DeMarcus Walker, The Bucs & Day 2

April 20th, 2017

This absolutely is not a Joe’s-a-Florida-State-fan post.

The genesis of typing this up today is the stunning interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio yesterday by FSU defensive end Demarcus Walker.

The young man was so impressive talking the talk yesterday, he literally blew away hosts Jim Miller, the former NFL quarterback, and Pat Kirwan, the ex-Jets personnel chief.

Joe heard the interview live and immediately thought Walker was nearly a clone of America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston. What an intense and personable dude.

Walker is clearly all about team, extreme confidence, and relentless work ethic and film study. Joe wishes this interview was somewhere online to share.

Kirwan was talking about how Walker is a prospect with no holes, a stud entering the pro game with a rare 52 college games under his belt, and he combines it with technique, freakish athleticism and strength in a 6-4, 280-pound DE. Kirwan, based on Walker’s film, thinks he can add weight and eventually transition to play 3-technique in the NFL, aka Gerald McCoy’s position.

The Bucs, of course, are old along their defensive line by NFL standards. Jason Licht knows it, and it’s obvious.

Walker, who led the nation with 15 solo sacks last season, is widely projected as a late second-round pick. The Bucs own a late second-round pick, No. 50 overall.

Joe loves Walker’s production and mentally, he seems like a perfect fit to be a total sponge among Robert Ayers, Gerald McCoy, Clinton McDonald, Will Gholston and Chris Baker. What an incubator the Bucs have for a rookie D-lineman.

“He’s a football junkie,” Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher said, via “He doesn’t want to take a play off. If you say, ‘Go play 100 plays,’ he’s going to go do that. He’s kind of a throwback in how he looks at the game and how he wants to play the game.”

Walker was a four-star high school recruit who committed early to Alabama but then surprised observers by enrolling early at Florida State.

Walker was a backup as a freshman on FSU’s national title team (18 tackles) before starting 37 games over three years.

The anti-FSU crowd would freak out if the Bucs drafted Dalvin Cook and followed it up later with Walker, but Joe would be very pleased by the talent injection in that scenario, especially if they find Walker in Round 3.

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  1. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Every time I’ve seen this guy play he jumps off the screen. Not sure why he’s not a first rounder, but I would absolutely nab him in the second, no questions asked.

  2. Joeypoppems Says:

    I would like that pick if we pass on DE in the 1st. Spence and Walker is a fun duo to think about.

  3. Guzzie Says:

    1st DE Charles Harris
    2nd DE/DT Demarcus Walker
    3rd S Eddie Jackson
    4th RB Brian Hill
    5th TE Michael Roberts
    6th WR Robert Davis
    7th QB Jerod Evans
    This draft would be make the Bucs Champions in two years

  4. MrNolesAllDay Says:

    Walker is a grinder! That’s that FSU swag that He and Jaboo carry. Roberto idk… lol

  5. Guzzie Says:

    Build a dominant defense once Winston hits his prime in 2 years, it’s gonna be Super Bowl contention for 10 years, Bus will be the team of the decade in the 2020s

  6. Lev Says:

    I am sold on this guy. I would draft him at 19.

  7. Eric Says:

    I’m a die hard Gators Fan and I would absolutely love it!!!

  8. Broy34 Says:

    can we stop with the 7 round “ideal draft/projections” sorry man but nobody buys that you know what to get in a 6th round pick or even buys you’ve studied film on this guy….late round picks especially, leave it to the pro’s. I don’t mind saying what we should do 1-4 but how many 6th round projected players have you truly watched tape on? and everyone looks good in highlights…what about their low lights…draft cannot come soon enough…it also really angers me Perine isn’t being thought of and foreman is from tampa. perine is going to be a pro bowl back member I said it…this kid can play and hasn’t even been looked at by bucs brass..don’t even get me or joe started on foreman..dude is gonna get the ball and be like holy crap there isn’t a gaping hole what do I do

  9. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Walker is a great pick but a similar player is bama’s Ryan Anderson that would fit perfectly into the bucs hybrid 4-2 defense they are running anderson is nasty with an attitude that the bucs need on defense to offset some of the current starters

  10. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    broy34 it seems the bucs have been the #1 team to take time out with perrine

  11. Wausa Says:


    I agree with you regarding Perine not getting enough attention.
    I think the Bucs have arguably the worst group of running backs in the NFL. It would be prudent for the Bucs to consider getting to running backs in this draft.

    If the Bucs drafted Cook in the first, Baker in the 2nd and either Perine or Walker in the 3rd that would really advance this Bucs team and its chances at winning a championship.

  12. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    ^ heck yeah dusty just read that myself

    Perine is a monster, and it warmed my heart to know that the Bucs are interested in him.

  13. bculaw Says:

    Walker absolutely took over games at times this season, and I don’t understand how he could fall to the end of the 2nd. If the Bucs picked him, I would be thrilled regardless of the round in which he was selected. He is exactly the type player the Bucs should target – a talented football player who loves the game and has a relentless desire to improve and achieve. Give me a whole roster of them!!!

  14. Broy34 Says:

    Rhodes what does that even mean the bucs are the number one team to take time out with perine…find me anything indicating their interest as it would make my day

  15. Broy34 Says:

    dusty—touché my friend….perine announced bucs have shown immense interest…perine shouldn’t have said that as it is quite clear the bucs kept that completely out of the news until it was just outed by perine himself..thats a ringing endorsement…idk NOLE I just don’t see cook falling to tampa or being taken by them at 19…licht and everyone else understand that its better to get a potential 13 year player and running back late…how many d ends are studs drafted day 3? how many running backs?

  16. Blake_bucsfan Says:


    Here you go Broy

  17. Broy34 Says:

    was losing sleep over no interst in perine…hey joe you gonna publish an article saying a player came out and said tampa flat out has shown the most interest in him? because we are CLEARLY taking a running back and what I would absolutely love is peppers 1 perine 2 or Barnett 1 baker/obi 2 and perine 3 maybe late 2nd on a trade up

  18. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    ^ no he probably won’t.

    Seems like Joe is trying to get as many hits on Dalvin/ Mixon pieces as he can.

  19. tnew Says:

    I like Walker… But considering drafts.. you have to look at a

    Cook, Walker, ??? draft

    versus a

    McDowell, Godwin, Perrine Draft…

    Thats a tough, tough call. As special as I think Cook is, I believe McDowell is equally special, just at a more premium position, but also at a position that requires a couple of years to really develop. McDowell is Micheal Bennett vers2..

    With a premium running back, Cook, the Bucs must settle at Dline, and almost have to draft a D lineman in Round 2 which then pushes WR another 30 or so players later.

    If it were my choice, I would push the RB position down the board, get the best d lineman, McDowell for me, then either Godwin or Jones in round 2

    Cook would contribute today, but the position is not as critical. RB’s in today’s NFL are made by the line. Ezekiel Elliot is crazy good, but if he would have went to the Jags, there would be no rush to pick an RB by any team. … Building the Running Game should focus on the line. Darren McFadden, playing in his 8th season ran for 1000 yards before Elliot was drafted, without Dak or Romo at QB.

    Our interior O line looks very solid. This draft doesn’t have O-lineman that project well (although this is getting so hard with all of the spread offenses, best case draft mid round picks solely on their physical traits and hope they can be taught) I like Donovan Smith. This year I believe that he will start to show. I do believe he is being unfairly compared to the development chart of Marpet.

    Joe, I would love to hear a story from Becht or Beckles talking about just how far Marpet has come in three years. What Marpet is doing coming from Hobart to borderline All-Pro is staggering for a technical position as O-line. I hate to put this in the universe but if we win a couple of championships, Winston maybe taking a snap from him in Canton in 20 or so years. Like GMC said, he thinks Marpet is a “next level” center, and he knows Marpet’s game better than anyone probably.

    The Bucs must get younger on the D line otherwise, they will be in big trouble moving forward. Signing young talented D-lineman doesn’t happen unless a crappy GM gets in cap hell and is forced to release a stud or he decides to not resign a Pro Bowler (sorry Joe, I’m still not over the Bennett thing either). Barnett, I believe is closer to his ceiling already, same with Solomon Thomas. Charles Harris is not what we need unless we are just set on another small d-lineman. Harris is not better than Spence, especially entering his second year.

    Walker is good.. I just want the best possible d lineman we can draft.

    This is coming from someone too that LOVES Dalvin Cook and Christian McCaffery..

    I just love the Bucs more.

  20. Destinjohnny Says:

    Looks the acc has zero first round picks in defense.
    They only have 2 slated for the second round.
    That’s eye opening

  21. spacebuc Says:

    Spot on Guzzie!
    Finally a voice of reason.
    Bucs D line is aging, fill er up with young guns in training.
    RB/WR/TE can be picked up late rounds

  22. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Happy as hell we’re showing interest in Perine. I think the guy is going to be a beast in the NFL. Michael Turner / MJD / Alstott hybrid. Can play all downs and carry the ball 25 times a game if we needed it.

    This also shows how clueless we all are trying to guess on the Bucs drafts and who they’re into beyond obvious visits. Not a single Bucs writer knew they had Perine in for visits and were working him out. Walterfootball doesn’t have him listed as a guy who’s had a visit or anything.

    Curtis Samuel + Samaje Perine would be a great lighting / thunder additions to the team in general if we wanted to go defense R1 and offense R2/R3

  23. HFXBUX Says:

    He’s the Dalvin Cook of the D line! A sub 10th percentile athlete at his position. Let’s get as many bad athletes as possible ble for the FSU wet dreamers. Gotta have content for The Commish’s podcast!

  24. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    I would not be upset at an FSU 1st day draft unless of course Cook gets injured or coughs up the ball a lot like I suspect will happen.

  25. Dave Says:

    I would be extremely happy with him in round 2.
    Round 1 should be cool or a WR

    Then round 3-4 I see a DB and an OL

  26. Steven007 Says:

    This guy’s way under the radar for some reason. Well, maybe not now. He’s a player and would fit well on this squad.

  27. USFBUC Says:

    I’m going to keep saying it – trade into the first with future picks to get a player we really want without giving up too much, trade back out of 19 towards the end of the first to snag two additional picks this year, use the remaining picks from next year to move up where needed in the mid rounds this year.

  28. Dubcity06 Says:

    Everyone would like this pick.

    Nothing against FSU, its taking a RB in the 1st.

    Demarcus Walker is my favorite player in the draft

  29. 1nebuv Says:

    I think our draft board depends alot on what Cleveland does at 1 and 12 . If they dont pick a qb with 1 OF those spots . I would trade back with NY DENVER KC OR SEATTLE and wait for Cleveland to come try and move up to get ND QB KIZIOER . If this happens it’s game on. We could turn 1 pick into 4 or 5 extras . Just imagine
    2nd rd Dalvin Cook / Cleveland
    2nd rd Budda Baker/ BUCS
    2nd rd Zay Jones / Cleveland
    2nd rd Sidney Jones / 1st trade
    3rd rd Auburn dt #1 / BUCS
    3rd rd Tim Williams / Cleveland.

  30. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    @Lord C

    Make that Defender in R1 Malik Mcdowell or Derek Barnett and that would be an amazing haul.

  31. tmaxcon Says:


    Spoken like a true gaytor fan that realized the best highlight gaytor football has had in the last few years was Hernandez swinging by his neck in jail.

  32. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “HFXBUX Says:
    April 20th, 2017 at 11:15 am
    He’s the Dalvin Cook of the D line! A sub 10th percentile athlete at his position.”

    Sports Science has him clocked on the field as the 2nd fastest RB they’ve tested in the last 5 years.

    They also said his 20 yard split time in pads was the same as what John Ross ran at the combine.

    What a sh1tty athlete lol. Keep banking on those underwear olympics man

  33. Steven007 Says:

    @tnew –

    I like McDowell from a physical aspect (who wouldn’t?) but I’m scared of the multiple reports of laziness and taking plays/games off. It’s telling to me that his last season was not good from a numbers/impact perspective. If you know you’re coming up doesn’t it behoove you to play lights out your last year? He seems to have ridden on the coattails of his soph season. Of course the team was cap, that doesn’t help. He has Mario Williams like potential apparently but I’m uncomfortable with what’s between his ears from the reports I’ve read. This is why I prefer Barnett, McKinley and Walker. Those guys are high motor football players who don’t need to be motivated externally. I see what you like but…

  34. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “USFBUC Says:
    April 20th, 2017 at 11:22 am
    I’m going to keep saying it – trade into the first with future picks to get a player we really want without giving up too much, trade back out of 19 towards the end of the first to snag two additional picks this year, use the remaining picks from next year to move up where needed in the mid rounds this year.”

    How do you expect us to trade future picks to get into the top 15 and not give up too much and keep our 19 pick? It’d likely cost us our entire 2018 draft or at least the top 3 rounds. A future 1 & 2 wouldn’t even be enough to get into the top 15 and that’s serious draft capital you’re throwing away

  35. tdtb2015 Says:

    I’m all in with Walker at DE and future replacement of McCoy.

    Bring him!!!!

  36. NycBuc Says:

    I’m FSU alum and watch all their games and couldn’t believe talk of him going in late 2nd or early 3rd. This dude is a monster, absolutely dominate pass rusher. He rushes from every where too, left end then bounces down to tackle and even nose on passing downs. He would look great in a bucs uni.

  37. tnew Says:

    Stephen… I heard those reports and crossed McDowell off my list.. Then I went to look at the tapes.. I challenge you to go watch the film and find the laziness.

    Watch the tape of his junior year… not the highlights.. game film. He was the only returning starter on the d line and had no line backer play behind him. While his sack numbers went down, his tackles for loss and pressures were still there.

    Watch how MSU used him.. He played 0-9 tech.. in the same games. I saw a draft profile that would commonly play 3 different techniques on a single drive. He was asked to do too much for MSU last year. My MSU buddies all say he was wasted. (I only have two but they both would love him to be a Buc)

    At the end of games, I saw him be tired and lose technique, but this isn’t lazy. The effort is still there. Don’t take my word for it. Look at it yourself. Compare his “motor” to the other guys.

    Stop just reading reports.. go watch tape, find his lack of effort. I can find Barnett, McKinley and Walker taking plays off on game tape too. They were just asked to do a whole lot less.

    He’s got Charles Haley like potential, Mario Williams is underselling his potential.

  38. Joeypoppems Says:

    Honestly, I dont think Malik McDowell will be a 1st round pick. Talent wise he could be considered Top 15 or even Top 10. There is a LOT of risk with him tho. And that risk out-weighs the talent.

  39. rayjay1122 Says:

    I like Walker but he is projected to be a 3rd to 4th round pick. I also like Cook but his shoulder issues and fumble issues along with character concerns are possible red flags though I think Winston would be a positive influence for Cook.

    I would sign AP to a short term incentive laden contract and try to trade back a few spots in the 1st to pick up another pick or 2. If we could get 2 2nd round picks somehow, I would be elated to see us grab either Charles Harris or Derek Bennet in the 1st. My 2nd round targets would be Mixon And Adoree’ Jackson. I like Jackson because he can play CB, KR/PR, and if he could play slot WR, he would be an upgrade over Humphries. I think he could play Nickel CB and Slot receiver since those are not 3 down positions depending on the formations.

    Then if Walker is there in the 3rd I would not hesitate to draft him. This would give us upgrades at RB, DL and WR/PR/CB and in a perfect world, either Safety Obi Melifonwu or Marcus Maye fall to the 4th round when we are on the board.

  40. Joeypoppems Says:

    Again being honest, if I had to pick 1 guy to bust, it would probly be Malik McDowell.

  41. jjBucFan Says:

    Lord- I think USF was saying trade down in the first and pick up additional picks in this years draft, then trade back into the first by giving future picks…at least that is the way I took it…OTW doesn’t make much sense. If that is what he meant…would be great but you have to have trade partners. I am all for Cook or McC at 19, but if they are gone, try to trade back and pick up O-Line and TE or O-line and D-line. RB in 3rd, Mack, Perine, etc.

  42. Miko Says:

    Finally! …a story about a FSU draftee that can make this team much better…he wont last till 50 and might go late 1st round….

  43. buc15 Says:

    I would take Walker in round 2 for sure

  44. Bill Says:

    I think the issue with Walker is that he doesn’t have a position fit at the NFL level right now. On the edge, he doesn’t have the speed or agility you want and he’s undersized at 280 for DT.

    This is exactly why Florio mentions the idea of him putting on weight. Right now he’s a 3rd down inside rusher, that’s it. Much of his rushing production came from the DT spot, but it’s natural to question how effective he’ll be if he adds the 30 lbs needed to be an every down player at DT.

    That’s why you see him in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

  45. Broy34 Says:

    Lord corn- well zaid

  46. tnew Says:

    Steven.. if you take up the challenge and actually watch McDowell, watch how infrequently he was single teamed and what generally happened when he was. Then go try to find plays that Barnett, arguably our dream pick at #19 on the defensive side (and a pick that wouldn’t upset me), beat on a double team. Then watch what happens when McDowell gets pushed out wide and Barnett gets pushed out wide. Then tell me about McDowell’s questionable motor.

    I’ve done this several times. I look at Walker, or Barnett or Mckinley or name your pick and I talk myself out of McDowell because I start thinking about his questions. Then I go watch his game tape.. not the highlights.. I trust that we have a strong group of coaches in Smith and Hayes for at least the next two years. This kid has come out and said he “needs the coaching to get where he wants” It is a risk, but the reward is potentially phenomenal. Why have Hayes if we don’t get him players like McDowell?

    Im not trying to sell you on McDowell.. I don’t have to. All I am selling is to go watch the tape.

  47. Capt.Tim Says:

    Walker is a great fit for us. Passionate, and dedicated to the team
    Plug him in at De next year- and watch the man work!

    I always love when we draft good players from Florida schools!
    I think playing in state, makes adjusting to heat, lifestyle, etc much easier
    And always lots of Home grown talent to choose from.

    So many great post!
    I love this time of year!

  48. Mo_Downs Says:

    Did you guys watch any of the Voch Lombardi Film Review of Joe Mixon on YouTube? Check it out. Voch also reviews quite a few other players of interest.

    1) Tenn DE Bennet
    2) RB Joe Mixon
    3) SS Obi
    4~EOD) BPA

  49. tnew Says:

    Mo… I like Voch. He’s fun for sure. I’ll keep beating this drum.. Watch his take on Solomon Thomas vs Malik McDowell…. Sorry to break a bubble. No way Obi makes it past the first pick of the second. Doubt he lasts that long.

  50. Steven007 Says:

    tnew, will do. And I’ll get back to you when I do with my thoughts, likely on another thread as I can’t do so at the moment. Thanks for the explanation though.

  51. Miko Says:

    F*ck Joe Mixon…he’s a piece of sh*t!!!!

  52. SB Says:

    The anti FSU crowd is silly. The kid does not wear garnet and gold anymore therefore all silly perceived animosities should be put aside.

  53. 813bucboi Says:

    im a die hard gator, but I love me some demarcus walker…..I would choose him over cook any day….hopefully we can…

    -trade down to around #22 or #23, draft jarrad davis in the first….
    -select donte foreman in the 2nd
    -trade back into the 2nd round just like last year and grab walker….

    we would have 3 players that could come in and provide a major impact….GO BUCS!!!!

  54. Ben Says:

    1- de Charles Harris
    2- rb samje Perine
    3- best safety avail
    4- wr Josh Reynolds
    5 – TE – michael roberts
    6- TE- smith or wr gibsen
    7- best LB avail

  55. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    F*ck Joe Mixon…he’s a piece of sh*t!!!!

    I do not go as far as MIKO. LOL. But I would say that any discussion about Mixon became a moot point yesterday when the Bucs were revealed as the “Hard Knocks” team.

    Again there is ZERO upside for the NFL or HBO in having Mixon in camp. It’s no longer just about the Bucs and are they willing to make the huge gamble.

    Now HBO and the NFL will poke around as well and there will be no Mixon getting plenty of face time on Hard Knocks. Whichever RB we DO draft can become an instant star with plenty of facetime….our need at RB and the rookie story combine to make the pick of very high interest.

    Remember the “League” didn’t even invite Mixon to the Combine!

  56. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Pete they don’t seem to get that last part. They think all this stuff is coincedence. The minute the announcement was made I said to myself Dalvin to the Bay is a Dunn deal man.

  57. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Those 3 sites ndog made mention of having DC coming to Tampa in they’re mocks is because people are already in the know as to where Cook will be landing. Its only fundamental to say as much prior to the draft to make yourself look smart just days before the draft occurs. Dalvin has been flying all over the country for weeks visiting teams but it was only when he was scheduled to fly to Tampa that Ian Rappaport made it his business to tweet it out to the world. Much like when Josina Anderson made it her business to mention Jameis wanted Desean in her tweet. These folks obviously have inside sources making it easy for them to co-sign the idea. I’M STILL TAKING ANY BETS.

  58. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Oh and Btw I would love to also add Walker. The more top notch Seminoles on this team the better.

  59. ImJustHereForJameisNews Says: Two years from now people will be talking about what a steal this boy was going outside the 1st round. I’m a huge Fsu homer but I wouldn’t want my bucs taking someone just for the sake of taking a mole. Walker and Cook are difference makers though, true leaders. Demarcus is more vocal though for sure. Go get them boys and bring in Freddie Stevenson later in the draft for a solid fb option.

  60. ImJustHereForJameisNews Says:


  61. Joeypoppems Says:


    With all do respect, your looking at the whole Mixon and Hard Knocks thing the wrong way. The NFL and Hard Knocks care about 1 thing…. Ratings. People would watch to see the drama Joe Mixon would bring (if any). The NFL can’t punish Mixon for the video. If Mixon getting face time means more people watch then that is all the NFL cares about.

    Now if people boycott the show because of Mixon, then that is a different story.

    And Mixon wasn’t allowed at the combine because of a rule they implemented after the 2015 draft that bans anybody who was convicted of a misdemeanor of violence, weapons, domestic violence, sexual assault etc. Its not like Goodell called up Mixon and said “I dont want you at the combine”

  62. Brett Says:

    Greg Spires was a 3rd round pick, cut from another team and then did really well for the Bucs on a line with Simeon Rice and Warren Sapp. I think Walker is in this conversation as a really nice piece. he won’t dominate at the NFL level without some help, but hey, some complain about GMC who has played with no one.

  63. Bucsdobe Says:

    Good point, Brett! Watch that Super Bowl win and see how many plays Spires makes! He was my player of the game and I was in San Diego for that game. Oh, and he was also a Nole!!

  64. Cool Says:

    Get mixon n the 4 5 we need football players the mistake he made is redeemable besides nit that its ok but she did hit him first

  65. tnew Says:

    Spires averaged 4 sacks a year for his 6 seasons, and on the Super Bowl. He could be on the bench and the score would not have changed a beat.