Calm Down Jameis

December 19th, 2016
Emotions hurting Jameis.

Emotions hurting Jameis.

Time to channel that great energy of yours, Jameis.

Look, Joe loves the passion America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, brings to the table and what he brings to the team. But too often it has appeared to Joe that has backfired as Jameis has been way too amped to start a game, which leads him to making dumb mistakes.

In other words, he gets so emotional he isn’t thinking.

This occurred again last night. And Joe was happy to learn others took notice.

Vinnie Iyer of The Sporting News believes Jameis needs to not let his emotions overtake him because it is hurting himself when the team needs him in big games.

Winston, used to playing in so many big games going back to his Heisman and championship days at Florida State, still tends to get a bit too hyped as a competitor. That leads to the mistakes we saw in Dallas and in his handful of other early primetime opportunities.

Joe gets that Jameis wants to be the vocal leader of the team but he needs to be the leader, period. The Bucs depend on him, big time, that’s why he was drafted No. 1 overall.

If Jameis isn’t mentally into the game because he is too emotional, he’s not helping himself, much less helping his teammates.

20 Responses to “Calm Down Jameis”

  1. Rojas Says:

    Is Cherilus cut yet ? Nah. I’m wishful thinking.

  2. SeattleBuc Says:

    He was probably emotional about being under duress and having 50 yards rushing. Come on O-line, TE and RB, you have 2 games left to bring it.

  3. Pa Privateer Says:

    His headbutt penalty actually looked like he stumbled. Unless I saw the replay wrong, it was not intentional. I really don’t care about his emotions. I think he is doing fine. Get him a RT that blocks helps a lot of emotion in his game.

  4. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Our Oline hurt us too. Couldn’t get any kind of running game going, allowed too many Cowboys to get to our QB. Jameis tried to force too many throws. And yet despite the turnovers and the defense allowing far too many yards, this game still was just a 6 point contest.

    If the Bucs fail to make the playoffs this season, at least we know exactly where we need to look in the offseason and the Draft…Oline!

  5. dis Says:

    Oline help and a speed demon WR2. ME13 needs someone to take the pressure off.

  6. Since76 Says:

    “Stumbled”? Seriously? We all want the Bucs to win, but let’s at least deal with reality. It was intentional. It was stupid. Had he not been a QB, he might have been ejected.

  7. Nick Sprague Says:

    U can’t pick and choose when he should be passionate… why is every time we run the ball good Jamie’s looks like an all pro…and when we don’t he looks like a rookie?

  8. Tampa Tony Says:

    The true Franchise QB’a have their emotions in check and don’t hurt their teams with dumb penalties and constant turnovers. Jameis has a long way to go to earn the franchise qb label that everyone so impatiently gave him

  9. Jf Says:

    That head butt was not a stumble.. that’s why I like my QBs to be cool and calm. Also, I’m glad we were still in it wit Bailey missing two field goals.

  10. JMicSoundsNice Says:

    I guess he should’ve checked his emotions when he wrote and read a letter to his team that essentially turned the season around, huh. He had a bad game. Get over it.

  11. 1nebuc Says:

    Some of you guys/gals really kill me . I honestly believed we would beat them . I picked 30 17 on here the other day. We went on the road and play a LEGIT SUPERBOWL CONTENDER and lost by 6 points . We played a horrible game and truth be told give or take a few mistakes they played perfect and won by 6. Please Dont turn into HATERS AND COMPLAINERS . We all know what this team is missing . Show some loyalty and support and 🔴 dogging them when we take a legit loss . We are headed somewhere special . GO BUCS

  12. tdtb2015 Says:

    Jameis needs to realize the DC Smith most likely is gone next season. Stay focused Jameis.

    We Bucs fans thought we had more Lambordies coming our way after 2002. The fantasy was over very quickly.

    If the defense goes back to the middle of the pack, are we even a .500 team?

    Jameis maturity is crucial for us to make the playoffs now or in the coming years specially with Mike Smith going to the Jaguars next year.

    Jameis = Freeman?

    Will GB prevent us from going to the playoffs again or will Jameis’s mental collapse?

  13. tdtb2015 Says:

    The good thing is Jameis studies other QBs. So when he looks at the film today he will learn from DAK how to stay poised on national tv. Otherwise, we are going to eat more “L’s.”

  14. Greg Says:

    America’s quarterback pooped the bed with mental errors against America’s team….he got too wrapped up in the moment and it showed.

    Not the end of the world…but it shows that he still has a way to go to be a leader #weaponsforwinston

  15. Oxycondoms Says:

    geez a 22 year old makes a mistake that didn’t have an effect on the outcome of the game and yet he makes a hell of a td pass to Humphries to get his team right back into the game And people act like that’s a pass expected of him. Not many qbs make that play

  16. Tampa Tony Says:

    @oxy- how many excuses does he have? His mistakes are weekly and not stopping anytime soon. And the throw to Brate was tipped so it’s not this amazing throw people are making it out to be

  17. Rrsrq Says:

    We saw a team that played hard, was tired of the media backlash and played for their quarterback. The Bucs have done the same. Just like the Boys came back after an “L” to the Giants when everybody was counting them down, Bucs can do the same. We have beaten some good teams this year and lost to some good teams, we knew the schedule was tough, this team will go 1-0 next week, we just need Cam and the Panthers to go 2-0 in their next two games.

  18. 813bucboi Says:

    @oxy…..I disagree….we had momentum when it was 1st and goal from the 7 yard line…a td would’ve made it 10-17…in stead it was 6-17….the pass to hump would’ve been an int if carr had any ball skills…

    he reverted back to the jameis in the first half of the season….missing wr’s…with that being said, we need a tackle first round…he was under a lot of pressure and no running lanes were open….we need cam tonight…..GO BUCS!!!!

  19. unbelievable Says:

    No, it was definitely intentional and it was incredibly stupid.

    He looked like a puppy prodding his head against another dog. If you’re going to get a personal foul at least hurt the guy or throw him around. It was plain stupid and as the leader of the team he needs to handle himself better. That being said, he is only 22 and obviously has a lot of maturing to do so it’s not the end of the world.

  20. buc15 Says:

    @1nebuc – you nailed it brother