Koetter Still Kicks Around Ditching Playcalling

March 14th, 2017

Uncertainty continues

Hired as a playcaller and promoted as a Bucs playcaller, Dirk Koetter still can’t decide if he will call plays in 2016.

After lethal wide receiver DeSean Jackson was added to the team, Koetter chatted with Joe and other media after Jackson’s introductory news conference.

Joe asked whether the official addition of a weapon like Jackson meant he would be back calling plays.

Koetter laughed and said there was no decision yet.

Joe sees this situation simply. Koetter wants to call plays desperately, but he realizes how much head-coach time he missed last year because of the challenges associated with devoting so much time to the offense. He knows he can balance both, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best route long term, especially if Mike Smith only has two years left in Tampa.

Joe sees the X-factor here as what the Bucs do in the draft.

If they draft a receiver in the early rounds, then Joe sees little chance Koetter pulls wide receivers coach/offensive coordinator Todd Monken out of his position-coach role and into a full-time offensive coordinator gig. Koetter would want Monken to stay put to coach up the newly-acquired stud.

Of course, Joe sees zero reason for Koetter to give up playcalling. It’s 80 percent of the reason he was hired.

22 Responses to “Koetter Still Kicks Around Ditching Playcalling”

  1. Kevinthepainterimagine Says:

    He needs to be calling the plays

  2. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Joe sees zero reason for Koetter to give up playcalling. ” I can think of one Joe: It’s very difficult to wear 2 hats simultaneously. I thought there was a noticeable difference in offensive play-calling between 2015 & 2016. Bucs’ offensive production was roughly similar though:
    2015: 1017 total plays, 6014 total yds, 12 TD Rush, 22 TD Pass.
    2016: 1066 total plays, 5542 total yds, 8 TD Rush, 29 TD Pass.
    Injuries to RBs especially obviously made a huge difference in 2016, as did a few personnel changes on offense. We won 3 more games, but personally think that’s a credit to our defensive improvement under Mike Smith & the new players we brought on-board. Still, I prefer Dirk Koetter calling plays, but if he does, he’ll have to totally turn over the defense to Mike Smith, much like Jon Gruden obviously allowed Monte Kiffin to run the defense. Personally think Koetter & Smith have the kind of relationship that can pull that off.

  3. James Walker Says:

    Read Mike Smith’s book Dirk. It is all in there.

  4. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    • Norv Turner
    • Tom Moore

    An Be done with it.

    Head Coach: Dirk Koetter
    Offensive Coordinator: Norv Turner
    Offensive Consultant: Tom Moore
    Quarterback Coach: Mike Bajakian

    Offensive Scheme: Air Coryell/Spread

  5. Lunchbox Says:

    I wouldn’t be against Norv Turner. He was never a great head coach but he was always a hell of a play caller

  6. Success_lc Says:

    I think Dirk will continue to call plays. There is no reason to get rid of Todd Monken and remember his title is OC/WR Coach so stripping him of OC for no reason would not be right

  7. Change is here Says:

    Is it just me or does it bug the sh*t out of anyone else when you see someone use the word “an” instead of the correct word “and”

    Hire this guy “an” that guy.

    I mean it’s getting bad these days when a 3 letter word is so hard to use.

  8. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    @LUV, Good suggestion. I love Norv as an OC (NOT HC).

    @Defense, Yes, it is difficult to where two hats. And I am with you that there was a “…noticeable difference in offensive play-calling between 2015 & 2016.” I thought Koetter got much more conservative as a HC Playcaller.

    But lots of coaches have both roles. S Payton in NO is both HC and OC. And loser Lovie did HC and DC, which I think the HC-DC role is much more common. I would prefer Koetter lets go of the OC role only if he hires someone who is experienced at it, like Norv. I am not so into him promoting Monken as that would make two people learning new jobs (Monken as OC and whoever takes over as WR coach)

  9. Scottasuarus Says:

    “Hired as a playcaller and promoted as a Bucs playcaller, Dirk Koetter still can’t decide if he will call plays in 2016.”

    I don’t think he has a choice, since it is now 2017. Flux capacitor??

  10. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    @Harry Costa Rica #Respect


    Head Coach: Dirk Koetter
    Offensive Coordinator: Norv Turner
    Offensive Consultant: Tom Moore
    Quarterback Coach: Mike Bajakian
    WideRecievers Coach: Todd Monken<- 4Got about Todd

    Offensive Scheme: Air Coryell/Spread

  11. duthsty rhothdes Says:

    Too late now they already prepping for season to bring in someone outside and switch terminology, etc

  12. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    duthsty rhothdes

    I hear U – But remember Norv Turner utilizes the exact same offensive scheme.
    But I’m sure he tweek things alittle – but at this point that would be a good thing.


    Koetter’s Game Plan (Most of Time):
    • 1st down: Run up the middle
    • 2nd down: Run up the middle or halfback toss to left/right
    • 3rd down: Bubble screen for a gain of zero or one yard or quick slant with a catch short of the first down.
    • 4th down: Punt.

    Lol, So a few tweeks – might be a good thing.

  13. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Koetter’s Game Plan (Most of the Time):

    Norv Turner is a very successful, seasoned play caller
    There’s virtually no defense that he has’nt seen – or adjusted too.
    IMO – He would be a welcome addition.

  14. LargoBuc Says:

    Imagine if Mike Smith left and they promoted a position coach with little exp as a defensive coordinator/play caller. Then Koetter would almost have to give up play calling to focus more on the defense. Luckily team Glazer payed Smith so Koetter can put more emphasis on the offense as a whole. But if Koetter were to still let Monken call the plays and “delegate” I would be fine with that, unless Monken does a spitty job. But it’s pretty normal.

  15. duthsty rhothdes Says:

    LuvMyBucs point well taken!!!

  16. Etzel Says:

    Forget Norv.. Just have Monken call the plays. Dirk’s style can be infuriating, running ourselves into 3rd on almost every opening drive.

  17. Ben Says:

    If he didnt want to call plays then why have moncten as an OC. We need experienced play callers. If they invest heavily in offense this draft which they will, I cant see him giving it up. We need a great oc to take advantage of the wealth they will have.

  18. JJBucFan Says:

    He should give up the play calling and manage the game on both sides. When he wants to blitz he should walk over to Smith and tell him to blitz. When he wants to go deep, walk over and tell Monken and tell him to go deep. His coordinators should execute HIS gameplan just like any other business. I’ll say it again, in games 14 and 15 Mike Smith “forgot” to blitz and bump and run and it cost us the playoffs. We had won 5 straight games when Smith got aggressive and then…nothing. Go back and watch those games. Koetter was most likely game planning for his next series on offense and was most likely too busy to notice that we were getting “screened and slanted” to death like the first part of the season and all of last year. He should be able to watch the flow of the game on both sides of the ball and make adjustments to what he is seeing. He is the boss on Sunday!! I think he did great for his first year as HC but I think this year could be special if he trusts the guys he hired. JMO

  19. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Lol @ change..yeah pet peeves..

    Mine is how people still type out “alot” and “a lot”..or I’ve even seen allot..grrr…and English is my third language..

  20. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    *instead of..not and..

  21. Buc4Lyfe79 Says:

    Nobody can call an offense like the guy who draws up the plays. Everywhere he’s been, that’s been his forte, and it’s his biggest strength imho. Make it work Dirk, PLEASE Make it work. GO BUCS!!!

  22. Buc Fresh Says:

    Dirt needs to call plays. But I also want him to spend more time with Jameis