Joe And Steve Duemig Talk Running The Table, Assigning Credit, Dominant Finishing, Jacquizz Moves & More

December 7th, 2016
The Hour with Steve Duemig

The Hour with Steve Duemig

It’s the sassy, weekly Hour on WDAE-AM 620 with Joe and the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, Steve Duemig.

The full audio is below.


9 Responses to “Joe And Steve Duemig Talk Running The Table, Assigning Credit, Dominant Finishing, Jacquizz Moves & More”

  1. mike10 Says:

    Joe I don’t like the name “Americas QB.” And not bc I disagree that he is our franchise QB.
    I grew up hating the Cowboys mostly bc they were called “America’s Team.”

    To me, it conjures a $hitty vibe

  2. Ndog Says:

    Joe did you remind your friend that he was done with Jameis just 5 short weeks ago

  3. SanFrancisco Joe Says:

    LOL. Completely disagree with your argument that Jacquizz should supplant Doug as the starter. I’m as happy as anyone that Quizz is on the team to back up Doug. You do realize the 140 yard game that inflated his stats was against the 1-11 49ers? The real issue is the O-line blocking Joe, not Martin. Anyone can see that. Dirk Koetter sees it and will not admit it in his press conferences. Why would he tell the opposing teams where our weaknesses are? He already said it himself that Doug is not the problem. Just let the coaches coach. If Koetter really felt that Jaquizz was better I GUARANTEE Martin would not be starting. With that said I am all in favor of giving Rodgers more carries as a BACKUP. Martin is at his absolute best when he has a solid backup.

  4. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    This guy should just move his radio “show” to Tennessee. Then he can love on coach killer Mariota (RG4) from there.

  5. tval Says:

    Mariota has done better than rg and is in better situation too. It helps. Wheres the jameis mvp talk? Im tired of team mvp awards.

  6. Stewd9 Says:

    All the fans traveling with us right now! How could we not make a push?

  7. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    I do not understand how this guy “the dean of sports talk radio” is such a hater on the bucs. If you travel around and listen to other sports radio stations and when their teams are winning the hosts are in ad nauseum and are driving the badwagon. I was in Philly recently and these hosts were gushing over on schwartz and the QB, but yet this guy here seems pissed that jameis is the QB and that the bucs are poised to make a run. He needs to not be so negative and get the fans fired up. He ragged on dilfer, gruden, and points in between, but was gaga over lovie and dungy, because his boys knew the inside story, well sometimes the inside story is skewed. Joes loved you guys sticking it to him yesterday and providing a crazy thing like facts, the bucs went on the road and beat KC and SD, that is the schedule and they won, can’t complain against that as he did yesterday… time for LOD

  8. $acbuc$ Says:

    Doug and Quizz if use properly can bring the running game back to dominance. I agree Quizz should get snaps early. His vision is better then Doug and he run angry just like him. I actually think they are the same exact back. Twins running backs back there yeah. They protect well also. Barber should be the fullback in short yardage situations. Chuck used on mismatches with the defenses. We loaded. Koetter Monken Bajakain offensive staff lets use OUR WHOLE tool shed on them please.

  9. SanFrancisco Joe Says:

    @$acbucs$ Except that Martin is 3 inches taller and 20 pounds heavier. Quiz is more like a poor man’s version. lol