The Morning After

November 14th, 2016
Chris Conte scores on his pick-six. (Photo courtesy of

Chris Conte scores on his pick-six. (Photo courtesy of

Welcome to Victory Monday. After a home game no less. Must have something to do with the supermoon.

Let’s get rolling.

Jameis made players better

The hallmark of a good quarterback — we’ve all heard it many times — is naking players around him better. That was the case yesterday.

With John Fox taking out Mike Evans, the Bucs were left with, well, used parts to get the job done. Freddie Martino and his Band of Renown actually looked like an NFL player. Cecil Shorts played reasonably well. We all knew Cameron Brate, an undrafted tight end, had talent.

America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, went to all of those guys with Evans bottled up. This may be the first time Joe has seen Jameis make multiple receivers, less than household names, elevate their games.

Joe isn’t saying Jameis should get his bust ready for Canton or even that Jameis has arrived, but playing with leftovers, and down to third-stringers on the offensive line, Jameis helped those guys raise their games. To Joe, that’s a step in the progression of Jameis, a positive step.


As Dirk Koetter said yesterday, he cannot think of a playoff run. He can only think of what’s next up. That is Kansas City.

The Bucs are still in second place in the division, tied with the Saints and a game and a half behind the Dixie Chicks. Getting to .500 is the key. When/if the Bucs cat get to .500 in November, well, anything is possible.

Swarming defense

Regular readers know Joe was irked at Bucs coaches whining about no pass rush the past three weeks. Not only should the new defensive coaches been well aware of no pass rush — Bucs fans have been all too aware of this crap for the past decade — they are paid to find a workaround if there is no pass rush.

Well, that day came yesterday.

“I thought our D was a lot more aggressive,” Koetter said. “That was one of the things we identified in the little mini-bye. We were sitting back a little too much. We needed to pressure more. We needed to add on more on our blitzes. The guys responded, the guys responded to it. We talked about adding on quicker on our blitzes, hugging up more with our linebackers and our safeties. It paid off in a big way. I thought ‘Smitty’ called a great game, and I thought our players executed very well.’’”

See? It wasn’t that hard. If fans in the stands swilling $10 lukewarm beers could see this, or fans sitting on their recliners with their Jack and Cokes could see this, how come Bucs coaches couldn’t recognize this earlier?

Joe is happy the Bucs changed things up defensively, but shame on them for not reacting and correcting this sooner. It may have cost the Bucs a win, and if the Bucs are able to make some kind of run the next seven weeks, that feet-dragging could be very costly.

A crack in the foundation?

Joe honestly believes the Bucs’ offensive line is much-maligned largely thanks to a bunch of clowns who masquerade as some digital version of Paul Brown. Sadly, way, way too many people read the pablum of the PFF tribe and are hoodwinked into thinking they are football Gospel.

Look around the NFL. Few teams have a decent offensive line (Seattle springs to mind). The Bucs are fortunate to have an above-average offensive line.

However, one guy is having a rough year and the longer it goes, the worse it seems to get. That is right tackle Demar Dotson. In the first year of a four-year, $18.25 million contract, per, of which $8.5 million is guaranteed.

Yesterday, Dotson, good guy that he is, was just slightly better than a pair of swinging saloon doors. He got abused. And when a crack like that happens in a dam wall, it pretty soon bursts.

If the Bucs can get a win against Kansas City, this is something to keep an eye on. For the Bucs to do anything, coaches need to find a way to help Dotson bounce back.

The Mike Evans Sitdown

Joe is going to be short and will not comment on this subject any further in the comments.

Joe likes Mike Evans. He’s a good guy. He’s not a fraud (like Sideshow Bob). He is genuine and sincere. He’s a passionate family man. Nothing not to like about the guy.

His stance on Donald Trump confuses Joe. Understand Evans hates him, but what is the end game of sitting for the National Anthem? Trump resigns? That’s not happening. Joe thought we lived in a democracy? Guess the good thing is Evans’ protest is peaceful, not like so many clowns rioting and tearing up property in too many cities. Just because you don’t like the results of an honest election does not give anyone the right to destroy property. Those are the anarchists Trump should have deported to some enlightened nation like Iran or Cuba.

The biggest issue here is Evans’ timing, not his stance. For him to sitdown on Veterans Day weekend during special ceremonies honoring vets really looked bad.

Evans swore he didn’t do this to thumb his nose at vets and was heartfelt in how he said he is “forever indebted” to servicemen and women. That wasn’t any form of BS either.

Sad thing is, Evans stated this three hours after his stance. Toothpaste was out of the tube.

Joe hopes Evans does something very public for the vets to demonstrate and reinforce his support for them. It was just ugly timing to showcase his stance on this weekend. Joe’s not sure Evans even considered that, and how folks would perceive it.

Evans has every right to do what he did. That’s America. The timing just saddens Joe, and how it will be — and is — perceived by so many people.

Can’t we all heed the words of President Obama and Secretary Clinton and work together to make America great again?


* Roberto Aguayo is on a streak, kicking five of his last six field goal attempts through the uprights. Is he worth a second round pick? Not yet. But let’s pull back on sending him coupons for U-Haul services.

* Coincidence that, save for part-time starter Jacquies Smith, the defense of the Bucs returned all 11 starters and may have played its best game of the season?

* If J.R. Sweezy can return next year (no, there is zero word on his status for this week), the Bucs just may have the deepest offensive line in the NFL. That’s not a bad thing at all.

* Rookie defensive end Noah Spence’s strip/sack of bratty Jay Cutler was beautiful. But Joe had to pinch himself that he was not hallucinating. Joe is so conditioned to see no pass rush over the years, the site of a Bucs player doing this was jarring.

* For those still thinking Koetter is no better than Lovie Smith, well, Koetter got his first home win as Bucs coach in his fifth home game. It took Lovie Smith 11 games, more than twice as long. Koetter recorded his fourth win with the Bucs in his ninth game. It took Lovie 21 games to win four.

* Joe really is surprised how the defense held the Bears to 283 net yards. With the Bears’ weapons, and Cutler really is a physically gifted quarterback, Joe fully expected the Bears to give the Bucs a run if not win. The Bucs dominated them. This Cutler really is a roller coaster of a quarterback. No wonder Bears fans guzzle liquor so much.

* Spence is tied for the NFL rookie lead in the NFL for sacks with Joey Bosa and Yannick Ngakoue with four.

* Joe sure hopes yesterday was a recruiting trip of sorts for Bears soon-to-be free agent wide receiver Alshon Jeffery. Hey, Alshon, hope you noticed the past two years that while it is getting truly miserable outside in Chicago this time of the year, you can still hang outside in Florida in shorts and flip-flops and fish in November and December. Oh, and no state income tax!

* Joe is going to guess bratty Jay Cutler saw Jameis’ sick backyard football play with Mike Evans. Cutler this week claimed he had never seen Jameis play one play, even though Cutler was on the sidelines at the Den of Depression last year when Jameis was on the field. What a maroon!


Chris Conte: Led the Bucs in tackles (seven) and had a pick-six to put the Bucs on the board first.

Jameis Winston: Crazy play with Evans and threw for over 300 yards. Good Jameis showed up yesterday.

Robert Ayers: Beasting. Had six tackles, 1.5 sacks and a tackle for loss.

Cam Brate: Caught every pass (seven) thrown his way and led the Bucs with 84 yards receiving and a touchdown.


“I look back and Jameis is in the end zone fighting around, so I’m not sure what went down until I watch film. But that guy, number three, [has] got a heart, he’s a warrior. He’s always coming with tenacity and he’s a never-quit guy. He’s always walking around saying, ‘Man, I got your back, no matter what.’ The offensive line, we didn’t play good. I know I didn’t play my best game, but that guy, he’s a guy that keeps going. No matter what, you’ve got a chance to win because you see it. That’s probably one of the plays of the year from the scrambling and threw that ball to Mike. It just shows the character that guy’s got. He’s a guy that competes all the way to the end.” — Demar Dotson on America’s Quarterback.

“The guys responded, the guys responded to it. We talked about adding on quicker on our blitzes, hugging up more with our linebackers and our safeties. It paid off in a big way. I thought ‘Smitty’ called a great game, and I thought our players executed very well.’’ — Bucs coach Dirk Koetter on defensive coordinator Mike Smith dialing up the heat.

“Your eyes just get big, nothing’s really going through your head. And then next thing you know, the ball’s in your hands and then try to make it to the end zone. So, it’s more reaction in football, you want to think during the week, but you don’t want to think during the game on Sunday. We did a good job, our coaches helped us out a lot by making things a little more simple this week and I think that paid dividends for us.” — Chris Conte on his pick-six.

“Great pressure, great pressure. Coach couldn’t have drawn it up any better, and the guys couldn’t have executed any better. That’s what happens when a plan comes together.” — Clinton McDonald on the defensive gameplan of Mike Smith.

“High school [was the last time I played on offense]. I had fun, man. I rather do it when the defense is playing well. I wouldn’t go over there if the defense wasn’t playing well and doing what we were supposed to do. But, I’ve been wanting to do that since I got into the league. Actually, since I got to college. I got an opportunity and it was fun, and I hope I get to do it again. Whatever they need me to do, I always say that. Hey, if I got to go out there and get knocked over just for us to score, I don’t care. Whatever lets go win.” — Gerald McCoy on playing offense Sunday.

“No, I am not on social media so I don’t really have to deal with it.” — bratty Jay Cutler on any blowback he received for being a vocal supporter of Donald Trump.


Random quick thoughts not necessarily NFL-related.

Robert Ayers forced a safety and he told Joe after the game that was the very first time he was involved in a safety in his life. Not even high school or in youth football. … Man, folks freak out on Twitter during games. “Vernon Hargreaves should be cut. … Donovan Smith is trash. … Why was Kwon Alexander in the end zone during Chicago’s Hail Mary?” As the great sports voice of Chicago, Mike North, would say, “Take it easy!” Despite what you may feel, Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht is not going to be tossing guys overboard in November. March? Different story, but Joe can promise you two names that won’t be on any get-rid-of list are Hargreaves and Smith. Nor should they be. … If Joe was a Bears fan, bratty Jay Cutler would have turned Joe into a raging alcoholic. One game the guy plays like Aaron Rodgers in his prime, the next game he plays like Stewart McClown. It’s like that every friggin’ year! Thank your lucky stars, Bucs fans. Cutler nearly became a Bucs signal-caller. … Good to see Seattle travel all the way across the country and punk the Belicheats. … Man, Saturday was another fun day of college football. The scene in Iowa City after Michigan went down on a last-second field goal was special. The entire field was black from all the Hawkeyes fans storming the field. … USC completely manhandled Washington. Joe thought Washington may have had the best secondary west of the Mississippi but they got shredded Saturday night. … And of course, Clemson, which was playing with fire all year along, got jobbed on a horrible, phantom defensive pass interference call. It shouldn’t have come down to that. Why in the hell did Dabo Swinney not punt in the final two minutes to pin Pitt back? Swinney basically set up Pitt for the winning field goal with the ball at midfield. What was he thinking? … And if there are some folks who still believe Penn State can get into the playoffs, get a hold of yourself! Joe lives in the real world and suggests those folks who believe Penn State is playoff worthy put down the bottle.

48 Responses to “The Morning After”

  1. Warthog Says:

    Lmao at the dudes saying ‘start glennon’ over the last week. Glennon ain’t squat compared to Winston, sorry! Please leave and never post again, thx in advance.

  2. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Enjoyed the win. Today is Monday. Focus on KC. Arrowhead is one of the toughest places to play in the NFL. Go BUCS

  3. Kobe Faker Says:

    Jameis Achilles heel is his ankles get gimpy with too much punishment. even in his early college days at FSU, the ankles would be the first body to breakdown

    Dotson is there because gump just signed him, and smith cant be talked about in a bad way because it was forrest 1st round draft pick…

    Are we going to get our franchise hurt because of forrest gumps stubborn pride and mistakes?

    In football and life, this is what happens

  4. Bird Says:

    Super stoked for the win. However it was against cutler. That guy played terrible. Think he turned ball over 4 times yesterday. Next weekend will be a better test on where this team is at as guys hopefully getting healthy on oline with doug Martin back. Just so happy to see bucs get win at home! Great game by jameis

  5. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Joe, you are full of bs giving ME13 a pass. You assaulted Kaepernick’s charachter every chance you had. Seems you’re afraid of losing readership and an opportunity to get mic near ME13. See the morning cup of Joe for more of Joe’s hypocrisy

  6. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Readers should be upset with Joe for not being Joe. Joe called Kaepernick a fraud last week.

  7. Warthog Says:

    Oh and whateva about Mike Evans. Free speech and all that. Nothing in the constitution says you gotta stand.

    It’s a free country, that’s why it’s so d*mn great.

  8. Warthog Says:

    And for those whining about Kaepernick, there’s one big difference between ME13 and Kap:

    Kap is a weak punkazz.
    ME13 is a straight baller and a real cool dude.

    Happy to help y’all with that.

  9. Doctor Stroud Says:

    I read the ‘quotes’ in this article, and I see that Cameron Brate will be on ProFootball Talk. I am glad that our team’s players are getting attention, and they deserve kudos after this blowout win. Now, it’s time to focus on the next game. The Bucs have not done well against AFC West teams this year, and they need to wake up to that reality to stay in the hunt. Will the Bucs follow these steps? Step 1, Bucs win; Step 2, Players do interviews on various media outlets and talk up their effort or a particular player; Step 3, Bucs lose the following game (badly); Step 4, Bucs players lament about how “overconfident” they were; Step 5, Bucs fans gripe on fan sites like until Bucs win again. Wash, rinse, and repeat. Let’s just stay at Step 1, ok guys?

  10. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Agreed joe. Just like we saw way to many people saying things like thatvwe weren’t going to win another game this year.

    Like are you high?

  11. Warthog Says:

    Oh and BKNYwhoeveryouare, ain’t no Bucs fan gonna be sad when Joe tears into a lameazz 49er, sorry.

    Go git em, Joe.

  12. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    ME13 is a good guy, please. Kaepernick has been twice the humanitarian than ME13 has ever been, but ME13’s immune because he’s a star receiver for the Bucs.

  13. Warthog Says:

    BKNY, more like BKSF

  14. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ warthog

    So a protest of social injustice is somehow of less value than of a political candidate, because he’s a bigger star of the football field?

    Thanks for helping us with that

  15. Warthog Says:

    Yes, ME13 is immune due to being a star Bucs WR – I wonder why? Could it be because this is a Bucs fan site?!? DO YA THINK?

  16. BKNYfootballhead Says:


    On no, too cold. I digress

  17. Warthog Says:

    No, alls I’m saying is:

    1. I don’t care who sits or stands for any anthem anywhere period. It’s a free country and free speech is protected. As it should be. All political speech is equally free and valid in my books, whether it is against a politician, a social injustice or the new Star Wars film.

    2. I’m a Bucs fan and I therefore don’t care if a Bucs blogger like Joe criticises a dude who plays (badly) for a team several thousand miles away.

    3. ME13 is an awesome WR and and awesome Buc and just generally awesome.

    peace brother!

  18. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Warthog

    Thanks again for the logic.

    I’m just calling it as I’ve seen it.

    We’re one in the same.

    Can I get your phone # now? You should see my brownstone in SF

  19. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Warthog

    You must’ve missed my previous comments, I’ve always supported Kaepernick’s right. My quip has been with Joe’s charachter assault of Kaepernick

  20. Not there yet Says:

    You can protest the election as long as you’re not in the NFL I guess. I am a military vet, I understand exactly why he did it and it’s no reflection on the brave men and women who serve our country. Active military can’t protest they must follow orders now matter who gives it. Evans speaks for servicemen who think the commander in chief to be is an ass hair but can’t say it lol

  21. Warthog Says:

    Yeah BKNY, I agree and don’t think Kap should be criticized for making a political statement that harms no one.

    He should be criticized for being a bad QB with a silly haircut who plays for a dumb football team.

  22. Warthog Says:

    Thanks for your service, Not There Yet. Due to your efforts and those of your fellow servicemen and women, we have a free country where folks can speak their minds.

  23. Warthog Says:

    Oh and sorry BKNY but I don’t have a phone 🙁

    My only contact with society is writing joebucsfan comments and screaming GRUDEN WAS MISUNDERSTOOD out my window at passing traffic.

  24. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Warthog

    Exactly. We had a misunderstanding.

    I don’t ageee with the forum of both protests, but they have every right to do so. I do have sympathy for both causes in all transparency, too.
    I’m only upset with my good friend Joe for his lack b@lls to give ME13 the same treatment.

    Yes, Joe is all about ratings, I know he’s worried about his product. But come on, fight against the “fraud” ME13. I always resoected Joe for his fight, now his tail is between his legs.
    What the hell are you talking about??–Joe

  25. BKNYfootballhead Says:


    I’m disappointed you’re giving ME13 an easy pass for kneeling. You should call him a troop grave-pi$$er like you did Kaepernick.

  26. Warthog Says:



  27. Bucsfanman Says:

    Is this a football site?! I thought we were talking Buc Victory Monday!
    Considering the abysmal performance of the o-line it’s a miracle Jameis did what he did. Tip of the hat to the d-line and safety play!

    @BKNY- As an aside, Kap lost ALL credibility for his “cause” by not exercising his right to vote, you know that thing that gives VOICE to all Americans! Given his stance, this election of ALL elections would’ve been the right time to do so.

  28. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @. Bucsfanman

    I agree 100%, that’s not the issue I’m commenting about

  29. buccfan305 Says:

    ME13 doesn’t need to do something for the Vets in this country. This country need to do more for its Vets. It’s a shame we have more shelters for animals in this country than we do for accual people ( most of them Vets)

  30. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    I want the real ball-busting Joe that will give ME13 the same lashing as Kaepernick. Two straight posts Joe says “he doesn’t care” and calls ME13 “a good dude”. Yet, CK gets almost dozen posts with his character being assaulted. I like that Joe, even if I don’t always agree

  31. GhostofSchiano Says:

    @BKNYfootballhead…….”Percieved Social Injustice” resist a law enforcement officer in the performance of thier sworn duty suffer the consequences.

  32. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    At least Joe doesn’t do it coming from a holier-than-approach has that tool Scott Reynolds at Pewterreport. He gets Mark Cook to do his dirty work yesterday reporting on ME13’s kneeldown

  33. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Ghost

    Perceived or not, again not my issue

  34. 813bucboi Says:


  35. Bob in valrico Says:

    D-line being healthy and in place worked wonders for this defense.Blitzes
    also helped get Cutler rattled.

  36. The Buc Realist Says:

    I The Buc Realist, as a huge fan of The Bucs, love the move that ME13 just did!!! Yes, he disrespected the military on a celebrate military weekend!!!!!

    But he just cut his popularity in half!!! he might have just lost out on some pro-bowls with the fan votes!!!!! And What The Buc Realist loves most, is when his contract comes around, because of those missed pro-bowl and lack of popularity, is that he just gave back 4-5 million a year on his next contract!!!! That will help the Bucs with the other big contracts!!!!!

    Go America

    And Go BUCS!!!!!!!!

    Also, it took lovie 21 games to get to 4 wins!!!!!!!

    Improvement indeed!!!!!!!!

  37. bucsfaninchina Says:

    Thanks for the daily bleeding heart for Trump diatribe, Joe(s)!!! Exactly why I come to a football blog!

  38. Bucsfanman Says:

    If people are that sensitive Realist, and it applies BOTH ways, then don’t let the door hit ‘ya where the good lord split ‘ya!
    I don’t agree with it either and I hope it doesn’t continue to trend upwards. We need to start healing and stop with the vitriol!

  39. Getaclue Says:

    Some of the same people if the election went the other way and cutler protested in support of trump would be calling him a patriot

  40. Mike R Says:

    Manchester United Director, Edward Glazer, backed Donald Trump’s successful Presidential campaign.

    Ed Glazer was among many high profile individuals who financially backed the Republican candidate, with the Red Devil’s director donating $45,000 to the President-elect Trump’s campaign.

  41. 813bucboi Says:

    @realist….mike evans will make the pro bowl and you can book it….

    I wonder what type of record dirk would have if he didn’t have jameis and went without and OC for the entire year?….improvement?…..we’ve gotten blowout multiple times this year and have yet to beat a quality team besides atl in week 1…..improvement, not so much….looks like the same 6-10 team to me… is a 6-10 under dirk better than 6-10 under lovie?…..please say because of a tougher schedule so I can bust your a$$…..GO KAP GO MIKE…DIRK=JIM TOMSULA….GO BUCS!!!!

  42. The Buc Realist Says:

    all is not lost for ME13, while it was a mistake to protest on salute the services weekend!!! He can still salvage the P.R. nightmare!!! And its words from Derrick Brooks that should be the path!!! First ask the team to put him in 48 “concussion protocol”!!!! Next start a grass roots movement to have a lobbyist or an adviser for race relations to the cabinet for the president!!! Call the organization Bureaucratic Urban of Transformation, Wellness Health Equal Treatment, Sensible Adjective Yourselves Socially, Organization of Teach American Youth!!!! or But Whet says O-tay for short!!!! But the name is not important right now!!! The fact that you can protest in way that are productive!!!!!

    Go America

    And Go Bucs!!!!!!!

    And remember that it took lovie 21 games to win 4!!!!!!!!

    Improvement Indeed!!!!!!!

  43. Larry Says:

    Personally, I don’t care what Evans excuse is. As a disabled vet, I took it quite personal and still believe he should be cut. Trump has nothing to do with the reason for the National Anthem and the pride that folks like me have in it.

  44. Pickgrin Says:

    There it is. The explanation. Evans is still suffering from the blows to the head he recently received…

  45. 813bucboi Says:

    @larry…I take it personal Trump pays less taxes than the average american even tho he’s a billionaire….

  46. R.O. Says:

    Joe(s) need to educate themselves. The United States is not and has never been a Democracy… Education it does the body good.

  47. Tony Says:

    Hey Joe,

    Let’s pump the brakes just a tad on the Bucs O-line. I totally agree with you that the Bucs have some nice pieces and some quality depth emerging. Absolutely! And that is exciting. But our tackles are mediocre at best. Smith will never be an elite LT and probably not even an upper half LT in the NFL. Dotson is just not that good anymore. Jameis masks so many of their problems because of his ability to withstand pressure, avoid it, and the fact that he is hard to take down. We’d be on our 6th QB if we had the Brown’s stable of QB’s.

    Dotson needs to be replaced. Donovan needs to move to RT or inside and the Bucs need to add an elite Lt through the draft. THEN – we will have the makings of something really special. Watch a Cowboy’s game. Dak is good, sure. So is Zeke. But Jameis and Martin would look equally or more special behind that line.

    Why is Mariota making such a leap this year? They invested HEAVILY on the offensive line. The Bucs should do the same and add another elite prospect at LT,and watch the next step this team makes.

  48. Piratic Says:

    813bucboi Says:
    November 14th, 2016 at 11:07 am
    “I wonder what type of record dirk would have if he didn’t have jameis and went without and OC for the entire year?….improvement?…..we’ve gotten blowout multiple times this year and have yet to beat a quality team besides atl in week 1…..improvement, not so much….looks like the same 6-10 team to me… is a 6-10 under dirk better than 6-10 under lovie?”

    Your takes are so lame.

    First, DK would have NEVER chosen McCown as his QB. That was Lovie’s fault, through and through; the reason we didn’t have an OC in 2014 is, wait for it…Lovie Smith. He had no control over Tedford’s health, of course, but the choice of Marcus Arroyo to replace him was an unmitigated disaster. Period.

    Second…so while we’ve only beat one good team, that is an upward trend, is it not? How many BAD teams embarrassed the Bucs during Lovie’s watch? That a rhetorical question, so don’t bother to look it up, because the answer is: FAR TOO MANY. Additionally, the apathy we’ve witnessed in 2014 & 2015 is nowhere to be found in 2016. Coincidence? I think not.

    Finally, if the 2016 version of the Bucs looks to you like the 2014 & 2015 versions of the Bucs, then NOTHING that ANYONE says is going to change your mind.
    You have an axe to grind, and it diminishes your views in the eyes of us that simply want what’s best for the team that we love. I think that you love YOU, not the Bucs.

    P.S. The short answer to the difference between Lovie’s Bucs and DK’s Bucs is the coaching staff. The former coaching staff does not even compare to the current coaching staff. The Bucs upgraded BIG TIME in this area.