dude has led the league in sacks for a DT in the last 5 years but he’s mediocre lol.

    At no point did I ever say he is the best DT. LOL I did say he is one of the best defensive tackles in the league and that is evidenced by his consistency and being voted in the top 100 every year by his peers.

    Now let me break the next line down for you to comprehend. I said he is in the middle of extremely good and average. He is somewhere between Roy miller (average) and Warren Sapp(extremely good/elite). I did not clarify where on that spectrum he sat LOL. Just in the middle of the extreme opposites that everyone seems to disagree with. I sincerely do not believe there is an elite DT in the league right now. Aaron Donald is most likely the best and he isn’t even Warren Sapp.

    Now to school you even further in reading comprehension, I did not make up any stats. I said he is leading the league in sacks the last 5 years. I meant 4 and edited it so you could have an easier time reading. That is a statistical fact. Again I never said he’s average, my only point was he is better than average which I said numerous times, and less than very good or elite.

    Yes I would refrain from using name calling. Not to be the bigger person however, but to prevent yourself from looking like an ignorant hypocrite.

  83. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    He’s annoying and I question his passion.
    That part!
    Yes as a fan, if I get a scent of folding. I WANT YOU GONE!!! Simple as that. I’ll cheer for David for but I question his passion also. KING KWON is the leader now. You know his heart is unquestioned.
    I tolerate the other two because they are good players but a lack of mental fortitude to push your team beyond their known limits.
    KWON will lead us to a new era of football. Where the ENTIRE looker room HATES losing. And EVERY game MATTERS

  84. Lord Cornelius Says:

    In my opinion:

    Gerald McCoy is uniquely treated like sh1t by this fan base for the most part given his production / availability / salary. I think the biggest reason for this is his personality which is magnified on camera more so than any other players. I think it’s because he had been our best player for a while through a lot of losing – so fans have associated his face with losing and being content with it. It’s not fair but that’s where I think a lot of the hate comes from. People don’t like a soft spoken big guy.

    He is easily a top 10-15 DT even at his worst. When his game is on he’s arguably top 5. He has been an All Pro DT before meaning everyone in the league thought he was either the best DT in the entire NFL that year or one of the best. That’s not a popularity contest and it means a sh1t ton more in terms of actual evaluation compared to commentors on JBF.

    His salary is not even top 5 for DTs right now. He has not caused any salary cap issues at any point in his career. There has been no trade offer for him where we’d net multiple premium picks. His deal was a huge bargain compared to Suh who signed the next year for over 5 mill more per year

    If McCoy wasn’t painted as a leader and given so much mic time i think fans would not have much of an issue with him. They’d be happy with having a quiet premium DT who commands constant double teams and pushes for 8-9 sacks every year. I mean who wouldn’t want that production on their team? It’s not like those type of DTs are easy to find in the draft or via free agency.

    That said I don’t see anything changing until we start winning and people stop looking for a scapegoat for all their frustrations with the team. Maybe feature more defensive players in press conferences instead of having him go on 20 minute diatribes. His mic time always does more harm than good for him it seems in terms of public perception. I’m hoping Hard Knocks will be good PR for him when they show him blasting off the LOS in slow motion faster than every other player we have

  85. Miko Says:

    and know the twit has endorsed Joe Mixon as top back in the draft. I think he likes attention too, that pisses people off. Trade to Hollywood for a pick…

  86. Miko Says:


  87. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I don’t get any comparison of Martin to McCoy or another player really.

    Doug Martin has sucked 3 of his 5 years in the league and has had drug issues. McCoy has been consistently solid/great the last 5 years straight and never had any off the field issues. Even early when he got hurt he was effective when on the field – whereas martin has sucked even when healthy and playing those 3 bad seasons

  88. WillieG8280 Says:

    Do all the experts commenting here have access to game film? Do they have years of experience playing, coaching, or evaluating players? Hmm, probably not. So I am going to go by what the professionals say with the assumption that they know what they are talking about. McCoy is an All-Pro talent that needs to be game planned for. Period.

  89. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Why hate on ONE SINGLE PLAYER ? A team consist of 53 players, and if the Bucs have missed the playoffs for the past 10 seasons. Don’t take your frustration out on a SINGLE player and give the other 52 a pass. It seems like the hate has nothing to do with his play on the field. It has more to do with his ‘good nature’ and his contract.

  90. Gencoimports Says:

    Tampa Tony,

    I’m betting Joe is taking a shot at Martin and didn’t even think of Kwon when he wrote it, showing again what a hypocrite he is.

  91. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    All I know is when he’s not playing the entire line sucks even more than when he’s in there. Stop blaming him for his contract. The Glazers CHOSE to pay him that much. The market was set for him and they kept him. A bunch of so called football experts up here who’ve never even played a pick up game let alone college or pros and you think you know something because you get to see a 2 dimensional picture on your tv??? Go play for quarters having the force of 2 600lb men bang against your body for about 3 hours and lets see you be nice and fresh in the 4th quarter. You all will fold like a lawn chair after the first hit! Why do you think DEs are the most game changers on the line? Because they get more 1on1s and DTs get the most double teams. McCoy is one of the bestDTs in the league since Sapp but he’s still no Sapp and not making apologies for him. Truth be told not every player wants to be the g.o.a.t at their position unlike some of you who expect them to be.

  92. LakeLandBuc Says:

    America is full of angry, frustrated, unhappy, violent people. And when they see a happy, good hearted, fun loving person like GMC. It tears them apart ‘ how dare him, all smiling and happy’ when my life is crap and i’m so frustrated. I have never GMC with an angry face, never heard him use profanities. Even the haters haven’t gotten under his skin. It’s a joy to watch a humble professional like GMC..on the field as well as off the field.

  93. LakeLandBuc Says:

    * I have never seen GMC with and angry face*

  94. bucs_365 Says:

    A few big plays in a playoff game and the GMC haters will quiet down.

  95. Midnightstroker1 Says:

    @willie no but we do have eyes and common sense. Well some of us. I’ve watched McCoy for years. I agree to an extent that he’s above average. Game changer no. Are we better with him then without? Of course! He needs to just sit back and keep his mouth shut and play. I’ve seen his game speeches. It’s not his thing.

  96. gotbbucs Says:

    The experts are going by whatever everyone else says. The people most in tune with the needs of any given team are the fans of that team. We all watch the games, the “experts” typically look at the highlights and a stat line.
    I could care less what someone sitting in a chair at ESPN has to say about the Bucs, nobody outside of Florida that isnt a fan has seen a Bucs game since they won the Super Bowl.

    Three people that McCoy supposedly respects enough to take what they said to heart said he doesnt do enough for his team and said he isn’t worthy of the pro bowls that he keeps getting invited to…….but the experts say he’s awesome, so I’ll believe them instead.

  97. greg Says:

    We were spoiled by 99…I get it…we have had a soft spoken defensive star here before many of you were born…some guy named Lee Roy Selmon.

    The difference is that Lee Roy was a beast on the field ALL FOUR QUARTERS and never acted like he was doing enough. McCoy has always thought he has done enough…until now. Other players called out what most of us already knew…that he was a ghost when in mattered.

  98. Pickgrin Says:

    GMC is what he is. He’s a good football player. That is well documented and proven. Pro Bowls, All Pros, top 100 lists, the respect of most every NFL player and coach as a “good” football player that must be accounted for and schemed for.

    Gerald McCoy is an asset. To see it any other way is just not facing reality. Its a non-story. McCoy is a good football player and he will be on the field whenever the Buccaneers play for at least the next 3,4 or 5 years.

  99. DB55 Says:

    Hi everybody.

    No comment on GMC.

    I just think it’s funny how the “real fans” are so confident about who knows what.

    The Bucs, since 75, have won an avg of 5 games per season. On avg this org and fan base has the privledge and honor to experience 5 whole wins per year.

    Which leads me to this question, what in the wholly fck do you know about WINNING football?

  100. DB55 Says:

    On avg this org and fan base has the privledge and honor to experience 5 whole wins per year.
    That is if they are even televised.

  101. JimmyJack Says:

    Hating is part of sports. it’s also a fans right to be overly critical of their players.

    Hopefully this year is the year where McCoy gets to put his money on the table. It won’t matter how the guys career has gone if he step onto the field for a playoff game. Nothing will matter, only just that game. Gerald can prove all his naysayers right or wrong in this game. Playoffs is when Big-Time players show up.

    No matter where you stand on McCoy you won’t really be justified to say anything negative about him if he makes plays to help us win a playoff games………well unless your deranged.

    I feel like this is the year for Gelard, and this team, to prove their worth. I’ll be sorely disappointed if they fail to make it only to leave us fans debating players of a losing franchise, again.

  102. JimmyJack Says:

    Lakeland……It is a joy to root for player that you know are good people, like McCoy. It’s a lot more joyous to watch a competent team of pros that knows how to win………Which we haven’t seen in 15 years now.

    I ain’t see nothing wrong with hating on players for your team. It’s just sports, a vent from reality. It’s not really hate its just emotions. That’s why people love sports. You get to let out your emotions without consequences because it doesn’t actually affect your life.

  103. LakeLandBuc Says:

    JimmyJack..i get your point. But some posters on here, actually hate GMC. They hate him with a passion, not dislike him or his play…but literally hate the man. There’s only a few, and those are the ones that my comment was directed at.

  104. JimmyJack Says:

    Yeah but they would be changing their tune real quick if McCoy stepped up for a playoff game then they would only be able to squirm.

    I say let the dreamers have their fun and hold their hatred. We will have our fun when they get proven wrong oneday and have nothing left to say. If that don’t happen I think guys like you and I can deal with it like men.

  105. Bucsfanman Says:

    @DB55- Well put sir! Hopefully though, that’s about to change.
    It is what it is. Face it, if Jameis doesn’t get us to the playoffs in the next 5 years, people will be jumping ship and “hating” on him too. We’re all about shiny new things because we suck! If we were perennial winners we’d love everybody.

  106. DB55 Says:


    We had 2 playoff games last yr. Dallas and Saints. GMC had a total of 2 tackles in both games.

    But please let continue talking about greatness.

  107. LakeLandBuc Says:

    DB55…what did the rest of the D-Line do?

  108. Bucsfanman Says:

    @LakeLand- I keep asking why the “beasting” Ayers gets a pass when the only “beastly” thing about him was his attitude. A lot of good that did us! Yet, he gets a pass. McDonald, pass. Gholston, the supposed monster run-stopper, pass. I don’t get it!

  109. DB55 Says:


    We like shiny things bc we suck yet I feel like we suck bc we like shinny things.

    Blount, Talib, Penn, Foster, Bennett, Clayborn any other pro bowlers or playoff players that I’m missing?

    We drafted a TE 3 yrs ago now we need to draft another, we drafted a RB 3 yrs ago now we need to draft another, we drafted a safety last yr now we need to draft another. We need a WR last yr instead we drafted a kicker.

    Conte over Barron, Hump over Shep, Stocker over Wright, McClown over Glennon.

    This is why we suck, he give away good players and replace them with trash. Maybe bc they’re cheaper?

    Any team willing to throw away 1st rnd picks and replace them with udfa has major culture problems.

  110. DB55 Says:


    Siligia 2 tackles 1 tfl 1 sack
    Ayers 3 Tackles 1 tfl
    Ghloston 4 tackles 1 sack 1 Tfl. – and I think he played with a bum shoulder

    Kwon 22 tackles 2 tfl 1 ff
    LVD 9 tackles 1 sack 1 tfl

    Tandy 14 tackles
    Mcdougle 8 tackles

    Everyone showed up to play, lake, only 2 starters didn’t Conte and GMC which makes sense cuz birds of a feather and what not.

  111. Bucsfanman Says:

    Like I said shiny new things! We jettison players with talent way too often. Thus, the GMC discussion! We cleaned house because people thought we needed to spend money. Good teams don’t do that. Yea, every team slips up every now and then but geez! It’s not just players either. There has been ZERO consistency in coaching since the Gruden era. A lot of it is impatience on our part because we suck and we don’t want to wait for players to develop. Winning is a commitment.

  112. Chucklehead Says:

    Simple. Because since coming to Tampa he has been touted as the next Sapp, but that never materialized. Still, a very solid player and a good dude.

  113. DB55 Says:

    Winning is a commitment.
    You ain’t lying and the Bucs the type of friend that rats you out with the quickness.

    NFL dot com just posted an article on the Falcons gm. The headline reads “We’re not looking for Angels”. Touché Mr. Falcons owner.

    As I’m typing this I see AP is signing with the Saints. Since he’s so washed up I’m very interested in seeing how we stop him.

    Truth is everyone around us is competing while the Glaziers are trying to Maxine their ROI. Because Cuban sandwiches and beer especially beer have a great profit margin. The End. #whoisvincelombardi

  114. gotbbucs Says:

    I said it before they drafted him and I’ve said it since, I think they would get more out of him on passing downs if they slid him out further to more of a 5-tech in a hybrid. They did that with him some at Oklahoma and he did well there. He’s just too tall to play in tight all game long.
    Either way, they need to find time to get him off the field more often. If they’d cut his snaps down by a 1/4 or 1/3 of what he normally plays he would be more productive, but he has to be smart enough to get himself off the field when he needs a breather too.

  115. gotbbucs Says:

    When he’s gased, his pad level comes up and his technique goes to sh!t and he’s not helping anyone at that point.

  116. LakeLandBuc Says:

    DB55…the Cowboys owned this D-Line, the whole defense played bad. Yeah they made tackles….after Elliot had run fro 10 yards. How many passes did Dak Prescott miss? He had All Day to throw the ball, I never seen a Buc defender close to him. It’s a team sports, you win as a team and you lose as a team. One single player will never be responsible for winning or losing.

  117. DB55 Says:


    I see at least three with sacks and we had a three point lead going into the 4th.

    But the 4th is when ice cream melts and steel hardens so yea it’s the entire whole rest of the team even the ones with sacks and tfls not, I repeat NOT, the all-pro all-world 0 tackles 0 sacks 0 everything let me cash my 850k check and get home to watch Flash 5th best DT in the leagues fault.

    Carry on please, there’s nothing to see here.

  118. JimmyJack Says:

    fair enough DB55…….But this has not been a playoff team or a winning team in some time. Last year was just a taste of a playoff chase.

    Our players have been marinated on the taste of failure for a while now and are entering this season with realistic playoff expectations. If we are going to make it the cream wil, have to rise to the top…….if we have any cream.

    How bout we see look to real a real team take the field this year, unlike the last 15 years, and see how our players respond? Needless to point fingers before the war.

  119. PRBucFan Says:

    God forbid we think the same thing he’s been told by “reliable sources” at the pro bowl about himself.

  120. Reach87 Says:

    Respect the various opinions. Can not respect folks behind a keyboard calling a player on the team they supposedly are fans of out of their name/gender (geraldini, mr softy, she, etc). Not so much on this post, but at least once a week someone does that. Not helpful and in my opinion, cowardly.

  121. Lamarcus Says:

    So fans aka customers are not reliable sources?? Gmc has disappointed with his play. Why can’t GMC fans can’t see when we need him the most he just doesn’t rise nor cares too to do so. 7 years into the NFL he finally realize he need to do more? What kind of leaders is that?
    Gmc sets himself up for this negative feedback and surely is a disconnect with his team’s fan base. He would want to fix this PR if he cares which I doubt cuz he already voice out he don’t care what fans think

  122. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lakeland Buc- you sir, are exactly right
    Unlike you, I’ve actually gone to Philly, with a few friends, dressed in our Buc acoutrements.
    It was the playoff game- that sent us to The SuperBowl

    Philly had a star Defensive end- Hugh Douglas, who was a fun guy, who loved both football and the fans.
    Painted himself Green- to go with his “Hulk” image!

    Almost every team has a Humble, Fan friendly star- who loves the Game
    What makes Tampa unique, is we have loser P.O.S, who hate everything and everyone more sucessful than them.
    Which is everyone.
    So they, on a daily basis- insult people for being superior to them.

  123. NYBucfan Says:

    Can we all give GMC a break!!! If you are unhappy with his salary so what? The owners decided to keep him. I agree that if he had some help on the D line he would be even more dangerous. It has to be very frustrating that he is often double/triple teamed!!! Let’s see how this season plays out and if he proves that he is worth all that money!!!!! He can’t please everyone!!