“Rocky Debut”

November 15th, 2016

KoetterCamp1Joe absolutely loves how Dirk Koetter appears to be the same candid guy he was before taking office as the Buccaneers head coach.

Yesterday, Koetter was asked about his offensive line performance against the Bears on Sunday. The Bucs’ O-line featured rookie guard/tackle Caleb Benenoch making his NFL debut, and center Ben Gottschalk doing the same.

It was clear to Joe (without reviewing the film) that Benenoch got abused a few times, but Gottschalk was damn solid. Joe had painful flashbacks to virgin center Garrett Gilkey when Gottschalk entered the game for injured starter Evan Smith. So what a blessing it was to see that Gottschalk could at least snap a football.

Koetter gave his assessment.

“So, first off, Ben Gottschalk, he came up off the practice squad earlier in the week, so he got very little time with the first offense and to go out there, play 69 plays like he did, I thought Ben filled in very admirably,” Koetter said. “Caleb [Benenoch], that was his first start as a rookie and it was well-documented that Caleb missed most of OTAs because of the school thing at UCLA, the semester rule. And then he was hurt for a part of preseason. Caleb had kind of a rocky debut. He’s going to look back on this some day. We have very high hopes and high expectations for Caleb, but that wasn’t one of his better days.”

Joe really can’t give Benenoch any grief. It’s a brutal task to jump into your first NFL start — and playing time — in Week 10. And the Bears play a 3-4 defense, and they were the NFL’s 12th-ranked defense entering that game (seriously).

Benenoch also didn’t have an experienced center alongside him to offer cover and counsel.

In all, Joe would like to buy offensive line coach George Warhop a JoeBucsFan Jason Light Ale for his great work getting these guys ready to perform.

10 Responses to ““Rocky Debut””

  1. DB55 Says:

    I thought got deserved a gameball. Ryan Russell also played surprising well.

  2. Defense Rules Says:

    Just makes the great day that Jameis had look that much better.

    Something curious in the snap counts though Joe. Donovan Smith, Marpet, Dotson & Benenoch all played the full 75 snaps (100%). Gottschalk played 69, and it looks like Evan Smith added the other 6 plays on the OLine which should account for the 5 OLinemen. But interestingly Gosder Cherilus also logged 11 plays. Did the Bucs use Gos as an extra lineman to protect Jameis on those 11 plays?

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    Defense Rules

    Yes Gos was brought in as an extra lineman. Not sure how many plays a game they were using the extra lineman in previous games but I don’t think it was 11 snaps maybe 5.

  4. pick6 Says:

    always a nice bonus to get some new guys game experience during the win. In pass protection, Jameis’ mobility helped them look better than they were, but I think going run heavy helped them acquit themselves as the game went on.

  5. j$mac Says:

    To think Gottschalk came from the veterans combine to but Caleb got nice compliments and is good developmental depth assurance that we can get rid of Sweezy after this season because i seen the game and he would do just as good just developing on the sideline behind Pamphile. Im looking for Pamphile to get a huge deal once they cut ties with Sweezy and Dotson as well this offseason which is much expected because Dotson sucks and if i were the bucs and Licht i would draft a stud LT or RT in the first round of the draft because the kind of reciever we need will come from free agency or trade this offseason trust me on that. Gottschalk i like him depth wise because we need to get rid of Evan Smith too hes a true slouch and he sucks too me i say we cut him as soon as hes healthy. Draft a stud Tackle in the first and move D. Smith if you have to and the oline is set like a Dallas or Oakland

  6. Bird Says:

    Love koetter!

  7. ChanEpic Says:

    Warhop is beasting, I am warming on Koetter. There is just something, dare I say, Joe Maddon-like about him in my humble opinion. Smith needs to step his game up to the next level. A road win against an AFC contender would go a long way towards salvaging this season. Go Bucs!

  8. Poor Glennon Says:

    I thought we use backup’s as an excuse when we lose. What happened to “Winston has no weapons on offence”. All team’s have injurys. Some weeks our “no weapon offence” lines up against injury depleted defences too. Moral of the story injurys are excuses for losers

  9. 1nebuc Says:

    Next year I hope our oline looks like this . STUD LT! Pampline Marphet at center Caleb B right guard and D Smith at right tackle. I would also put sweezy at right guard if we keep him

  10. Kevin Says:

    Koetter is the man. I do still have my dobts about our defense and Koetters ability to let himself go from the hip of Mike Smith. Is the defense improves then great…if it doesn’t I hope he pulls the plug because this guy is going to be a great NFL coach. He is obviously adjusting to the new position and I think he will only get better.