Unleashing The Beast

September 21st, 2016

Could the rookie DE get his first start Sunday?

Joe believes Bucs defensive coordinator Mike Smith is in a conundrum this week.

The Bucs are one of the better teams against the run. In fact, the Bucs are third in the NFL in yards allowed per carry, holding opposing running backs to three yards an attempt. Not shabby.

Then there is the pass rush. What pass rush? Exactly.

The Rams have Case Keenum at quarterback and he is worthless… unless he faces the Bucs. Then again, Lovie’s gone (thankfully).

So what is Smith to do? Well, how about playing rookie defensive end Noah Spence. Depending on how bad Robert Ayers’ left ankle is — remember, Joe saw Ayers in a boot after Sunday’s game and that likely means missing at least one game — Spence might just start at right end after his first career sack Sunday.

Currently, Spence is purely a pass-rushing specialist. Intriguing to Joe was Spence got his first sack playing left defensive end, not his natural position. If Ayers is able to play, then Joe believes it might be time to put Spence at left end on passing downs and move Will Gholston to defensive tackle.

Of course, Spence is still learning the ropes as an all-around player, still working on stopping the run. So putting him at left end may sacrifice run-stopping ability and the Rams with Todd Gurley are certainly a run-first squad.

27 Responses to “Unleashing The Beast”

  1. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Gurley is the Rams only real way to secure a victory. I see us going heavy on run defenders in this game.

    That being said I am not sure who would start in place of Ayers if he misses so regardless it might the first start for Spence.

    If Ayers is in I say we probably will keep the run squad intact

  2. Kevin Says:

    May as well just keep them on the bench are corners or letting the receivers run all over the field like it’s a freaking Easter egg hunt until that changes our pass rush is going to have a hard time getting pressure on the opposing quarterback just like every other year We’ve ran this stupid defense not holding my breath I was really convinced in the offseason that the days of giving up 400-plus passing yards were over but clearly that’s not the case my excitement is definitely tampered at least for now until I see change on the defensive side of the ball the offense last week that was just a bad game I still have faith in Jameis I have faith in Qatar and I have faith in our weapons but that defense was just an embarrassing disappointment not going to be fair to expect our d-line to come up with pressures and sacks on a consistent basis when the receivers are open before the ball is even snapped

  3. Ramon Sanchez Says:

    We need to use our running back Jacquizz Rodger more that will keep the D fresh he way better RB 29 yards on two Carrie’s against that d

  4. ndog Says:

    Kevin what are you watching we gave them the ball in plus territory over and over again against the top offense on the year last year? Did the struggle, yes but outside of Denver and maybe Carolina who could take all those turnovers and do much better?

  5. Mike Johnson Says:

    Figure it out Bucs! We touted the new coaching staff as Guru’s of a new age beginning! Well, time to..Pucker up and earn those pay checks coaches. besides we all know the Buc Nation Philosophy..Its the coaches fault..not the players. That’s been our ID for a while. So do what you gotta do Koetter and Smith to whip LA. If you don’t, I really do think it starts to..fall apart from there. Seems like I’m hard? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait until you se that defensive rush Donald and the boyz got comin. Step it up Defense. And Jameis please, work on your accuracy. You were terrible against AZ. And your O line stood tall and blocked. SUNDAY COMETH..with a vengeance.

  6. LargoBuc Says:

    Turnovers did not help the defense at all. But the eyeball test tells me they were out matched. Our secondary looked lost, kinda like last year, and Chris Conte was getting destroyed out there. Zero resistance. Again, the turnovers did not help, but in those games where your young Qb is strugling, yoy need your defense to kunda help limit the damage. But we couldn’t that. Wether it was playcalling, personel or probably both, the Cards showed us we can’t hang just yet.
    Another thing, cover three is a very basic coverage. All teams run it. Yet we really struggle running that and other zones. Probably due to our lack of a pass rush and popr safety play. But cover three is very basic stuff that every team uses and it’s kinda concerning that we struggle so mightily to run it.

  7. The Buc Realist Says:

    You guys are funny!!!! You are acting like the Bucs got Manhandled by the worst team in the NFL in the second year of the regime!!!! oh by the way, JW3 played that whole game while the Titans where pulling starters in the 3rd!!!!

    This year is about seeing who can be coached up, and have the “lovie coached out of some”, and if they cannot be coached up, those players will be replaced!!!! Good coaches are here and will be for a while, which is what this roster needs!!! 1 more good draft and time in the schemes with good coaches will pay off dividends!!!! We “just got to wait on it”!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!

  8. JJBucFan Says:

    We haven’t even had a home game yet and the sky is falling for some of you idiots! Typical fantasy football morons. The Rams suck, if they beat us then I would start to take a closer look, but even then we will only be 1-2 and a maximum of one game out of first place in our division. Stack the box, make Case Keenum beat us, if he does, shame on us. Lord knows how many B and C list QB’s have beaten us in the last 2 years, but this is a new year, we will rebound. RELAX!!

  9. DB55 Says:

    Let’s not forget about Howard jones who has proven to be effective against the pass. I agree putting spence on the right guard might help him get more pressure.

  10. BucTrooper Says:

    “We have no pass rush!”

    “Try playing Noah Spence…?”

    “WE CAN’T!! He’s a pass rushing specialist!!”

  11. mike n Says:

    man, playing j smith to cover kick offs was so stupid

  12. Negative Jeff Says:

    Rams are better at evey potion with the exception of QB. Linebacker, too. This week feels like a 23-10 loss and 1-4 start.

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Don’t expect too much from Spence….

    We should load up against the run and make Keenum beat us with the pass. We have a better secondary than last year and I suspect they will succeed against him. I look for Gholston, LVD & Kwon to have a big game.

  14. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I’m just glad Canada didn’t let me use my Sunday Ticket to see that beat down (at the time before the game i was really pissed though). That’s the kind of stuff I thought would be over with Lovie gone but it seems like the blowout is on the offense much moreso. It’s not like the D gave up 4 TD passes in the 1st half while the offense just had 1-2 turnovers (i.e. Titans).

    Rams got dominated by the 49ers and then went on to beat Seattle last week. We should have a better feel of this team by the bye week.

    But man what a tough week in football between FSU, the Bucs, and my $150 fantasy team losing because of a meaningless 4th and 6 pass to Jordan Mathews at the end of Monday Night.

    Had an awesome time in Calgary though and we had one of our best shows.

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    Tampabaybucfan … BINGO!!! I fully expect that we’ll be missing both Martin (3 weeks?) and Ayers (troubling that we haven’t heard anything, but boots are rarely a good sign). But Rams OLine isn’t as stout as the Cardinals’ line was, and I think we can pressure Keenum. Plus as you said our secondary is playing better … so are our LBs overall. We all knew our safeties were an Achilles Heel, so why are folks surprised there. Our defense can hold its’ own against the Rams … the key to the game will be our offense. I expect a close game, unless we turn it over like we did against the Cardinals.

  16. Last Buc Fan Says:

    I say we are a better man coverage team

  17. Mo_Downs Says:

    The “Lovie Hate” is worthless. Lovie is the HC at U of l. And, IMHO, Lovie would still be the HC for the Bucs if not for Kwanzilla’s suspension for the last 4 games of the season.

    I hope for a successful season, but, I would like this season to be judged by the same criteria as last season. So far….we are discovering that a lack of quality starters and quality depth are a fairly good indicator, vs the opposition, of potential success, period.

    Jamie’s and Kwonzilla are now calling signals on offense and defense. They, along with a few other rookies like Humphries, were making meaningful contributions last season, under Lovie.

    Now what will the excuses be if this season is worse than last season?
    Injuries? The Bucs were 6-6 last seasonuntil Kwonzilla was suspended. Was that Lovie’s fault.? Can anyone honestly say that the Bucs wouldn’t have won 2-3 more games with Kwonzilla in the lineup? And, that meant playoffs last season.

    I also recall that Lovie was fired after posting a 10-6 season in Chicago. Injuries to several quality starting vets, including All-Pro MLB Brian Urlacher, played a CRITICAL role in the decline of the Bears during Lovie’s last season. Sound familiar? Please note that the Bears hired an “offensive guru”, post
    Lovie, and haven’t had a winning/playoff season since…or beaten the Packers.

    IMHO, Jameis sold out Lovie, when asked by management prior to Lovie’s firing, to ensure an offensive-minded coach, Koetter, became HC. So far, Koetter has a 1-1 record as the fan/press honeymoon is extended for another week.

    It seems a little curious that Bucs fans and press don’t have the same wrath for hiring former “bench warming” Falcons players and losing coaches as they did for former Bears coaches and All-Pro players hired by Lovie.

  18. pick6 Says:

    please don’t let us be the team that makes this Rams offense look competent

  19. unbelievable Says:


    I was in Mexico and dealt with the same BS from Sunday ticket! And now redzone is extra instead of included. F@ck the NFL and directv, greedy bastards…

  20. Mike Johnson Says:

    Say Mo Downs..You must be new here? This is the..official Lovers haters Ingfo site. Headed ny the chief ringmaster himself..Mr. Joe! You got his sidekicks Buc Realist and an assortment of Amening clowns. Joe gives Lovie a rest for like 3 or 4 days. Then. he summons his deacons for prayer and its on. So welcome aboard Mo Downs. Just laugh and..agitate the gravel like I do from time to time. We can’t all be..Clones!

  21. Buccfan37 Says:

    Mike Johnson… I think you are the later arrival.

  22. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Mo Downs

    Did you see our opening game last year?

    Have you seen all the penalites on IU this year…how about the Bucs…are they getting the same number of stupid penalties this year as they did under Lovie.

    Yeah injuries and suspensions are bad breaks….but teams that lead the league in penalties are clearly the result of bad coaching…Lovie sucked last year. Hell if you take his two years we even had a game where we couldn’t count to 11 and got a penalty.

    IMHO Penalties are one thing that can clearly be laid at the feet of the coach.
    They are not bad breaks…they are the result of bad coaching.

  23. unbelievable Says:

    @St. Pete,

    *Couldn’t count to 11 no once, but twice! Only penalized for it once though.

  24. Kevin Says:

    Jj bucs fan and realist,

    If the Bucs lose against the rams in our home opener all excuses are out the window.

    IF….THATS AN IF…. Mike Smith plays his tampa freikin two agaon I bet money theyre qb shreds us. Almost Sunday cant wait to see what happens.

    I really thought Mime Smith was calling defense from the booth to sew the field, now I know it was just to ensure he wasnt being hit in the head wiyh flying objects because his defense is just as bad as Lovies. Called it in the offseason. Bad hire.

  25. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Well, well, the tide seems to be turning, I for one don’t want to see no more tap-dancing, or back-peddling, you got your WORLD CLASS COACHING STAFF, A DEFENSIVE DRAFT, and best of all KICKED COACH MY SCHEME out the door, and I haven’t seen not one Troy ounce of improvement as of yet!14 games to play and 8 more games to win! Ha ha ha!!,?

  26. godzilla13 Says:

    Noah Spence should have been a full time starter in the first two games. The more he plays, the better he will get. Plug him in at left defensive end and leave him there. He has a non-stop motor and paired with GMC, McDonald and Gholston/Jones will bring the heat on the Rams. Alterraun Verner is playing outstanding and Brent Grimes and Vernon Hargreaves are playing well too. Arizona is a very good team and it was 0-0 in the second quarter. Turnovers and a few big plays did us in. Vincent Jackson goes off this weekend which opens the offense up. The offensive line will be the key if Jameis is going to play better this weekend. They must protect the pocket and keep Donald under control. Key match-up Donovan Smith vs Robert Quinn. Look for Smith to play a big game. Case Keenum completion percentage is only 53% with no TD and 2 INT. Todd Gurley is only averaging 2.7 yards per carry with no TD and a long of 11 yards. This game is a must win with Denver and Carolina coming up before the bye-week.

  27. Jersey Buc Says:

    Can someone explain to me why they’re no longer running the twist and stunts up front, that they were running during the preseason??? It’s the same old stuff, DEs get pushed past the QB, McCoy gets double team and the other DT can’t beat the guard one on one. What made the Bucs hard to deal with in the days of Sapp and Brooks, wasn’t the arrival of Simeon Rice, but the pocket push by Brad Culpepper, Booger McFarland, Ellis Wyms, Chartric Darby.
    McCoy needs help from the inside, out. Culpepper even had 9 sacks back in 98′. Where’s the other DT who can beat the guard one on one? It’s look like the same nonsense from the past decade. Jay Hayes preached scheme and confusion up front in Cincinnati. Bengals still run those games up front, why aren’t the Bucs???