Do Bucs Want The Other Oklahoma RB?

March 13th, 2017

Joe had to laugh about recent chatter tying Gerald McCoy showing up for the University of Oklahoma pro day to meaning he was there to scout evildoer, woman-hitter running back Joe Mixon.

There was no evidence of that whatsoever. McCoy has loads of family living near his beloved university, where he has stayed close to the program, even recruiting for them.

Regarding Mixon, Joe is all for second chances, but those second chances for certain dudes look a lot better in other cities. For example, Joe was totally against the Bucs signing — and re-signing! — noted sleaze tight end Jerramy Stevens.

In a draft class allegedly historically deep at running back, drafting a guy like Mixon feels like a needless risk.

And that brings Joe to the Oklahoma running back nobody talks much about: Samaje Perine.

Perine is a bruising beast at 5-11, 233 pounds, a guy who breaks tackles, runs with authority and stood out as a strongman freak at the NFL Scouting combine.

Consider this nugget in a scouting report by film guru Lance Zierlein.

“Creates for himself with power. Arm tacklers won’t like the results. Drives through initial contact and continues to churn out additional yardage. Pad level is always where it is supposed to be. Delivers a message when he finishes runs. Short yardage winner and doesn’t have much wasted motion as a runner. Decisive in his downhill charge but does so with quality vision.”

More important, Perine has produced — big time.

The young man averaged 6.0 yards per carry in college through 685 carries in three seasons. And 49 rushing touchdowns has a nice ring to it. He is Oklahoma’s all-time leading rusher.

Perine missed a few midseason games last year with a pulled leg muscle, but he came back to finish strong, including 17 carries for 86 yards and a touchdown against Auburn in the Sugar Bowl.

Perine is widely projected as a fourth-round pick.

Is he the right fit for the Bucs? Could he pound in between the tackles and wear down defenses while being complemented by Charles Sims, Jacquizz Rodgers and Peyton Barber?

Joe has no clue, but don’t be stunned if the Bucs wait to draft a running back in the middle rounds.

84 Responses to “Do Bucs Want The Other Oklahoma RB?”

  1. Lpao22 Says:

    Yes. I like him more than dealing with the Mixon baggage. This guy didn’t break the single game record at Oklahoma by mistake. He would be a good compliment to Rodgers/ Sims

  2. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Don’t be surprised if the government Cb or DE first and2nd imo not that it matters

  3. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Go with

  4. DB55 Says:

    I never knew who Mixon was but I knew Perine. I love the bruisers. You know who else can run hard? Alfred Morris.

  5. Lunchbox Says:

    I’ve liked Perine for a while, and in the 4th rd would be a good value pick. If we go RB higher, though, I like McCaffrey in the first, assuming Cook is gone. I like Foreman in the 2nd.

    I just was on Walterfootball looking at our updated Mock and it has us taking OLB/DE Takkarist McKinley out of UCLA in the 2nd round. WOW. If y’all haven’t seen this guy, check this out. I’d be VERY happy if we got this guy. BTW I know this has nothing to do with RB’s, I just needed to put this up for other guys to check this out.

  6. DallasBuc Says:

    Would be nice to have a legit goal line back.

  7. UncleBuc Says:

    McCaffrey round 1. Perine round 4. Deep draft for RBs double up on talent and two players who could complement each other.

  8. Eightonetree bucs Says:

    I’m all for it Joe. I always thought the big bruising backs were more effective playing in that Tampa heat then the snow. You can really break down defenses with a big bodied back that can lay some hits on a tried beaten defense. it also causes those defenses to become suspectable to the play action shot play.
    Could Perine add to the list of Mike Alstott Ernest graham and Blount?

  9. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    @Lunch… He won’t be there in the second. Would be insane though

  10. Mort Says:

    Hmm, seems like a good idea. It’s almost like you guys read my comment from earlier today and then made an article about it.

    Either way, I obviously think this is an excellent strategy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes in the third round though.

  11. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    I would LOVE for us to draft Sameje Perine.

  12. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    Btw Joe
    Woman hitter
    Animal abuser
    But you champion him as a RB we should pick. Hypocrite!!!
    I could care less personally but I love this site man. Someone coming here with no idea who to like, not like, you paint this sh!T picture of this kid. That’s not 100.

  13. captjimbo Says:

    Sounds like a steal if we get him in the 4th. Another mid rounder I like is Gallman out Clemson. But if CMac somehow fell to us in the 2nd I don’t see how you could possibly pass that up. There is so much talent and we have so many needs (not as many now but still to many) we can take BPA in needed positions and not miss.

  14. BuccoDav Says:

    WhatdaBUCisthis Says:
    March 13th, 2017 at 8:07 pm
    Btw Joe
    Woman hitter
    Animal abuser

    I think I’m missing something here. Joe is not advocating for Mixon.

  15. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    He’s talking about Dalvin. He was found not guilty of hitting the girl. But he was charged with animal abuse/ mistreatment of animals.

    And apparently he hangs out with an entourage of “gang bangers.”

  16. BigMacAttack Says:

    This makes sense, unlike most mock drafts regarding the Bucs

  17. FutureBucsGM Says:

    Might as well just get Kareem Hunt. Perine isn’t going to be strong enough for our division. I like Kareem and Alfred Morris. We do well with short people that the defensive line can’t see. Ohe and S proves, find a way to kidnap Darren Sproles lol

  18. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    @Blake… As always, good look big homie

  19. Issic Haggins Says:

    Short yardage backs are worth their weight in gold , yet not sexy and often ignored by even the best GM’s. I don’t know if Licht is in the best GM’s talk but he didn’t provide a short yardage back for his team last year and boy did it show on 3 rd and short.Barber actually showed tremendous promise but can’t block or pick up a blitz or he would have been the starting back around week 8.

  20. Pit Says:

    It’s funny anytime you start watching these highlights you end up wanting all of these guys. They all look so good.

  21. TarzanTheBucsFan Says:

    You know dalvin cook was arrested for a domestic violence case just like mixon was. Just sayin

  22. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Mixon …round three … brainer!!!! MIXON MIXON MIXON!

  23. Lunchbox Says:

    If what we’re really looking for is a big bruiser type-back, then I think the obvious choice is D’onta Foreman. He’s virtually the same size as Alstott was, and a bit faster. THIS is a guy that will wear defenses down. That being said, I think I’d still prefer McCaffrey in the 1st. If we grab a guy in the 2nd, Foreman would be a good pick.

  24. SB Says:

    I have been driving the Perine here for a month

  25. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    After reading his profile he seems like a good change of pace back for what we have. We need a banger and the 4th round would be great value. I wouldn’t be totally against taking McCaff in the 1st and him in the 4th. That would give us a killer 1 2 punch and allow our passing game to thrive.

    I love Sims but he can’t stay healthy and has several other issues. Peyton has potential and Quiz is Quiz. Trade or cut Sims and draft those 2 w Quiz and Peyton. Scary RB combo all day!

  26. Pa Privateer Says:

    If we invest in a running back I am 100% on board with Perine. He is a back that we do not have on the roster. If we can maneuver in the draft to pick him up in the late 3rd early 4th round, then I am absolutely fine with that. I know most want a RB earlier but a later round RB screams Licht. Seriously think about it. Licht would totally go for value in the position of RB in the draft. Drafting a bigger RB in the mid rounds would allow Licht to ride out the draft with Best Player in the rounds 1-2 and even 3rd round. Perine would give our OL with a bigger/stronger RB. A bigger/stronger RB would keep opposing LBs honest. A bigger/stronger RB would give Licht the opportunity to draft a TE, WR, S, C, or even OT or whoever the heck Litch wants.

  27. gotbbucs Says:

    Love him, absolutely love him. In my opinion, he will be the best NFL back to come out of this draft. He has got insane amounts of college production. I honestly can’t belive how little respect he is being given by the draft community.

    Maurice Jones-Drew 2.0

  28. Waterboy Says:

    What about Joe Williams out of Utah? He should be around late in the draft due to some character concerns. Nobody ever talk about that guy but he looks real solid from what I’ve seen and he has a decent combination of power and speed to take it to the house.

    2016 highlights:

  29. Lunchbox Says:

    There is far too much talent in this year’s RB class not to take advantage of it. Taking any of the above mentioned RB’s would do wonders for our offensive capabilities. Another WR is also very necessary, if just for depth reasons alone. If either of our top 2 WR’s fall to injury during the season, we’ll need that depth.

  30. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Joe, you eff’d up! You ought to know by now not to post RB stories after Nole stops posting for the night! Sheesh, do I gotta teach you everything?! LOL!

  31. TvD head ball coach Says:

    This was the same Joe who was all in on AP who beat his son with a switch. The only difference was AP was a grown man. Mixon was not. And I’m sure she was not innocent in the matter unlike AP’s son. I would take a chance on Mixon in the 3rd no hesitation. Let’s not forget America’s qb had a few issues coming out of Florida state and he has turned out all right.

  32. Mr. V Says:

    Perine, a one speed runner with no burst and fumble often . He’s a grinder because he can’t make tacklers miss. He brought the power and Mixon brought big play ability thus we see the difference in draft grading. Perine is a dime a dozen back . Mixon brings star quality and explosiveness. Maybe we let Belicheat draft him to add to a dominant free agent class.

  33. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I’m all for giving Mixon a chance, but breaking a woman’s face it’s a far cry from stealing crab legs and soda, and yelling an obscene phrase.

  34. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Sounds like a better prospect than cook, who can’t run hard with his thin weak legs.

  35. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Joe, how about posting an article for Nos-Bos about how draft picks get the team jersey for them to hold up at the draft so he can stop with the “draft is rigged, conspiracy stuff”?

  36. Buccfan37 Says:

    Perine sounds good to me. Hope the Bucs get him.

  37. SB Says:

    Hey Tvd. I have had a few women come at me heatedly and two with knives because I was breaking up with them. I never hit One of them and I didn’t have a multimillion career on the line. Stupid and ignorant is as it does

  38. DB55 Says:

    few women come at me heatedly and two with knives
    A few! Lol. P…I…M…P

  39. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    The Pride Of Oklahoma

    (RB) Adrian Peterson vs (RB) Samaje Perine (Oklahoma)

    RB Adrian Peterson (Career Totals)
    • (2004) ATT: 339 | YDS: 1925 | AVG: 5.7 |TD’s: 15
    • (2005) ATT: 221 | YDS: 1104 | AVG: 5.0 |TD’s:14
    • (2006) ATT: 188 | YDS: 1012 | AVG: 5.4 | TD’s:12
    ==> (Totals) ATT: 748 | YDS: 4041 | AVG: 5.4 |TD’s: 41

    vs. (10 yrs. later)

    RB Samaje Perine (Career Totals)
    • (2014) ATT: 263 | YDS: 1713 | AVG: 6.5 |TD’s:21
    • (2015) ATT: 226 | YDS: 1349 | AVG: 6.0 |TD’s:16
    • (2016) ATT: 196 | YDS: 1060 | AVG: 5.4 | TD’s:12
    ==> (Totals) ATT: 685* | YDS: 4122* | AVG: 6.0* |TD’s: 49*

  40. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    These types of backs don’t fall off trees
    He’s style of running will – make him an instant FAN favorite.
    I don’t why – but Perine reminds me of a younger version of Frank Gore

  41. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Speaking about PIMP
    Check out how Perine proposed to his woman

  42. KangDooley Says:

    Latavius Murray would be clutch imo.

  43. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Samaje Perine (Highlights)

    Just list how them pads pop – this kid destroys defenders

  44. SOEbuc Says:

    I know people say he was shadowed by Mixon but how is this guy projected not going in at least mid two? Complete bulldozer and vision through the line with 6.0 rushing avg and the Oklahoma all-time rushing leader. What the hell? How is he not predicted in the first?

  45. Dirks GreatGranpappy Says:

    Tvd getting saucy! I love it

  46. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *Just listen to – how them pads pop – this kid (Perine) destroys defenders

  47. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Wouldn’t be mad at all – if we traded back into the 3rd round – and drafted Perine.

  48. Rojas Says:

    Wouldn’t be upset if we drafted him or Mixon.

  49. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Let’s take the lesser talented choirboy RB from the same college team as a more superior athlete and RB talent because of the new NFL rule that rewards teams extra yards and points for drafting nice guys.

    Wait… there isn’t a rule like that?
    So the Bucs would just be drafting the lesser talented RB so they could pat themselves on the back despite not winning a playoff game in over fourteen years?

    Sounds suuuuuuuuper smart.
    The Bucs could take advantage of a market irregularity and draft a 1st round RB in the 3rd or 4th round in Mixon after doing their due diligence and seeing if he’s grown at all in the 3 years since the incident took place.

    Side note: I love how the same people saying no to Mixon were clamoring for AP to come here despite him having a very similar and disturbing incident of his own at precisely the same time.

    And, wait… what was it that Dalvin Cook did at FSU. Oh, THE EXACT SAME THING EXCEPT HE DID IT MULTIPLE TIMES. But yeah, let’s spend a first rounder on him rather than a 3rd on a guy equally as gifted and talented.

    Makes zero sense.

  50. macabee Says:

    Samaje Perine is a Maurice Jones-Drew type of back that I like a lot. However up to this point, the Bucs have shown no interest and has had no contact. Doesn’t mean they won’t as some time, but the only two RBs the Bucs have interviewed is Marlon Mack/USF at the combine and Brian Hill/Wyoming at his pro day per WalterFootball.

  51. Buc 4ever Says:

    Because Perineum is too slow for the NFL style of play. Cook and Mixon are the best two running backs by far due to their vision and versatility. Macaffry is not an every down back and will be used more as a slot receiver. If we take TE in first round and Mixon in second we will be set for years to come. But as an FSU and having watched Cook, if he is there at 19 we can’t pass him up because he is the next Marshall Faulk.

  52. macabee Says:

    I should clarify. The Bucs had area scout Donovan Cotton at Oklahoma’s pro day along with former Sooner Gerald McCoy. But no reports of any workout or interview were made public. It was reported that Mixon met with 3 teams but the names were intentionally withheld.

  53. 98bucsfan Says:

    @tony first of all, both mixon and cooks incidents are overrated. The women in both cases said stuff they shouldn’t have while intoxicated and the woman hit Travis Rudolph in the back of the head while they were trying to walk away. Also she said devante Phillips mom is a ho when she died the year before. In the mixon case, the girl called him a n***** while intoxicated and he was also intoxicated. I see what you are saying about mixon but don’t get on cook when he first of all wasn’t found guilty nor did the accuser give accurate statements and was belligerent to his teammates.

  54. TrollSlayer Says:

    i bet if alvin kamara or mccaffrey falls to the 2nd we pull the trigger but yes i see perine or a marlon mack perhaps a day 3 guy for sure someone above mentioned utah’s joe williams i like what i see with that kid too really a fine draft for RBs we would be foolish not to at least look at a few

  55. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    A Couple 4.65+ Running Backs
    • Frank Gore 4.65
    • Carlos Hyde 4.66
    • Jeremy Hill 4.66
    • Alfred Morris 4.67
    • LeGarrette Blount 4.74

    Draft Slot
    • Frank Gore – 2005 / Round: 3 / Pick: 65
    • LeGarrette Blount – Undrafted: 2010
    • Alfred Morris – 2012 / Round: 6 / Pick: 173
    • Carlos Hyde – 2014 / Round: 2 / Pick: 57
    • Jeremy Hill – 2014 / Round: 2 / Pick: 55

    • LeGarrette Blount – Yds: 1161 | TD’s: 18* | Y/A: 3.9
    • Frank Gore – Yds: 1025 | TD’s: 4 | Y/A: 3.9
    • Carlos Hyde – Yds: 988 | TD’s: 6 | Y/A: 4.6
    • Jeremy Hill – Yds: 839 | TD’s: 9 | Y/A: 3.8
    • Alfred Morris – Yds: 243 | TD’s: 2 | Y/A: 3.5

    Career Stats
    • Frank Gore – Yds: 13065 | TD’s: 74 | Y/A: 4.4
    • LeGarrette Blount – Yds: 5122 | TD’s: 49 | Y/A: 4.4
    • Alfred Morris – Yds: 4956 | TD’s: 31 | Y/A: 4.3
    • Jeremy Hill – Yds: 2757 | TD’s: 29 | Y/A: 4.1
    • Carlos Hyde – Yds: 1791 | TD’s: 13 | Y/A: 4.3

    All-Pro/Pro-Bowl/Awards/Super Bowls
    • Frank Gore: 5× PB (2006, 2009, 2011–2013) – 2nd Team AP (2006)
    • Alfred Morris: 2× PB (2013, 2014) – 2nd Team AP (2012)
    • LeGarrette Blount: 2× Super Bowl champion (XLIX, LI)

    • Frank Gore: Is the 8th All-Time Leading Rusher in NFL History (FHOF)
    • LeGarrette Blount – NFL rushing touchdowns leader (2016) 18*
    • Jeremy Hill – NFL rushing touchdowns leader (2015) 11*

  56. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    And Anotha One

    Adrian Foster
    40 Yard Dash Time: 4.68 seconds <-
    Undrafted: 2009

    Career Numbers
    • Rushing yards: 6,527
    • Average: 4.4
    • Rushing touchdowns: 54
    • Receptions: 255
    • Receiving yards: 2,346
    • Receiving touchdowns: 14

    Career highlights and awards
    • 4× Pro Bowl (2010–2012, 2014)
    • First-team All-Pro (2010)
    • Second-team All-Pro (2011)
    • 2× NFL rushing touchdowns leader (2010, 2012)
    • NFL rushing yards leader (2010)

  57. NFLNut Says:

    I’d take both of em honestly … Mixon in the 3rd round might represent the best “value” in the entire draft and Perine in the 4th would be a solid value pick as well … I’d be happy with either of them.

    If Tampa believes in Sims and plans to keep him around long-term, I doubt they go with Mixon or Kamara or even Christian Mac and could see them going Perine or D’Onta Foreman … if they don’t believe in Sims they may go with an all-purpose back like Mixon/Mac/Kamara …. or Cook of course!

  58. gotbbucs Says:


    Didn’t you know that all that matters when it comes to RB’s is how fast they can run 40 yards in a straight line?

    Perine is a work horse, plain and simple. As far as the Bucs are concerned, I’m happy he ran a slow 40, might make him stick on the board for a half a round longer than he should. He would be an absolute steal in the 3rd round.
    Licht and Koetter are looking for a bell cow to give 25 carries a game to. What better than a mix of Maurice Jones-Drew and Michael Turner?

  59. Jonzey Says:

    How can you compare these running backs to Cook. Perine is big and slow, Mixon is good but he can’t be compared to Cook. Dunn was small but a playmaker. Cook is like Dunn but bigger faster. Get Cook in the 1st in the later rounds get a wr or rb that can return kicks.

  60. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Jonezy, bro, you’re homer perception is clearly warped. Cook is not some once in a life time can’t miss prospect. He is a stiff hipped, straightline runner who got 70 percent of his numbers on plays to a wide open alley outside the tackles.

    His game will not translate instantly to the Nfl, and he has redflags all over the place. From his gangbanger posse, his puppy abuse, and nagging hamstring/ shoulder injuries.

    Plus, idk about other bucs fans, but I’m kinda burnt out on mighty mouse Rb’s. We have 2/3 of them already. Perine would be a bruiser that our team sorely needs.

    Also Frank Gore ran pretty much the same 40 as Perine, so you can take that “too slow” comment and toss it in the garbage.

  61. Jonzey Says:

    You just compare the highlights Cook is a better running back. Cook has never been charged, you probably said the same thing about Jameis Winston. If we get Cook he will be that back, then what will you say.

  62. scott Says:

    I want Perine to be our big back

  63. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Nope i love Jameis. Dalvin Cook was cited for cruel mistreatment of animals. Thats a fact.

    And I have probably watched more tape on Dalvin than you have. My opinion of him is what it is.

  64. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Also, Cook isnt faster than Warrick Dunn. Warrick Dunn ran a 4.28 (handtime). Cook 4.5.

  65. Guzzie Says:

    Drafting the other Oklahoma RB would be exactly like drafting the other DJax whatever

  66. webster Says:

    Dalvin has many flags. I read he was charged with robbery, shot a gun at high school in 2010 as well as all of the other things posters has brought up. If are not down with mixon, how can you be down for cook? Thats hypocritical.

  67. webster Says:

    You guys can read all of the red flags here. Hope i can post a link joe.

  68. Sunny Says:

    I like Mixon as a value pick in the 3-5 rounds , he has bigger upside than most picks in those rounds.

    I don’t hear people talk about joe Williams.

  69. LUVMYBUCS Says:


  70. Jonzey Says:

    Dunn was 5’9 189lbs, small but a good back I see Blake you are the type that never played football.

  71. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    I played some pop warner ball. Don’t see what that has to do with you saying that Cook is faster than WD when he isnt.

  72. Jonzey Says:

    Pop warner ball LOL come on man

  73. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Ok… The discussion is not about my skill, or lack there of, as a player.

    There are a veritable ton of people in football today, as scouts, and coachs, and Gm’s that never played the game at a high level.

    You don’t necessarily have to play the game to love the game. Or know the game.

  74. Lord Corn Says:

    Watched highlights yesterday the guy looks like a stud

  75. Jonzey Says:

    What guy are you talking about

  76. gotbbucs Says:


    Don’t just watch highlights, you have to watch actual game cut ups. Every offensive player in this draft has a highlight tape, I like to see how they act when they aren’t the center of attention.

    Here’s the thing, this isn’t going to be about who is or who should be the higher rated player at there position. This is going to be about value and the strength of each position as it pertains to this draft. RB is insanely deep. Taking one in the 1st round probably isn’t a smart idea if a player at a less deep position has a similar grade overall.

    I won’t have a problem taking Cook at 19 so long as his background checks out; I don’t think it will, especially with trying to keep him in Florida where his crew has easy access. I think Cook as a RB is worth that pick, he’s not a generational talent that he’s being made out to be. I do not agree with the people and mocks that are calling for the Bucs to draft McCaffrey at 19, Koetter is on record saying they are looking for a bell cow back, McCaffrey doesn’t fit that mold.

  77. Jonzey Says:

    The reason the signed Rogers because he could take some of the load off the #1 back. I watched the games and it was like what is he going to do now. Last year the Cowboys took a running back in the 1st and it was a great pick. The Chargers took Gordon great year last year. Cook is that back if we pick him and he be a busy that is a risk we have to take. Gordon first year he was trouble, a lot of people threw him under the bus.

  78. JAB83 Says:

    Walter Payton reborn… Bet Chicago gets this kid… If not I hope we do!!!

  79. Patrick1luv Says:

    I like them both. Together if possible. We have to soon for greatness when we can. True thunder and lightening. Almost like Mike alsot and Dunn again. Plus, even without breaking the bank. Mixon has plenty of haters but he also still has a supporting cast too. It’s not like we’d be taking a chance on a bum with him. Look at their you tube video.

  80. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    If Mixon falls to the 6th round, or even the 5th, the bucs would be insane not to pick him if they have not drafted a RB yet.

  81. Bucballbaby84 Says:

    No way that dude goes undrafted till the 4th round. I bet someone takes him in the second round.

  82. Bucballbaby84 Says:

    Samaje perine*

  83. Bucballbaby84 Says:

    Personally I’d like the bucs to take best player available at 19 and if Alvin kamara is there in the second round when our pick comes up we take him.

  84. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    I wonder if the BUCS will make a move for – restricted FA – RB Isaiah Crowell

    Trade Doug + 2018 (4th round pick)