Miko Grimes Rips Bucs Fans And The Raymond James Stadium Experience

November 14th, 2016


Miko Grimes is new to being a Buccaneers season pass holder, and the wife of Pro Bowl cornerback Brent Grimes hasn’t exactly, um, been inspired by the experience.

She lashed out last night in a tell-us-how-you-really-feel tirade.

Joe learned about this via Miko’s Twitter feed, @iheartMiko.

Mrs. Grimes linked to Joe’s story on Mike Evans sitting for the National Anthem yesterday and responded to Bucs fans reacting to Evans’ decision.

In addition to blasting those critical of Evans, Miko is sickened by Bucs fans selling their tickets to fans of visiting teams, and by Bucs fans leaving games early. She also doesn’t like getting told to sit down during games, as well as the “funeral” atmosphere when the Bucs are introduced, among other things.

Below is Miko’s take in its entirety.

“This team doesnt care about u racist a** fans that think because these guys play football they shouldnt take a stand against oppression, racism, religious hate and bigotry. U want him to “focus on football” well how bout u guys get off the internet and “focus on football” ??? Get your asses in the seats! Every week its the same sh*t! A bunch of empty seats with DEAD bucs fans OR the lower level FILLED with loud opposing fans. Hope u guys enjoy getting your money back for your tickets sold to opposing fan bases. I cant believe this many people care more about a man’s RIGHTS and thinks he shouldnt exercise his rights because FANS dont like it. I saw a comment where somebody said he’d change his tune once he filed his taxes. How dumb! U think everyone that benefits from a tax break will ignore the FACT that this country elected someone that said he grabs women by the pu**y whenever he wants? U think they should ignore the fact that he said Mexicans are rapists, or that muslims are terrorists? How incredibly disrespectful! How bout u guys become real fans and STFU and cheer for your team? That rarely happens at Raymond James, trust me, i know. Ive been coming to this stadium since 2009 and nothing has chanced. A DEAD CROWD! “when we run out of the tunnel while being announced it feels like a funeral. no one is cheering” Thats what your players say about u “fans”. I get yelled at and told to sit down when its 3rd down so i guess i shouldnt be surprised that not only are u guys a horrible fanbase at home games but also on social media. The Bucs won their FIRST HOME GAME TODAY and the fans left before the game was over. U guys wanted to beat the traffic rush? Embarrassing! The bears lost and their fans stayed the whole damn game! Telling Mike he shouldnt sit during the anthem is the same as telling someone they shouldnt get a license to carry a firearm bc one of your family members was shot by a stranger. See how stupid that sounds? It none of your f***ing business why someone chooses to sit, ITS THEIR RIGHT! How bout u guys stop being racist a**holes and cheer for your team? EVERY AMERICAN HAS RIGHTS, EVEN FOOTBALL PLAYERS!”

Well, nobody will ever accuse Miko of being boring.

As for the vitality of Bucs fans in the stadium, Joe knows the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway is hardly the greatest home scene in professional sports. But that’s about fans being beaten down by years of brutal losing at home.

The Bucs haven’t had a winning season at home since 2008. Read that again — 2008!

Winning consistently at home — like the majority of NFL teams do — will turn fans around and improve the gameday experience in a hurry.

163 Responses to “Miko Grimes Rips Bucs Fans And The Raymond James Stadium Experience”

  1. Hendobucsfan Says:

    Well… she’s right be better fans

  2. pabucsfan Says:

    she’s right about the fans. was recently at a game and couldn’t believe how dead it was and that people were being told to sit down

  3. Todd Says:

    And what’s the Bucs home record since 2009 ? Check out Jeff vinik and the Lightning sold out every night! Amazing what fan support you can get when a team like the Lightning care about winning not just making money like the glazers.

  4. JMN Says:

    Winning at home on a consistent basis will cure the funeral atmosphere.

  5. Bucsfanman Says:

    How can you deny it?! Buc fans are beat down but the ONE place to act like a fool is the stadium. It really is sad when you hear the Bear fans over the Buc fans, and WE were winning!

  6. Clodhopper Says:

    Keep calling every one who disagrees with you a racist and well vote this mfer in four years from now too. After the reaction from the racist left, I already cant wait to pull the lever for this guy in four years.

  7. Patrick in VA Says:

    I really didn’t see anything that was out of line or any bad points. She’s totally right. I’ve been in those stands as well, it’s pretty quiet. I’ve been to Redskins games and they’ve been just as bad as we have for just as long. They’re filling the place and it’s rowdy a lot of the time. Even the Bucs game that I went to where we waxed the floor with them, it was still hopping more than any Bucs game I’ve been to in Tampa.

  8. DPewter Says:

    Cause and effect. She definitely has the effect part down but don’t think she realizes the cause. The questions is do the players need our help to win or do we need them to win to show out?

  9. ZZBucs!!! Says:

    Somebody should tell this lady that nobody cares what she has to say…..What is she after???? As far as I know the celebrity here is her husband………Is she trying to get attention? Does she play?

  10. buccfan305 Says:

    Can’t argue with that…evevn Browns fans stay the whole game, and they are the most popular Owen in the world right now.

    Owen- 10

  11. Warthog Says:


    MIKO 2020 LETS DO IT!

    Joe can be press secretary.

  12. Figures Says:

    Lol nobody cares what you think lady.

    Typical lefties.

    Anyone who disagrees with you is a racist.

    Lol hahahha deal with it MIKO.

  13. orlbucfan Says:

    Clodhopper Says:
    November 14th, 2016 at 8:18 am

    Keep calling every one who disagrees with you a racist and well vote this mfer in four years from now too. After the reaction from the racist left, I already cant wait to pull the lever for this guy in four years.
    First, this is a football site. Some of us get on here to get AWAY from politics, Second, you better have PLENTY of coin now, and in 2020, if you love tRump so much! Back to the Bucs!!

  14. BucTrooper Says:

    I gotta agree with her about the standing. That’s BS. As a matter of fact, a couple of games ago, someone called the TPD about a fan standing and clapping. The cop came over with a Raymond James paperback booklet and showed the fan that “standing” is actually prohibited. It’s actually IN A PRINTED BOOK. Saw it with my own eyes.

    All in all, it’s not a friendly home environment even to the home fans. Those Nazi’s in the blue “Sentry” shirts are power-hungry and relish the opportunity that they get to boss some people around.

  15. Max Says:

    Rule #1
    Don’t argue with internet trolls

  16. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Patrick- Agreed! If I am going to shell out that kind of money to go see a game, you better believe that SOMEONE is going to know I’m there! I’m always looked upon as that annoying guy who gets excited at “EVERY good play”!
    I watched from home and saw the throngs of Bears fans in the stands still there with the game essentially over. You know what wasn’t there?! Hungry Buc fans to taunt them!
    People really show their true colors when people simply tell the truth. Afraid of a strong woman?!!!!
    You tell ’em Miko!

  17. NewTampaChris Says:

    In this area, teams HAVE to win to draw fans. The Lightning sell out every home game, only because they are an excellent team. The Rays couldn’t even draw when they did win. The Bucs drew well when they won. (And when fans were paying for the 10-year personal seat license after RJS opened.) #SimpleAsThat

  18. Jeffbuc Says:

    shes right about it being quiet but has no clue the reason. I remember not being able to talk after games back in the early 2000 when the entire stadium was electric. Some of those Rams Monday night games were insane. But over the years of screaming and yelling on third down and 8 watching the team do a simple draw or slant and get a first down. It kind of became useless to get rowdy and scream only to keep being let down.

  19. Buc1987 Says:

    Is it right that when our defense is out on the field you can hear a pin drop?

    Is it right that Bears fans are louder for their defense in OUR stadium than we are for the Bucs defense?

    The answer to both the questions is NO. I don’t care how beat down the fanbase is. I know what she’s saying by being told to sit down on 3rd downs. I’ve been told that too on NUMEROUS occasions. WHILE OUR D WAS OUT ON THE FIELD.

    Put your DAMN phones down be loud for our defense. It’s shameful.

    I’ve been there and I know what she’s talking about. Anyone that goes to Ray Jay and pays attention to what’s going on around them can see what I’m talking about. Most Buc fans could care less about the game. That’s a FACT!

    Think I’m lying. Go to the game, leave your seat when our D is out on the field, go inside and see how many Buc fans are not even watching the game. It’s into the 1000’s. I don’t even know WHY they go. Maybe just for something to do I guess.

    As far as Evans goes. I don’t agree with what he’s doing, but I guess it’s his right to look like an ass. One has to wonder how many people would have took to the streets or protested if Crooked Hillary Clinton would have won. I mean honestly.The media ginned Trump up to be the devil. Saw the same thing done to Jameis Winston. Prior to running for president and being in the public eye for over 30 years was Trump ever called a racist or a bigot? Probably not.


  20. Gigglypuff Says:

    i hate it when rich carpet baggers try to tell locals how to fan. Hey Miko… Delete your account.

  21. Nick Says:

    Can you even think about what a nightmare it must be to have to live with THAT ? WOW, poor Brett, we all make bad choices in life we must live with, good luck man.

  22. Demetrios Says:

    Anyone has the right to sit during the national anthem but it’s wrong to criticize? Anyone has the right to leave a game early, but it’s ok to criticize? Double standards??? Nah…

  23. Clodhopper Says:


    She brought up Trump. Not me. So shut up

  24. Mort Says:

    Winning? You “fans” don’t deserve winning. You go to games and support your team. That is the responsibility of being a fan. You think the steelers fans are soft as you guys? You’re a bunch of fair-weather fans. Softest fan base in the NFL.

  25. THETRUTH Says:

    I never understood why your told to sit when cheering , stand up its football game. I can understand whine the idiot with beer is walking by as the play goes on.

    You wann sit down the entire time go to a movie.

    I think maybe buc fans forgot how to act when winning since it just doesn’t happen at home.

    Keep politics out of this site JOE

  26. Demetrios Says:

    Oh…..and by the way…..Chris Conte has made more plays than your hubby. That’s pathetic

  27. Chucklehead & The Slumpbusters Says:

    Had season tickets from 97 through 2002 so I got some of the best years, it was a difderent atmosphere then by a lot. I had to give them up because of my health. I still go to a couple games a year but I choose them wisely. Shes right about the the funeral atmosphere but who wants to sit there and catch a beat down by teams you should beat? Especially with all the tech available today. I can literally watch the game from my boat with a crappy digital antenna. And instead of just getting a sun burn, I can catch dinner too.

    Not to mention, having a husband or family member playing is like watching your kids play pop warner. How can you not get pumped up for that, no matter how bad it is, you are still proud and excited.

  28. Defense Rules Says:

    Seriously Joe? With a great Bucs victory and so much to write about today, the big story is ‘Miko Calls Bucs’ Fans Racists’? I’m amazed that JBF would even print that because you know better. You might want to read — or re-read — what Miko actually wrote. –Joe Bucs’ fans are merely a microcosm of Hillsborough County and Florida’s population in general. And no, they’re not ‘racist a** fans’ Miko. Using such a broad brush to paint those remaining fans who still support the Bucs is in itself is a racist statement in my opinion. And Joe, JBF has historically been an interesting website for those of us who still love the Bucs. Don’t turn it into the National Enquirer please.

  29. Buc1987 Says:

    Oh and having experienced what Miko goes through at Ray Jay when I heard about her in the Fins stands I just knew Ray Jay was going to drive her out of her freaking mind. Said so on this here site when they signed Brent.

    It’s true. Most of you that actually DO go to games….suck. I’ve been to games where Buc fans have actually pissed me off more than the opposing team,fans or the Bucs themselves. It’s a shameful fanbase.

    Now you all can attack me now, but it’s true. Yes there’s a handful of you that actually are loud when need be, but for the most part…meh.

  30. lightningbuc Says:

    Wanna know why Trump won – because people are tired of being called racists by the likes of loons like Kaepernick and Miko Grimes. Simple as that.

  31. Bucnole850 Says:

    Losing records aren’t an excuse not to cheer or show up… Look at Cleveland.

  32. Buc1987 Says:

    Defense Rules…and I concur with what you’re are saying cause after all EVERYONE that voted Trump has to be either a racist, bigot, or some other name. Kind of the same thing if you voted for McCain. Can’t imagine what would have happened in the streets had Obama lost in 08. Anarchy and chaos?

  33. Bucnole850 Says:

    Show up, show out it shove off matey! A Bucs Life is a Buc’d up life but still the life for me!

  34. Buc1987 Says:

    Every Buc fan should attend at least one jam packed college football game. Just to get an idea of how you’re supposed to act and be like at a game. It should be a non binding agreement if you want to go to Ray Jay.

    Not gonna happen, but it certainly might help.

    Boy Joe you got me all fired up this morning. I mean how many of you have ever read me ranting about the state of Ray Jay before? I’ve been on here lots of times whining about the fanbase at games. Thank you Miko, you could have been my voice if you would have left out Evans stance.

  35. Mort Says:

    Nick: His name is Brent. If you’re gonna bad mouth someone, at least be intelligent enough to get their name right.

    You guys apparently take for granted the privledge of being able to go to bucs games. It’s just sad. I am embarrassed because of this fan base. I live half way across the country and have been a fan for about twenty years through mostly dark times and you know what? I cheer harder from my couch than most of you in the stadium.

  36. Bucs Nihilist Says:

    This Ho be trippin’!


  37. Bucsfanman Says:

    @1987- Go get ’em bro! You are on point today! I have never understood fans shelling out $100s to go and check their Facebook pages or socialize at the ship. I view the experience as a chance to be among other fans being as loud and obnoxious as I can. I’ve never left a game, win or lose, without losing my voice from screaming.
    I don’t agree with Evans either, but it’s his right. I voted for Hillary (yea, I’m not scared to put it out there!) but do not understand the protests. Trump won in a historic, democratic process. At the very least, he deserves the benefit of getting into office before we start skewering him.

  38. pick6 Says:

    yep, when i go to a game where history says there’s an 85% chance we will lose, i do not arrive all giddy with anticipation. if i do, the slow starts or long opponent drives that have been a fixture of the 1st quarter in recent years usually puts me in my place. You don’t need to contribute to Miko’s relevancy to make that point.

    I and thousands of others still pay the money and still show up week after week and year after year. Even if you assume an average bucs fan turn out is 40k, since the schiano hiring that amounts to well over a million sets of eyeballs spending well over 3 million collective hours of their lives watching mostly atrocious losses

  39. University of Seffner Says:

    Let’s keep in mind that as Miko Grimes says that Mike Evans is standing against racism, this is the woman who was anti-Semitic towards the Miami Dolphins Orginization on Twitter.

  40. Pit Says:

    I thought Mrs.Grimes used to go to the Dolphins stadium.

    Florida is like that and will be like that till ppl stop moving from other states

  41. Buc1987 Says:

    Seffner…it only works one way.

  42. gobucsgo Says:

    Glad that Hag does not sit in front of me

  43. Bucnjim Says:

    There are more than a few reasons for the stadium being empty on Sundays that’s for sure. One of the biggest though is that the NFL is pricing themselves out of the blue collar & middle class. When you are talking about hundreds of dollars for a day of entertainment the product had better be worth the money. In 40 or so years this franchise has only provided a decent product for a very short time. For white collar fans it is a social event. Time is spent on cell phones while they are busy telling everyone around them to sit down so they (god forbid) don’t have to stand to see. The NFL was built around hard working blue collar guys who can relate to how hard it is to play and practice for these teams.

  44. 813bucboi Says:


  45. Nick Says:

    Hey Mort: I know his name and how spell it, I posted it that way just to troll for a moron homer just like you. She is blow hole just as we thought, you can stay on your couch in your trailer park wherever you now live.

  46. Buc1987 Says:

    Mort that’s the TRUTH and Bucsfanman I’m point cause I’ve lived it. I had season tickets too. I repeatedly saw opposing teams fans get louder for their D than our fans for the Bucs D. That’s in the first quarter. It’s like they really don’t know how to act when they get there.

    pick6….I hear ya bro, but maybe you really should just stay home then. I get severely irritated going to games and it’s mostly from the fanbase. I DID leave a game once and it WAS over Buc fans sitting on their hands in the 4th quarter of a close game. I was sickened by what I saw and my drunk ass let them know about it. They looked at me bewildered. Maybe I have too much passion for this team, but I don’t think that’s what it is.

    My wife was told to stop hollering in this woman’s ear once. True story. One girl told her bf that if my wife doesn’t sit down and stop obstructing her view she was going to punch her in the face. True story. That’s the fan base. Poor Miko.

  47. Bucsfanman Says:

    To piggy-back what you’re saying about a college game, don’t use USF, go to an actual college stadium. My wife took me to Blacksburg Lane Stadium to see a Virginia Tech game. Good luck staying seated there! You’ll never see the game!

  48. old man says Says:

    I am completely behind Mike Evans and completely agree with Miko. Go Girl and I am a 66 year old white man

  49. mike10 Says:

    blah blah blah blah… all i hear is hot air. Where was she when her husband was getting torched the first half of the year?

    And about this whole Mike Evans thing… dumb, just stop. Focus on football. WIN.

  50. lightningbuc Says:

    Maybe, just maybe, some of these people who don’t want to stand and holler and be nutty, just want to be entertained and relax at a GAME, realizing that in the grand scheme of things it’s just football, nothing really all that important.

  51. D-Rome Says:

    She’s right on some points and she’s wrong on others. If Mike Evans choosing to protest something (it’s a pointless protest BTW) is considered disrespectful then it is also disrespectful for those in the stands to criticize him while the anthem is being sung.

  52. Buc1987 Says:

    With all that being said Trump IS the next president and no amount of protests can stop it. It’s going to be a looooong 4 years and possibly 8 for some of you out there. Just remember that nearly 50% of the country never voted for Obama. Obama believes in the opposite of what I believe. Same with Hillary. Apparently it’s the same for states like Michigan and Ohio, strong bluer states turned red for a reason. They oppose the direction of the country and they spoke loud and clear. I waited 8 years for the country to wake up. Checking Obama’s polls daily in hopes that americans were not that stupid. So apparently it’s your turn now.

    When Obamacare was being passed through every sleazy way possible. Americans took to the streets. They were called the Tea Party. They weren’t allowed to protest, without being labeled a racist. So what they were doing (protesting the government) was wrong, but these people protesting over an election by the people are right? Do I got that right lefties? Our side does it and it’s labeled racist, but what you’re doing is fine and dandy. It’s what I’ve always contended, dems are the biggest hypocrites on planet earth.

    2008 Obama called Bush unpatriotic for spending so much tax payer money and running up the debt. Then he comes in and spends 4 times what Bush spent. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  53. Bucsfanman Says:

    @lightning-It is JUST football and that’s the point. It’s not a concert. If your expectations are to sit and relax and expect the same from your neighbors, then you’re at the wrong venue.
    I don’t have a “problem” with people not standing or yelling per se. Just don’t whine if others are excited to be there.

  54. Aldbck Says:

    Regardless if she’s right or wrong, no one held a gun to Brent’s head and forced him to sign with the Bucs – or to continue playing in such unhappy conditions. He is free to quit whenever he likes. This isn’t a chicken or the egg situation, either. They are all professional athletes – they shouldn’t need crowd support to be motivated to play and act like professionals.

    I think Mrs. Grimes’s complaints are incorrectly directed at the fans – they should be first directed at ownership, who are most responsible for cultivating the gameday experience we see today.

  55. Bucsfanman Says:

    As a “lefty” I agree with some of what you’re saying. Especially the Trump protests. It seems silly and contradictory.
    The truth is ’87, the system has been hijacked by the right-most 20% and the left-most 20%. If Americans really take a look in the mirror, the vast majority fall into the middle 60%. What’s more appalling to me is that more than half of voting eligible America (Kap) sat on their hands Nov. 8th. No ONE person is going to fix this mess. It takes involvement of it’s citizens. 50% of Americans just didn’t give a flying F!
    Whether I or you like it or not, Trump is our next president and he deserves our ear.
    OK, enough politics!
    Go Miko! Go Bucs

  56. Buc1987 Says:

    lightningbuc Says:
    November 14th, 2016 at 9:45 am

    “Maybe, just maybe, some of these people who don’t want to stand and holler and be nutty, just want to be entertained and relax at a GAME”

    85% of the fanbase.

  57. Mort Says:

    If you want to relax during a football game, just stay home. If you’re at the stadium, be loud and create an environment that’s conducive to winning games. Disrupt the other offenses communication, for example.

  58. Buc1987 Says:

    Drop a Buc fan that regularly attends games at Ray Jay at an FSU, Canes or Michigan game, but have a paramedic close by in case they go into shock.

  59. Bucsfanman Says:

    @87- AND, college stadiums DO NOT sell beer! How can that be?!

  60. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Love or hate her, she is 100% right. I spend the entire game standing up and letting people past me (I was stupid to get an aisle seat, but my wife insists on it), or looking around me as fan after fan blocks my view in the aisle. 3rd and 1 late in the game, let’s get up and take a selfie at the bottom of the aisle! If there’s a drop of rain, they run for the hills like a hurricane is coming. If the Bucs are down 2 TD’s in the middle of the 3rd, they start heading for the exits.

    It really is embarrassing. When the opposing defense is waving their arms to tell the crowd to get loud, it’s downright shameful. When the other team’s fans are doing their stupid chants it makes me want to throw up. I would rather eat the money on my tickets than sell it to an opposing fan. I know the team has been bad, but they are my team regardless. I do everything in my power to help the team, and win or lose I will always be there. Too bad there aren’t many others that feel the same.

  61. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “blah blah blah blah… all i hear is hot air. Where was she when her husband was getting torched the first half of the year?”


    Apparently you aren’t on Twitter. She’s never gone away.

  62. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “@87- AND, college stadiums DO NOT sell beer! How can that be?!”


    Uh, some absolutely do. It depends on the conference.

  63. D-Rome Says:

    Maybe, just maybe, some of these people who don’t want to stand and holler and be nutty, just want to be entertained and relax at a GAME, realizing that in the grand scheme of things it’s just football, nothing really all that important.

    I’m with you here. She’s the kind of fan I don’t want to be around. I get loud and excitable like the next person when I see great plays (or really bad ones) but she seems like the kind of person who gets up, waves their arms, talks junk, ect….every other play.

  64. Maze Says:

    Quite fans sitting on their fat ass all game are such a joke. Even if you aren’t passionate about football telling real Buc fans to sit down and shut up should get you punched in the mouth

  65. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “I’m with you here. She’s the kind of fan I don’t want to be around. I get loud and excitable like the next person when I see great plays (or really bad ones) but she seems like the kind of person who gets up, waves their arms, talks junk, ect….every other play.”


    I’ve actually sat near her. She is exactly the opposite of what you described. She is actually extremely friendly with the other fans around her. During the Carolina game, she actually let the fans around her hold the interception ball Grimes gave her. She isn’t obnoxious at all. She cheers when you are supposed to cheer, and is quiet when she is supposed to be quiet.

  66. Bucsfanman Says:

    “Uh, some absolutely do. It depends on the conference.”

    I think it depends more on the venue, doesn’t it? At USF games you can drink because it’s a pro stadium. Most stadiums on college campuses do not sell alcohol. Correct me if I’m wrong on that one.
    The point was mainly that college stadiums have FAAAR more energy! Some without the benefit of alcohol!

  67. Buc1987 Says:

    Oh and I’m done with the politics thingy too. I didn’t vote for the guy. I left the top blank. This is my stance and I’m sticking to it. This is the last thing I’m going to say about it today.This country has never been more divided in my lifetime. Not with Carter, not with Reagan, not even with the Bushes or Clinton. Guess what? It was divided by only one man and it happened long before Trump even decided to run. A man who in 2008 promised to bring America together. Forgetting that nearly 50% of the country didn’t vote for him, but it was the hell with what they want and everyone from both sides of the aisle witnessed it. Some of us just weren’t paying enough attention. 3 days into office the GOP came to Obama with ideas and he said talk to the hand “elections have consequences”.

    Well that works both ways then. Elections do have consequences. Not to rub it in but remember when Obama said “I have a pen and I’m going to use it”? Guess what? So does Trump and I’ll bet his pen has more ink. So buckle up left.

    Rail on against me. I don’t hate anyone. Not anyone. I don’t judge a book by it’s cover. If you’re a dem, you’re an american just the same. It’s a shame others don’t see it that way and can’t respect that, but in this current state that we’re in, I can understand it. Once again we’ve never been more divided in my lifetime and grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. It might have started with “Travon could have been my son”. Does that sound like a man that’s for all americans?

    I’m not here to talk politics, but YES I hated ALL 8 years of Obama. HATED IT!
    Did I set a car on fire or burn down a building over it? Did the Tea Party? I’m sorry once I get going I can’t stop. We are called the UNITED STATES and people are watching. Snap out of it and come together.

    Okay Miko’s obviously got me riled up and I think I belong on some political site. So you can answer back, but mostly likely I won’t answer.

  68. Artemis Rand Says:

    No wonder why so many of these players go after white women. I don’t blame them. Black women are about the nastiest, most violent, and disgusting “people” around.

  69. Artemis Rand Says:

    Don’t worry Buc1987, the left can moan and groan all they want but they better hope they don’t force a civil war.

    Remember, we have guns. They don’t.

    Be careful what you ask for leftists.

  70. Bucsfanman Says:

    All good ’87! We’re ALL Americans. I respect what you say!
    Hopefully we can fill a few more of those seats with crazies like you and I at the next “Den” game. And, I would love nothing more than to sit next to Miko and root for our Bucs together!

  71. D-Rome Says:

    I’ve actually sat near her. She is exactly the opposite of what you described.

    Oh good! Thanks for confirming. I guess I’m a little jaded by the inebriated fans ruining the experience in games past.

  72. Artemis Rand Says:

    Not one right winger called for Obama to be killed. Not one company CEO said he would assassinate him with a “sniper rifle”.

    Do you really, really, REALLY want to go down this route liberals ?

    When push comes to shove this nasty, violent sow will be among the first to become worm food.

  73. Tampa Tony Says:

    Fan bases are built thru winning!!! Take away the success of the Steelers, Cowboys, Packers or Patriots and their national fan bases go away. Look at the losing franchises in those cities and look how bad their fan support is.

  74. Bucsfanman Says:

    Wow! In steps Artemis for “exhibit A” as to why we’re so divided.
    Clearly this is taking a turn for the worse. I’m out!

  75. Chucklehead & The Slumpbusters Says:

    Wow. Bucs fans telling other Bucs fan to just stay home if you arent going to be loud at a Bucs game…

    F.U. When the day comes that you pay for my tickets, my parking, all my food and drinks then I will fan the way you think I should. Til then, go ahead and scream and yell from YOUR seats when we are getting drubbed 40 to 17 by Atlanta in the 4th quarter. SMH, the problem with a bad organization lime this is that it creates stupid factions of fans that all want to gang up and destroy other factions.

    Hey Bucs, just win. End the madness.

  76. Buc1987 Says:

    Chucklehead…clearly you missed the point when I said in the FIRST quarter. So just go ahead and sit on your hands like you probably do. I speak the truth and since you don’t agree, you must be one of those fans. Please though when I’m at the game, don’t tell me to stop standing up or stop banging on the seat in front of me. I’m very proud of you for spending all that money for nothing.

    Tampa Tony ….you’re wrong. Jags fans bussed in about 500 fans during last years Jags vs Bucs game and they made their voice heard believe me. You people think I’m just making this stuff up or something. JAGS fans cheered louder for THEIR defense in OUR house than we cheered for our D. If anyone was at that game then they know I’m not making this shyte up.

    Miko’s not the first to rail about this. Buc1987 was railing about it in 2013. So much I even showed up at the home opener with a “BE LOUD” sign. It’s bad.

  77. mike n Says:

    Dear miko,
    we average 1 win a year at home, that’s why no one goes. Its a crap product.
    Its that way in every nfl town. It was like that in Dallas in the early 2000’s. No need to rip the fans after their one home win.

  78. Buc1987 Says:

    Seattle’s got the 12th man!

    Tampa’s got a bunch librarians!!!!

  79. Buc1987 Says:

    Raheem had this team humming in 2010 and the fans were still quiet when the D was out on the field.

    You people are STRANGE!

  80. Bucsfanman Says:

    ’87- We should start piping in fan noise! That way those “civilized” fans can remain seated, pinky raised with a cup ‘o tea!!!

  81. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    2008 Obama called Bush unpatriotic for spending so much tax payer money and running up the debt. Then he comes in and spends 4 times what Bush spent. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

    So did you miss the fact that JR’s administration – Bankrupted the country?
    Did miss the whole 777.68 points drop in intra-day trading?
    Mortgage crisis. Credit crisis. Bank collapse. Government bailout…No?

    So let me get this right -In 2008 stock market crash destroyed $16.4 trillion of American households’ net worth. So what the FK was he suppose to do?
    Not spend money??

    Every Economist in the world was baffled. But what you had a better plan?


  82. Pittbucfan Says:

    I can remember in 2002, the year we won the effing SUPER BOWL, December 23, Monday Night Football vs the effing steelers, those of us true Bucs fans, life long season ticket holders in the lowest of the lower section of the stadium being completely surrounded by black and gold.
    I know what she is saying on that subject anyhow. “Had to finish Christmas shopping” I was told when I inquired the following week as to why steeler fans were in those seats. Smfh.

  83. Buc1987 Says:

    Pitt….I was at that Steelers game.

  84. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Wow- so dudes can’t say all kinds of HATEFUL BS on this blog last night.
    But I’m being moderated again? Okie Dokie

  85. duthsty rhothdes Says:

    I pray miko goes to an eagles game… ruthless fans and would love her response to that experience

  86. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Is it really that bad during game day? I’m from Cali and I cheer and run around like a maniac when I’m watching my bucs. I don’t care if I’m at my house or a sports bar. I’ve been to many San Diego Chargers games (I was a season ticket holder for a couple of years) and they know how to get loud and cheer for their team. It’s too bad to hear this about my beloved bucs.

  87. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    No wonder why so many of these players go after white women. I don’t blame them. Black women are about the nastiest, most violent, and disgusting “people” around.


    Wow. Some people just can’t help it.

  88. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Hawaiian Buc

    I know we’ve had our differences over the years.
    But you spoke well last night.


  89. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    No one is telling you how you have to act at a game. If you choose to spend more time on your phone or getting a beer than cheering for your team, then that’s your right. However, you shouldn’t have any disagreement when someone says our fans suck. We have a handful of fantastic fans, but the overwhelming majority are sorry. I’m sure that will change when we win, but until we do our fans are just as bad as our team. Personally, I don’t understand why anyone would want to pay all that money to not cheer and support the team, but to each his own.

  90. Buc1987 Says:

    Bucsfanman…lol Lies…I tell no lies about that stadium. No lies, no lies.

    I always understood why fans didn’t go to games.

    It’s the BUC fans that do go and are too busy shopping for merchandise, congregating around the ship not even facing the game, or texting on their phones….. IN THE FIRST quarter that I have a problem with. If that’s any of you, I’m sorry if I offend you but, ef off. It’s my constitutional right to tell you to do it, so again ef off. Just go to Busch Gardens or somewhere else.

    I don’t care if I take heat for any of this. I’ll remain a catchers mitt. Fire away. I’ve railed about it in the past and I can hang. Miko and I can hang. So fire away at me. I speak the truth. Perhaps it does happen at other stadiums too, perhaps not. I don’t care. I’ll never forget that Jags game last season. When I say they were louder than our fans, that’s an understatement and we were winning most of that game. Eventually we won and the remaining fans piled out.

  91. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Thanks bro. All in fun!

  92. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Hat Tip

  93. Bucsfanman Says:

    ’87- Kudos brother! Don’t fret though, you have the ‘fanman to help out when he goes to games! (I have NO idea as to why I referred to myself in 3rd person just now! LOL)

  94. 911bucs Says:

    I watched Mikos podcast yesterday, it was pretty enjoyable. She’s on point with a lot of her rants.

  95. lightningbuc Says:

    Hilarious that people are actually bitching about people who show up to the stadium in spite of the fact the product on the field has been akin to a crap sandwich for nearly 10 years. ANYONE who shows up, whether they sit or stand, are quiet or loud, deserves kudos for spending time and money on this Buccaneer turd buffet.

  96. Chucklehead & The Slumpbusters Says:


    I know you are a fixture here and comment on just about every thread. But I was responding to what Mort said. But, Ive noticed how you try and dominate every thread so it doesnt surprise me that your ego took offense and you had to pipe up. You can sit down now.

  97. DelawareBucsfan Says:

    Dead on Miko! Preach!!!

  98. DelawareBucsfan Says:

    Last time I went to a game I had Jameis Winston bashers in back of me. It was sickening. It’s sad. The divide is real

  99. Chucklehead & The Slumpbusters Says:


    You articulated what I could not. I have a very busy life. I dont get the opportunity to go to many games, so when I do, I rather not have some rabbid jerk off behind me beating on the seat that I paid for. Especially when we are down by 17 in the 4th quarter.

  100. Buc1987 Says:

    Chucklehead & The Slumpbusters Says:

    “Especially when we are down by 17 in the 4th quarter.”

    Again with the rabble about the 4th quarter and I was speaking about the guy who said this.

    Chucklehead & The Slumpbusters Says:
    November 14th, 2016 at 10:48 am

    “Wow. Bucs fans telling other Bucs fan to just stay home if you arent going to be loud at a Bucs game…

    F.U. When the day comes that you pay for my tickets, my parking, all my food and drinks then I will fan the way you think I should. Til then, go ahead and scream and yell from YOUR seats when we are getting drubbed 40 to 17 by Atlanta in the 4th quarter.”

    I believe I was the only one telling fans to just stay home. I believe I was the only one at the top when I said to pick6… to just stay home. I could be wrong though. Then along comes you and you were talking to Mort. Mort didn’t tell anyone to stay home did he? I’m not scrolling up to verify.

    I don’t try to dominate any thread and there’s nothing articulate about lightningbuc. There never has been. Ask him his glorious articulate thoughts on why he HATES Jameis Winston so much. Pssss here’s a clue : It has to do with something that happened to Jameis in college.

    Dominate? Pisshh it’s my day off, the kids are in school and I’m bored. If I took this stuff serious then I’d really dominate.

    As DB55 says : Drops mic.

  101. Mike Johnson Says:

    I don’t like Miko. But she is spot on. And I don’t like players not standing for this country which gives them a standard of living other countries only dream about. But its his right to sit or kneel. I am somewhat sympathetic with fans though. We are so use to losing, the culture of the team is of a losers mentality. We have become conditioned to losing. Its hard to spend your money and see a team not perform. I’m happy the fans got a victory yesterday. Very happy. The team wants support. But they..must help to change the culture by winning more. Our Defense played much better yesterday. They ran to meet the ball. They ran to meet the ball carriers. They don’t do this every Sunday. We need consistency. We need the Bucs to play like every game was their last to change this culture.

  102. Buc1987 Says:

    “I dont get the opportunity to go to many games, so when I do, I rather not have some rabbid jerk off behind me beating on the seat that I paid for. Especially when we are down by 17 in the 4th quarter.”

    I’m not going to bang on your chair. I’m going to bang on the empty one next to you. There’s lots of those in case you haven’t noticed. I’m going to do most of this in the FIRST half and been doing it for years. I’ll bang two empty aluminum bud light bottles together if I have to and have done. RIGHT IN YOUR EAR!!!!

    Look for me. I’m the fan TRYING everything in my power to get the place loud for our D.

    Look for you. By the ship having your picture taken or texting your wife what you’re going to have for dinner after the game. Mind you all of this in the 1st and 2nd…not the 4th as you keep stating.

    So yes as loud as HELL when our D is out on the field and if the game is close I’m loud until the 4th. I bring cough drops to games. Silly me.

  103. Buc1987 Says:

    Pics mic up and lights it on fire.

  104. Chucklehead & The Slumpbusters Says:


    My bad bro. Didnt mean to upset the king. Hey, when you do decide to dominate the thread. Give me a heads up, I dont want to be anywhere near this site when you decide to take over.

    But, in all seriousness. I commented on something that had nothing to do with you, you took offense and came after me. But, your not taking this seriously. I see, my bad. Buc on, bro.

  105. unbelievable Says:

    Miko is dead on.

    The crowds at Bucs home games are the quietest, lamest fans I have ever seen at any professional sports game.

    Every single Bucs home game I have ever attended, whether sitting in the lower bowl or upper bowl, I have to scream and yell at the fans around to get off their fat a$$es and actually make some damn noise for their team. it’s sad.

    Preach Miko, preach!

  106. greg Says:

    Racists? No we hate players evenly regardless of their skin color…Grimes sucks and so does Conte…and Dilfer…..the crowds are quiet…but at least appreciate those that show up. If the 40,000 season ticket holders don’t show up…who will?

    Going to game is no longer a great experience…people stand for no apparent reason when the play is right in front of them. How does standing change the outcome of the play is beyond me?

    Maybe I have been going to games too long and getting too old….but there is nothing to get excited about at the Den of Depression…that is the fault of the team and ownership…not the fault of the paying fan.

  107. shouldhavedraftedefiert Says:

    90% full home games for the bucs this year is faking fantastic considering what they have put onto the field. Bucs fans should be proud. Seriously that’s really damn good considering what you’re paying to go watch.

  108. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol, I’m not mad at her. Shes right to a point about Buc Fans. Im not offended by the truth. Losing will do that to you and lets face it, we have been losers for longer than I care to remember. However, I’m not sure how she can call anyone else racist after a lot of the things shes said about people. Thats hypocritical.

    Trump has been President Elect for less than a week and has already made Miko Great (and relevant) Again!!!

  109. Rod Munch Says:

    I don’t actually care what she says or does since she’s not a player or on the team. That’s the difference between her and Evans.

    As for her she’s a black woman and 96% of black women voted for Hillary, but as for being racist here’s a little fun fact. If Planned Parenthood hadn’t have killed millions of black babies – the old rich white woman would have won. It’s not the right that has created that welfare state were everyone gets free abortions and those that don’t get vacuumed out don’t have fathers.

    Maybe instead of saying that everyone that doesn’t think exactly like you is wrong, maybe you should reflect a little on why you’re such a hack.

    Or better just yell racist over and over again to the point it has no meaning. Which by the way is where we now are. PC is dead bro, Trump president nah.

  110. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    No argument with Ms Grimes, but things changed during the Gradkoski era in 2006. Thats when being a fan hurt. It shifted a little during our playoff run on 2007 under Jeff Garcia, but our 2008 season hurt bad in losing the last four games which sunk our playoff chances. Its tough being a Bucs fan nowadays after Morris-Schiano-Smith. You get hope in the beginning of the season, sitting in a 110 degree stadium, 100% humidity, then nothing happens and you start looking at who the Bucs are going to pick in the draft. I was disappointed that Evans did what he did. Earlier, I was proud our guys didnt get caught up in the kneeling hype. But now that he is there – the spotlight is on him. Evans said he didn’t vote, but he is complaining on who our country elected. Right or wrong he is commander in chief. So, Mike, the next time you visit the VA hospital or SOCCOM, CENTCOM, SOCCENT, or JCSE and sign little helmets or footballs – look the lance corporal, petty officer, private first class, or senior airman in the eye and explain to them why you sat during the honoring of the flag and about how you dont like the selection of our (their) new commander in chief. AND most importantly, that you didnt even bother to vote in that same election. Those men and women are 10 times to person you think you are. I am absolutely disgusted by what you did, but will defend your right to do so.
    Lastly, glad to see you start running your correct routes and catching the ball. Start making a habit of it, and not only when Jameis throws to Brate.

  111. Tony Says:

    Two things:

    1. Can’t stand Miko
    2. She is 100% right about the worst fan base in the entire NFL

    For the third time this year I flew out from the West Coast to attend a Bucs “home” game. I was shocked by the crowd yesterday. Shocked. If the Bucs can’t get hyped and cheer for their guys after a game like yesterday… they just never will.

    People keep saying: oh, it’s too expensive, or it’s hard to watch, or the traffic, or the blah blah. If that’s the mentality, then Tampa should not have a team and go back to the ranks of the small off the radar cities/towns that aren’t big-league material. Period.

    People keep saying, but they’ve been losing since 2008 waaah. Do you realize the best young players on the team were 14 and 15 years old back in 2008 – and we’re blaming THEM and not cheering for THEM because of the inabilities of some long retired players that another administration put on the field.


    I played football for many years and can tell you emphatically that the crowd energy makes a difference. That’s why there is such a thing as a home-field advantage. If it didn’t matter then why would that even be a thing? OF COURSE it gets more energized when a team is playing great. Of course. But that does not mean it goes from 0-100 when that happens. There has to be a strong base that gets supplemented by fair weather fans. Period.

    If Cub fans can do it… the Bucs fans have zero excuses.

    the Bucs have a true 22 YEAR OLD franchise QB and a slew of talented players under the age of 25. Do you want them to grow with a winning mentality? Do you want them to give it that extra 2% when they’re tired and hurting and have nothing left to give?

    Let me put it the best way that may explain it to those with zero imagination to understand how players are effected by the crowd:


    Now watch it with the sound turned off. Not the same thing, is it?

  112. Buc1987 Says:

    Tony …you can’t tell some of these fans.

    They are there on their day off and want to enjoy the game without all this foolish stuff called noise. They paid for everything so screw you Tony. Be quiet.

  113. Mike Johnson Says:

    Lower the cost of beer. Start winning. I’m not gonna pay out of the Y-zoo to cheer a team on to defeat. Want people to cheer? Then break the curse. Start winning at home consistently. Start showing some resiliency and fight hard every GD play. Then the curse will break. but Buc fans are so conditioned to losing, they show up to Ray Jay, hoping and praying for a victory. That’s GD sad!

  114. I'm tired and 87 is right Says:

    Good I don’t blame her calling out the fans. We ourselves need to never give up as fans. I go to every game and have been told to sit down and even to shut up just because I yell so loud. I still do it but definitely understand to watch the language which I have gotten better about. I just show passion and that’s what we need. I also witnessed people leaving early but I stayed until the end with my wife to cheer for when they closed the game out. I want the team to know as a fan I will always support them and I appreciate the win! Now let’s continue to get it done! On offense be as quite as you want, but on defense get loud folks and support your team. Just how we get upset when the Bucs might look like they give up lets make sure we never do the same as fans. Bucs 4 life! Go Bucs! Thanks for the win!

  115. flmike Says:

    Artemis Rand Says:
    November 14th, 2016 at 10:38 am
    No wonder why so many of these players go after white women. I don’t blame them. Black women are about the nastiest, most violent, and disgusting “people” around.

    As a white man married to an African-American woman for 30 plus year, I’d like to meet you in a well lit alley where my military veteran wife can show you what she learned in the military, and after they find all the pieces of your worthless racist ass, they can ship them back to whatever cesspool trailer park you crawled out of, maybe your inbred wife and kids will build a memorial to you from the dogcrap that I’m sure is spread throughout the trailer you’ve been able to cobble enough empty cans to afford each month while waiting on your EPT card to be refilled you worthless POS.

  116. Bucsfanman Says:

    @flmike- Classic!
    What I really felt about Artemis’ post I could not type, mainly because I’m at work!
    Thank you for that.

  117. flmike Says:

    @Bucsfanman, No Prob.
    I’m sure he’s at home in the trailer picking his one tooth while his kids work the meth lab in the shack out back and his sow of a wife works the local flyin-j looking for a trucker to rescue her ass from her little slice of heaven

  118. Rod Munch Says:

    flmike – Haha typical modern liberal who wants to respond to words by murdering someone. Also your stereotype of who is using EBT cards is quite a bit off, here’s the actual facts.

    Welfare Demographics
    Percent of welfare recipients who are white / caucasian 16.8 %
    Percent of welfare recipients who are black 39.6 %
    Percent of welfare recipients who are Hispanic 21.2 %
    Percent of welfare recipients who are Asian or Pacific Islander 18 %
    Percent of welfare recipients who are Other / Mixed 4.4 %

    Which would make sense as Hillary’s largest voting block were those making the least amount of money.

    Anywho in the future please restrain for threatening to murder people over political differences and please learn the basics about the welfare system and who is on the system. If you did that you might understand why you lost the election.

  119. Chris Says:

    Ive had season passes since 2004 and only missed 3 or 4 games in that stretch. The atmosphere has been this way since sometime around the 2009 season. She’s not wrong, but damn have I watched some bad football in the last 6-7 years. Cause/Effect. Winning consistently will cure it.

  120. flmike Says:

    @Rod Munch—Then maybe you should restrain this one..

    Artemis Rand Says:
    November 14th, 2016 at 10:44 am
    Not one right winger called for Obama to be killed. Not one company CEO said he would assassinate him with a “sniper rifle”.

    Do you really, really, REALLY want to go down this route liberals ?

    When push comes to shove this nasty, violent sow will be among the first to become worm food.


    And with African American’s being only 13% of the total population of the nation, whites by number far out weigh them as recipients…

    BTW-McConnell has already crapped on your boy’s wish list, laid a big fat turd on his wall, term limits and infrastructure. You’ve been duped. Nothing will, change your life will not become somehow greater more fulfilling, you’re gonna be in the same boat as the rest of us when he flames out. But I have to hope he succeeds though, because if he fails we as a nation fail.

  121. flmike Says:

    BTW, it wasn’t a political difference he called my wife and I quote “Black women are about the nastiest, most violent, and disgusting “people” around.”

    If you don’t stand up for your wife, no matter what, you ain’t sh!t.

  122. ben Says:

    why stand ?? people behind you cant see and some of us are old so…sit down and yell, no different for the team!

  123. Chris Says:

    1 winning season 2007, 0 playoff appearances. The bucs are 4-15 at home. 4-15???? Are you kidding me? It’s difficult to get behind that. And now we’re supposed to continue spending our time and hard-earned money while we get lectured by some 20 year old multi-millionaires that we’re racists, because we didn’t vote for his/her candidate.

  124. mark2001 Says:

    No Lightning…. Trump won because his low education, low wage followers are naive enough to believe he gives a flip about them and will change Washington….NEWSFLASH…all his appointees, other than his family are long term Washington insiders. Many Americans will suffer from his self- indulgence and narcissism…but for those of us that are fortunate enough for him to take his “pound of flesh” and still have enough to pay our bills. So much for us trying to help keep people from their worst impulses.

    And Miko…you are correct…yee-haw….sunshine and warm weather…a nice place losers to congregate….at least they figure they won’t freeze.

  125. Couch Fan Says:

    Many Americans will suffer from his self- indulgence and narcissism…
    Just by reading your post, that sounds an awful lot like you….

  126. Chris Says:

    Sorry mark2001, that’s the narrative that you and the New York Times would love for us to believe, but the facts simply don’t bear it out. Trump actually won among both white male college educated and all white college educated. This despite the fact of the liberal indoctrination going on in virtually every public and private institution.

  127. grafikdetail Says:

    shut up with the team has to win crap!! this state just has fair weather fans… oakland has sucked just as long as the bucs and their fans show up! same goes for the browns, bears, cowboys, saints, bills and the list goes on & on… real fans love their team win or lose

  128. flmike Says:

    The demographics don’t really matter, as they were all duped into believing a professional con man, one trained by one of the best, look up Roy Cohn. He trained young Donald, I’m sure 99% of his voters don’t know who Roy Cohn was and I’m sure they’l be shocked when they find out.

  129. Chris Says:

    grafikdetail, you’re right about fairweather fans in this state. Maybe it’s because of so many transplants who didn’t grow-up rooting for Florida teams? But also to be fair, I understand our home record since the Superbowl season is by far the worst in the NFL.

  130. unbelievable Says:

    @flmike, no point in engaging Cuck Munch either, he is exactly the same as artemis Rand. Both are small-minded, a!t-right d@chebags that represent everything wrong with this country.

  131. flmike Says:

    @unbelievable Like the “cuck” ref, you’ve been dong your alt-right research.

  132. Rod Munch Says:

    flmike – fair enough, sort of. If he personally insulted your wife then you’re free to respond in kind, however threatening to have him murdered seems a bit over the top. I’m for free speech, that means everyone gets to say whatever they want- and people get to respond in kind. However when it goes from speech to cutting someone’s body up, that’s excessive in my opinion. I guess since I’m not part of the words hurt generation, I’m part of the Warren Sapp trash talking generation, so it’s not a big deal to use words.

    Now if that harassment went beyond making a blanket statement, if say someone was talking trash and you responded and they got in your face and barely brushed you- then at that point I think you’re free to stand your ground and see that person as a threat. I mean if we’re going to threaten to murder someone for making blanket statements, then there would be a lot of murdering going on since on this message board alone I’ve seen a ton of people making blanket statements like all Trump voters are racists. But again, those are words – I respond to those words with words. Easy peasy.

    Anywho you’re going to have to get used to words as PC is dead bro. Trump president now and trash talking is finally back. While you lived through non-PC eras, these young Generation Glee fruits, well, LOL – it’s going to be fun watching them have breakdowns as they realize their safe spaces aren’t real things.

  133. Chris Says:

    flmike that’s your opinion, and you are entitled to it. It’s a shame that you can’t respect the opinions of others who disagree with you. Why don’t you give the guy a chance? He hasn’t even taken office and you’ve already judged his administration as this and that. Someone said rooting for Trump to fail is like being on a plane and rooting for the pilot to crash.

  134. Rod Munch Says:

    unbelievable – Actually the use of the word cuck has to do with beta-males like yourself that are scared of alpha-males. You don’t like Trump because to you he represents that high school jock who bullied you and got all the hot girls. Someone like Trump who is willing to say things you don’t want to hear and isn’t a PC fruit like yourself, to you that’s scary since you lack testosterone and think words hurt.

    Also it’s a word place on Buc, so Mike the cuck instead of Mike the Buc.

    But anywho you already joined the cuck army by using the term, so welcome aboard. The cuck train is always taking new members and growing and it will be meeting at the rest stop just north of the 275/75 merger every Wednesday morning at 1am. Bring a drill.


  135. unbelievable Says:

    Hahahaha. That literally made me laugh out loud!

    High school was f@cking awesome for me. Lost my virginity at 14 and had TONS of fun with hot girls all through my 20’s. I was lucky. Now I’m engaged to a beautiful, smart, successful woman who is smart as hell and a freak in the bedroom. I’m still very lucky.

    The scenario you described sounds much more like yourself. it’s usually the loser who couldn’t get laid and got picked on in high school that grows up to be a hateful, vengeful person with a closed-mind and racists viewpoints.

    Anywyas, I’m not gonna sit here and get into a bragging contest with you on the internet.

    But btw – No, it’s not a word play</em on Bucs, it is a racist, alt-r!ght label used against anyone who doesn’t think whites are the supreme race and should be in charge of the world while all other bow down to them.

  136. greg Says:

    Sorry….sounds like too many of you take Buccaneer football way too seriously….you live and die with this team and it makes you look and act like a bunch of dopes…get a life.

    It is one thing to go to the game and act like a sober civilized human being…..I have been there just about every game since 1979 and many of the people there should not be allowed out of the house.

  137. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Rod Munch,

    I’m just curious, what size shirt do you wear? Full, queen or king?

  138. flmike Says:

    Please read the last line again.

    BTW-McConnell has already crapped on your boy’s wish list, laid a big fat turd on his wall, term limits and infrastructure. You’ve been duped. Nothing will, change your life will not become somehow greater more fulfilling, you’re gonna be in the same boat as the rest of us when he flames out. But I have to hope he succeeds though, because if he fails we as a nation fail.

  139. unbelievable Says:

    ^^ flimike gets it.

    I would only add 1 exception… if you are in the top 1% of earners, you will benefit ‘bigly’.

    It’s funny how you guys cry about the deficit for 8 years and then vote for a guy / congressmen whose tax plans are going to increase the deficit substantially and f@ck the middle and lower class in the process.


  140. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Miko is 100% right.

    I don’t give a rip about fans being “beaten down”. Try 22 losing seasons straight and still staying positive. We old timers did.

    The curret generation of Bucs fans are nothing but a bunch of Internet trolls. At the games they spend more time on their phones than watching the games.

    Worst fans ever.

  141. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


  142. lightningbuc Says:

    Funny that Miko talks about Trump and his “P” word vulgarities. Wonder if she realizes the starting QB of the Bucs shouted the same thing, while standing on a table in the crowded FSU student union, AFTER already being accused of assaulting a woman. Guess that doesn’t bother her though.

  143. Warthog Says:

    MIKO one helluva lady! GO Bucs! MIKO for congress!

  144. wesley Says:

    Who cares what this narcissistic poor excuse of a human thinks? She is a NOBODY! Shame on you Joe!!!!!!

  145. wesley Says:

    Sports and politics should not co-exist, just shut up already, America has made their choice.

  146. Shane Says:

    Agree with her 110% . We have soooooo many people in Tampa tha DONT GET IT! And im glad shes calling out the fans. A lot of these fans are horrible. Fair weather as hell

  147. Rod Munch Says:

    unbelievable – hanging out in the boys locker room all through high school and still being there into your 20s and 30s, it’s not really helping your point dawg.

    Anywho here’s a fun fact, 18% of black males voted for Trump as opposed to only 4% of black women. But the 18% is quite a bit higher than normal. I guess some blacks have kept their t so they appreciate a trash talking guy with bling that will f anything that walks. I honestly don’t get the fascination with black America and Democrats. Yeah sure blacks are on welfare dramatically more than anyone else, but Republicans voted for the civil rights bill at a higher rate than Democrats, MLK was a Republican, not a Democrat, Lincoln was a Republican, not a Democrat, and it was those southern slave owners that gave blacks FREE housing, FREE food, FREE healthcare and guaranteed employment. I guess if that’s what you’re into, then great, vote for Democrats, abort millions of black babies, have only 1 in 4 households with a father around, but also don’t wonder why the rest of America is leaving you behind.

    Anywho Trump doesn’t care about any color other than green, thus the reason he fully supported Obama in 2009 and 2010, and thus the reason many on the right – myself included, didn’t get onboard with him until very late since the only other option was Hillary. Remember Trump is a lifelong northeastern big city Democrat – the fact the media tried to turn him into a religious far right nut is hilarious, only more so since so many on the left actually bought the act.

    Seriously people, the info is there, go read what Trump said about Obama in 2008, 2009, 2010, go read about how Trump called for socialized healthcare in his own book, go read about how he’s called for higher minimum wage. Quote me his racist message about black – like where does that come from? Hillary has plenty of racist quotes, like calling black males “super predators” and saying her mentor was Robert Byrd, who was an actual recruited for the klan for over a decade. It was Bill Clinton who belong to a whites only country club while Trump was suing Palm Beach to make a segregated country club open to everyone.

    I’m being serious, go do some reading and stop taking the non-stop Democrat propaganda as being true. Trump is a trash talker who says offensive things – and that is a good thing if you’re not some words hurt fruit.

  148. Rod Munch Says:

    Shane – The fans can be fairweather, but that’s true of all southern cities that have a population that is mostly made up of people that weren’t born here and have no ties to the team and the team has been mostly awful for the majority of its existence. With that said Tampa is no Miami or Atlanta. If the team wins, the stadium will fill up – or it might have before Evans did what he did. Now I don’t think it matters if they win or not the place isn’t going to be full, at least for this year.

    BUT the bigger issue is her calling the fanbase racist, which is pretty typical of blacks and liberal in the country today whenever they don’t get something they want. While I don’t care as she’s not a member of the team, it opens her up for plenty of verbal attacks in return – and she will get them.

  149. unbelievable Says:

    Cuck munch just tried to say that slave owners “gave their slaves free food and housing and healthcare”. Hahahahaha! Your stupidity and racism has reached new heights.

    They were slaves you ignorant motherf@cker!

    And yes we all know that republicans used to support civil rights but that hasn’t been the case for the last 30 years at least, so spare me your revisionist history. GTFO with that utter nonsense. Spare me the Clinton mentor bs too, since the KKK held a rally and parade after trump was elected. FYI, Hillary was not my first choice but I would have chosen her over a buffoon business man who surrounds himself with crooked sleazebag politicians, lobbyists, and alt right neo-nazis.

  150. BigMacAttack Says:

    Sounds like Miko is suffering from a severe lack of Dick. Brent needs to put the wood to that bitch.

  151. unbelievable Says:

    bigmac- check out her Twitter for the bday cake she gave Brent. Il guessing she’s taking the wood quite often 🙂

  152. Buc1987 Says:

    Rod Munch is RIGHT!

  153. VaBuc Says:

    We gotta sign Miko in the off season i love that lady wish i could go to a bucs game i would make sure i sit by her and cheer crazy at the game with her FACTS

  154. Bucsfan2309 Says:

    I have been a Bucs fan for 26 years, and I can only speak for myself, but I practically lose my voice every game. I get completely livid when I see everyone sitting on their butts for games. It is sometimes embarassing, but why all the racist comments? It makes no sense. Everyone is talking about equality and injustices, then wants to throw in their own bashing. I am completely against anyone that sits for the Anthem, because it represents the 2 tours in Iraq that I served. It represents the men and women of all races, creeds, and cultures that I served with. We have the rights we have today because we as Americans have overcome war, opression, and injustice. People want to say they are taking and stand for oppression or injustice, but why spit in the faces of those that have shed blood for this country. I may have not agreed to a number of leaders, politicians, or citizens decisions/actions, but I cannot disrespect the honor of those that have served, currently serve, and will serve in the future. Did I want either of the candidates to run for office, no, but those that voted (minus Colin K and Mike E), have selected this person to be President. I may not agree with it, but all I can do is hold on tight and hope the next 4 years goes by fast, love my neighbor, my entire community, my Team, and be thankful to be alive. We have a lot in this country, and I am not saying we live in good times now, because I don’t like or agree with any Hate or lack of compassion for others. I am torn about Evans sitting bc I am hurt by not standing for those that served. The flag doesn’t represent just the President, it represents all that we as a people have endured and overcome. Get on your feet Bucs fans!!! Miko has a point with the lack of enthusiasm. I can do without all of the other noise she was talking about. Much love all.

  155. James Walker Says:


  156. Rod Munch Says:

    unbelievable – Let me guess dummy, everything you learned about slavery was from the movie Roots right? Anywho when it comes to slaves they were by and far the most expensive asset that southerners, more so than their land, homes or anything else. How exactly do you think they got to working every day? Do you buy a new work truck and go outside and hit with a wrench because it doesn’t start? Seriously, learn some very basic history then get back to me. There’s a reason cucks are cucks, and you’re a great example. Anywho it was Democrats in the south that held slaves and railed against capitalism in the north as being an unfair system where, if you didn’t work, if you lost your job, you’d lose you place to live and starve to death – not that that was actually true since charity was very common back then and that was basically your social welfare system. Anywho the south would rage against how the wage slaves of the north had it bad, but the southern slaves, they got everything given to them, that the slave owner would take care of everything so long as they did their job. The parallels still exist to this day – you have a party that panders to minorities telling them that if they do their job and vote Democrat, they’ll give them everything they need to survive. Just make sure you don’t get to uppity, if you do, if you go off the government plantation like a Condi Rice or a Clarence Thomas, if you don’t follow the party line – you will be destroyed. That’s the diversity of the left.

    Anywho I see you did absolutely no reading on Trump and you’re still railing about this strawman the left created as part of their propaganda campaign for the election. But, let me ask, what exactly did Trump say towards blacks that was incredibly racist? I know he had the dumb birth certificate deal, which wasn’t about race – but I know you think it is – but that was started by Hillary’s campaign in 2008 (and Trump was a Hillary supporter in 2008, which is where he got the idea from). Uh, what else… lets see… uh… blacks… oh he’s for stop and frisk, so that’s racist, right? It’s not about safety or anything Trump just hates black people so he wants them harassed? Oh and completely discount Hillary’s direct ties to a klansman who she called her mentor, completely disregard Bill joining a whites only country club, I mean they have a D next to their name so their racism is perfectly fine right? I guess that was the same for Trump to since he was a Democrat until 2011 which is why I guess we never heard anything about him being racist until then.

    Anywho be less boring. You same fruits called Reagan a racist, you called G H Bush a racist, you called GW a racist, you called McCain a racist, you called Romney a racist. We get it, if you in any way want to cut back on the size of government, you’re a racist. Yawn… it’s lost all meaning cupcake. PC is dead bro, Trump is president now.

  157. Rod Munch Says:

    Bucsfan2309 – good comment and a fair one. It’s a shame more people don’t seem to hold that same respect for the flag or for the office of presidency.

  158. unbelievable Says:

    Completely wrong in your assumptions again, but keep trying cuck munch. Never called HW, or dubya, or Romney, or McCain a racist. I Would actually like to see many aspects of govt cut back and/or streamlined. Ive had many conversations with clod and 87 on here about how ridiculous the PC culture is. You really don’t know sh!t about me and obviously not much of the world around you based on your ignorant thoughts.

    I agree that trump himself prob isn’t racist, all his viewpoints have changed at least 5 times on every single issue. But he campaigned on racism and nationalism so whether he truly has those personal views is meaningless bc that’s what he has embodied. Appointing an alt right nationalist anti-Semite as a chief advisor / in order to have state-run conspiracy at your will should be a f@ckin crime.

    Anyways you’re a total bigot who thinks slaves had it good since they got fed and housed WHILE THEY WERE SLAVES, so go f@ck off and choke on a big black d!ck pal. I’m gonna attempt to get back to football on this site instead of dealing with ignorant pieces of trash like yourself.

  159. Poor Glennon Says:

    Buc’s fans are divided. The McCoy haters vs the Winston haters.

  160. HardyNickerson for Bucs ROH Says:

    Her opinion means about as much as any other sports fan that post here or any where else. the only thing bigger about her opinion than many of ours is the ego behind it. And a lot more tolerable if her husband keeps playing at a decent level. Didn’t hear much from hear a couple weeks ago when the Bucs DB’s her husband included were getting torched by the raiders. I wonder if she beats on him after a bad game? Ok that was unnecessary.

  161. HardyNickerson for Bucs ROH Says:

    And rod munch I’m not taking any side of your comment but I’d like to add MLK was not a republican. Do some research on that one.

  162. 76buc Says:

    Asinine comment about rights. He should support the men and women who put there lives on the line to allow him to make millions while playing a boys game. I do agree with her about the lazy ass fans.
    However, she’s so hot I don’t care what she says.

  163. Petey Pablo Says:

    I agree with her 100….. I flew from NY to see my bucs I loved the stadium but very disappointed with the experience…. when I went to see them in DC and NY the bucs fans there cheer way more than the fans in Tampa…. no wonder the team is not really good the fans don’t even demand it!!!! I thought I was at a Probowl game so many jerseys from other teams…. agreed football players are still people!!!