Donovan Smith Vs. Joey Bosa

December 4th, 2016
Owned Joey Bosa in college.

Owned Joey Bosa in college.

As Joe already noted, the Chargers like to move hotshot rookie defensive end Joey Bosa around on passing downs.

If history is any barometer, the less Bosa lines up against Donovan Smith, the worse it is for the Bucs.

Joe remembers well talking to Bucs folks after the 2015 draft about Bucs AC/DC-loving, pool-jumping general manager Jason Licht tabbing the Penn State product to come play for the Bucs. Joe was told by several people that a reason Licht’s crew was so high on Smith was he graded out so well playing against Bosa, who the Bucs themselves were very high on.

To the line of thinking of the Bucs thinkers, if Smith could stonewall a guy consistently who they had a very high grade on, perhaps Smith should be researched more.

So it will be very interesting if/when Bosa faces Smith one-on-one. If history repeats itself, this will be a very good match-up for the Bucs.

11 Responses to “Donovan Smith Vs. Joey Bosa”

  1. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    “…the less Bosa lines up against Donovan Smith, the worse it is for the Bucs.”

    And that is probably exactly what you will get Joe. The way Dotson is playing, why would the Chargers what Bosa lined up anywhere but at left DE?

    Overall, our Oline has been doing pretty good, but I suspect Bosa will get his share today.

  2. ARGH_M8E Says:

    It’s on like donkey kong in a leopard thong!!! Keep it rollin TB!!! Noah to outshine Bosa today, mark it down dude!

  3. Jerry G Says:

    24-14 Bucs win.Fameis gets sacked twice,Rivers gets intercepted twice. Breakout game for Douggernaut with 120+rushing yards and 130>yards for Evans with each in TD. Defense proves consistentcy on 3rd downs and hold San Diego’s rushing attach to 70 yards and under.

    On other games Washington and Atlanta both lose by a margin of 8pts.

  4. Kobe Faker Says:

    Not a fan of dsmith and dotson aka dumb and dumber, but they have to hold their blocks longer because of koetters deeper routes which means a big day from bosa and ingram

    Problem with facing chargers is that they have 2 very good ends. when jameis rollsout from the intial rush, he goes headon to the awaiting other edge rusher

    With rivers quick drops, the edge rushers will take too long. Like brady, we need a big push, blitz in the middle into rivers face

    We cant let step into but throw from his backfeet to get some turnovers

  5. RJBucnut Says:

    I’m the one hungover disregard Joe.

  6. John Says:

    Joe, I can’t help but hear all the chit chat everywhere I go about how well the Bucs are playing right now! It’s amazing! Haven’t seen the Tampa Bay Area this excited to watch them play in a long time. Go Bucs!

  7. John Says:

    Bucnut I wanted to post the anchorman picturen of Ron Burgundy saying that so bad! I’ve been sending it out all week to friends

  8. Rrsrq Says:

    I do not expect a let down from the online, played JJ Watt last year, didn’t hear his name, Dee Ford led in sacks, didn’t hear his name, neither of these guys are Von Miller, I expect them to hold their own and if by chance they slip up, watch the JW scramble play to Russell Shepherd, Shorts or Humphries. Warhol has a plan

  9. ChaosRecon95 Says:

    Let’s go, Dotson. We need you today, baby

  10. RJBucnut Says:

    Sorry John I couldn’t resist. Go Bucs!

  11. Jonny 2.2 Says:

    While Dotson has been bad, Donovan Smith has been borderline atrocious in multiple games this year. I hope he gets a TE support to block Bosa.