Joe Mixon Is Not A Victim

March 23rd, 2017

Twisted push by supporters.

Bucs fans clamoring for this Joe Mixon need to wake up.

The woman-punching running back from Oklahoma is a special talent. No one denies this. He also has special baggage.

Yes, the Bucs need a running back. And Joe, who until this year was dead-set against against drafting a running back in the first round, has no issue with that so long as that pick is the final piece of the offensive puzzle — a special, every-down back.

That special running back should be the final piece to a truly frightening Bucs offense.

Mixon is that kind of a guy, if he didn’t have an ugly rap sheet and a disgusting video of him blasting an innocent woman in the face and sending here to an eight-hour reconstructive surgery.

Now here is where the lunatic fringe comes in.

They claim the woman who had her face crushed by Mixon was not innocent. Please detail exactly what heinous crime she committed to get blasted in the grill like that?

Answer: none.

There is neither a state attorney nor a judge in America who would cite spitting or foul language as justification for beating someone’s face in, let alone a woman, which is what the freaks claim provoked Mixon to go Marvin Hagler on her. Spitting or ugly words spoken do not come close to the threshold needed to warrant a self-defense plea, otherwise you would have brawls and riots in the streets daily throughout America.

Besides, what kind of a society do we live in when this type of brutality against an unarmed woman is looked upon as normal? Have we sunk this low as a people?

Joe got a Twitter from a Bucs fan yesterday suggesting NFL teams are trying to ruin Mixon’s career. What a bunch of ish. Stop! Stop it now! First, getting drafted in the NFL is a privilege, not a right. Second, God forbid someone has to fess up for their actions. Joe personally find it refreshing when folks are held to a standard and must face consequences for their actions.

Mixon will be in the NFL this fall, will likely be drafted in the second round, and he’ll earn high six-figures a year at worst. How exactly is that a career “ruined?” How many dudes you know who roll off campus and in a matter of weeks began pulling around a $1 million a year?

Cry Joe a friggin’ river over this Mixon!

Given the recent history of Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht, Joe would not lay a dime to bet Mixon wears pewter and red. From talking to folks at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, some teams have Mixon fully off their draft boards.

Let’s not make Mixon out as a sympathetic figure in a horrible assault he committed. His free will led him to destroy that woman’s face. If you are looking at draft victims, there is La’el Collins, who lost tens of millions of dollars through no fault of his own.

Mixon was — and is — guilty as guilty can be.

Trying to push the Bucs to draft Mixon by suggesting he is a victim is both grotesque and sickening to Joe, and should be to all right-thinking people.

140 Responses to “Joe Mixon Is Not A Victim”

  1. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Yeah she should not hit or spit on someone! But he should have walked away then he could have pressed charges on her! No excuse for that !

  2. bucs_365 Says:

    Apparently, the guy has not really shown much remorse. I don’t see him being drafted on day 1 or 2, if at all. This stuff is toxic, and no NFL team wants to take it on, nor should they. Guy should have to show real remorse and evidence of anger/violence therapy. I wouldn’t give him a job.

  3. Joeypoppems Says:

    This comment section is gonna go down a wierd hole lol.

  4. Dizim Says:

    He the top running back and plays football he is gone on day1. Joe he plays football, he not babysitting any of these babies complaining complaining like you do. Only Bucs coverage all year long. Keep it football stop pushing your views on us.

  5. Tommy Hawk Says:

    We live in a day and age where women are clamoring for equal pay, equal treatment, and equal rights and they should accept everything that comes along with that. In addition, we have men transitioning to women, women transitioning to men, and everything in between. Let’s stop with the double standards. We need to stop looking at this case as man and woman, but as human and human. If human A pushes, spits on, and uses a racial slur against human B, especially a much larger human, they should expect consequences for their actions. I have two daughters who I teach to be kind, courteous, and respectful. If one of them pushed, used a racial slur, or spit on someone, I would be extremely disappointed and they should accept the consequences for their actions. Treating others how you want to be treated should not be a difficult concept to master.

  6. ClodHopper Says:

    Perfect. Headline.

  7. German Buc Says:

    A young guy made a mistake – I guess that never happened before…

    “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at him” or just give him a second chance if he slips to the fourth round!

  8. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Joe….why am I being censored on this subject?

  9. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Innocent he is not! But neither is she not by a long shot, spitting in someone’s face is an attempt to provoke someone, being drafted is a privilege, but by not inviting him to the combine the NFL took away Mixon’s chance to publicly through Q&A any kind of remorse, it took away a chance for him to show how he was trying to put this incident, I mean “heinous crime” behind him. No he is not innocent, people make mistakes, bone/head moves, and unforgivable actions everyday of the week. Will the Bucs draft him? They need to, he has the skill set that they need “Big League”!! But they don’t have the “Stones” to face the Black/Lash, I mean Black/Lash they would face. Draft the kid give him a chance here where he is needed and bring the Offense some swagger! And Continue To Build A Wall…..but not in Mexico…dumb a$$!!

  10. Kalind Says:

    It’s not irrelevant, but I’m very very tired of this issue being used by the media, NFL, and regular folks as some sort of soapbox for our culture (see above). I’m just tired of it. The only reason we’re discussing this is it was on video (nasty as it is, and joe is right to use the word heinous)

    Mixon is a jerk. A jerk who hits women. Some escalation may have been warranted perhaps, but have a sense of proportion dude…jeeze. Don’t need to lay into someone like that.

    All that said, back to the Bucs. Acting as their GM–for which I am most certainly overqualified of course…I would only be considering this dude on day 3 of the draft. And that’s only against what other needs I have. I would have already drafted a RB, making Mixon merely a depth draft pick (assuming he’s more talented than Sims.)

    I wouldn’t take him OFF my board. But dude goes from a second to a sixth for me.

  11. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    As Tyreek Hill proved, it’s all about the video. If you don’t see it, your mind won’t make it out to be as bad as it was and easily forgettable.

  12. Spartin Says:

    In my line of work, getting spit on and in return blasting a chick in the face will get you booted as well without a second chance. It doesn’t matter your race color or creed. He chose to throw it away when he unleashed on that girl. End of story!

  13. kirk mattingly Says:

    I watched the video several times. I wonder this. What was said before the smack and why did the chic push him. Looks like he gave her a good slap then appears she hit her face on the table.
    Never a good idea to hit a female and then haul ass. Was he investigated and charged and arrested? Convicted? Jailed? Released from the team? Did prosecutors look the other way? Did the school cover up for him or pay blondie off? Is there a civil suit pending?
    I do not condone his actions, but wonder if there was history between blondie and Mixon? Something is fishy here and in my opinion there is more to this than this video. Was he set up? Was there girl drunk? Lots of unanswered questions. Why Joe Mixon free from prosecution?

  14. Guzzie Says:

    Why don’t you write about how Mixon continued to go to anger management counseling after his court mandated was finished???? And based on reports, he’s interviewing excellently, not one report is reflecting negatively on the person he’s trying to become. Licht has shown that he is willing to take young players that had maturity issues (Winston Spence ASJ), doesn’t always work out obviously (ASJ), but at least Licht has shown the ability to ignore the media and trust his own evaluations…that being said, teaming Mixon with this offense would turn this team into a serious contender, granted Cook would too

  15. Dreambig Says:

    BigHog you seriously suggesting the back lash against this kid is because of racism? He punched a girl in the face! What kind of Man does that? Is that just a minor little thing in your opinion? Jeesh with thinking like yours, no wonder people elected Trump. If Mixon’s actions were a minor mistake in your world then I truly feel bad for you for the violent world you grew up in/live in.

  16. Pickgrin Says:

    Of course Mixon is responsible for his actions. No one is saying he was a “victim”.

    To call the girl “innocent” is just stirring the pot though and Joe knows it.

    She commit a crime against Mixon 1st. Assault and battery to be specific.

    Did she deserve to have her face smashed in as a result of her aggression? No of course not. Mixon made a very bad choice.

    If she had not spit on and then assaulted Mixon – he never would have hit her. So just stop it with the “innocent girl” talk Joe. She made a bad decision and committed a crime against Mixon. He did the same – only harder…

    Both were wrong and both payed a high price for their bad decisions.

  17. Eric Denman Says:

    he will get drafted no later than top of the third round, mark my words.

  18. MarineBuc Says:

    Joe..first off, your legal knowledge SUCKS!! She did in fact commit a crime; she hit him, pushed him, and then spat on him. Just ask the lawyers that advertise on your site.

    Second…how is the view from the pompous ivory tower? Apparently it’s quite good. “A rap sheet” is hyperbole at it’s finest. He made a mistake at 18 y/o and he has paid the price for committing a MISDEMEANOR!! The DA even stated during this case if Ms. Molitor had been a dude…no charges would have been filed, it would have been classified as a bar fight. So spare everyone the “baggage” argument.

    Ask the Chiefs about Tyreek Hill’s baggage.

    If the Bucs don’t draft Mixon, fine, but for God’s sake get the facts straight and quit acting like Mixon is the some frequent flyer with the police. Junior high journalism!!

  19. CarolinaBucFan Says:

    How is this guy a free man? I’m pretty sure this warrants some serious prison time

  20. OneBucPerson Says:

    Joe ever heard of the adage “Act like a man, get treated like a man”? Most women I know aren’t the delicate wall flowers you seem to believe they are and in some cases are ready to throw down with anybody. Now in this case I believe Mixon would have been better served walking away and calling the police after she spat in his face, however SHE was the one who decided to get violent. That is a grown woman who decided to instigate violence by slapping him in the face, and just because she is a woman does not make her immune from punishment for being physically violent. Mixon isn’t a victim in this but neither is the she, she’s just the one who got the worst of this altercation.

  21. Ace WigSplitta Says:

    Gosh Joe you really are starting to disappoint me with these ignorant and slanted Joe Mixon stories!You lose all credibility each time you call this woman innocent….Smdh..

  22. JonBuc Says:

    Looks like a great football talent…difficult for me…particularly with a young daughter…to endorse this guy even for my beloved Bucs. This issue transcends football in my opinion.

  23. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Not gonna say his actions in this incident weren’t deplorable, because they were.

    Don’t what “rap sheet” you’re talking about though. Unless you’re reffering to ripping up a ticket.

    And I find it very interesting you havent made a peep about Mr. Cooks rap sheet. Fired off a fire-arm inside his highschool, involved with an armed robbery, abused innocent little puppies, was involved with an incident of a similar nature to Mixon (but got off because there was no video), and he’s a drinker with a gangbanger posse.

    While Cook’s isn’t as easy to delve into, since you can’t just post a shocking video and say “look at how evil this kid who grew up without a father in an impoverished neighborhood is!” but Cooks rap sheet is longer and equally troubling.

  24. Dreambig Says:

    Wonder what Mixon said to her to cause her to jump up from her table and go at him like that? I pretty much bet he wasn’t asking her for the time of day. So you have to have a bit more context to say he didn’t deserve for her to react the way she did.

  25. Makie Lovie Says:

    Here is an interesting article that has relevance about spitting in someones face:

  26. BigHogHaynes Says:

    DreamBig: Seriously! Hell yea! Let me give you some real life knowledge; she spit in this man’s face, far worst than calling me the N-Word IMO. All people don’t think the same, the threshold for retailiation is different for us all, call me the N-Word, you didn’t touch me 99% of the time I can walk away, spit in my face, yes you may get blasted without a warning, this ain’t the 1800’s, what if he discovers he contacted AIDS from this woman? Think about that…for a little bit more than a minute! BUILD THE DAMN WALL! DRAFT MIXON! AQUIRE KAPP!!….oh but here comes that Black/Lash thing again DreamBig!

  27. Tut Says:

    To claim she was just an “innocent” woman is a flat out lie. He over reacted to the threat but she was also the 1st one to commit a crime in the situation…

  28. BigHogHaynes Says:

    What he said he didn’t spit on her and he didn’t put his hands on her until she spit on him (he was defending himself …that’s what we call that on our side of the tracks) BUILD THE DAMN WALL

  29. Buc 4ever Says:

    Joe your legal knowledge is poor. I have been arresting and getting convictions for people spitting on others for years. Don’t say what attorneys won’t do if you don’t have experience in it. I have seen people get two years in prison for spitting on someone. We don’t know what led up to this but Joe you are not the Judge. Mixon has done anger management and everyone says he is an ok kid, just as they said about Jameis. Let him come here and be around other positive players and let’s start winning. Yes I want Cook in the 1st round but if he is gone take a TE or WR and take Mixon in 2nd.

  30. Patrick in VA Says:

    The guy made a regretable mistake when he was 17. If we all had to continue paying for the rest of our lives for the regretable mistakes we made when we were 17, I’m pretty sure that the Joes wouldn’t be seen as fit to have this site, I wouldn’t be able to have the job that I have, and a bunch of the readers on the site wouldn’t be allowed to access the internet anymore, which would mean the site wouldn’t be nearly as successful as it is. The kid did a dumb thing. It’s not a pattern for him. He hasn’t done it since. If I had a daughter and she wanted to date him, I’d have a lot of questions about that, but let’s stop acting like the guy is unemployable because he did a dumb thing as a kid.

  31. DallasBuc Says:

    When is justice, lawfully or not, meted out fairly and proportionally? It’s rare and in this case his response to her alleged verbal assault and subsequent physical assault(s) was not proportional and went too far. However, the implied suggestion that this man no longer be able to play football or get paid well for doing so after meeting all of his adjudicated penalty obligations is also disproportionate and unfair.
    Make Mixon a Buc.

  32. Dirtybuc Says:

    She is racist so I am cool with blasting them in the face

  33. DallasBuc Says:

    Why are my comments being held up?

  34. passthebuc Says:

    Ok, he was wrong.Very wrong. But unless society allows him to move forward they should banish him to Siberia. Let the courts deal with the punishment and the settlement with the victim. No need to try him in your court.

  35. Teflon Don Says:

    Stories like these make me not want to visit this site.. I have been a reader from the beginning JOE stop the nonsense with your views.. You have posted about this topic a few times now.. give it up! you got your point across now lets move on

  36. tnew Says:

    Big Hog, I love your passion, really do. Please go read the official account before you comment. Mixon’s comments are all there. You have to dig but you can find it. Mixon says her male friend is the one that called him the N word. You know the one that he didn’t hit. and never claimed that she spit on him.

    Please everyone, do your homework

  37. BigHogHaynes Says:

    MIXON : Built to be a Buc/ BUILD THE DAMN WALL!

  38. Mort Says:

    This isn’t a mistake. Forgetting to take the trash out on trash day is a mistake. He rearranged this girls face. That’s a conscious decision and it’s deplorable. It’s inexcusable. Thank you Joe for finally calling out these maniac Mixon sycophants.

  39. Rib Says:

    Bighog they’re not building it in Mexico. They’re building it in America dumb##s

  40. tnew Says:

    Oh and the N word. Oh the n word. I know that this is not the place but I’m gonna try to make you think because my son and some of his 17 year old friends did to me just the other day. One of my son’s friends came up and said “What’s up my n….?” as he walked into practice. Now I know it ends in a versus er, but to me it was equally offensive. I condemned him explaining with all of my piousness about what it meant, the history of the word..etc. But it has stuck with me. I think the kids have figured it out, with the help of the rappers. Taking the word and turning it into a term of endearment has totally neutered the word for their and future generations. Maybe I’m late to this party as I have been prone to be in my life but my perspective has changed. I owe the young man an apology, which I will do, an explanation and some credit. I’m sure I will get the same reaction as I did with my condemnation.

  41. Bucnjim Says:

    Do not know one single thing about the guy so not a supporter of any kind. I do know I have raised my kids well enough to never spit in someone’s face or to punch someone unless it is in self defense. The response you get from some people could be way worse. Basically do not go looking for trouble because it will surely find you acting like the two of them.

  42. TampaBay AllDay Says:

    Spit on me and watch what happens. Idgaf. Man, woman, black white, purple or blue; spit on me u catching these hands. Thats disgusting and the ultimate disrespect. If u think otherwise then your soft

  43. USFBUC Says:

    Joe has read all the facts here clearly. Never mind the fact that it is a crime everywhere to attack somebody else so yes she is a criminal Joe. If you don’t like the guy stop talking about him. Please do not become like the rest of the media and throw out slanted political stories, talk about football because that’s why I’m here.

  44. USFBUC Says:

    Has not read

  45. Bradinator Says:

    At the end of the day, you are a GM and/or Owner, and you are running a business to make money. Since this business runs very publicly and it’s PR regarding domestic violence/violence against women has taken some hits (deserved or not, it’s real) do you take this dude on? Is he really the one piece that will win you a Super Bowl? That’s what he would need to be, in addition to being a choir boy that is super active in charity work. He’s going to be distraction to any team that takes him and carry some very negative press. The Bucs need to put butts in seats badly, there is zero chance they take this kid. He might get picked by a team that does not have attendance issues and a track record of limiting press issues. Outside of that, he will be a tough sell.

  46. Artemis Rand Says:

    Dats raycis!

  47. Rrsrq Says:

    Based on some these comments, anyone who has had a fight as an 18 year old should be in jail. Joe, might have been heavy handed, but lessons learned the hard way, for both (she was in no way innocent with her actions, but she will think twice before using her hands and spit on some one). Wouldn’t be mad if he was in pewter and red but doubt the Bucs do that (Laell Collins and Laremy Tunstill)

  48. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Excuse me…but didn’t she strike him first? That is what makes it self defense.

    It doesn’t matter that she is a woman legally. She shoved him. Then she hit him.

    That’s assault.

  49. TinmanQ6 Says:

    No risk it. No Biscuit!!

    Kid makes mistakes. His actions were inappropriate and unacceptable if nothing else but lets not sit up here and act like she didn’t jump in his face, spit on him, call him a racial slur, and hit him either. Granted Mixon should not have responded how he did but he made a mistake. He apologized now we( the public) have to wait and see if he means it and will follow through on what he has been saying.In terms of his athletic abilities Bucs should trade down in the first round and get additional picks only to trade up into top of second to draft this young man.

  50. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Rib: that is not fake news…I’ll have to change my montra! Thanks dude and stay tuned ….this won’t take long!!

  51. Cash Says:

    old news

  52. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Disappeared post…grrr.

  53. Armybucsfan Says:

    Ok I have scenario that will blow your mind Joe. What if Joe mixon WASNT a talented running back with a giant possibility to be drafted into the first round by the NFL BUT A SOLDIER RETURNING HOME FROM IRAQ OR AFGHANISTAN IN UNIFORM AND SOMEONE SPITS IN HIS FACE AND SLAPS HIM. I for one do not give a Sh$T if that person is man, woman, or other at that point I wouldn’t be able to hold back what consequences that person would face afterwards either. Women marched for their freedom of oppression and want equality but when they do something stupid like what she did they pull the woman card? COME ON! I’m not excusing what he did but showing you LIKE A SOLDIER IN UNIFORM MIXON IS A MARKED MAN AND PEOPLE WILL SAY AND DO ANYTHING TO MAKE HIM LOOK BAD.

  54. Capt.Tim Says:

    Where did my post go?

  55. Ghost in the Ruins Says:

    He was wrong, never should have happened. But even as wrong as it is, he is trying to make amends. She was wrong too, never should have hit him, spit at him, or used racial slurs. They were both wrong and the incident is a couple years in the past. Leave it there and let them move on. If Mixon does it again, then ban him from football for life.

  56. Drew Says:

    What a piece of sh*t. No way he gets drafted.

  57. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Innocence — Aggressors Need Not Apply

  58. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Capt.Tim, happened to me too.

  59. Nick D. Says:

    The author of the article suggests that Mixon hasn’t faced consequences for his actions. Mixon was kicked off the team for a year. He wasn’t allowed to practice, eat with, work out with or live with the football team. He had to do those things on his own. He couldn’t skip any classes and he had a some strict requirements to meet before he was let back on the team. Compare this to the Miss St DL who was suspended for only 1 game for repeatedly hitting a woman (also caught on video…but the woman he hit was black so maybe folks don’t care). Rather than cowardly transfer he did elect to stay at OU and face the music. During the first year he had students staring at him and whispering, “that’s the dude that hit the girl”. So he has faced consequences (as he should have). He’s learned from it and most scouts don’t really consider him a character risk. In fact in a recent Matt Miller column he quotes a scout who said that Cook is a bigger character risk than Mixon. Mixon’s risk is in the PR world not the locker room.

  60. GhostintheRuins Says:

    My post is gone too. Is the website that crappy that it deletes comments or do the Joes censure the comments to shape public appearance on topics?

  61. GhostintheRuins Says:

    Now my post is back? Website on the Mary Jane?

  62. Sly Says:

    In most jurisdictions someone spits on you, it’s considered an assault charge. If you want to argue the kid’s response was disproportionate to her assault I would agree. But let’s be perfectly clear she assaulted him. It’s amazing that society (white people) seem to think a 18-19 year old black kid is supposed to be okay with being spat on.

    Football player or not, such actions by man or woman you can pretty much be assured would yield the same result, a broken face.

  63. BigHogHaynes Says:


  64. DallasBuc Says:

    He has gotten right with the law. He has expressed remorse. He was a kid that made a big mistake and paid his debt to society. The figurative public square tar and feather of this man in perpetuity is both grotesque and sickening. Don’t ban me.
    Make Mixon a Buc.

  65. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    He gets paid she is going to get paid, but he will continue to get talked down to as does Jameis to this day because of the video, while there were people who were convicted of manslaughter who played in the NFL in the past 5 years, mixon should not have blasted her but there are way worse thugs in the NFL than him and he will play 6-8 years and hopefully help out his community and young kids to be a positive member of his new hometown

  66. BigHogHaynes Says:

    @DREW: blankety blank blankety blankety blank blank! You is a blankety blankety blank blank …your jut a part of the Black/Lash, …I mean Back/Lash,…. BUILD THE DAMN WALL! TO KEEP ALL THE GOOD HARD WORKING HONEST PEOPLE FROM THE CRIMINALS AND DOPE ADDICTS AND GANGSTERS….Dumb A$$!!!

  67. Capt.Tim Says:

    At least Im not alone

  68. D-Rome Says:

    Please detail exactly what heinous crime she committed to get blasted in the grill like that?

    I don’t follow the draft so I’ve only become aware of Joe Mixon over the past couple of weeks. I don’t know the details of this story. I watched the video without listening to the audio. I would have handled this situation differently but she:

    1. Physically pushed him.
    2. Put her left hand on his throat.
    3. Slapped him with her right hand.

    All three constitutes assault and battery. She looks to be 120-130lbs. No one’s talking about this if a 130lbs man did the same exact thing to Joe Mixon and people would unquestionably see Mixon in the right. When it comes to assault and battery women should not have special protections if they are the ones doing the assaulting. Since there is no audio we don’t even know what was said. Maybe he called her fat. Maybe she called him the N word.

    He should not have punched her. She should have kept her hands to herself. He’s not a victim. She’s not blameless.

  69. Maze Says:

    Don’t care. Draft him

  70. DPewter Says:

    Nice job leaving out that he was smacked to along with spitting and foul language. Regardless its not that you shouldn’t hit a girl its you shouldn’t hit anyone.

    Neither are victims, but both struck the other. As a millennial I am constantly confused with this equality thing. So girls can hit guys, right? Not defending either parties but how is the girl the victim if she swung first? Is it because she is a girl and her brain is too small to rationalize a situation and control her emotions therefor must be held to a lower standard? FYI my G/F is a border line feminist and surgeon so I have learned to hold women to the same standard as men and not with condescending kid gloves the generations before have.

  71. Doctor Stroud Says:

    RB is a need, but does AC/DC-lovin’ GM Jason Licht want the drama that will go along with drafting Mixon? He had just a little taste of draft drama by drafting a kicker in the second round, so he’ll have to figure out if he wants to go through that again (multiplied by a factor of ten). And, would Assistant GM Jameis Winston want Mixon? The Bucs should not waste a draft pick on Mixon and wait if he is undrafted to even discuss the issue. The higher you pick Mixon, the more intense the drama.


    I’m curious… all the people saying that he deserves a 2nd chance and that she female has responsibility too

    If he was Joe Blow college football undrafted FA , would you be giving the same responses??

  73. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Reginald – I can’t speak for everyone, but I think that the views that are being expressed here are reflective of a philosophy of persons being capable of repentence and reformation. It really has nothing to do with his talent level. Honestly, I haven’t seen the kid play a single snap. I don’t know what he does nor what he’s capable of. The issue is that people want to continue to crucify people for something because it makes them feel better about themselves. This kid paid his dues years ago and has not been in any trouble since then but just because we’re all becoming familiar with him, and the incident, we all feel the need to revisit it and execute our own version of justice. He paid his penance to society and, ya know what, it worked. He hasn’t been in trouble since and he appears to have learned his lesson. Why should he be denied a job 3 years later? Because you wouldn’t have done what he did? Because you need to thump your chest and show the world just how much you’re against that sort of thing? Nonsense

  74. Ysosyria Says:

    At least we know he can hit that hoe, I mean hole

  75. DallasBuc Says:

    Reginald- if he was JoeBlow black kid hitting a white girl then he would still be in prison today because he would not have gotten the quality representation that I’m sure he received only because he was a valuable football player for the Sooners.
    This holier than thou crowd around these parts is “both grotesque and sickening”
    Don’t ban me.
    Make Mixon a Buc.

  76. Pepsi Says:

    yepp…still want Bucs to draft Joe Mixon.

  77. DPewter Says:

    I honestly hope teams take him completely off their draft board and the bucs steal him in the second round. That paired with a TE or WR first round pick would solidify our scary offense. Scary good or scary overrated, this offense will be scary next year.

  78. PRBucFan Says:

    It’s actually reversed.

    He and his football buddies were harassing her friend because he was gay outside of the joint which they entered to get away from them. You can see her wiping away tears as he then enters the joint further harassing them. You can see the boy whom he was harassing react to him in fear as he approaches. As Mixon walks away from the table he calls the young man a F*GG*T which enrages the young woman and incites her to get up, as she confronts him he is in fact the one who the report says spit on her which is when she puts her hand on his chest in a sort of defensive posture and slaps at him, and then the rest is history.

    The man is disgusting, and he will never dawn a Bucs Jersey.

    Victim my arse!

  79. PRBucFan Says:

    oh and P.S. She was never the one that said a racial slur against him.

    Even he admits that in a video seen where the police is telling him her account of the story.

    So the Idgits saying she deserved to be hit for using a slur against him are way off base lol.

  80. 1sparkybuc Says:

    The Bucs took a chance on Jameis and most of us are glad we did. I would love to see them draft this young man. He’s a man now, but he was just a boy when this happened, and it was a life lesson he will never repeat. The Buccaneer locker room is the perfect environment for him. He and Jameis could have a bond like few others in the league. On Philly talk radio I’ve heard Mixon described as clearly the best RB in this class….a complete back. To dominate this division the Bucs need a complete back. We have a chance to draft him and I believe we should. We took a chance on Sapp and we took a chance on Jameis. We signed Blount and let him get away. Mixon doesn’t have a long history of criminal activity. He’s had ONE INCIDENT when he was a BOY, and he was clearly PROVOKED. This doesn’t make him a danger to society. The Bucs don’t win a SB without Warren Sapp. Mixon could make a difference in our next run for the Lombardi. He’s not a bad guy. He just overreacted to a bad situation.

  81. Bucsfanman Says:

    “Holier than thou”?!
    How pathetic! If you think for one second that it’s OK to slug, not hit, slug a woman then you are NO MAN. Give me a break with this talk already. Reading some of these posts only cements my belief that we are a putrid, me-first society only capable of self-gratification.
    There was only one move to make in this situation: WALK THE F$CK AWAY! OOOOOh, that girl “stepped” to his manhood!!!! Whatever! If you are still trying to justify his actions you should probably look in the mirror.
    He’ll get a 2nd chance. That’s OK. Just stop trying to justify his actions.

  82. Ty_in_STL Says:

    I want to win. I don’t care if you have to keep this guy strapped to a board Hannibal Lecter style in between games with the mask and all that. If you can get a first round talent in the 4th round, do it! Whats the worst that will happen? He punches someone else and we cut him? Who cares. We’re about to cut our second round kicker. The draft is a crap shoot, take the best talent at the position you need to fill and move on, the rest will work itself out.

    Half of the NFL has a rap sheet for one reason or another… does anyone care in Boston that they needed a soon-to-be convicted murder to get to a Super Bowl? NO!!!! They just point to their titles.

  83. unbelievable Says:

    People in here trying to say equality means a man should be able to hit a woman back are truly pathetic. Joe is right on the money.

    Unless your life is in danger, you don’t put your hands on a female. Ever. It’s pretty simple.

    Anyone trying to argue otherwise is probably a POS in real life.

  84. MulberryBuc33811 Says:

    Attention “Morality Policemen”!

    First of all, if this is a Bucs fan forum, we are giving our opinion in the comment section on who we think the Bucs should draft. Obviously the decisions on draft day will be made by the team and not the fans. So whoever the team drafts I will support and hope they go on to be great players for the Bucs.

    This past situation with Mixon was wrong. He was 18 years old, yeah, there is no excuse for that type of behavior, but at some point the penalties and punishments needs to stop so the young man can go on with his life. One would think that he wouldn’t make the same terrible decision again and that he has all the counseling and support he needs to stay on the straight and narrow. I believe that this female does have a civil suit against him, and maybe she should entitled to financial settlement, even though I don’t believe she is entirely innocent.

    Now, how many folks didn’t want Winston on the team because of the mistakes he made in college, what do you think of him now? He is on the straight and narrow and I believe the same thing can happen for Joe Mixon.

    If the Bucs call this guy’s name in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th round, guess what? That is okay with me, this guy has the talent to make a difference. This is just my opinion. So, no matter who the Bucs select in this years draft, I think everyone will be optimistic about the season to come.

  85. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Hey Joe with your self righteous igdination what about in Houston last year the young black girl who got punched in the face by the cop when all she was doing was confronting him? Lots of people said she got what she deserved and made excuses for the cop.There have been many of these kind of stories but no one sticks up for those women. Matter of fact Mixon punched her once he didn’t beat her face in as you put it. With that out of the way Mixon deserves to go to jail because what she did did not deserve the punishment he dished out to her. What should have done was run down a campus cop and get her with a citizens arrest for assault😆. In no way was Mixon a victim he should have been more mature and thought that out. If anything he could have got her expelled but dudes like Mixon don’t think they simply react. Just like dudes who practice martial arts can be arrested for fighting he should too because all the weightlifting and training is meant for one thing and that is to dish out punishment to other people. How much you want to bet just like in the Iverson case since he’s supposed to be a up and coming star it will all be swept under the rug. Unfortunately for the young lady if he doesn’t get a fat NFL contract she can’t get reimbursed for the extensive surgery.

    Another thing all those guys who stood there and did absolutely nothing should be arrested for gross indifference and having no manhood!

  86. Bucsfanman Says:

    @David- “Another thing all those guys who stood there and did absolutely nothing should be arrested for gross indifference and having no manhood!”

    Freakin’ amen to that!!!! What type of world do we live in where a guy belts a woman and everybody just stands there like a dope, watching?! Not on my watch. I’ll take the beating if necessary, but you ain’t calling me a coward or not chivalrous. Pathetic! Just pathetic world!

    But hey, he can sure play that football eh?! SMGDH

  87. PRBucFan Says:

    lolol pathetic people and their consistent excuses

    provoked my ass

    boy my ass

  88. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    DallasBuc gets cool points for his comments

  89. PRBucFan Says:

    Sickening to me that some of you are even associated with our organization.

    I swear there are literally some of you that would defend a man who committed serial murder so long he has talent.


  90. USFBUC Says:

    I see some asking questions that I will answer based on the different things I have read on this subject.

    She was drunk and high according to a police report from that night. Mixon appears to have not been questioned until some time later so we do not know if he was also drunk or high.

    The incident started outside and it was a group of males talking to the girl saying that she should hookup with Mixon because it was his birthday. Things got heated so the girl went inside to tell a guy in there about the harassment. The guy inside she was talking to who is off camera was a mutual acquaintance of both Mixon and the girl. Mixon went inside to try and defuse the situation.

    When going to leave something was said to Mixon to which he responded that one of the guys there was gay. The girl then said something to Mixon and shoved him in the back. Mixon turned around they may have exchanged spitting on each other then she hit him in the face. Mixon then hit her in the face.

    Supposedly the girl appeared to be fine when police showed up that night. No actions were taken that night by police. Then some time later police decided to charge Mixon with a misdemeanor charge. Mixon was suspended from the football team and served his penalties for the charge. The girl does now have a civil suit against Mixon.

  91. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Actually my first time seeing the video. It is heinous number one because it appears he approached they’re table. As black man I’ve been called a N word by a Whiteman before. I was at work at the time,it took everything inn me not to really give it to the guy. I thought about my kids and how it would’ve let my ol girl down had I beaten the living s@$! out of the guy. Funny thing is I saw him about a month later in walmart with his son and the emotions came back to the forefront. I gave him a pass after I saw him notice me and saw the fear inn his eyes. I let it go why. Because he was with his little son. Small world I tell you.

  92. DB55 Says:

    There is neither a state attorney nor a judge in America who would cite spitting or foul language as justification for beating someone’s face in, let alone a woman
    Different strokes for different folks my friend. If only Mixon was a 29 year old police officer, a professional rather than a 19 year old college kid his actions would be justified.

    “Let alone a women” or a 14year old girl that is hand cuffed and punched multiple times in the face. Facts sux I know….

  93. Maze Says:

    Anyone spits on me you better get ready to dance. Anyone

  94. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    And it does appear they may have both spat, he clearly leans in towards her face before throwing the haymaker. Both were wrong but again he approached they’re table. Man if that’s my daughter I’m doing everything in my power to ensure I end up in prison yo.

  95. Maze Says:

    Joe swings and misses badly on this article lol

  96. USFBUC Says:

    Another bit of information for those willing to listen the police took two weeks to charge Mixon. Once charged the district attorney allowed Mixon to enter an Alford plea. The Alford plea means that Mixon was allowed to maintain his innocence but acknowledged that the prosecutor had enough evidence to convict him. So what this tells us is that the police did not see enough evidence that evening to arrest Mixon

  97. rayjay1122 Says:

    Mixon = Jerammy Stevens. Both dirt bags who committed crimes. I did not like Stevens but still cheered if he made a big play for the Bucs. If Mixon ends up being a Buc, I will cheer for him to play well also because I am a Bucs fan. I do believe in forgiveness and second chances. That being said, everyone who thinks he was justified in his response the that woman is just as much of an idiot as he was during that moment.

  98. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Its like this after watching the vid for the first time. I’ve been in more than one or two hairy situations with females before. I’ve been hit by women an never struck back once. Now as a kid in my old neighborhood which was kinda rough boys and girls threw hands like boys and boys it was common. We were friends again the next day. H3ll ended up dating some over the years. My belief is either you are built to walk away from that or not. To me after she spat he spat. They were even. That cold cock was not necessary. Ion care what your age is.

  99. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Ima tell y’all man that kid wouldn’t have been safe after that around my old neighborhood.

  100. Patrick in VA Says:

    Looking through the comments, it looks like the majority of the people who have a problem with this kid are folks that need to make it all about them. Lots of puffed out chests and lots of people extoling their own personal virtues. It doesn’t matter if the guy has already made his way through all of the applicible legal ramifications that went along with his actions, it’s all about them feeling good about themselves for having weighed in and needing to exact some sort of additional, personal justice upon him. If that’s the case, why even have a legal system. Why not just have everyone carrying out their own personal brand of vigilante justice. What he did is what the legal system says he owes. Whether you think it’s enough or not is for you to take up with your law makers, not this kid who is just trying to earn a living and chase a dream.

  101. BigHogHaynes Says:

    RayJay: not everyone because I believe that at 17 yrs old his response to her spitting in his face was somewhat normal,….maybe an older gentleman would make a better choice!

  102. BUC55 Says:

    Of course he over reacted and used excessive force for the situation……..and deserved punishment……..which he received, and still is.

    As for the innocent girl BS and the judgmental tone of this article, I would call it one of the most ignorant and shallow articles by the Joes of all time.

    A couple days ago JBF article told all the readers to “wake up”.

    To this Mixon article I would say to the Joes, WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  103. bucs_365 Says:

    If this guy presented himself as a decent person with a very low risk for any further violence, then maybe he could be drafted in the later rounds. Instead, I’ve heard nothing positive about the dude’s character and heard that his interviews have been awful. With that being the case, I don’t see how he’s not a huge gamble. All the talent in the world won’t keep you on the field if you’re in jail.

  104. Ed Says:

    If he was white,would we even have this discussion.

  105. NFLNut Says:

    What he did was horrible and NO ONE I know condones it … but … she didn’t just spit on him and call him names, she physically assaulted him first and he retaliated. That is a fact whether anyone likes it or not.

    Mixon should feel like a punk, feel horrible and feel sincere remorse FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE … but I guarantee you that lady right now feels remorse for ever spitting on and hitting Mixon first.

    Also, I have mentioned this before … JOE … I know you like to talk about Mixon a lot but there is a better chance the Bucs draft Dede Westbrook than Mixon and from what I have read Dede could make Mixon look like an extremely sympathetic figure, yet I don’t recall you creating one article about Dede … why is that?

    ALSO Joe … you seem to be on board with the Bucs drafting Dalvin Cook at #19, yet he has a LONGER RAP SHEET than Mixon and it includes a charge of punching a 21 year old woman in the face MULTIPLE TIMES! Please tell me why you’d draft Cook at #19 but never draft Mixon, even in the 7th round when Cook has a longer rap sheet?



    2015: Charged with assault and battery for PUNCHING A 21 YEAR OLD WOMAN IN THE FACE MULTIPLE TIMES

    2014: Charged with Criminal Mischief

    2014: Under investigation for aggravated assault

    2014: Cited for animal cruelty and had three puppies taken away from him

    2010: Charged with firing a weapon and possessing a weapon at an event on school property

    2009: Charged with robbery

    NOTE: I list the above simply to make a point … I love Dalvin Cook’s game and would be thrilled if the Bucs took him at #19 … I just find it incredible that anyone else who would also take Cook at #19 would think Mixon shouldn’t even be drafted in the 7th round … that makes no sense to me at all.

  106. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Patrick- I can’t speak for other posters, but I’ll say this, some here look to justify his actions as though he did nothing wrong. There’s no justification for what he did. He was punished for it. I don’t feel like it should be a “death sentence” by any means.
    He served his punishment and he WILL get his chance. He WILL be drafted. But lets not kid ourselves here, the incident was reprehensible.

  107. Joe Says:

    charge of punching a 21 year old woman in the face MULTIPLE TIMES

    Cook was cleared, no?

    Video of Mixon speaks for itself.

  108. NFLNut Says:

    ^ Joe … yes Cook was cleared and as I said I’d be thrilled if the Bucs got him at #19 … I just think it’s clear that Cook has more of a “history” of incidents than Mixon so I don’t understand the stance you take that Cook would be a good pick at #19 but Mixon should not by drafted by the Bucs at all.

    I honestly think the Mixon incident being on video is what’s causing the severe reaction. Again, Dede Westbrook seems to be a far worse character but there’s no video so no one cares.

    If there was no video of the Mixon incident, I simply doubt many would take the stand that their team shouldn’t draft him, even in the 7th round.

    Regardless, I respect your stand for women’s rights and for vehemently demonizing punching a woman as such deserves to be demonized … I just don’t know that I personally would really feel “more comfortable” with the Bucs drafting Cook than Mixon or that I would sincerely feel that Cook has a better chance of “staying clear of any criminal activity” than Mixon going forward.

  109. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    You can say what you want about DC dude if you ain’t got no video to support that then you pissen in the wind homie. She spat it clearly appears he lean inn and spat back. Incedent should’ve been over at that time. He has a short fuse so he swung for the fences. Simple an plain. A lot of kids and young men deal anger problems from round my way. If you think a few classes will solve that you crazy as h3ll.

  110. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Round my way we call it h0e s@$! when you mention another man’s name dude. When said man ain’t got nothing to do with said topic.

  111. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Quite a bit of that gose on round here.

  112. NFLNut Says:

    NOSBOS … you know I’m a huge fan of Cook and would LOVE to see the Bucs draft him … just think it’s a weird stance to take to say Cook at #19 makes sense but Mixon at #224 or whatever is a no-go … that’s all.

    If choirboys won football games I’d want the Bucs to move up to #1 to draft Christian Mac … but I’d still rather have Dalvin than Christian any day 🙂

  113. mark Says:

    2015: Charged with assault and battery for PUNCHING A 21 YEAR OLD WOMAN IN THE FACE MULTIPLE TIMES

    -from a juror on Cooks trial: Cook was the one trying to defuse the situation

    2014: Charged with Criminal Mischief
    – BB guns

    2014: Under investigation for aggravated assault
    – as an associate, so he probably knew someone

    2014: Cited for animal cruelty and had three puppies taken away from him
    – as a dog lover, don’t agree with how he had the dogs chained but we aren’t talking about Vick

    2010: Charged with firing a weapon and possessing a weapon at an event on school property
    2009: Charged with robbery
    – an early teen who grew up in a very tough part of Miami

    Not attacking NFLNut but itemizing Cooks issues without context of course make Cook look like a bad guy. It doesn’t help the Matt Millers keep floating garbage out there without providing nothing more than anonymous scouts opinions. Mixon caved in a girls face on video and has shown little remorse.

    From following Cook at FSU, I’d feel good if the Bucs took him. Mixon no thanks.

  114. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Joe, what’s your excuse for the armed robbery, and the possession/ discharge of a fire arm at school, and the abuse of little innocent puppies?

    Dalvin Cook has problem child written all over him.

  115. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Draft the guy…and when our record is 5 wins to 0 losses …. All will be forgiven!

  116. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    My thing is this if he after being spat on decided not to spit back but instead with an open palm slap the taste out her mouth my tune would be different. But to spit back and then clench your fist and do your best 1988 Iron Mike Tyson impression I mean c’mon man. This ain’t no holier than tho speech. Common sense says you don’t do that bro.

  117. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    mark get out of here wit all that weak @$$ s@$!. Memo to white folks black often chain they’re dogs up. Go thru any hood in America I’m sure you’ll see it.

  118. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    “the dogs were unable to move and the smaller puppies were choking”

  119. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Is that so Blake.. I’ll take your word for it. Blake And mark were you present when Michael Pittman smacked his chic up??? Prolly not. Did it stop either of you from cheering whenever he scored that superbowl year??? Prolly not.

  120. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Again if he had smacked the s@$! out of her I would be like chic got what she deserve. But this bro this worse than Ray Rice.. I wanna change the bet Blake forget the first three rounds. I’m betting he ain’t getting drafted period.

  121. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Ok sounds great to me. I’ll take that bet. Same amount?

  122. DB55 Says:

    Michael Pittman smacked his chic up???
    He tried to run over his wife with his Hummer. And they all cheered him on. Don’t get it twisted.

  123. DB55 Says:

    And his baby was in the car with his wife. Pathetic!!!

  124. Buccfan37 Says:

    At least they did not spit tobacco juice at each other.

  125. grafikdetail Says:

    dude should’ve walked away…no winning arguing with a women it’s a double standard… if a guy would’ve did the same thing spit, slap & call someone racial slurs everyone would’ve said that guy had it coming & it’s a non-story but because she’s a girl (a blue-eye blonde one) — and this idiot didn’t have enough common sense and self control to walk off or at the least maybe just mush her LOL — we get to hear joe whine about it over & over

  126. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Deal Blake.

  127. NFLNut Says:

    NOSBOS … I think you’re going to lose that bet bro. Mixon is a 1st round talent, no way he goes undrafted entirely imho …

  128. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    NFL those read option spread backs are a dime dozen. And some are saying he should’ve walked away. I say he should’ve never approached that table.

  129. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Every year there are these spread guys that enter the draft. They don’t always pan out because of the physicality of the pro game. We gone see what he made of real soon. It was shocking to me to find out with as much people are hyping him Perine rushed for more yards. How many Oregon RBs became anything in the league???

  130. PRBucFan Says:

    Him and his buddies were harassing her gay friend, her group tried to get away from it, he followed inside, called her friend a f*GG*t at the table, she confronted him, he spit on her, she spit back and slapped at him after he bucked at her and the rest is history.

    If you think someone who was willing to do that in a crowded fast food joint hasn’t done worse or the same before, thats naive thinking.

    lol smh but its all her right? Even he said she never called him a racial slur, that was a comment made by one of the other people in the group supposedly. Her confrontation with him was all in defense of her gay friend at the table.

  131. pablo Says:

    There are a lot of “White Knights” in the comments. Yikes… Time for some of you to grow up and stop treating women with deference.

    The White Knights in here actually believe it’s ok for her to hit him. Pablo doesn’t care about Mixon or his draft status but any *person* who chooses to hit another *person* should expect to be hit back.

  132. PRBucFan Says:

    White knight? No I was just raised that a p*ssy raises his hand to a woman especially a closed fist. My mother would knock my teeth out grown and all if I ever did something so despicable.

  133. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Mixon played a year less than perine because of the suspension. And they also used him as a receiver pretty frequently.

    As far as the spread guys not working out in the NFL because of the physicality – Ezekial Elliot came from a Spread offense. And Mixon is 6’0 228, he’s better equipped to handle NFL hits than some other top Rb prospects are.

  134. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    PRbucfan, have you ever considered that Mixon’s upbringing/ environment as a child was less than ideal? Not everyone is blessed with good parents to teach them valuable life principles.

    Judge not, lest yee be free of sin.

  135. PRBucFan Says:

    Oh… well I guess we are all excused from our actions and they must be accepted without scrutiny because we are all a product of our environment.

    And you can repeat the same thing all you want, reality is people are to be accountable for their actions. EVERYTHING that comes along with that. And of course I am not free of sin but I expect if I ever commit such an egregious act that I get called on it, and that I can accept the fact that one of the consequences is others giving their input on what they think about it.

    Plenty of people with far less in life and far worse an upbringing that understand the difference between right and wrong, aswell as understanding that there are certain lines one does not cross.

  136. Buc1987 Says:

    In other words…

    STFU Blake! lol

  137. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Uhh no, because I’m willing to bet that PRB has no Idea what its like to grow up without a father in a sh!tty neighborhood where a women is just as likely to kill you as a man is.

  138. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Man the people in this country are really scaring me. I was raised to never raise your hand to a woman. Seems like the majority on here seem to think that male or female makes no difference and he was fine to knock her the f$%& out. You guys act like he had no other option once she spit on and slapped him. Yeah, this bit strong man could never just shove her off of him and get out of there. Sad.

  139. Eric Says:

    Man do the Joe’s want Cook or what!!!
    If a man can talk about grabbing women in the pu$$-E and still be elected President then why can’t this guy, who was a kid at the time become a football player?? btw the kid actually knows how to play football while the other guy doesn’t know how to play President. LOL
    Seriously I could care less about what he did as long as he produces. I watch football to be entertained and if the guys on my team are balling then I don’t care because they are not my role models. Stop pretending these guys are super heroes, they are normal guys who can play football really good. If you need the football players on your team to be the role models for your kid then the problem is you!! Parents should be the role models for their children not some dude you never met in your life. PC is dead people so get over it.
    Mixon> Cook 7 days a week!!

  140. PRBucFan Says:

    Your moral compass is as non existent as ever I see lol