Would The Raiders Trade For Doug Martin?

March 20th, 2017

Does Joe expect Doug Martin to run the football for the Buccaneers this season? Of course not.

Joe is no fool, and neither is Dirk Koetter or Jason Licht.

And this is why Joe is thinking about Martin’s next team and whether the Bucs could find a trade partner.

Injured three out of the past four seasons, saddled with a three-game suspension to start 2017, and struggling again with a drug problem, Martin is not someone to count on.

It’s time for the Bucs to take any crumbs they might be able to get for him.

Considering Tampa Bay has other guys to run the ball and is in prime position to snag a running back in the first two days of the NFL Draft, Martin has no business on the roster. So why play games?

The Raiders are an interesting possibility. Oakland is in serious win-now mode after a 12-win season, and because the final year of quarterback Derek Carr’s ridiculously inexpensive contract is finally here.

That’s the force driving rumors linking Oakland to retired Marshawn Lynch and old and unwanted Adrian Peterson.

Hey, if they’re hunting running backs with big names and question marks, then why not Martin?

It’s reasonable to think Jason Licht might be able to swing a trade that would net a conditional draft pick from Oakland. Martin is from the Oakland area, still has lots of family there and he had a phenomenal game against the Raiders in Oakland in 2012.

The Raiders, conceivably, could trade for Martin and then renegotiate his contract if they like what they see in spring practices — and the results of his urine tests.

So many Bucs fans still believe Doug Martin is a superstar. Joe doesn’t, but perhaps there’s one GM who does?

66 Responses to “Would The Raiders Trade For Doug Martin?”

  1. JonBuc Says:

    Perhaps the same GM who would also trade picks for Aguayo?

  2. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Thought that it’s already been established that you need somebody people actually want to make a trade?

  3. Back up kicker Says:

    This ones easy- no

  4. Guzzie Says:

    funny needed a laugh today, there’s a better chance someone will trade up into the 2nd round for a kicker that cant kick pass 40 yards, which would never happen, ever, than someone trading for an old unreliable RB, oh wait, that kicker thing happened, seriously?!

  5. ISH Says:

    I really wish our AC/DC loving GM would make a decision on Martin sooner rather than later so we could have at least a little clarity about the first day of the draft. If Martin’s out of here then we’ll absolutely draft a RB in the first 2 rounds.

  6. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    ISH, that’s exactly why they shouldn’t. Don’t show your hand to the rest of the table before the flop.

  7. Trubucfan22 Says:

    ISH that is actually a good reason to keep him until after the draft. We don’t want to let every team know we plan to draft RB in the first round.

  8. Kevinthepainterimagine Says:

    I think he stays and wd draft a back in the middle rounds

  9. Wright Says:

    Lack of football IQ there, ISH. If we know it, so does every team.

  10. Trubucfan22 Says:

    I just want to know when Doug Martin Plssed in Joe’s beer. Ok he had a rough year, many players go through that and come out the other side better for it. Why does joe hate Martin so much? I totally get he let the team down last season. But Kwon let his team down the year before that. And Jude let us down last year too. There has to be more to the reason Joe loathes Martin. Spill the beans joe. It isn’t normal for you to be so down on a player. And this started mid season before Martin even came back from his hamstring, before we found out about the suspension. Come on joe, you know something we don’t….

  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    Would be great, If Licht can trade Martin. Would much rather get a draft pick this year.
    Anything for Martin is a bonus

  12. Scbucsfan Says:

    Martin will be here much to Joe’s chagrin. He knows the system, will be cheap and will be playing to show he still belongs. Only a fool thinks Rogers and Barber are any more then depth. There will end up being a lot of fools on this board so you won’t be alone Joe 🙂

  13. ISH Says:

    I see your point..

  14. Kevinthepainterimagine Says:

    I believe his poor performance and injuroes are both rrlated to the drug use. Parties, lack of sleep poor conditioning through the season. He is in the system now and cant get away with it anymore. He will come back stronger than ever and redeem.himself. Use the draft picks on big needs

  15. Fire the glazers Says:

    The next josh freeman… one good season amongst many bad ones. The guy has got to go. I like him, but he may be better off closer to family with a change of scenery.

  16. Lamarcus Says:

    Obviously Joe hates Martin for some reason. Can’t seem to let him go. I would love to have Martin back.

  17. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Maybe you could get a 10th round pick the 2nd Wednesday of next week !

  18. Tackleblockwin Says:

    I just don’t know what I think about Martin now. I just know we are in no rush to move him and that there is no reason to show our cards before the draft.

  19. Buc4Lyfe79 Says:

    Love the logic you’re using to connect these dots..just hope it actually comes to fruition. Screw the “conditional” pick though…no riskit, no biscuit right?

  20. MadMax Says:

    Yep, then package that pick to trade up for Cook!

  21. firethecannons Says:

    package him up with Aguayo, send em out to Oakland for airfare and a 10th round pick!

  22. Tampabayucfan Says:

    It seems to me that Martin is worth something. He does have a track record…still has some gas in the tank and hopefully is motivated to solve his substance abuse issues.
    All that is necessary is for someone to be able to re-negotiate his contract.
    If we are able, we should hang onto him as long as possible to try to affect a trade.
    After all….we held onto Glennon and for two years used a roster spot on a 3rd QB and ultimately ended up with nothing.
    I do consider that one of Licht’s true failures.

  23. Supersam Says:

    I would think sims would have more trade value…younger cheaper, I think we will draft McCaffrey and look to move either sims or Martin soon after

  24. Tom Says:

    Joe, you keep coming up with these bizarre trade ideas. The key issue with your Aguayo and Martin fantasies is that no other GM in their right mind would trade for them. That’s kind of a key sticking point when you’re looking to trade a player.

  25. gotbbucs Says:

    Nobodies going to trade for or sign an aging RB until this RB deep draft is done. The supply and demand this year for RB’s is working hard against these older guys with question marks.

    They need to just hold onto him, let him get some decent reps in pre-season games to show that he’s healthy, and wait for someone on another team to get injured. As far as I know, they don’t have to pay him while he’s on suspension and he doesn’t count against the 53 man. If nobody wants him by that point, release him.

  26. Pickgrin Says:

    Better to hold onto Martin until he comes back from suspension in late Sept and make the decision about what to do with him then – instead of trade him away for a ham sandwich before even getting a chance to see what he looks like on the field this year.

    We will have a LOT more information then. Is he clean? Healthy? How is his attitude? How strong did he look running the ball in TC and preseason? Has he done everything asked of him? Have we lost any RBs to injury in the 1st 3 weeks?

    There’s actually a lot to this DM22 decision. When Martin is healthy and motivated – he is one of the better running backs in the NFL. No reason to rush him out the door when we don’t have to make any decisions until week 4 of the regular season….

  27. Rob Says:

    Click bait.. Joe’s have nothing today lol. What is this fantasy football
    Dude, the tens of thousands of good folks who visit here daily come for Joe’s Bucs thoughts as well as the news and happenings in the world of the team. The Bucs trading Doug Martin for a conditional pick is worth exploring and about the best the team could get.–Joe

  28. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I’d probably take a 4th or 5th for him. He’s been too inconsistent in general with 2 good years and 3 bad ones; and his contract isn’t cheap

    Nothing will likely happen until after the draft when we see what teams picked what RBs. Even then we’d have training camp and stuff to see how they actually end up looking; and possible injuries / cuts that would potentially set up a situation where Martin would be a trade target

  29. JonBuc Says:

    With Adrian Peterson and Jamal Charles still on the street, why would a team offer up compensation for a running back that is A) Suspended the first 3 games of 2017 B) Has a bloated contract C) Averaged less than 3 yards a carry in 2016?

  30. Tom S. Says:

    On one hand GM Joe says he’s no fool. On the other hand GM Joe proposes the Bucs trade a player on a contract that no team in the league would pay for, who is staring down a 3 game suspension to start 2017, while coming off a year where the player was markedly worse than a street free agent and spent the offseason in rehab.

    Hey, GM Joe was only off on Mike Glennon’s salary by like 10 million or so a year so he’s got a pretty good eye for player valuation!

  31. Gencoimports Says:

    Getting rid of Martin now will just be tipping the Bucs hand.

    If he looks good in OTAs and training camp, then I am all for him staying. Last year was last year and he looks good and like he has something to prove then dumping him would be foolish.

    Even if he doesn’t look good in preseason and the Bucs cut him, a platoon of Rodgers, Sims, Barber and a RB drafted by the Bucs in rounds 3-5 will be good enough. They do not need to draft a RB in rounds 1-2.

  32. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’d keep Martin, renegotiate his contract and make him play special teams.

  33. DB55 Says:


    Is there a player on the roster that you do like? Except for the Champion of smiles that is.

  34. tmaxcon Says:

    Martin is a below average more often than not injured unreliable back who does not score nor put the fear in a single defensive coordinator in NFL. Only the fans who enjoy being in the basement and a laughing stock league wide would want Martin back after he screwed his teammates

  35. ARGH_M8E Says:

    Ummm… comment isn’t showing up. Ok, weird

  36. America's Commenter Says:

    Any GM that would trade for a high-priced, often-injured RB with a PED violation suspension for the first quarter of the season should be fired on the spot.

    More than likely, the Bucs hang on to Martin through training camp in case there is an unfortunate injury to someone else on the team. He’ll get cut before the first game so his contract isn’t guaranteed for the season. Then he’s free to sign with another team that needs mid-season help at the RB position.

  37. The Anomaly Says:

    Doug Martin was NEVER a superstar. EVER. He had a great season during a contract year. The guy is bad more than good. DUMP HIM!

  38. Derekbucsfan Says:

    Joe I 200% agree with you.. I didn’t read all the comments but the ones I saw make me think there isn’t too many people who believe it. I was saying it was a possibility when the bucs didn’t pick up his option, that if he wasn’t going to be re-signed he would end up in Oakland. For those who don’t believe it just look at the highlights from that game in Oakland circa 2012. By far his best game as a pro. He was running away from their secondary and if a defender had an angle on him he had the strength to stiff arm em to the ground and finish with a score. He was special that game, hasn’t come close to touching that since. Fellow bucs fans face it; this regime is ready to get more looks at barber and will play the “not picking up your option” game with sims. It’s time to move on from Doug and the raiders need a running back. Of course they could be looking toward the draft but could still use him as a rb2. This isn’t click bait I could easily see this happening. Some players play better when they’re close to home. I feel like if AS”E and” J even ended back in Seattle he’d be the beast we were expecting in Tampa, but that’s another topic for another day

  39. Destinjohnny Says:

    Why the big push up get rid of the hamster?
    Don’t get it

  40. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Martin is gone no question. He sucks anyways

  41. SOEbuc Says:

    Joe I love how you already know that Licht and Dirk are going to trade or cut Doug and them almost definitely picking up a RB in the first. It really cracks me up.

  42. Pit Says:

    Sure let’s keep Martin and rely on him too. What is wrong with you guys we need to get rid of the cancer that is called Martin easy as that.

  43. R.O. Says:

    Hey you know what.. The Bucs can always Re-negotiate his contract if they like what the see in the spring and the results of urine tests…

  44. Mojiska Says:

    He is waiting to see what happens in the draft and maybe preseason before making a decision. “I can tolerate you until i can replace you”

  45. gotbbucs Says:


    Just in case you’ve been in a coma for about 8 months I’ll explain….Martin reverted back to suckage last season and then got popped for illegal drugs and is suspended for the first three games of the year. He is due to earn $7 million dollars this year and last year he produced about $700 thousand dollars worth. He voided his contract by pissing dirty.

    This all equates to, run away as fast as you can unless some other team is dumb enough to trade for a player that holds very little value.

  46. Poor Glennon Says:

    His contract will be voided. Why would the Raiders take him on with a contract that every team would void. He’ll be a FA. Some team will give him 3M on a 1 year contract for his 13 game regular season.

  47. Matt Says:

    Ok why not just resign Martin with like half the money he was on contract for and give him a year to prove himself

  48. Wesley Says:

    Keep on hating Joe.

  49. LongSeason Says:

    It’s a pipe dream to trade the Drug Hamster at this point. When the Hamster poisons himself the Gerbils laugh. I have more faith in Aguayo t this point than Drug Martin. My bet is the Bucs will have a long talk with Martin and assess him. Part of that assessment is for Martin to restructure his contract and if not he will be gone. That is when the a team will give a minimum veteran contract for the Drugintor.

  50. Eric Says:

    Draft a rb at 19. If you can obtain a cup of coffee for Martin, take it.

    He can’t be trusted.

  51. Rod Munch Says:

    It’s an odd numbered year – we know Martin is going to have a huge year. The guy has pride, I think, and if that’s the case he’s embarrassed and motivated. For all the talk of AD being the leading rusher 2 years ago – the guy who finished 2nd with a much better average and probably should have finished first is on the team with a contract that lets them cut him if he screws up anything. Keep Martin – bring him to camp, if he looks awful and unmotivated then cut him – or trade him if someone will give you something. Otherwise go into the preseason with him and again see how he looks – see how he responds. Again if he’s not all in – cut him. But doing so before then makes no sense. Even if you draft a RB in the 1st keep him – there is just ok reason not to unless he isn’t all there – then get rid of him. But I think he comes back strong and if we cut him he goes to Carolina and rushes for 1300 yards in 13 games and helps them to a 12-4 record – then the Bucs look really dumb.

  52. John Says:

    Easy, JonBuc

  53. John Says:

    No place on this Bucs only blog for those who comment only on poor choices…seems like a lot of y’all

  54. John Says:

    Hey Rob, go visit a patriots site or something, Jesus man

  55. Earl Lee byrd Says:

    People saying keep him? Why? A druggie with only one good season.trade him for Oakland’s kicker.lol.
    I say trade up a couple spots and get cook. Even toss in Martin as bait.
    Obvious the bucs are being quiet because they are eyeing a RB.
    P.S I like ice cream

  56. mike10 Says:

    Look this isn’t going to be a popular comment, but that’s what blogs are about, opinions. But I think Licht gets fleeced on most trades he makes. Even his FA contracts seem lavish, although I’ll give him credit for the Baker money.
    I’m also skeptical about his drafting, especially when the pick requires subjectivity.
    Finally, I’d keep Martin to an incentive based contract – only IF he comes back clean and in the same shape he was coming into 2015 training camp.

  57. mike10 Says:

    Also, don’t u dare draft a RB in the first

  58. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, got that early morning laugh out the way! Are we to count on Quizz, with that O/Line we have? DRAFT MIXON AND THE WINS WILL COME!!

  59. BigHogHaynes Says:

    But you also got to BUILD A WALL but not in Mexico……dumb a$$!!

  60. Bucballbaby84 Says:

    Martin is a good guy but isn’t worth the money in my eyes. 2 good seasons since being drafted and the rest is full of injuries and poor production. Release him and save your money for contracts for Winston and Evans. Deep draft for backs so they can surely find a back even in the 4th round to produce as much as Martin has.


    Martin gashed them for 251 yards and four touchdowns in the past so they know what he can do when hes on.

  62. GETACLUE Says:

    Can we trade Martin and our rights to Jake Plummer for Lynch lmao

  63. Rod Munch Says:

    So Martin has been one of the best, if not the best, runningback in football for 40% of his time here, then was injured about another 40% of the time – then last year he was playing in an offense where I, not a NFL defensive cordinator, could correctly what what Dirk was going to run on first and 2nd down, not just run/pass but what direction, play action or not etc, in that miserable offense where he’s getting hit 3 yards behind the line nearly half the time – you think he suddenly doesn’t know how to play? Did you watch the games? At least with Rodgers did OK as a backup but also look at the opponents he played. Dirk wasn’t good last year, and Martin was getting hit so often behind the LOS it’s hard to know exactly why was going on. The people complaining about Martin, in particular the ones saying he had only one good year (he was a 2 time All-Pro dope) you were probably the same dullard that in his rookie year was saying he was no good because he only broke 8 moves to break free but didn’t have closing speed and would get chased down after a 40 yard gain. Yeah there was plenty of those r words around, and they’re still here. Being pessimistic about his future is one thing, but to be so uneducated about the team that you follow that you don’t even know super basic things – ugh.

  64. TeddyTB Says:

    Lol y’all have to be some of the most short sighted fans in the NFL. No wonder bucs players usually enjoy success after leaving Tampa. Y’all acting like Martin fought a toddler or something evil. He was outstanding as a rookie and was 2nd in rushing in 2015 but y’all only focus on when he’s injured. Then he does us a favor and voids his deal but y’all don’t see the value in that. Some teams don’t have one decent back and that’s a position we actually have depth at . Plus rookies aren’t guaranteed what happens if you cut martin trade up for cook and he becomes a bust. Martin’s only negative by being on the team is his roster spot. Y’all really missing the responsible move on this one. Lol people in Tampa still want Blount back smh

  65. NFLNut Says:

    The Raiders, Patriots, Giants, Packers and Colts are the five teams most likely to trade for Martin imho … but I would be shocked if the Bucs could get anything more than a 6th round pick and think a conditional 6th or 7th is more likely.

  66. Derekbucsfan Says:

    Teddy you just made the point for me. We do indeed have depth at that position and the draft is loaded at that position this year. Why forgo drafting a back? Isn’t the NFL a “what have you done lately” league? He had an opportunity after getting his second contract which they initially didn’t want to do, and then what. Mediocre season book ended with injuries and suspension.. of course he’s a good back but he’s no good if he’s always hurt.