“He Keeps Me In Check When My Butt Gets A Little Tight”

November 29th, 2016
Center Joe Hawley loosens important buttocks

Center Joe Hawley loosens important buttocks

Yes, this Bucs team is a tight group.

They’re babbling a lot about being a “family” this month, which is lovely, but Joe has seen that act before — complete with team bracelets and cheers.

Joe prefers to believe the Bucs’ recent success is mostly about blocking, tackling, coaching, a true franchise quarterback and men sick of being chronic losers, rather than Gerald McCoy’s recent shower weeping and the Jameisburg Address.

It’s also about Jason Licht and Dirk Koetter landing the right types of players, the blend of that “right 53,” guys who make those around them better, including coaches.

Offensive line coach George Warhop identified one those guys on the Buccaneers Radio Network this week: center Joe Hawley.

“Joe’s unique,” Warhop said. “When you meet him, I can’t even describe it, he doesn’t come across as an intense guy. You know, he’s kind of a hippie.

“Very calm. You know, has a different point of view of things. But he’s what I call a glue player. I think he does a great job of keeping everybody connected. And then on Sundays, he’s a whole different guy. He’s got tenacity. I mean, he’s down the field. He’s around the pile. He finishes everything. I mean, he’s very, very unique. We’re very fortunate to have him. I think he brings some unique stuff to the table. He keeps everybody loose. That’s also a great attribute of his. He keeps me in check when my butt gets a little tight. So it all works well together.”

It’s so evident that Hawley is a maniac on the field. He and Ali Marpet to play to the whistle plus that tiny bit more.

A free agent after this season, Coach Warhop just made a very strong case for Hawley’s return. Joe’s not sure the Bucs make that investment in a 28 year old guy (29 in October) with a history of knee injuries. But Joe would be pleased to see Hawley return.

23 Responses to ““He Keeps Me In Check When My Butt Gets A Little Tight””

  1. CreamsickleBananaHammock Says:

    Bringing in Hawley off the scrap heap is a real testament to Jason Licht. Great job here

  2. NJBucFan Says:


    Shouldn’t cost too much to retain Hawley and we have money coming off the books.

    Evan Smith can be cut after this season with no dead money. Gottschalk can take his spot as back-up center, he is under contract for cheap next year.

    That’s 2.5 million off the cap. Hawley is on the backend of the deal we gave him so he is counting 3.5 million against the cap this year.

    That’s 6 million between Smith and Hawley, getting Hawley under contract shouldn’t even use up half of that.

  3. Patrick in VA Says:

    I’d love to see Joe take over the Gosder Cherilus role of being the veteran guy that guides the group in the meeting room and comes in when needed, but lets the younger bodies do the heavy lifting. It seems like he’s an automatic injury time out every game. I’d love to have him on the field, but you can’t count on that with injury issues.

  4. Bucsfanman Says:

    I LOVE this guy! Talk about tenacity! This guy is ALWAYS “finishing” blocks.

  5. greg horbal Says:

    true warrior….important piece for the future

  6. flmike Says:

    Whenever there’s a meeting of the two teams after the play is over you’re sure to see two numbers, 74 and 68 right in the middle of it, every time….

  7. Cover Deuce Says:

    I don’t typically like messing with a good C/QB exchange. I’ve been wanting to see if Marpet can play C, but I’m increasingly thinking why mess with something that works? Hawley has some attitude in between the lines which I like, and it sounds like he’s an important personality to have around in the meeting room.

  8. SavannahBuc Says:

    absolute BEAST!!!

  9. Bucs Nihilist Says:

    stinking hippie!

  10. Rojas Says:

    Just upgrade the RT an we should be good to go lol

  11. Rojas Says:

    Major wright resigned. Conte might not play Sunday.

  12. Buccfan37 Says:

    Hey, the hippies had it right all along. That’s all I’m saying. Hence the media and government bashing. Peace

  13. pick6 Says:

    for less than the bucs are paying Evan Smith + Hawley right now, they can probably re-sign Hawley + a fairly capable and experienced backup next year. If you figure that JR Sweezey is one and done, and on top of that you’ve got the likes of Marpet, D Smith, Pamphile, Gottschalk, and Benenoch on cheap rookie deals, there’s no excuse to not retain a perceived “glue” offensive lineman for cap reasons.

  14. Pit Says:

    Joe can you create a room in your forum with the Tampa bay chants for all of us that don’t know them???

  15. ARGH_M8E Says:

    Major Wrong lol, not funny:(

  16. DB55 Says:

    Love hawley! Not the most talented but has a huge heart. We need more guys like hawley.

  17. MarkovMan Says:

    I still think I keep Evan Smith. Remember that it wasn’t until the end of training camp that Hawley beat out Smith. Smith is a solid backup that can play Guard and Center. The last thing that I want to happen is to have injuries and not have a capable backup. We have the cap to keep the guys, so why not keep some veteran players. We’ve kept Cherilus, who is able to play LT if Dotson goes down and play the swing T. Additionally, I like that we have young guys like Gottschalk, and Benenoch that can fill in for a game or two, giving them time to develop into starters, similar to Pamphile. Finally, I’d still like to roll the dice on Sweezey next year, or at least into training camp. Let him and Pamphile fight it out and see who’s the best. All said, I really like how this line is being developed: bring in a veteran and draft a young guy. Gives a nice balance.

  18. JD diehard buc fan out of sin city Says:

    He a good lineman i like mr hawley…great pick up wouldnt mind seein him more in the future

  19. SOEbuc Says:

    I like Hawley but he does go down a lot. I’d really like to keep him as long as we have a good back up center. I think Evan Smith is a good back up center and guard.

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I LOVE Joe Hawley, but my only concern with giving him a contract is whether we will get the value from it due to injuries.

    He’s constantly injured, and yes, he always comes back into the game (mostly)…but it IS a contract year. It’s possible his motives are purely money-based, and once he gets paid?

    Personally, I’m hoping he stays…but his injuries have to be a concern when negotiating.

  21. James Walker Says:

    Bring him back! He is much better than EDS.

  22. BoJim Says:

    Such a great beard too. Don’t know about the title of this piece though. lol

  23. Greg Hawley Says:

    Although I only saw Joe play once in high school at Esperanza, in OC. I have watched almost every play in college ( thanks to FS network) and every play in the NFL. He is by far the most tenacious, hustling, play finishing, athletic center when on the field. Joe doesn’t get the credit due to him. He works hard, eats right, and is always helping others. His laid back attitude off the field is what I grew up knowing as, being “humble.” He deserves to play and if the Bucs aren’t smart enough to pick him back up, I’m sure another team will “snap” him up. Yes, the pun was intended. Joe’s grandfather, my Dad always taught us to work hard, but have fun. Joe plays because he truly loves the game. Aargh! Fear the Beard! Just saying …..from a proud Uncle.