John Lynch Calls Bucs “Lifeless;” Blasts Pro Football Focus, Talks Hall Of Fame Perceptions

December 3rd, 2016

LynchRingJoe highly recommends the following from Bucs icon John Lynch.

If you’ve got 12 minutes, then enjoy this A+ interview of Lynch with Dan Sileo, host at 1090 AM in San Diego. Full audio below.

Lynch said of the Bucs, “they were lifeless” when explaining what he saw on the Bucs sidelines on John Lynch Night just four weeks ago.

He also clobbered Pro Football Focus for its grading system, saying as a FOX analyst he shies away from evaluating anything that has to do with player assignments because you just know their coaches’ orders. “Those guys don’t know what these players are being asked to do,” Lynch said of the PFF Tribe. As a player, Lynch said, he was all in favor of criticism, except from media “spewing nonsense.”

In a conversation about wearing a gold jacket, Lynch says he’s not campaigning for the Hall of Fame but talked about safeties getting ignored by selectors.


12 Responses to “John Lynch Calls Bucs “Lifeless;” Blasts Pro Football Focus, Talks Hall Of Fame Perceptions”

  1. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Sileo is in San Diego?

  2. orlbucfan Says:

    Lynch needs to do more background work like talking to Mark Cotney.

  3. JimBo Says:

    ‘Silly-O’ has been fired everywhere he has worked. San Diego will be next.

  4. Trubucfan22 Says:

    But joe knows exactly what Lavonte David’s assignments are on every play and it is conclusive that David sucks. right joe?

  5. Mike Johnson Says:

    John Lynch..One of the best ever done it as a Buc. We need more hard hitters like he was. HE..made’em pay with hurt!

  6. Joe Says:

    @Trubucfan22 — Joe’s based Lavonte observations and conclusions on effort, speed and performance.

  7. James Walker Says:

    Too bad Lynch couldn’t play in the NFL today.

  8. RealityCheck Says:

    @James Walker – Lynch was asked specicically if he could play in the NFL in “today’s game” and he responded by saying of course he could, he’d simply adjust to the rules because he’s an intelligent player. There was more to Lynch than his bone jarring hits. He could easily step in if he was still in his prime.

  9. WesTampaBuc Says:

    Those bone shattering hits not only made receivers fear the middle but it put fear in running games. Ppl brag on K. Chancellor etc but Lynch did what they’re attempting. Lynch would’ve blowed up the best RB’s out now

  10. yrbndr Says:

    You have to give Sileo credit with using his resources and energy to find employment. Hopefully he can keep a lid on getting too carried away like he has in the past. Lynch would have adjusted his game to excel in todays climate and be a star, no doubt. I too wish they could have been able to win more championships here as well! I think the world of Dungy but his myopic view of the offense he employed did not allow that to happen. Not a swipe at Dungy but his offenses were handcuffed. From choices in offensive coordinators to play calling.

  11. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Sileo was a twit, but Ian is the one I couldn’t stand. Everything was about race with him. His partner was all about sex.

    People that get it don’t need to talk about it.

  12. Kurt Rae Says:

    From the moment of the first kickoff the players are in rough country – John did his job as well as anyone who ever played the game – certainly he could play today – he is but one man the Bucs either let slip away or sent away – if we gathered that crew together now the Bucs would be the winningest team ever , in the history of ever.