Ugly Ratio

October 4th, 2016


Want to know why the Bucs are 1-3 with playoff hopes grim if not blown up? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

The Bucs are second in the NFL in turnovers. The Bucs have 11 turnovers through four games; eight picks and three fumbles. Not good.

How bad? The Bucs have more turnovers than touchdowns. The Bucs have 10 offensive touchdowns, eight by air, two by ground. If a team has more turnovers than touchdowns on offense, that is not good. Not good at all.

Forget about the lack of takeaways. If a team can’t produce a touchdown to match every gift it gives a defense, Joe isn’t sure how that team can win.

12 Responses to “Ugly Ratio”

  1. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    S.O.S. every year!

  2. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “If a team can’t produce a touchdown to match every gift it gives a defense, Joe isn’t sure how that team can win.” Bucs are proving that they can’t win when our offense gives up more turnovers than it scores TDs Joe. But what’s interesting is what it says about our defense. To date our Bucs defense is on-track to give up the most points in team history … maybe in NFL history. But they’ve been put in hole after hole because of the offense’s miscues. Given a back-breaking schedule, multiple injuries to starters, lack of depth and a new defensive system, maybe just maybe our D isn’t as bad as some fans and media make them out to be.

    Falcons game should’ve shown folks what this TEAM could be capable of IF healthy and IF our offense plays up to its’ potential. Cardinals out-classed us in the 2nd game, but our offense sure helped them. We should’ve beaten the Rams … we beat ourselves with turnovers and poor ST play. And on our best day, and IF healthy, it would’ve been really tough to beat the Broncos. It’d be great to win next Monday night against the Panthers in their house, but I doubt too many will be holding their breath given our injury situation. If Bucs can get healthy though after the Bye-week, maybe just maybe we can see who we can build around as the foundation for a decent team.

  3. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Believe the defense started out stalling opponents offense for first couple
    of drives in all three losses.turnovers and short fields were their nemesis.
    Believe Chris conte is really hurting us in coverage,but none of our safeties
    including Tandy seemed to be in position to make plays in coverage the Rams game.

  4. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I’m a fan of the move from Lovie to Koetter, but it’s not confidence-inspiring when Koetter openly states that he doesn’t know what the problem is and if he could just flip a switch he would do it. That’s basically saying he doesn’t know what to do or how to fix the problem. You’ll never find Belichick or any other winning coach confused on what needs to be done or how to fix the issues with his team.

    It sounds to me like Koetter is just treading water and is just going to keep doing what he’s already been doing because he doesn’t know what else to do. What a sad state of affairs. If the damn head coach doesn’t know what the team needs then who the hell does? This whole season is already starting to swirl the drain.

  5. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Actually in the three losses, the only game the offense scored enough to win
    if we didn’t have turnovers would be the rams game, 7 points against Arizona and Denver is not good enough.It would be great if we pull out a win in Carolina,but I think we need a change at least one safety position.

  6. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Koetter has problems:
    the Franchise QB is hurting the team with turnovers right now.He has to tread water somewhat and hope that Jameis will return to form.Without the turnovers Jameis gives us the best chance to win. He has said that turnovers will be discussed.
    Doug martin is out and we still don’t know if he is going to return to form,
    since average run has decreased a good bit.Hoping he remains injury free and effective the rest of year.

  7. Pete Says:

    Last year the Bucs often were lined up:
    Hawley – Marpet – Mankins – Dotson – Smith – Stocker – Pamphile in front of Jameis and Doug Martin.
    This keyed a ferocious run game.
    Doug Martin’s absence alone is not the reason the run game is failing the Bucs!

  8. Bob in Valrico Says:

    you are correct with exception of cherilus started in place of Dotson most if not all of last year.Dotson may of got in the last couple of games.
    Much like Sweezy, Dotson had back surgery.In his case it took approx. a year to recover.I would be very upset if our high priced road grader takes that long to rehab.

  9. MartyB Says:

    No run game or threat of one (at least in the most recent 3 games). High INT to TD Ratio. Poor turnover ratio. Though performance could a better and there a couple of personnel upgrades needed, the problems this team are having that result in lost games are not on the Defensive side. In this era of the NFL, no D will keep enough points off the board when having to defend a short field multiple times in a game. Besides player personnel, it would be interesting to understand what has changed in terms of the offense (meetings, practices, game planning, day to day prep, etc) with Koetter at HC and game day O Play Caller and new OC Monken.

  10. SOEbuc Says:


    I feel like Koetter really doesn’t like the media and it’s not just because of having to take shots after all these losses. Every time I watch a press conference it’s people asking the same questions over and over again and he doesn’t appreciate that. It’s annoying and I don’t like it either. But I don’t think he likes to give anything away in his game plan to the media also.

  11. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Just curious, but does ANYONE here remember before Winston was drafted? You know, when I predicted he would throw a lot of picks as a young gunslinger QB? When everyone said I was wrong?

    Props when props are earned. Time always proves things out.

    And now that I’ve patted myself on the back, time for me to FOR Jameis.

    Brett Favre.

    A true gunslinger, Favre threw so many picks at first that Mike Holmgren nearly benched him DURING GAMES multiple times. Many joke and say the reason he started balding was from pulling his hair out over Favre’s early days. His assistants talked him out of it every time. And see how that turned out?

    Now this is a different day, and the largest change is the lack of patience with owners (especially ours). But if they and the fans can just be patient for a year or two, Jameis and Koetter will fix things. Jameis will ALWAYS throw picks. He isn’t like Big Ben, he’s like Brett Favre, if anyone (on the field).

    As to our defense…it’s the first year of it. It is also the first year that it has been addressed other than one pick in a while. It will improve.

  12. David WC Says:

    Anyone who honestly thought this team had a chance at making the playoffs this year is delusional.