“I Love Alphabet Soup”

December 12th, 2016

Talking consonants.

As one could expect, the Bucs are all over the national networks today and for good reason.

The Bucs are banging on the playoff door like a hottie beating on the inside of David Lee Roth’s hotel room threshold (old Van Halen joke). One guy who has been all in on the Bucs’ playoff chances for weeks is NFL Network’s Peter Schrager.

On Sundays, Schrager is a sideline reporter for FOX broadcasts and he worked the Bucs game yesterday.

Schrager has been in town for a few days — Dang, Pete, you’ve got Joe’s e-mail address. Let Joe know next time you are in town so Joe can buy you dinner for all of your help — and this morning, broadcasting from One Buc Palace as he is the co-host of “Good Morning Football,” Schrager offered a cool story about the eating habits of America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

In chatting with Jameis, Schrager noted Jameis told him, “I love alphabet soup. And I want to eat up W’s.”

Schrager went on to add that while many focus on Bucs stars on offense, it is the other side of the ball pushing the Bucs to the cusp of postseason play.

“They are suffocating great quarterbacks,” Schrager told the NFL Network audience. “Buccaneers, we can talk about Jameis Winston, we can talk about Mike Evans, they are wonderful. They are having great seasons. But the defense, at the right time of the season, is peaking.”

You can watch the full segment right here.

11 Responses to ““I Love Alphabet Soup””

  1. mike Says:

    bucs game moved to 4:25 for the nation on christmas eve!
    Where did this D come from??!!!!!

  2. DB55 Says:

    Robert Ayers is beasting on kids, Spawn is scaring QBs, Kwon almost put Snead in the hospital twice, WR can’t get open against VH3 and we finally have a NFL caliber safety. Oh I almost forgot the leader of the def LVD making plays week after week and leading by example as always.

    Robert AYERS Jr= Def MVP honors.

    Man I’d hate to meet Ayers SR. That must be one bad mofo.

  3. unbelievable Says:

    “Man I’d hate to meet Ayers SR. That must be one bad mofo.”

    I literally LOL’d at that DB.

    As long as the offense can get a more productive and consistent, I think we can compete and beat anyone.

  4. DB55 Says:

    LOl, true story!!!

  5. Bucsfanman Says:

    This defense has been sick! What a team effort! This is what you get when you have players feeding off of one another. DB55 inadvertently stopped short of attributing some of the mayhem to another d-lineman, but really, that would be easy to do when watching this defense yesterday. The whole thing was fun to watch! Fantastic TEAM effort. Hargreaves is very quickly becoming one of my favorites to watch.

  6. Bucdup08 Says:

    Feels like 97 all over again! Great times ahead! Tampa comes alive when our team thrives in the spot light! Great day to be a BUC. Love JOEBUCSFAN! Gotta go 1-0 this week…..”Speak softly, and CARRY a big MUTHA (bleepin) stick!!!!

  7. Kobe Faker Says:

    is it me but i see LVD calling and setting up the defense when Mike smith calls the plays in?

    Ive been seeing this the last few games. Kwon used to do that as the MLB but now LVD is relaying the calls on the field?

    Is this part of better communication? Its working

    **Kobes wishlist for christmas-

    1st down pass

  8. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    ^^Weren’t you leaving this place?

  9. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “**Kobes wishlist for christmas-

    1st down pass”

    Something I can agree with you on. But that problem isn’t every week as you bring up. There have been weeks where Koetter was locked in a flow – especially when we had Stocker, Hump, & Dotson; as it opens up the playbook and Godser Cherlius was just simply awful.

    This complementary football thing we’re playing requires lots of running even if it’s just 3 YPC. It simply keeps the defense fresh and pushes the TOP in our favor. But the timing of the runs and the balance with the pass has not been great. When it goes well we have 5-8 minute drives for TDs.

    When watching the Saints, my brother & I would typically say “ok now please do NOT run on this play” when we could feel a bad run coming… and every time it was a negative running play. You can just feel it; but Koetter for whatever reason wasn’t feeling it.

    In regards to LVD I still think Kwon is doing the most communication but all the guys are doing it. VHIII tipped off Tandy last week pre-snap to watch for the route that he ended up intercepting. We got some young smart studs on this D.

  10. Dewey Selmon Says:

    You know the hotties are banging on your door Joe. You tha man!

  11. Sunny Says:

    I don’t know why , but it seems Dm is lining up deep than normal , he struggles just to get back to the lin