Verner Losing Ground To Jude Adjei-Barimah

October 6th, 2016


One story of this young season is the realization that cornerback Alterraun Verner is not going to return to his Pro Bowl form of 2013, when he played for the Titans.

Thirty-six games into his Buccaneers career, and Verner has struggled be average. And that’s not why general manager Jason Licht gave Verner the big bucks.

Verner is now a part-time player, and Dirk Koetter spoke today about how Verner has become more of a part-time guy with second-year man “Hey Jude” Adjei-Barimah getting more snaps at nickel cornerback.

“We also want to see if Vernon Hargreaves is better staying outside at corner all the time than having to go back and forth between nickel and corner,” Koetter said. “We’re four games in, and I’d say that’s still a work in progress.

“But Jude did a good job when he was in there at nickel. I mean, he only played four plays [against the Rams], so it was almost it was entirely Verner in and Hargreaves inside. Hargreaves got to stay outside [against Denver] when Jude came in at the nickel. They did a good job. Both those guys did a good job last week.”

Joe has to translate this as more playing time is coming for Hey Jude and, of course, it’s no surprise that the Bucs’ brass is interested in keeping Hargreaves at one position. That’s a natural.

Joe wonders where Verner will play next year? Or whether the Bucs might be able to dump him for a late-round pick before the trade deadline?

20 Responses to “Verner Losing Ground To Jude Adjei-Barimah”

  1. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Verner’s six million…VJAX’s ten million…put that together and that’s some serious cap room.

  2. BucinJAX Says:

    Sure would have been nice to know the future before contracts were signed. Not sure of the value of whining about it now.

  3. CLBucsFan Says:

    I’m a Hey Jude fan myself. You can see that he’s a physical corner for his size and is a high effort guy

  4. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Cornerbacks is one of the only position we haven’t had any injuries yet (knock on wood). I’d be very nervous about that changing if we are thinking of trading Verner.

  5. Kevin Says:

    Didnt verner play press coverage the year he went to the pro bowl? More.often than not. Thats why he talked about it being a transistion learning lovies defense. The same D Smith likes? I still think.its scheme not talent. Let him.jam.someone at the line and play man and then see how they do. Single high saftey. I wanna see a lot more of that

  6. Defense Rules Says:

    StPete, we’re going to need every last $$$ of those $16 mil shortly. Bucs have almost half the current team’s contracts (25) expiring next year. Several of those (Gholston, Humphries, Jude, Jack Smith) will obviously want considerably more than they’re making right now. Several others (Glennon or Griffin, Anger, Spence, Brate, etc) will undoubtedly be re-signed, as will several others (Hawley among them), but for more $$$. Move on to 2018 and another 11 come due (including Evans, Pamphile, Sims, McDonald, Stocker). So over the next 2 yrs, Bucs can anticipate laying our some big $$$ to just re-sign some of our own. And if we try to replace VJax and Verner with quality FAs that’ll be even more $$$. Jason Licht has some real challenges ahead.

  7. Getaclue Says:

    Banks and Jude play more consistent them him. I’m ready to see some other safeties too

  8. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Defense Rules

    Agree completely. That’s why I’m already counting on where we might be able to pick up some bucks. Imagine when #3’s rookie contract is up. If he plays like we think he can it’ll be back up the armored truck.

    That’s what truly scares me. It’s hard to balance. I still feel Brees huge contract has had a detrimental effect on the Saints. But he did lead them to a Super Bowl.

    Brady seems to have worked hard with NE’s management to make his contract as cap friendly as possible…but let’s face it..a great QB can really wreck a team’s cap.

  9. SOEbuc Says:

    I’ve like Jude Adjei since last year. VH3 is not ready to play outside which sucks cus i think both Jude and VH3 can play good inside.

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    Definitely an interesting balancing act StPete. Most of the guys who eat you alive salary-wise seem to be on the offensive side of the ball on most teams (not the Bucs historically). QBs, WRs, RBs and Left Tackles seem to cost the most. Good thing the salary cap has kept going up each year.

  11. Buc1987 Says:

    Said news when we have to turn to hey Jude.

  12. D-Rome Says:

    For all the crying many of you did over Verner last year it turns out the previous coaching staff was correct in benching him. Banks too.

  13. Buc1987 Says:

    D-Rome…yes and the previous coaching staff also had Hey Jude and Verner on their roster too. This team has been shuffling around too much out there in the secondary for like YEARS now. Had good ones and kicked them to the curb. Talib and Revis come to mind.

  14. Connor Says:

    Take a sad song and make it better

  15. unbelievable Says:

    LOL @ Connor.

    The sad truth is that we still need to replace about 1/3 of the roster.

    We’re seeing the severe lack of depth with all the injuries, and honestly the secondary has sucked since Talib was traded and Ronde retired.

  16. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Verner was really good against Arizona. He had one bad play against the Rams, and he’s been benched. Meanwhile, Conte hasn’t lost his job even though he’s made tons of mistakes. I think it’s a bad precedent they are setting.

  17. LakelandBuc Says:

    If Jude is your nickel back, you must have some trash players in your secondary. Jude, Verner, Conte, Tandy, McDougald, Banks, they all should have been cut after last season.

  18. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Comments from Bucs fans usually fall into one of these categories:

    “Blah, blah, the roster isn’t the way I want it. Waaaaa!”

    “Blah, blah, so-and-so should be fired. Waaaaa!”

    “Blah, blah, player so-and-so is available so why don’t we sign him? Waaaa!”

    “Blah, blah, we should’ve never fired Gruden. Waaaa!”

    “Blah, blah, I hate life and nothing ever makes me happy. Waaaa!”

    “Blah, blah, I’m just a dopey homer and love my Bucs no matter what. Go Bucs!”

    That about sum it up?

  19. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Oops, forgot a couple:

    “Blah, blah, the Tampa Two is dead so why aren’t we running such-and-such? Waaaa!”

    “Blah, blah, we’re still coaching the *insert previous coach name* out of them. Just give it time. Waaaa!”

    “Blah, blah, I’m cancelling my season tickets and will watch another team from now on. This *insert coach or GM decision* is the last straw! Waaaa!”

    “Blah, blah, the Glazers love Manchester United more than me and it hurts my widdle feewings. Waaaa!”

    “Blah, blah, GMC is soft so why don’t we trade him for this other sucky player I heard about? Waaaa!”

    “Blah, blah, I hate this GM because he doesn’t read my posts and take my advice on which moves to make or who to draft! Dammit! Waaaa!”

  20. cometowin2 Says:

    That’s a little harsh. I’m comformable with Jude, Verner, Tandy, McDougald, Banks and Grimes for that matter as backups. VH3 right now is our best defensive back and it isn’t close. We need at least one long corner in the next draft. Conte needs to be cut now. Ryan Smith needs to step up now and we get one of the best safeties in the 2017 draft. Conte would probably make a good weak side LB but we don’t need one of those. Plays the run well and speed would be nice as a LB. Sucks as a safety. Has been out of position, ran by on and continually let’s balls go over his head. He is the single biggest issue for the defense. A blind fool could see that. This ain’t rocket science.