Simeon Rice’s Mark Is Safe

December 19th, 2016
Not this year

Not this year

Yes, there’s a whole slew of young Bucs fans who think Simeon Rice is a popular Thai food dish.

It’s been that long since Rice played in Tampa and registered a double-digit sack season.

Rice had 14 sacks for the 2005 NFC South champion Bucs. Nobody wearing pewter and red has had 10 or more sacks since. It’s the longest double-digit drought in the NFL.

And it seems Rice’s curse will last another season.

Gerald McCoy has seven sacks but didn’t register a tackle last night in Dallas.

Robert Ayers and Noah Spence each have 5 1/2 sacks after getting shut out last night by the Cowboys’ beastly offensive line, though Ayers and Spence each had quality moments.

Mike Smith again relied an awful lot on his four-man rush and it simply couldn’t get there last night, or it broke contain. The blitz seemed much more effective, but Smith held back too often for Joe’s taste.

It’s just mind-blowing how the Bucs are living under bizarre voodoo when it comes to scoring a ferocious edge rusher racking up numbers.

Perhaps they need to face Gosder Cherilus when he plays for a new team next year?


9 Responses to “Simeon Rice’s Mark Is Safe”

  1. unbelievable Says:

    He won’t be playing for any team next year unless we fail to address our o-line in the offseason.

  2. mike10 Says:

    No tackles for McCoy? lol


  3. Sunny Says:

    We r missing J. Smith , after yestrday lost to Dallas , which was a winnable game , we just gave it away, looks like playoffs will be tough this year as well , at least 3 games we should have won , rams ,oak , Dallas

  4. delson Says:

    We need a 3-4 defense. Lol if we’re going to give a qb time lets at least have another guy in coverage he could be used as a designated low zone rb dump off picker upper.or a qb spy exclusively. U know who would fit that role? Chris conte. Imagine that but im just a guy

  5. McBuc Says:

    Sunny, how are oak and dal supposed to be gimme games, they are two of the best teams in the league? Tampa got beat last night, they were not embarrassed on national TV like the ATL game, or even the OAK game.

  6. Rrsrq Says:


    Those games, Rams, Raiders and Cowboys were all winnable games, like most NFL games, a play here or a call there. We had the lead late in the Dallas and Oakland games. Those are the games you look back on and know that the division and playoffs were in your hands back in October. Rams game was inaccurate Jameis and clock mismanagement Dirk

  7. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I think we all wish that McCoy would take over games like Dallass’s #95 did last night. When has McCoy ever played like that?

  8. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Mccoy is not a DE, so he has never had the opportunity to do that. Why exactly are you trying to compare a DE going against gosder cherilus, to GMC going against the leagues best o line? You can’t simply run around guard center combos like you can run around back up right tackles. Apples to oranges bro.

  9. Another J Says:

    I thought we should have put in Ryan Russell sooner than we did.
    He’s much quicker off the ball than Will Gholston,