Needs Work On Tackling

April 28th, 2017

Scolded for sloppy tackling.

Ominous words from NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock.

In a throwback to lazy Lovie Smith, Mayock said of new Bucs safety Justin Evans of Texas A&M, “He will hit you and he will miss the tackle.”

That was a hallmark of Lovie’s defenses with the Bucs. Lovie had such a fetish for takeaways, he didn’t give a damn if his defenders tackled or not. And if you didn’t get the takeaway, the ballcarrier would get an extra four or six yards and invariably, a first down and move the chains.

All hail Lovie!

Hopefully, Bucs defensive coordinator Mike Smith can coach this Evans to wrap up or Joe is going to need to start bringing back Maalox to the Den of Depression.

21 Responses to “Needs Work On Tackling”

  1. Kyle Strohl Says:

    your just pissy that you were wrong about the bucs needing a safety when everyone could see that. how about a post about some positives about him?

  2. Mord Says:

  3. rayjay1122 Says:

    Evans can’t tackle…….Conte 2.0

  4. Mort Says:

    You can teach tackling. Re-hire Schiano!!!

  5. Gencoimports Says:

    Texas A&M … is he related to Mike?

  6. Ga. Buc fan 40 years Says:

    Give him a year under coach Smith!

  7. Nybucsfan Says:

    Can’t tackle and just so happens to be the one thing you can’t practice anymore

  8. NJBucsFan Says:

    Mayock sucks

  9. firethecannons Says:

    Seems it would be easier to teach tackling, kid comes with “excellent” ball skills and high energy–sounds good n brings his own walloping stick

  10. NashvilleBuc Says:

    I believe I’ve seen big improvements in Bucs tackling this year. Someone on our staff knows how to correct.

  11. Joe Says:

    Can’t tackle and just so happens to be the one thing you can’t practice anymore

    Good point.

  12. Iamkingsu Says:

    Obi was there

  13. Buc4Lyfe79 Says:

    Very first play I see off the kids highlight video on the previous thread is an open field tackle, but the kid can’t tackle smh…

  14. Buc15 Says:

    so many better picks were out there

  15. rayjay1122 Says:

    Obi is a Raider now. Well at least they were smart. We had a brain fart.

  16. Brandon Says:

    Dude CANNOT tackle a lick. Doesn’t even look interested in it. When he does tackle, he usually hops on the guy’s back and goes for a ride.

  17. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    So would we rather stop the great QB’s in our division with great coverage in our secondary thanks to a great safety (If he’s the real deal) or would we rather get a great rush and put the opposing QB on his posterior. Demarcus Walker may be the name that haunts this pick forever.

  18. What-the-buc Says:

    Man o man OJ better pan out! So far not an impressive draft.

  19. Pat Says:

    I am OK with the pick however I will point out the Christian McCaffrey and Curtis Samuel do a very good job of making guys miss tackles already so it will be interesting to see how this guy pans out at least against Carolina

  20. Warthog Says:

    Can’t tackle but can hit. And Goodell is doing his level best to erase hitting from the secondary.

    Sure hope this guy can play at nickel CB or something.

  21. LargoBuc Says:

    Maybe his coverage abilities will make up for his poor tackling.