Ira Talks Odd Safety Out, “Pressure” To Draft Dalvin Cook, Joe Hawley, Cubans, Current Pass Rush, Folk Contract Terms & More

March 23rd, 2017

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15 Responses to “Ira Talks Odd Safety Out, “Pressure” To Draft Dalvin Cook, Joe Hawley, Cubans, Current Pass Rush, Folk Contract Terms & More”

  1. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Excellent for us waiting for the sleeping pills to kick in

    Can’t wait for that poll!!!

  2. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Put me in the Marlon Mack crowd.

  3. D-Rome Says:

    Outstanding effort by everyone involved and I completely agree with Joe that the Bucs need to draft defense in the first round. Too many fans are overrating the value of RBs and this team doesn’t need to spend a 1st round pick on a RB.

  4. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    There is always gonna be pressure to draft Cook, from Jameis, as well as Derrick Brooks.
    They are gonna look out for their FSU Homeboy.

  5. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Anyway you can add Samaje Perine to that poll?

  6. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    1st Round Progjection
    • Dalvin Cook
    • Christian McCaffrey

    3rd Round Projection
    • Joe Mixon
    • Marlon Mack

    4th Round Projection
    • Samaje Perine<-
    • Kareem Hunt

  7. Joe Says:

    Thanks D-Rome.

  8. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Name me the defensive player that can be had in the first round that would come inn an make an impact day one significant enough to propel us into next years playoffs..

  9. BadBuc99 Says:

    I might be the only one that thinks this way, but outside of Kwon, and David, we have no quality linebacker depth to fill in. If one of them goes down, the defense changes in what they can do. Therefore, if Reuben Foster drops to them at 19, I believe they should take him. I believe he has the skills to play outside, as well as inside.

    He’s a 5 star talent, and should be a Buc!

    If he’s gone, then the Bucs should consider CB Quincy Wilson, or Adoree Jackson.

    I believe we can get a good safety in the 2nd round.

    RB shouldn’t even be considered in the 1st 4 rounds. Greater needs should be addressed first.

  10. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Of the names you just listed which of whom is coming inn and taking a starters job??? Because if you see fit to draft a player in the first round and him not be a day 1 starter that’s cray cray..

  11. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    This is what I find funny. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but it appears Derrick Brooks is lobbying for the team to draft Dalvin Cook. Interesting considering prior to the 2014 draft Warren Sapp was asked if he felt the Bucs should go defense in the first round. His response was “you gotta be able to put some points on the board inn this league”. Now that’s two HOF defensive players supporting the idea of offense in the first round. Wow imagine that, but WTF do they know. Clearly not as much as jbf poster.

  12. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    The game is lucid Joe. Belichess stays two paces ahead of the rest of the league because he is aware of this. Its changing.. The whole pass rusher thing is somewhat of the pass. Belichess releases his best pass rushers and still wins why??? Because he emphasises playing defense from the back forward and not the front backward anymore.

  13. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Belichess got a 1st rounder in McCorty and a 2nd rounder in Chung on the back end. He will keep himself at least one premier CB because he is aware most teams wanna launch the ball down field. Those two safties cover so much ground. His defense corners off the field. The whole “passing league” thing plays right into the hands of Belichess defense. You attack them with a potent running game an conservative passing. Until the rest of the league becomes aware of this they will continue winning superbowls. They careless about a pass rush.

  14. unbelievable Says:

    DallasBuc getting a shoutout on the podcast.

    You’ve made an impression on the Joes lol!

  15. KingBuc17 Says:


    Like the way you think, except you left out round two picks and I would only take McCaffrey if we trade back. pLus I would rahter take a beast back like Foreman in the Second. And there is NO way this organization is taking a knuckle head like Mixon. I don’t care how far he falls.

    1st Round Progjection
    • Dalvin Cook
    • Christian McCaffrey (Only trading back with KC or Cleveland)

    2nd Round Progjection
    • Foreman (Really would love to see this beast!!! in Pewter)
    • Kamara (Too Fragile)

    3rd Round Projection
    • Joe Mixon (reminds me of ASJ) some stupid stuff several times…
    • Marlon Mack – Would love for him to slip into 4th and us get two RB’s Power and speed.

    4th Round Projection
    • Samaje Perine<-
    • Kareem Hunt

    I hope we get another thunder and lightning duo, power and weapon….short yardage and scat… what ever you want to call it. We have our backups on the team now. With Jaquis Smith going to SF, I think we go impact DE in Round 1, RB in rounds 2 & 4, safety in round 3 and in rd 5 get Cannon for WR3 then draft for depth….and the kid Toms C from Southern Miss. He adds 25 pounds of muscle and he will replace Hawley for next 10 years.