Doug Martin Fingered As Partier, Molly Abuser

January 5th, 2017
Steve Duemig exposed Doug Martin on live radio Tuesday -- and the Bucs' silence in the aftermath was deafening.

Steve Duemig exposed Doug Martin on live radio Tuesday. Subsequent silence from the Bucs and Martins’ agent in the aftermath is telling.

Lie about Buccaneers staff, players or ownership on the Buccaneers flagship radio station, WDAE-AM 620, and you’ll get in all kinds of hot water, maybe even fired. It’s happened before.

Tell the truth and it’s all good.

It’s just that simple.

WDAE-AM 620 host Steve Duemig, who has hinted about Doug Martin having a drug problem for years on the air, let it rip full blast Tuesday evening upon returning from his vacation.

Duemig blasted Martin for his drug use and letting down the team, and said the Bucs were aware of Martin’s history of abusing drugs before re-signing him last year.

“The Bucs knew Doug Martin was a Molly taker and that’s why he had such a crappy ass second year, because he got the money and he went on the Mollys,” Duemig said. “The Bucs knew I knew, so I’m not afraid to say it. And they never said anything [about my previous on-air] hints because they know I know.”

There is much more in the full WDAE-AM 620 audio below.

Now Joe heard this live but waited 24 hours to talk to Duemig live on the air yesterday during the Hour. Joe wanted Duemig to tell his audience that nobody from the Bucs or Martin’s camp disputed anything he said, called for his dismissal, asked him to retract and apologize, or called station management to demand the audio come down from the WDAE website. That (at the very least) would have been standard procedure if Duemig were spouting BS.

But none of that happened. Not a peep was uttered, Duemig said.

Yes, Joe was aware of the Martin drug chatter for years, first alerted by Duemig years ago and then from others.

Of course, players clean up their acts and get second chances, but those chances aren’t always respected and appreciated. And that seems to be the case with Martin.

Remember how America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, always talks about family and rallies his team when a “family member” or “brother” is down? Like when Kwon Alexander, Alterraun Verner, Kevin Pamphile and Lavonte David all had immediate family members die?

In those situations, Jameis and other Bucs talked repeatedly about winning for their wounded brother. Well, Joe heard none of that talk from the Bucs on Sunday as it related to Martin, who the Bucs say has to get healthy. Nobody seemed to be trying to beat Carolina for Doug. And Joe thinks that says an awful lot.

189 Responses to “Doug Martin Fingered As Partier, Molly Abuser”

  1. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    I was told by a inside source Dalvin Cook doesn’t even drink flavoured water.

  2. gotbbucs Says:

    They obviously can’t depend on him to produce, so move on.

    You don’t get suspended after testing positive one time, it takes two or three positive tests before the NFL hands down suspensions.

  3. "Ice Man" Bob Gilbert Says:

    Audio working for anyone else? Not working for me.

  4. ndog Says:

    We don’t need that here especially when we have young guys around like Noah Spence who has had his own demons. Cut him and let the chips fall where they may as even when he is playing you never know what you are going to get.

  5. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    A Yo GOAT I’ve check out the young man Corey Davis a lil bit. When would you want to see him come off the board for us bro??? Also do you see him as a legitimate day one #2 or 3. First pick in the second after we’ve taken Mr. Dalvin then I’m all inn. He has shades of Antonio Browm about him,to me coupled with a free agent vet in the summer and I think you’re on to something.

  6. Bucsfanman Says:

    This saddens me because I liked Martin and I am a HUUUUUUGE Buc fan. I guess the “family” atmosphere was a bit overstated!
    Is it surprising that he’s a partier? No, I was a kid once too. It’s disappointing as a fan.

  7. USFBUC Says:

    I say try and trade him for anything we can. Hearing that he has had a history of drug issues tells me that this will be an ongoing issue. This probably explains why Martin is a part time RB.

  8. Tampa Tony Says:

    The media is so eager to talk about this but no one will spill the beans on Freeman’s downfall

  9. USFBUC Says:

    Nole on Sat – Corey Davis is projected as a first round pick so we would need to have two picks in the first to take him.

  10. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Molly is the choice of drugs for players and entertainers. That’s the drug that got Noah Spence kicked from Ohio state. I thought that was the drug that Doug was taking, but knowing and thinking are two different things. Molly aka Ecstasy has been around for awhile and is very popular on the club scene.

  11. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    And people think I’m screaming Dalvin Cook mainly because I’m on some homer s@$! stop it. WE DON’T CURRENTLY HAVE A STARTING RB SMART GUYS! Now as for my choice for the first round ask yourself this. Would he not fit in two categories 1 best player available and 2 drafting for need??? Ponder that you super IQ mutha

  12. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Players should just stay off the Drugs. But the thing is that Alcohol is the worst Drug.

  13. bucsfaninchina Says:

    Shots fired by Duemig!! That is a pretty sizable accusation to make public. Can only hope Mr. Noah Spence learned from the first time around and isn’t following Doug’s lead.

    And a little molly never hurt anybody. Give it a shot, Bucs Nation (except if you’re Noah)

  14. The Buc Realist Says:

    Is this from the same guy that cannot figure out why jfro-6pak is still not in the league!!!! At least he got to the bottom of drug martin (allegedly)!!!!!!!!

  15. ndog Says:

    Nole that is great but he will not be there when we pick. BTW did you hear Dumeig say yesterday that Cook is no Zeek Elliot? Hes right but what he doesn’t get is that Dalvin is better!

  16. lightningbuc Says:

    [Joe hates to do this to a long-time reader and follower, but if you can’t follow the rules, you cannot follow the rules. Into the cooler until the combine. — Joe]

  17. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Alcohol is the worst type of drug, but it’s legal. And the NFL make big bucks from Budweiser. If the NFL was really concern about drug use, they would ban alcohol from the games.

  18. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “The media is so eager to talk about this but no one will spill the beans on Freeman’s downfall”


    Apparently you didn’t listen to the audio. He said he doesn’t know about Freeman.

  19. The Buc Realist Says:

    @Hawaiian Buc

    The same exact rumors (and more) swirled around town during the Jfro-6pak days!!!

    “Dosen’t know” and “dosen’t want to say” are two entirely different things!!!!! But I am sure it was just some coach that drove jfro there even though rumors were around way more than a year before said coach took the Job!!!!!!!!!

  20. Pvine Says:

    Folks, Cook is the best running back in college football and I and others really, really like him. But, do the Bucs need him more than an elite receiver or a stud offensive lineman ( center )? After all Jameis has been having to throw looking out of his butt most of the time since he’s been here. For once please fix that O-line. It will do miracles for the offense.

  21. Gambelero Says:

    If I was a Glazer and just found out that people knew about the drug issue beforehand and signed him anyway, heads would roll

  22. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Ok guys here’s my plan for the 2017 offense to guarantee a playoff berth and shot at SB:

    -Sign a T to compete at either spot
    -If Sweezy is gone then sign a G to compete along the interior – someone big n nasty
    -That’s enough for O-line. I forget about the amount young players we have on the line:
    Donavon Smith, Ali Marpet, Kevin Pamphile, Caleb Benecoch, Ben Goddschalk,– hell you could probably start all 5 of those guys and get by which is kind of crazy. So I think having 3 solid vets mixed in would help (Dotson + the 2 signings)

    -Sign Pierre Garcon – immediate #2 WR – should give us 2-3 years as we groom his replacement and will be ready to ball day 1
    -Drop back a few spots in the draft and pick up an extra 3rd or 4th – draft OJ Howard – TE
    -Draft DeDe Westbrook WR round 2
    -Draft Donta’ Forman or BPA power RB round 3 or later round

    Imagine the offensive possibilities – you could do anything you want as you have every skill set covered-

    ME – big tall #1 first down & TD maker WR
    Garcon – solid dependable #2 who actually has decent speed
    Westbrook – speedy playmaker who can run go routes or crossing routes / screens to get him in space
    Humphries – dependable slot WR/ dependable hands WR in general– should get easy passes underneath if we have all those other beasts occupying the defense in a 4 WR set on 3rd down
    Howard – elite TE who can stay on the field and block like a Stocker, catch like a Brate, and run like a sane ASJ
    Brate – 2nd pass catching TE for 2 TE sets and dependable goal line threat
    Foreman/Rodgers/Sims – power back, solid backup back, and a pass catching specialist back

  23. ElioT Says:

    Didn’t you hear Duemig?

    “I could own this town, but that’s no my place”…

    So it’s not his place when he doesn’t have an agenda against someone…

    Yet Josh Freeman can f**k the team worse than any player ever has and Duemig keeps his lips sealed because he’s his buddy?

    That station can’t go all national soon enough.

  24. DB55 Says:

    Not sure who I like more, GMC or Deumig?

    Corey Davis – first thoughts, western Michigan don’t play any real completion.

    Draft Cook, make a trade for Rashad Greene , build the lines thru the draft.

  25. Bobby M. Says:

    Another Dominick pick flames out….shocker

  26. ElioT Says:

    How is my comment awaiting moderation?

    Freedom of speech huh?

    Go Bucs!

  27. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    LMAO. You are the man! Not even flavored water.

    I’m 69 was in Vietnam, worked several decades in broadcasting including R&R radio. Does anybody think I’ve seen some druggies in my lifetime and of course I myself never inhaled! Or popped! Or snorted! About the only thing I haven’t seen is people injecting themselves.

    Drugs are powerful. People take them because they work! It can be incredibly difficult to stop taking them depending which drug and for the life of me I cannot believe how this stuff happens.

    First…on a human level…good luck getting your life back together I honestly wish the best for Doug.

    Second…on a football leval…see yah!!! Doug is just not the good. He’s not a generational player and I don’t understand why the Bucs didn’t give him some tough love long ago and either get him to shape up or ship out.

    IMHO it’s too late now. Again..he’s not a generational player and can be replaced as we saw this year by a 5-6 guy off the street. Love you Doug but it’s been nice knowin’ ya. Seriously hope you can kick the problem.

  28. mike10 Says:

    There seems to be a “line in the sand” between pre- and post-Jameis when it comes to abiding by that “brotherhood sentiment”.

  29. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    It’s not my place to speak for the Joes but this happens to me occcasionally as well. The Joes have software that monitors us to make sure we don’t go on a horrid cursing free for all. Sometimes the nanny gets a bit aggressive.

    In my experience though as soon as Joe’s interns read it they put it up as is the case this time.

    I only post this not so much to inform but because I feel this is one of the Joe’s greatest strength…they are as transparent and open to criticism as any media outlet I’ve seen. They’re actually very light handed when it comes to censorship. And when they are attacked personally they respond in a reasonable fashion. I feel this is actually one of JBF”s great strengths. There is a lot of freedom of expression permitted here.

  30. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    ndog we know Dalvin better. Pacman Jones said after facing Zek that he’s good but they’re are backs in the NFL wit better lateral movement and quicker feet. Nice way of saying he would probably be just another okay back were he not running behindx that line. Zek is a great str8 line runner. In my opinion I would never say best RB in the league.

  31. LakeLandBuc Says:

    I’m done with trying to pick the draft for the Bucs. You will only get upset and angry during the draft. Our 2nd draft in 1977 fans were in a uproar over John McKay picking Ricky Bell over Tony Dorsett. Then the following year the Bucs traded down instead of taking Earl Campbell. And last season fans were throwing things when the Aguayo pick was announced.

  32. duthsty rhothdes Says:

    So “everyone” knew about this drug problem of doug martin yet this dunderhead of a gm Jason Gump signs martin to big money and the joes give licht a B+ sounds like Jason Gump deserves a Big F if he either knew and signed him anyway or was only one in Tampa that didnt know… every big time player at the ohio state has been popped for molly, its whatever on the drug but it will get u kicked out of the NFL so total blame rides on Licht, just saying if he knew, draft derick henry round 2 cut ties w martin or be an incompetent gm sign a known druggie who will let you down in a playoff run…

  33. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Bucs Realist,

    If you listen to the audio, Big Dog said he doesn’t know about Freeman. We all know he partied and took drugs, but nobody seems to know exactly what Freeman did like we do with Doug.

  34. Eric Says:

    A back bursts through the line toward open field.

    Who would you prefer with the ball?

    Doug Martin or Dalvin Cook?

  35. J Gant Says:


    Garçon would be my first choice among FA WR. Also wouldn’t mind Terrance Williams for cheaper.

    Also would like to see a true power back such as Fournette or Foreman in the draft.

    As far as sweezy I would hope we keep him and can stay healthy. He brings Hawley’s aggressive mentality in a bigger, stronger, more athletic body. I know the “experts” at PFF were low on sweezy but Tom Cable raved about him in Seattle and I value his opinion much more with his track record being one of the more respected o-line coaches in the NFL.
    Would still like to add a tackle or guard/center in the draft but imagine pairing marpet, pamphile, smith, sweezy with another young promising talent. I see Dotson more as veteran depth at this stage in his career so we can avoid the disaster we had with Cherilus this year.

    Also would still like to see us add depth at DT and in the secondary in FA. As well as add another edge rusher to pair with Noah Spence in the draft.

  36. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Doug wasn’t a Mark Dominik pick, he was a Greg Schiano pick. Just like Kwon Alexander wasn’t a Jason Licht pick, he was a Lovie smith pick. Schiano wanted a smaller Bell-Cow RB similar to Ray Rice who he had at Rutgers. Just as Lovie wanted the small-undersize ILB that fits his Cover 2.

  37. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Now I’m asking myself, did Kwon and Jude get popped for Molly?

  38. Trubucfan22 Says:

    So he was awesome in the 2015 season even while on the mollys? So it must not have affected his play too much. Unless this season it got out of control, or started mixing the adderall and mollys or something. Im skeptical what doug was actually busted for. Molly or adderall. He is accused of abusing both.

    I dont see drig habits as a problem unless it affexts the on field production. If the drugs (which ever he takes) caused his lack of production last season then that is a lot more worrisome.

    I still believe the bucs should attempt to give him a second chance. A pay cut and shorter contract. If doug refuses, then cut him. But i would like to see if Doug can come back from this. I do not think doug lost his talent, maybe he lost his mind temporarily while on the drugs. But if he can get his self right and get his body back in shape, he has proved he can be an elite back in the NFL. Imo that is a better situation than drafting a RB in the first 2 rounds of the draft. Definitely find a deeper round RB incase martin cannot return to his former glory. But no need to spend a high valuable draft pick on a RB.

  39. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Me personally ndog I’m kinda partial to the Leshean McCoy types. This league is making all effort to reduce big impact in the game. H3ll I even seen a rule that states a RB can be flagged if lowering his helmet at the wrong time. The McCoy types are best between the tackles and on the edges. That toss play I complained about Koetter running over and over with DM for no yards can be ran with those types. They are excellent in the passing game also. The more versatile the deeper he can go in the play book.

  40. LargoBuc Says:

    I’ve seen it all. And yes Molly is a very dangerous drug that can scar brain tissue. The active ingredient in Molly is MDMA which is an amphetamine like Aderall and Crystal. The good thing is that despite being related to Crystal, Molly is beatable, unlike opiates such as Oxycontin or Heroin which are both considered “life sentences”.
    As far as Doug is concerned I say we move on. Yes his drug of choice is not impossible but the return we have gotten in contrast to the time and money spent does equate. This draft is deep at rb and IMO, its time to move on.

  41. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Okay here’s the thing Tru22, lets say hypothetically speaking Cook is there at 19 when we draft. What WR or O linemen do you have rated higher than him that would make more since to take instead of him???

  42. Max Says:

    I think Doug Martin is definitely in the closet as well. He has that feminine/flamboyant lisp in his voice.

  43. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Gm’s don’t always choose the players that’s drafted. Former Buc GM Phil Kruger whose rose from ST coach to GM. Once said ” I don’t pick the players I just sign them”. He even said that he didn’t even like some of the players. Some GM’s are just yes man for the Head coach.

  44. Kevin Says:

    Get him out of here…..make an example of him or tour prized 1st year de may take a trip down memory lane with dougie. Man never seemed like the type but guess I was wrong. Get him outa here that is not a team guy sucks but needs to happen

  45. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Ooouu Lakeland than you for your comment. It helps my statement of “there is more to the draft than meets the eye”.

  46. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Makes me wonder what Team Glazers were doing the night of the Orange Bowl..

  47. Not there yet Says:

    I knew there was no way it was Adderall, you don’t seek treatment for that. I’m a huge fan of the team so there’s no way I could justify ever wearing his jersey ever again even around the house. Such a waste but a good teaching moment for my son who was a fan of dougie. Drugs and money go hand in hand with a lot of people and the one thing you can’t scout is how a guy would spend his money when it comes .

  48. LakeLandBuc Says:

    This is what Noah Spence said about his Molly use. I’m copying and pasting this, this isn’t coming from me, it’s coming from Spence. Noah Spence’s first time using Ecstasy came at a party. He tried it in high school during his senior year. “It was more of a curious thing,” he said. “I didn’t know much about it. I was at a party and was handed it, and thought, ‘This can’t really kill me, I’m gonna go ahead and do this.’ But then it got to the point where I thought, ‘I’m gonna do this every time I go to a party because it’s fun.’ ”

    Spence had tried marijuana a few times before, he said, but didn’t like the way it made him feel down. Ecstasy — Molly — was different. In pill form, he’d drop it in a bottle of water and it’d dissolve. “It makes you happy, crazy,” he said. “It enhances your partying. You’d be up all night. Kinda whacked out. You do remember stuff but it’s a little blurred. You get addicted to the feeling, to having a good time while you’re on it. I wouldn’t do it during the week. I would strictly do it when I was going to a party.

    “There was another problem I had — I was getting it for free. ‘Oh, you want this? Here, go ahead.’ ”

    you can read the whole article here.

  49. Eric Says:

    Doing Molly used to have an entirely different meaning.

  50. unbelievable Says:

    “he went on the Mollys” LOL. That must be the lingo the kids are using these days.

    Molly/X is just like many other substances, not harmful if you’re doing it once in a while, but the feeling is so great it’s easy to want to do it all the time. Especially if you’re getting it for free. But it’s not physically addictive like blow, heroin, opiates, etc. Of course opiates are prescribed by doctors so those are okay, right? despite the fact that we have an epidemic of people dying across the country from opiate addiction. But hey big pharma says it’s okay and politicians agree.

  51. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Nole. I think the owners and the Head Coach has the power. The owners has the final say, but the Head Coach has the influence on the owners. Bill Belichick has been the Patriots HC and GM since 2000. Scott Pioli, Jason Light, Thomas Dimitroff etc, were nothing but errand boy for Belichick.

  52. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Agreed Lakeland.. Truducfan22 didn’t think you had anyone in mind.

  53. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Ima say this Lakeland I am a theorist. When I watched Joe Nammoth’s NFL network The Life and saw them set in 1965 all the owners collectively decided he was going to New York I stop believing the draft was entirely up to chance.

  54. R.O. Says:

    You dont fail 1 drug test and get suspended… its a step in the process.

  55. Buccfan37 Says:

    Didn’t know what molly was until I read up the page. A war on drugs is a war on the people. Free the people.

  56. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    You’re dead on about what Big Pharma and politics have done to our health care and drugs are no different.

    And so in comes politics and Tricky Dicky Nixon who was peoed at the hippies for protesting his war. He got even with them. He moved pot up to schedule 1 with heroin and the heavy hitters. There was no science or medicine whatsoever behind the decision…just pure politics.

    Now take the NFL. There’s a scientist in Jerusalem who has already found that THC has helped mice and rats recover more quickly and effectively from concussions and even brain damage.

    Shouldn’t the NFL be on this like stink on dung? Instead of listening to their players who point out the ruined lives of NFL vets who used the “LEGAL” methods of pain relief which they would combine with booze. The younger dudes claim they simply burn a joint to mellow out at night.

    Which is better…opiods the current NFL drug of preference…or an evening joint.
    Shouldn’t the subject at least be explored seriously and SCIENTIFICALLY by the league?

  57. LUVMYBUCS Says:



    October 13th, 2015 at 5:44 pm <-

    Let me start it early

    Dalvin Cook

    Dalvin Cook

    Dalvin Cook

    Dalvin Cook

    Dalvin Cook

  58. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    A LUV this what’s gone happen. We’ll take him at 19 many here will b@$# and groan. Training camp will star,Bucs players will be dinning his praises about how he is the real deal. First pte season game will come around. Koetter will run one of those toss plays and boom! He’ll 65 yards. Then everyone will be like I think we got something.

  59. Negative Jeff Says:

    More Hugs and Less Drugs people.

  60. Tony in Los Angeles Says:

    For everyone hoping the Bucs take Dalvin this year – and I’m a huge FSU guy – you need to take a look at history and learn from it…

    Zeke is an outlier in Dallas this year. It is VERY rare to have that kind of O-line and still be picking that high which Dallas did last year. That was a direct result of losing Romo in 2015 and having complete incompetence backing him up. Throw that out. NOW – look at the track records of all the other teams that took a RB in the first round over the last few years. How are the Rams and Chargers doing? They took 1st round RB’s in 2015. They’re not even in the same cities any longer.

    Before that, let’s look at the trifecta of 2012, the last time before 2015 that teams were dumb enough to draft 1st round RB’s… Trent Richardson? David Wilson? And… er… oh yeah… Doug Martin? How’s that working out?

    Not good enough? What about the trifecta of 2010, the time previous before that? C.J. Spiller? Ryan Matthews? Jahvid Best?

    Guys – THESE ARE ALL THE FIRST ROUND RUNNING BACKS TAKEN SINCE 2010. The Bucs would be ABSOLUTE FOOLS to do the same. Good teams do not draft running backs early. Period.

  61. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Eli changes his name to his step dads name his last season at OU. Hmm whata-you-know I’m get drafted to play my pro ball in the BIG APPLE. What a co-inkydink😂.

  62. Buc believer Says:

    We all know Steve has his “sources”

  63. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    To Tony in L.A. go read Scott Reynolds SR5 report from last week on this very subject and come back an tell me you feel the same.

  64. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    I don’t know about anyone else I’m not basing my opinion on anything Zek had done in dallas. My argument is this team needs explosive playmakers. He is one of the best coming out this class. Again do we currently have a starting RB for 2017??? Don’t give me you can find one in the later rounds. We haven’t done so well with WRs recently using that philosophy.

  65. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    For every so so name you mention Tony in L.A. that SR5 report can detail many more success that have went in the first round. I’m talking bout HOFers.

  66. Buc1987 Says:

    NOS…I’m a BIG Corey Davis fan. Yes I think he can be our #1 or #2.

    As far as Martin goes….

    From the early, early mornin’ till the early, early night
    You can see miss Molly rockin’ at the house of blue light.
    Good golly, miss Molly, sure like to ball.
    When you’re rockin’ and a rollin’ can’t hear your momma call.

  67. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    I’m not much for cutting and pasting that’s why I dared everyone of you anti RB in the first round type to read it last week.

  68. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    87 I like Corey Davis GOAT told me to check him. My only thing is people are anti my guy an he comes from a power conference. Western Michigan not saying he won’t be a baller but to me that says 2nd round. He’s nice but between he and Mike Williams I’m taking Williams in the 1st.

  69. unbelievable Says:

    I know St. Pete– it’s a damn shame for so many reasons. SOOOOOO much money and resources just wasted over the last 40 years. So many lives ruined, so many people incarcerated.

    You’d think conservatives who are always concerned about spending money would be outraged at how much we’ve wasted, and continue to waste, on this completely failed policy. But hey, how else are you gonna prop up the prison industrial complex if you’re not jailing millions of people for non-violent crimes?

    As for the NFL, yes you’d think they would want all the cutting edge research and best medicinal techniques for the betterment of their players, but they don’t. We all know the only thing the league cares about is $$$$. “Player safety”? HA! What a joke.

  70. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun

    No doubt – the kid’s a monster.

    Even though there’s a good possibility – Cook wouldn’t make out of the Top-10.
    He would be my pick. Outside of I’ve got a lot respect for Samaje Perine game – and my late round sleeper is –Kareem Hunt.

  71. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *Outside of that – I’ve got a lot respect for Samaje Perine game – and my late round sleeper is –Kareem Hunt.

  72. Armando Says:

    “Drugs are bad, mmmkay” Mr Mackey

  73. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Wait where are all the guys that said it was Aderrall. I heard those same rumors a couple weeks ago from a different source.

  74. Buc1987 Says:

    Man… soooooooo perhaps some of us were right…

    There was no hammy injury was there?

    If I find that out….I’m burning his jersey.

    Yeah that’s how I roll.

  75. 813bucboi Says:

    @nole…if cook is there at #19 take him….but do you really think he’ll be there @#19….that’s just like saying mike Williams will be there at #19….or cam robinson @#19….cook is a great talent but not a TOP priority to the bucs….without getting an elite wr in the draft to open things up for jameis, teams will continue to load the box and double mike….do you really want to see cook getting hit time after time again behind the LOS like we witnessed this year?…we have to get a wr or lineman in the first round in order to open things up for whichever rb we select(donte foreman)…..

    @lord c…..well done…looks like the draft prediction I made up yesterday…I think howard goes higher tho….I would target bucky hodges te from Virginia tech…..I love that list tho….GO BUCS!!!!

  76. BucFamous Says:

    Let’s be objective.

    Cook is the best running back in Florida state history, and in my opinion the best running back in college football right now. However, he is not guaranteed to have success in the NFL. He has had reoccurring hamstring and shoulder injuries. And he is smaller than your prototypical NFL running back. That has to be evaluated when you’re looking at jumping up the draft board to grab him. Especially when the shelf life of a running back in the NFL is so short.

    Now, that being said, if he is picked I will be cheering the loudest and I’ll be the happiest Nole and Bucs fan you’ve ever seen. But it does give me pause. Especially when the Bucs have so many glaring needs.

  77. D-Rome Says:

    The media is so eager to talk about this but no one will spill the beans on Freeman’s downfall

    Very curious indeed. Most of us have heard the rumors but I have to believe someone out there knows the real story.

  78. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    I feel somtimes – that you need to knuckle -up, and run that “Power-O” down their freaking throats.

    So if we can get that thick/shifty, break tackles type runner -ala-Chuck Muncie…
    ..we’ll be alright

  79. Brian Says:

    So… throw a story out there and if it doesnt generate comment then its the truth? Thats how you vet stuff? Holy hell are you all a bunch of hacks

  80. Bucsfanman Says:

    @StPete- Nixon is also responsible for the advent of HMOs. How’d that work out for us?! “Best health care in the world.” Yeah, OK. He got us coming and going. Literally!

  81. Buc1987 Says:

    lol Brian….was thinking the same thing.

    Awaiting Joe’s retort.

  82. Buc1987 Says:

    Dalvin makes sense seeing how we do have a hole at the RB position if Martin is truly gone.

    I’d still draft O-line or WR though.

    It’s going to take a lot more from NOS, LUV and the like to convince me on this one.

  83. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    LUV the power of Perine dose jump off the screen. How couldn’t he be with as thick as he is in lower trunk area.

  84. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    No one has mentioned Leonard Fournette. Just curious. Do we not think he and D Cook are pretty much a tossup or does Cook have a lot more speed than Fournette.

    I wouldn’t mind the big kid from Texas either.

    Whatever I do not want the RB picked in this year’s draft to be an afterthought.
    I think we have need there as badly as WR. In fact we have no RB who is to running what ME is to WR. We have NO impact RB’s. I like Quizz but he’s no generational RB.

    Marshawn Lynch went #11 in the draft. Eddie Lacy lasted until 61.

    I would like a back like this wherever we pick them thank you. I feel D. Cook is the best RB coming out although I get many prefer Fournette..including Walter Football which has McCaffery ranked 3rd and Kamera from TN 4th and the kid from Texas Donta Foreman.

    I would love to have one of these five. If we can get one in the 2nd round great…if we’re certain they’d last till the 3rd….

    If we run the ball next year like we did Koetter’s first year we go to the playoffs.

    As someone once said…”It’s as simple as that”.

  85. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    You’ll come around after free agency 87.

  86. DB55 Says:

    I say let them pop Molly’s. Drugs makes them play better. Instead of pre-game pep talks everyone smoke a blunt and pop Molly’s. SB here we come….

  87. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    St. Pete Blake has been sounding Fournette’s horn alot. Main reason Im pro Cook (contrary to popular belief) is I feel what do under Koetter’s is dorectly in line with what Jimbo did wih him while in school.

  88. D-Rome Says:

    So… throw a story out there and if it doesnt generate comment then its the truth?

    I thought the Joe’s and Steve were very clear about what happens when the local media throws a B.S. story out there especially on the airwaves of the flagship station for the Bucs.

    Does anyone remember what happened to Dan Sileo when he merely suggested the possibility the Glazers may have lost money because of Bernie Madoff? There have been other instances in the past. The Buccaneers have a history putting pressure on the local media, whether it’s print or on air, when a story is put out there that isn’t true. If the Buccaneers did no such thing in this instances you can be sure the story is true.

    Or, you can believe what you want to believe.

  89. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    I’ve never said Fournette won’t be beastly. I just think Cook is the better fit. Some power I want LeShean McCoy type versatility.

  90. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    As the game progresses -and you come out the tunnel in the 2nd half.
    The last thing you wanna see – is a runner like that.

    If Cook doesn’t fall in our lap – in the 1st.

    Trade back and draft (either)
    -Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame
    -Desmond King, CB/S, Iowa

  91. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Solid reasoning NOSBOS….the other thing that makes me just a little leary is Fournette’s ankle injury.

    D Cook is just an incredibly explosive athlete. It’s his style that intrigues me.
    His acceleration through the hole is amazing and if he gets into the secondary nobody brings him down from behind like Molly man.

    All of us have been saying this…Koetter even said it this week…this team is sorely lacking in speed and explosive playmakers.

    So we draft D Cook…a great WR…and find another good OL…The WR needs to have speed!!! Hump is good…Brate is good…but no game breaking speed there. Where are our playmakers besides ME. And they don’t have to be another WR. D Cook is a playmaker.

  92. The Buc Realist Says:

    DB55 Says:
    January 5th, 2017 at 1:23 pm
    “I say let them pop Molly’s. Drugs makes them play better.”

    If that was true, then the team that Dom/Rah had built would have been 5 time superbowl champs!!!!!! (allegedly)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Defense Rules Says:

    @Negative Jeff … “More Hugs and Less Drugs people.” Negative, you’re gonna have to change your name. That’s the most positive post I’ve read all day. You couldn’t be more right.

  94. DB55 Says:

    10-6 best season yet. All I’m saying. Lololol

  95. The Buc Realist Says:


    well played!!!!!!

  96. D-Rome Says:

    And to think we gave up Legarrette Blount for this guy…

  97. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Last year I pounded the rock for T Jack Conklin

    *If Dalvin Cook doesn’t fall in our lap

    This year I’ve got to go with the kid out of Notre Dame – G Quenton Nelson

    LT Donovan Smith | Leonard Wester
    LG Quenton Nelson | J. R. Sweezy
    C Joe Hawley | Ben Gottschalk
    RG Ali Marpet | Caleb Benenoch
    RT Kevin Pamphile | Demar Dotson


    LT Donovan Smith | Leonard Wester
    LG Kevin Pamphile | Josh Allen
    C Ali Marpet | Ben Gottschalk
    RG Quenton Nelson | J. R. Sweezy
    RT Demar Dotson | Caleb Benenoch

  98. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    (Guard) Quenton Nelson – Highlights

  99. DB55 Says:

    I think Josh Allen got cut. He’s not on the team anymore.

  100. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Thanks – Didn’t wanna list him anyway.

  101. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    If we let Hawley walk – moving Marpet to center, makes the logical choice.
    Then how could pass up a mauler like Nelson?

  102. bucsfan102 Says:

    Sounds like a great time to renegotiate a contract for 25%. Molly doesn’t make you bad, staying out all night Saturday does. Great talent left there. Give him a Jerry Jones style body guard 24/7 and we got a top 5 NFL back for the price of rookie 2nd rounder

  103. DB55 Says:

    Agreed. Marpet center with Pamphile and Caleb on either side. Donovan at RT and joe Thomas at lt. COME licht make a play baby make a play.

  104. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    I like the Joe Thomas trade – but heard Cleveland was asking for any arm & leg though.

    Joe Thomas
    Kevin Pamphile
    Ali Marpet
    Quenton Nelson
    Donovan Smith

    Not a bad look

  105. Gilhealy Says:

    @NoS, in regards to Davis out of W. Michigan, the kid is really good. By far the best WR out there. Tough, tough guy. Did you see the TD late against Wisconsin this weekend? That’s how you go and get it. And the lesser conference just means it took a while longer for us to notice. Remember, Jerry Rice- Miss Valley St. Walter Payton- Jackson St. Doug Williams- Grambling. Ali Marpet- Hobart. Tony Romo- Eastern Illinois.

    You never know. If you can ball, they’ll find you. This guy would help, along with #4, Jameis light it up like he’s dying to do. Evans, Davis, Cook, Hump, Brate is good enough. If we grab a big TE like the kid at ‘Bama, look out.

  106. Q Says:

    Sir, Joe is not like other media. Joe is not going to ignore an interesting story on the official Buccaneers radio station and on the website of that station. Joe shared what was presented on the air and offered a firm opinion as to its validity. Sorry you think that’s bad form, but Joe is not about to pretend it doesn’t exist. If the Bucs or Martin’s agent thought it was lies, it wouldn’t be there.–Joe

  107. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    813 I kinda feel like WR will be a Big emphasis come the free agency period bro. They didn’t bite when it came the Boldin’s and White’s of the world maybe because of pending free agent option they knew would become available this off season. I could be wrong I’ve never had a problem with being that. I just can’t see us passing up on Dalvin if he’s there at 19. St.Pete hit it on the head when he mention in his last post Koetter keeps using the word explosive players. If we all can’t agree on anything we should be able to agree he’s definitely one the most explosive players entering the draft.

  108. Gilhealy Says:

    Koetter just needs weapons. With his deep ball game, he’s got the prototypical QB, and one wide out. Get the man the tools to help #3
    and this team is gonna be a blast.

  109. DB55 Says:

    Well Licht just signed a WR. He’s building the best darn cfl team in the NFL. Welp it was nice having Jameis for 4 yrs, too bad we won’t see a second contract.


  110. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    LuvMyBucs….right on we need the dudes in the trenches…no disrespect to the dalvin cook mob, he may end up being a top flight NFL running back but look throughout the league from david johnson to isiah crowell, there are only 4 out of the top 20 rushers this year that were first round picks…the bucs need OL, WR, and DBs, then scouting department find an RB in a later round, someone put the Kent Sate RB as a pick, love that guy…another guy who might be a poor mans version of cadillac that is right here in tampa is marlon mack from usf, he can catch and has put up big #s at usf…he would be a great pickup in the 3-4th round…the OL needs to be shored up in my opinion

  111. AceofAerospace Says:

    No sympathy here. Cut him. Move on.

  112. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    I feel what you saying Gil.

  113. Couch Fan Says:

    Cook would be nice but my hope is that the Dougernaut wins his personal battle and reverts back to the RB we all loved. Get well soon Martin.

  114. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Can’t argue wit dat Couch.

  115. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    DB I wonder if ME put in any words on the new signings behalf seeing is how they were college teammates???

  116. Joe Says:


    Problem is, Donovan Smith said he is not a right tackle. Said it two weeks ago. Don’t think the Bucs think so either.

    Have yet to hear anyone from the Bucs think Donovan Smith isn’t reliable. Shoot, he hasn’t missed a snap once in his NFL career.

  117. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Its a start but the summer is young. He ain’t finish at that position. Signed a guard also.

  118. Old Bill Says:

    Who would have thought drafting someone from a college that originally was a junior college for truck drivers would lack discipline…

  119. cmurda Says:


    I love Dalvin and I could care less about the Noles. He’s just that darn good. I would love to be wrong here but no way in the world do I think we have a shot at him with the 19th pick. He should be off the board in the top 10.

    @ Luv

    I’m on board with Q Nelson. I like your scenario #2. I like Joe Hawley as a man and as a competitor but he gets pushed around too easily. I like the idea of Marpet sliding over and anchoring the line. In that scenario we only need a Guard in the draft instead of a Guard and a Center.

  120. Joe Says:

    Very curious indeed. Most of us have heard the rumors but I have to believe someone out there knows the real story.

    It is a mystery. There’s not one photo, not one video of Freeman doing anything untoward. Have yet to hear from anyone with an ounce of credibility say they saw Freeman do anything illegal with their own eyes.

    Hard to believe if Freeman was the alleged user you constantly hear, there wouldn’t be one photo, one video of him doing something. Not one.

  121. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Well for all the WR O line people out here I guess its safe to say Licht’s listening to you all. Two of the first signings of the summer WR and O line. Ion think they’ll be the last. See you this anti my guy parade (Dalvin Cook) is gonna be harder to support come draft. Why??? Because attention will have already been adhered to when it comes to needs in free agency. Stay busy Mr. Licht. Then go get that homerun hitter come draft night.

  122. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    😊Cmurda y’all gone be surprised come draft night bro. It is coincedence alot of big names end up playing pro near where they played college ball IJS.

  123. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    -I meant it is not

  124. cmurda Says:


    Could that arm and leg that Cleveland is asking for possibly belong to GMC? Think about it. I am a GMC fan, not hater, but given the choice to have GMC or Joe Thomas, it’s JT all day every day even at the ripe age of 32.

  125. cmurda Says:

    I want to be surprised NOSBOS because you and I will be partying if we landed Dalvin.

  126. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    @ NOSBOS
    I am hearing alot if good things about this Malone wr from Tennessee. I really don’t know too much about him yet. But I think the best plan would be to get Terrell Pryor in Free agency and then draft BPA. I like the monster C from LSU. There is a chance Solomon Thomas is there @ the top of the 2nd. If he is there I would LOVE that kid. K.D Cannon wr Baylor is a speed demon with nice hands. Just go watch his bowl game. He was going up and getting the 50/50 ball in the endzone. I DON’T like Dede Westbrook or John ross. Just look @ those 2 guys, they are TINY. This is a grown man sport, no place for middle school size Wrs

  127. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    😂Be partying our @$$ off. GOAT I’m officially crossing my finger on Thomas in the second. DB go and check out the new signing Derel Walker on the tube Big bro. Theirs some tenacity there. Licht may be on to something bro.

  128. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I don’t see much of a problem with Donavon Smith’s game personally. Every time I just focus on him he does pretty well and holds his own even when he’s faced premiere DEs.

    Throughout the season most all QB pressure came from the right side or through the middle; and our run game was blown up mostly on the interior or right side.

  129. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m not even in draft mode at all yet, but if Dalvin is the explosive player I think he is, then I’m all for him. We MUST add that guy that can take it 80 yards to the house. Ideally you’d like to see that at WR, but I’ve got no problem having a RB do it as well. I’d like to see what kind of a 40 time he posts at the combine, just to verify what I see when I watch him in games. I think it’s way too early to even think about the draft until after free agency anyway, but I would be shocked if Doug is back next year.

  130. DB55 Says:


    Always an honor to get a reply. I love me some DSmith76. I like to take credit for finding him pre-draft,lol. Outside of the penalties he’s been great. But I’d switch him to RT in a sec for Joe Thomas. Point is let’s get some real ballers, we ain’t got time to see if this one works out or the other. If we don’t have at least a wild card game next year, it’s a wrap. Evans and Winston leave in fa the next yr garunteed.

    Ain’t nobody got time to lose every darn season cuz this town is in love with Gerald McCoy. #Dueces. #childplease

  131. Lord Cornelius Says:

    ” I think it’s way too early to even think about the draft until after free agency anyway, but I would be shocked if Doug is back next year.”

    THe only reason I like to think of both is to see what is available in FA vs the draft in terms of depth & value and what I hope we target so we can maximize the overall return.

    THere’s not really any FA RBs I like so I hope we address it in the draft. There’s not really any OTs in the draft that are rated very high so I hope we address it in FA

  132. duthsty rhothdes Says:

    100% have seen a photo of jofro doing the so tampa go go juice in a hot tub, well its implied in pic and i was told but it happened, from a hotel in orlando with 2 chicks on his side, the girl who showed me a pic is buddies w him and told me he isnt gay and the girls in hot tub were topless and had something on their chests yhat one would sniff up the nose, no puc of him doing anything but ive seen the pic, the girl will NEVER give the pic out cause her and #5 are still buddies and the pic was from his days here, she told me is brother is 100% playing on other team not that there is anything wrong with that, and she thought jofro nicest dude in the world but just lost in the “big city”…i can say this is all allegedly but… the chicks were hot

  133. America's Commenter Says:

    Doug Martin and Josh Freeman were definitely very close friends back in the early 2010’s, we used to see them out partying all the time. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that they went too far and fell off the edge.

  134. DB55 Says:


    If you knew half the ish the SB team did you may be shocked. Let’s just say some of our most respected players would be at coke filled orgies having thresomes or more with rooms full of working girls.

    That’s why I think it’s funny that people are offended over molly. If they only knew what their heros did behind closed doors pre-cell phone era.

  135. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    DB55 Says:

    January 5th, 2017 at 4:01 pm


    If you knew half the ish the SB team did you may be shocked. Let’s just say some of our most respected players would be at coke filled orgies having thresomes or more with rooms full of working girls.

    That’s why I think it’s funny that people are offended over molly. If they only knew what their heros did behind closed doors pre-cell phone era.


    ….a lot of our beloved NFL heros of the past did all kinds crazy stuff

  136. C2 Says:

    It’s a sad day when a radio guy (who is not without his own publicized substance issues) smears a player publicly and if the player or team takes the high road and opts not to respond to him, we fans all assume it must be true and piles on. Doug Martin may or may not be guilty of what is alleged but he deserves the same benefit of the doubt any of us (including that radio guy) would want.

  137. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I’m very well aware of what goes on with a lot of these guys. I don’t really care that Doug was doing what he was doing, but you’re obviously going to connect the dots leading that to his poor performance. Once that happens, then I have a problem with it. Perform on Sunday and do what you gotta do. Play like crap and get suspended, not so much. Fact of the matter is that some guys can handle partying and still perform, while others can’t. I think it’s pretty clear Doug and Freeman both fall into the latter. As a result, they are going to struggle to find much sympathy from the fans.

    I do think the drug scene has calmed down a bit (with the exception of marijuana, which really isn’t much of a drug), but there is tons of other stuff that goes on that can’t go on network TV (or HBO for that matter).

  138. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Joe Says:
    January 5th, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    Hard to believe if Freeman was the alleged user you constantly hear, there wouldn’t be one photo, one video of him doing something. Not one.”

    Let’s look at the other way, of all the players who have been either suspended or even banned for drug use, how many have had any photos or videos?

    Manziel’s rolled up bill in the Vegas is the lone instance I can think of. But, let’s face it, Manziel is a tremendous moron.

    Isn’t Rolando McClain the most recent indefinite suspension? No photos or video of him.

    If you have a semblance of discretion, you can easily use and not get photographed.

  139. Turbo Says:

    The fact we’ve already stuck with him through his drug taking suggests he will still be on the team if he turns it around.

    It’s disappointing that we gave him a big contract knowing he had thee issues and presumably knowing he’d already failed a drug test. This could be our opportunity to get rid of a perennial underachiever.

  140. DB55 Says:

    how many have had any photos or videos?
    Jeremy Tunsil comes to mind. #gasmask #epic

    Zeke Elliot posted pics to ig at a pot shop. He was “just looking”. Haha ##secondhandsmoke

  141. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    I’m sorry for ya guy. I really doubt Cook will fall to us, and I don’t see Licht trading up for him. Maybe for a defensive guy, but not a RB.

  142. pick6 Says:

    “Molly taker”, “on the Mollys”….i’m no hip, drug savvy youth myself, but there is something inherently amusing about crotchety, out-of-touch old guys and the terms in which they describe recreational drugs

    not trying to minimize doug’s indiscretions, but as a guy who stopped listening to WDAE afternoon radio a long time ago, i’m amused i can still instantly picture duemig in my head enunciating with disgust as he says “Molly taker” et al

  143. Pickgrin Says:

    LargoBuc Says:
    January 5th, 2017 at 11:48 am
    I’ve seen it all. And yes Molly is a very dangerous drug that can scar brain tissue. The active ingredient in Molly is MDMA which is an amphetamine like Aderall and Crystal
    BS alert! If you had truly “seen it all”, then you would know that MDMA is a form of hallucinogen – not amphetamine. Similar in effect to shrooms or lsd – not speed or crystal meth. Molly is not addictive at all – other than perhaps the psychological desire for the “feel good” effect.

  144. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Nos bos, im not nearly informed enough to know anything about draft prospects. Cook might be the next barry sanders, idk. But i do know that no RB can run successfully behind a struggling o line. Not even barry sanders could do it all by himself. And i know that this offensive line needs to be improved upon. We do not have a single first round o lineman on our team. Guess how many the cowboys had before they drafted zeke elliot. And it isnt all about the run game. Jameis is taking a beating. We need to protect our QB. Doesnt matter how good Cook is, nothing he can do will keep d lineman from pounding winston when he drops back.

    I have no problem drafting a RB. But right now is not the time. Drafting a rb in the first round is a luxury pick. We need the big fat guys to block for our QB and RBs. Otherwise you are wasting their talent. No use having the best RB in the league if the o line in front of him can’t make room for him to run.

    I wouldnt be totally upset or anything if we drafted cook. He is a beast. But i think there are other pressing needs. RBs can be found all over the draft especially in later rounds. Getting an o lineman will help both the passing game and running game. If you’re cool with having dotson or gosder at RT, thats cool, but i wouldnt be willing to put my QBs health on the line like that.

  145. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Also, if cook is as good as you say he is, then he should be long gone by 19. And trading up to get a RB would be really stupid. Cost is too high to move up in the first round.

  146. Buc1987 Says:

    Bonzai…see that’s just it too. I don’t see him trading up either and it could be a big climb. Top 10 possibility. That’s a big climb.

  147. Pickgrin Says:

    NOS BOS – you are delusional if you believe Cook will be available at #19

    If he is, great then draft him. But we absolutely should not spend additional picks to move up for him. (unless he makes it to 15 or 16 in which case an extra 4th round pick might be acceptable).

    Cook is a top 10 pick most likely. And if not, he won’t get past 11 or 12. Too expensive for the Bucs this year and we have too many other needs to be spending multiple draft picks on a RB..

  148. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Lol pickgrin according to your definition cocaine isn’t addictive either.

  149. Pickgrin Says:

    TDTB – I didn’t mention coke at all. Cocaine is VERY addictive – both physically and psychologically. Bad Drug. Have seen quite a few people ruin their lives because of it.

  150. Buc believer Says:

    I have my sources…. I’m not saying who they are because I’m smarter than everyone else.

  151. Buc1987 Says:

    lol Pickgrin…but NOS keeps pounding the table…


  152. Mike Johnson Says:

    Give the guy a chance to rehab first. Geez Louise!! Every man deserves a 2nd chance. People are already kicking Martin to the Curb. He’s going thru rehab now. Ya never know, he could come back and tear up the league in yardage. Lets wait and see. Thank god Koetter does not think like a lot of you. Next season is a ways off yet. I got Martin comin back strong!

  153. Viejo_Sombrero19 Says:

    Corey Davis talk will get real If he puts an above average 40 time up, DUDE HAS YAC and BALL SKILLS grabs it outta the air with body control, doesn’t play any competition is not a fair argument, DB55 what about Carson Wentz?? How did that work out? He didn’t even play at a D1

  154. Fred E. Buc Says:

    Lack of denial from the Bucs or Martin does not mean “spit” as Steve would say. May be true, may be not, but either way it also may be forbidden info to disclose. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a bear. It’s his show, but I’d have probably kept a lid on it. Duemig gets a lot of stuff of right but he’s also wrong. My two favorites are when he argued on the air to a caller about having to be 21 to vote. Hmmm. Then he told me two days (Monday…check the tapes) after the 2015 draft when he was unhappy the Bucs didn’t just go get Johnny Football….that I was just dumb (and hung up on me) because I said I didn’t think Johnny had the character and drive to put his team before himself. Thank God the Bucs didn’t get him.

  155. USFBUC Says:

    We need to trade future first round picks and late round picks to get the players we need this next year. I know some here aren’t fans of the number tribe but they are right about at least one thing and that is that most of your value in the draft comes from the early rounds. So if from the fourth round on we aren’t likely to draft a contributor then I say trade all of them along with first round picks from the next two years to grab the guys we need. Some of you might say but, but the future and to that I say if we are grabbing first round talent does it matter if we get it this year or two years from now?

  156. Kev in auggie Says:

    Why can’t we use vitale as a fullback like we were supposed to?

  157. Kev in auggie Says:

    I think a combo of vitale and Rodgers would worked with alstott and dunn

  158. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    @pickgrin – per Narconon – MDMA is sometimes addictive for some people the first few times they use it. For other people, after they use it just on weekends to party, they may soon be driven to use it during the week because of the crushing depression that shows up a few days later. This kind of behavior quickly spirals into full-fledged addiction.

  159. Buddy Says:

    This comes as NO SURPRISE to anyone who has ever worked in that building over the past 5 years or so on the football side. Schiano & his coaches knew & blamed it on Ahmad Black, Lovie knew once he became head coach also.
    Dirk & Licht knew before signing him to that contract over last off season. So the Glazers might want some answers from them. Doug’s best friends on the team were Freeman, Winslow & then ASJ once the first 2 were gone. So let’s not act like this has come from out of left field and it’s some big revelation or something like that. People in the know..knew.

  160. Pickgrin Says:

    TDTB says:
    “per Narconon – MDMA is sometimes addictive for some people the first few times they use it”

    LOL – so you are using the made up opinions of the drug rehabilitation wing of the “church” of scientology as an authoritative source of legit info regarding the addictive qualities of a particular substance? To that group, occasional cannabis use would be considered a high crime against oneself and humanity.

  161. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Whatever you say dude. You clearly don’t think a psychological addiction is a very real thing so I guess no point in discussing it with you.

  162. DB55 Says:

    Old sombrero

    16 TDs 14 ints. You’re making my point for me.

  163. DB55 Says:

    Glennon did better than that his rookie year.

  164. DB55 Says:

    Sign Steve smith sr.

  165. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    I did x twice in college and I saw right away how dangerous it could be. Based on my experience I could honestly see someone being addicted to it almost immediately. I am not proud that I tried it and it was a bad idea, but make no mistake that is a highly addictive drug.

  166. Rod Munch Says:

    Really? Doug Martin is a partier? That seems ridiculous – he just doesn’t seem the type. Then again I’m not the type and I’d do just about anything I could get my hands on when I was under 25 – but I did have a magic number of 25 being the age that I’d just stop and never do anything again and that is what I did. Why exactly is molly so bad, isn’t it just ecstasy, which itself is just a watered down version of LSD? I did plenty of LSD, there is zero additive qualities to it, the stuff is amazing fun – I loved it and if I had it right now I’d probably break my 25 years old rule, not because it’s addictive but because it’s just fun. X I did as well and it was nothing, basically as I said just a watered down version of LSD, I personally didn’t find it to be very interesting. Hey kids stop playing with the lame X garbage and just take LSD, zero additive qualities, none. Just take that – wonder around your neighborhood and be incredibly entertained by just watching a blade of grass, easy stuff. Just don’t look in a mirror… don’t do it… just don’t do it, take my word.

    How does Josh Freeman and Doug Martin fall down this rabbit hole of these fake addictive drugs? It’s like when dopes claim pot is addictive. No, pot isn’t addictive you just like being high – so does everyone – but not every is a drama queen that pretends they can’t not be high.

  167. DB55 Says:

    Last time I took lsd I banged this girl for like 8 straight hours. I ruined this girl for life. Lmao.

  168. orlbucfan Says:

    MDMA is a hallucinogenic just like LSD ‘cept stronger. Missed out on the X as I’m an old head (fart). My question is California, Colorado and Washington State have now legalized pot. What’s the NFL going to do about any Broncos, Seahawks, 49ers, Raiders, Chargers and Rams’ players testing positive for pot? Yep, Tricky Dick Nixon is the one who went after potheads cos he hated their politics. He’s also the crooked ahole who founded the DEA–what a WASTE of taxpayer coin that bunch turned out to be. I’m staying out of the draft talk as I know less than zero about college ball/players, I wish DM22 the best with rehab. Anywho, GO BUCS!!

  169. Rod Munch Says:

    orlbucfan – MDMA is not stronger than LSD, it’s weaker, at least if we’re talking about X. I’ve taken both – and I can attest to that fact by 100%. The entire point of X when it was just becoming a thing was that it was a weaker less potent than LSD and mainly aimed at girls who were scared of flipping out. LSD and X really weren’t even close in terms of the experience. If Molly is X, then I don’t buy there being any addition, now if Molly is X but with other stuff thrown in, then OK I guess, but it won’t be the MDMA get you addicted.

    Also ORL your version of history is totally wrong, the anti-pot movement started in the 50s, not with Nixon. Nixon founded the EPA which is a much larger waste of money than DEA x a million. Going back to the DEA however can you blame Nixon? He was surrounded by hippies and if I was surrounded by hippies I’d have probably created an agency that built bulldozers and deodorant and used both liberally.

  170. Rod Munch Says:

    DB55 – I never had any fun like that, and while I’ve heard more than one story along those lines doing LSD never really even made me want to think about sex, although it was redneck acid which means it was cut poorly and had other stuff in it – mainly speed. Since I didn’t have your experience since my chicks at those times were afraid to take it I mainly would watch TV and go into whatever I was watching, which was really awesome – or I’d watch music, which was even more awesome. But that redneck acid was a killer in that you got that strong strong metallic taste in your mouth that wouldn’t go away and then the next day you couldn’t sleep and you were all strung out and sick to your stomach. Later in life when I got some clean LSD I realized all those negative side effects were because of how the redneck stuff was cut, or filled or whatever word you want to use. Clean LSD was much much better in terms of the next day but didn’t have that manic effect that the redneck stuff had.

  171. cmurda Says:

    @Rod Munch and DB55. LMAO. If I banged a chick for more than an hour I’d probably ruin her and myself. True story about LSD by Munch. Spot on.

    By the way, I’m pretty bitter about Dougie but on the flip side, I could easily argue that a player taking PED’s is a much more sinister offense.

  172. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    What are you talking about Rod: Molly is a scheduled I substance because it is not only illegal but has a high potential of abuse. While many people do not develop chemical dependency on Molly, psychological craving (the defining characteristic of addiction) can be quite high. Molly effects the brain by altering the chemical responses of neurotransmitters. These disruptions hinder proper communication between neurons. This is what results in the altered effects of the brain and ability to experience higher sensations of stimulation. Molly also releases a hormone called oxytocin which is present during orgasm and child birth which accounts for the increases intimacy you feel when you are taking Molly. While you normally do not die from taking Molly, you can physically view effects of Molly on the body by using SPECT for drug addiction to take images of the brain. That is cited from Also, for those who have never used it, you are wrecked, and I do mean wrecked the following day. There is no way a professional athlete could take this on a regular basis during the season and be effective.

  173. DB55 Says:


    If it makes you feel better she didn’t take any and we almost got run over by a train. Lesson learned: don’t walk on train tracks while tripping. Honestly almost died. 😂😂😂 #GoodOldDays #NY

  174. Duke Says:

    @ Rod

    Nice narrative-busting fact clarification.

    But c’mon ……Deodorant???? For Hippies! Waste of deodorant and soap. To the 60’s hippies filth was in, good hygiene was fascist.
    Soylent green. Now that is what Nixon should have done. The EPA in partnership with Soylent green Cleans the streets and brings value to the intentionally marginalized and malcontent.

  175. Capt.Tim Says:

    Ive said for years. M
    Martin only played hard- when it affected his wallet.
    He didnt give a damn about Team or Teammates.
    He layed down on them 3 out of 5 years.

    Of all the things that alienate a player from his team- that’s the worse.
    Adios Drug Martin

  176. Duke Says:

    I don’t believe it’s possible to find an X addict who has been one for more than 5 years tops. Coke, heroin and alcohol abusers fight against the urge for years following rehab. X has either attracted a self starting patronage or it’s fundamentally opposite of the group listed above. And as much as I hate to, Crystal Meth isn’t anything close to X and how you can claim it’s an amphetamine when the name clearly states otherwise. The “meth” part is what I’m talking about. And to bring it in perspective, there’s not many old Crystal user’s. Just look at photos of a meth head they go from normal to full blown goblin rapidly.

    As for your last insightless comment. One of the Bucs Nation most beloved and admired former player would roll with Molly in Ybor city during the season. Fortunately for his reputation, Tampa is/was lagging behind in x consumption. So what would have been widely recognized by others who also partook the saving grace was very very few Tampons are trend setters. So hold off in assuming someone can’t do something you couldn’t even dream about. Dehydration isn’t unknown or unaccounted for by everyone. Especially when the someone is an athlete and in tune with their body.

  177. Duke Says:

    The DEA is not a huge waste of taxpayers dollars compared to the thousands of agencies , depts, committee’s etc. Do some actual homework and you’ll discover that the agency’s conviction rate is stellar. It’s the violence that accompanies the business not the drugs themselves that the agency attemptst to prevent. Funny stuff when knuckle heads blame “big pharma”, as if such an entity exists, and somehow get their own heads so far up their own orifice and blindly dismiss the violence that is not separate from but part of the illegal drug trade. But it’s big pharma, ha!

    On wasting your paltry contribution to national revenues, DEA brings in tons of assets and it’s not that unusual in a given year that the agency is self supporting. Surprisingly there’s tons literally tons of money made by the non profit seeking drug dealers. Who knew?

    But hey if drug dealers respected city, county, State and National boarders then there wouldn’t be a DEA. So support the grow field& lab to table movement. Bring freshness back to the narcotics trade by supporting local producers. Whether its bikers or illegal immigrants they need your support. Stop greedy foreign drug cartels and low wage paying foreign nations by supporting local producers who could pay gazillions in taxes supporting schools libraries and public parks. It’s one thing to be addicted to drugs. It’s entirely different if those drugs are coming from Russia or China. Depending on foreign oil is bad enough. But for meth and weed it’s intolerable.

  178. PRBucFan Says:

    So what? It’s not news to anyone. He already admitted he’s got a problem and he’s getting help. Why kick him when he’s down? Lol Right I forgot, y’all are perfect.

  179. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Duke, why don’t you try it tonight and then tomorrow you and I can go for a run at 8:00am. I am training for a half marathon so lets run 6 miles. Drink lots of water though because dehydration is the only negative affect you will feel the next day. LOL!

  180. Phil Says:

    Everybody likes Molly. That being said it’s time to cut Doug Martin. Don’t need him on the team. We should be able to get a running back in free agency.

  181. Issic Haggins Says:

    Cook is an awesome talent but be it the delay hand offs , o line or running style a back that gets tackled for a loss as much as he does just isn’t a great back. His tackled for a loss are off the chart !! Everyone gets caught up on the highlight reel and hasn’t a clue as to what 2nd and twelves do to an offense and QB. Reggie Bush looked like the next B Sanders but he couldn’t run in a straight line or cut and go to save his life, that why S Payton started using him in the flare/ screen game so much. So if he can hit the line and cut and go he may be great but if his style is to float and tap dance prior to the line of scrimmage as he has done this year it will get worse for him. Unless Dallas drafts Cook (lol) , because behind that line with his speed he may be better than Elliot. But behind an everyday line Elliot is a beast , always going forward !! With what I saw from the Bucs Run Blocking this year , I would take Elliot or Elliot type everyday of the week !!! Dalvin is a Stud but the TFL s need to really be examined !!! Go Bucs !!!

  182. Duke Says:

    I’m out of town until Friday the 13th. When I get back I’ll be glad to accept your challenge. I think it’s unfair to accept a challenge like yours without something to gain or lose. So I’m in if you put up something other than lip service. Should I get back with you next week?

    But hey if you add up all the wrong info that you contributed it really shouldn’t surprise you when ………wait……..wait……’re wrong again.

    Get back to Me………

    ps the buc player that I mentioned previously, He indeed had his worst year . But no longtime Buc Fan would dare criticize the guy. Which is my point btw. Not that it won’t affect your performance, that’s a given, but it’s easy to blame lack of performance on something after the fact. You’ve cheered for players on Sunday who were still buzzing from Saturday night. Difference is you never knew who it was and probably never noticed a drop off as severe as you seem to believe. But let’s just settle it via first hand experience.

  183. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    I would equate the next day after taking a Molly to a combination of a bad hangover, an hour of sleep, depression, and a severe lack of concentration and focus. A player that has to attend practice, team meetings, or maybe even a game would be basically useless the following day. This is not an assumption on my part. I have first hand knowledge of what happens. Everyone acting like a Molly addiction is similar to a pot addiction is simply wrong. A psychological addiction is just as real as a physical addiction and this is a very strong drug that leaves you in a bad way the following day.

  184. unbelievable Says:

    Holly hell there is some terrible misinformation being posted here.

    Molly and ecstasy are both MDMA (when pure). This is not a watered down version of LSD, or related to LSD in any way. They are completely different chemicals, that can share some similar effects of euphoria and hallucinations (not nearly as common with MDMA), and heightened senses (more common w/ MDMA).

    You guys do realize you can actually research these things if you don’t have first hand knowledge, right?

    LOL @ TBBF for copy + pasting from a scientology anti-drug propaganda site.

  185. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Here is what I know from my experiences. For 4-6 hours you will have the best time of your life. You will crave to do it again because of this. It is so much fun that I could see it getting out of control very quickly and it actually scared me because of this. The next day is not fun though. You will feel as though you have been run over by a bus and you won’t really be able to focus on anything. Take it for what its worth. Based on my experience I want nothing to do with a player that has an addiction to something like this. Now if he kicks it and the front office thinks he can stay on track maybe they bring him back, hopefully at a reduced salary.

  186. Buc1987 Says:

    If we had the Doug Martin of 2015 we might have made the playoffs.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


    Put that on your tongue and taste it.

    Screw Doug “I don’t want to be called the MUSCLE HAMSTER” Martin.

  187. Red86 Says:

    Now it makes sense. Rehab for pads sounded fishy to me.

  188. Red86 Says:

    peds ^

  189. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    You know, after thinking about it…I’m going to choose to believe the best for Martin (for now). I don’t completely believe Dog’s story. I think there is an element of truth, but I also think it is being blown out of proportion, because Martin just did not act like he was drug addicted.