Smells Like Seattle

December 11th, 2016

clinton mcdonald

Only one starter on the Buccaneers’ defense really knows what it’s like to play for a truly dominating Super Bowl defense.

That’s defensive tackle Clinton McDonald. He got a Seahawks Super Bowl ring before bolting Seattle for Tampa Bay in 2014.

Joe and McDonald had a 1-on-1 in the locker room after today’s glorious Bucs victory, another smothering effort by the defense.

McDonald does not like to talk much about his Seattle days and compare then to the Bucs, but he did today.

He sees clear similarities between the Bucs defense and Seattle’s championship unit.

“Same work ethic. Same brotherhood. Same togetherness,” McDonald told Joe. “Everybody’s on the same page and everybody wants to be great out there. We want to be great as a defense. We want to be great as individuals. But we also know we have to sacrifice for the greater good, which is the team. And when you have a team that can sacrifice for the greater good and stay humble while you’re doing it, and remain wise in your actions, it happens like this.”

Powerful stuff there from McDonald.

Joe’s looking for answers as to why the Bucs defense is choking out top offenses and elite quarterbacks over and over.

Yeah, talent makes plays and Mike Smith is one confident shotcaller right now pushing all the right buttons, but perhaps McDonald’s take and perspective is the money answer.

14 Responses to “Smells Like Seattle”

  1. TvD head ball coach Says:

    Can we start talkin about playoffs?

  2. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    No! ONE Game at a time…

  3. bennybucs Says:

    MIKE smith is outta here after this season, any smart owner/gm would throw the bank at him after seeing this unbelievable turn around. He’s calling plays 10x better than Koetter on the opposite side.
    NOT to take anything from koetter, but he insists on calling the most predictable plays over and over and over again. If I can tell whats coming, I’m sure the other team can too. WE are winning these games because of the DEFENSE not because of the offense. KOETTER Needs to have a heart to heart with Todd MONken and his offensive personnel, because these types of performances against 2nd rate defenses are very discouraging to say the least. JAQuizz should have had at least 7 more carries. STop running SIMs up the middle, he’s more of a sweep kind of guy not a power runner. The offensive line needs to be a priority in the offseason

  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Conte getting injured turned out to be a good thing. Tandy has been great.

    Streak will pprobbly end this week, but hopefully start up again next week!

  5. Dreambig Says:

    Bucs gonna have to win out to make the playoffs. Too many teams breathing down our necks. Vikings, Redskins, Green Bay. If we lose one, one of those teams will probably take our spot. We also have to hope ATL gets beat by saints or panthers.

  6. Buccfan37 Says:

    The Bucs are 8-5!! What? There is a god.

  7. Marc Says:

    The teams left are good but if the defense keeps playing like they have been, then the only team that should give them a problem is green bay packers. Let’s Go Bucs.

  8. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    If Smith is smart he sees there’s a better chance for him to win a championship here than with Jville. He had a big hand in the defenses turn around.

  9. unbelievable Says:

    Is Joe buying into the “family” ???

  10. softastissueMcCoy93 Says:
    Here is my footage of final defensive play Ray Jay was built off defense. That’s just the way that is!

  11. Doctor Stroud Says:

    The other games did not break our way, and thus, the Bucs will most likely have to win out to win the division. Many of the other teams have easier schedules. Every game is a playoff game.

  12. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Dumped lovie smith and went from worst defense to leagues best defense. I despised lovie, but this onlt proves how bad he was. Good on mike smith. For real. Good on you. But if we are this good that means we had alot of talent. Yet lovie made this the worst d in the nfl.

    Thank jesus or allah or jehovah or evolution, thank them that lovie the loser is as far away as possible

  13. Newbucsfan2 Says:

    Joe’s looking for answers as to why the Bucs defense is choking out top offenses and elite quarterbacks over and over.

    Cause we started carrying around a “big mfing stick”!!

  14. BringBucsBack Says:

    I’d sure like to see a bit more bumping on receivers, at the line of scrimmage. They are playing well, though.