“Freelancing” Was Huge Part Of Offense

September 17th, 2016


A new chapter of Bucs history has been written.

Actually, it’s a two-year old chapter, but since a new truth — an ugly truth — was revealed this week, Joe is considering this fresh news.

Wide receiver Mike Evans joined PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio and was asked about his rookie year and losing former offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford to illness, among other subjects.

Evans said that after losing Tedford late in preseason of 2014, things were a disjointed mess.

“I still talk about it now with some of the guys. You know, we were out there just, you know, just freelancing a lot of the times,” Evans said.

“You know, we didn’t have an offensive coordinator, so all of our position coaches had to come together to make a game plan. It was difficult. We tried to make it work as best we could. But now, with Dirk, and his experience with offense, it’s crazy difference.”

Whoa! “Freelancing” Freelancing!!

Was Lovie Smith aware that he was running a professional football team and fans were paying good money? Exactly why was Lovie so stubborn that he wouldn’t hire a former offensive coordinator as consultant to help out? The great Chan Gailey and others were on the street.

Yeah, yeah, Joe understands the Bucs are living happily ever after with Dirk Koetter after winning the Chase for Jameis with a 2-14 record.

Still a team “freelancing” all season on offense is unthinkable.

39 Responses to ““Freelancing” Was Huge Part Of Offense”



  2. ptwalk Says:

    I actually thought Lovie deserved one more season but Im thankful we have better coaching now.

  3. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    How does a HC rise to this position and be so incompetent? I said it then and this just confirms it. And it pisses me off bc I saw Lovie as a great hire (I hate to admit…)

  4. The bucfan 88 Says:

    Lol where Mike Jhonson I wanna know what he gotta say about this I’m wondering if he will still want Lovie back after hearing this

  5. The Buc Realist Says:

    It is amazing that coach my scheme’s hand picked coordinators only lasted 6 games more that the Dom/Rah coordinators of 2009!!! Jeff Jagodzinski = Jeff Tedford, and Jim Bates lasted 10 games to Leslie Frazier lasting the whole year!!!

  6. Defense Rules Says:

    Forget Ghost Johnson. We’ve got Ghost Lovie Smith … the coach who refuses to leave (apparently not by choice).

  7. Jeff Says:

    The evidence of Lovie’s incompetency just keeps pouring in. Makes the talking heads on ESPN look more ignorant every day.

  8. Jeff Says:

    Just do a few google searches on Lovie’s history post Ron Rivera with the Bears. It was the same crap that we dealt with for two seasons. Total garbage coaching.

  9. Buccfan37 Says:

    A big fail when Lovie was hired to begin with. Nostalgia for what? Continued losing compounded.

  10. Kobe Faker Says:

    “My offensive Coordinator Dirk Koetter wanted to pick Marcus Mariota, I put my fist down and yelled Im picking Jameis Winston and thats final! I saw with the corner of my eye, the backstabber grumbling something as he quietly left the room.”

    Lovie Smith

  11. rayjay1122 Says:

    Hard to believe that we have already won half as many games as that 2-12 season…..but hey, I will take it since it led to Jameis and I believe multiple Superbowl appearances over the next 15 years. 2-12 was the necessary evil for a bright future. Go Bucs!!!

  12. Biff Barker Says:

    All the while that stubborn old fool was fleecing the Glazers for $400K a month too.

  13. BigHogHaynes Says:

    You Lovie haters will believed anything negative, written by anybody with a pen! This soliloquy is nothing new, as a matter of fact it’s two year old sh*t, give it a break Ms. Joesy! Write something about how the BUCS can do something to support The Colin Kappernick Movement! Let’s see you grow a pair!

  14. tmaxcon Says:


    Don’t label us Lovie “Haters” when we are judging HIS results NOT the color of his skin. You are too ignorant to accept what a failure the incompetent fool Lovie is and will always will be…. You are so caught up in your BS theory that a black man was back-stabbed by a white man (licht) you are delusional simple as that. Lovie screwed himself. Licht has back-stabbed NO ONE. Lovie back-stabbed the glazers and fans with his friends and family coaching staff and that embarrassing product he put on the field each week. Lovie should be investigated by the attorney general for fraud his incompetence was closer to criminal negligence… I’d lay low today BigHog because Lovie is likely to get embarrassed again this week just like he did last week.

  15. HIRE JIMBO Says:

    This FSU game is depressing

  16. Nole&aBuc Says:

    BigHogHaynes Says, who ties your shoelaces?

  17. Tampa Tony Says:

    Just shows how pathetic of a coach loser Lovie truly was

  18. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Even Les Steckel was available?

  19. iamabuc Says:

    @hirejimbo……the worst FSU game I ever saw….what the hell, Jimbo?

  20. canadian bucsfan Says:

    Your race related theory is total garbage. Where I’m from if you do a bad job your get fired. I guess if you have dark skin you don’t have to worry about doing a terrible job and being fired.

  21. R.O Says:

    Again.. can’t believe your complaining about it. Who cares… if that doesn’t happen no JW3.

  22. tmaxcon Says:

    Lovie Being Loive – penalties and poorly prepared team…. Western Mich 21 the Dean of Cursing ZIP….

    That’s some quality coaching against a MAC opponent BigHog….

  23. Kevin Says:

    Where are all the lovie lovers on this one?

  24. Mike Johnson Says:

    I’m done with Lovie Smith fellow fans. Lovie is HISTORY. Gone! Why can’t we..more specifically Joe..bury him? God knows he’s thrown more sand on him than Gen. MCArthur did when he landed in the Philippines! Lets win some GD game Bucs! AS Bob Seger once said, Lets turn the page. Lets shocked the hell out of Arizona!

  25. iamabuc Says:

    For all of you guys who are still sniffing Lovie’s jock strap, check the “seal clubbing” that’s going on in Illinois right now! Your boy Lovie is at it again! Don’t understand his hire by this university! Didn’t they see this comming? All that money given to Lovie, for what? OMG! I really feel sorry for them students.

  26. Piratic Says:

    Get your head out of your BigHogHaynes.

  27. Dave Says:

    Exactly. They should have hired someone else immediately

  28. Caradoc Says:

    Lovie learned 1 thing in his basement that year off – that he Lovie’d himself some Jameis Wnston. THe tank was in from the start.

  29. Ray Rice Says:

    WTF! FUKN LOVIE I TELL YOU. #Horriblehire

  30. Shadow man Says:

    Big hog is gonna throw around big words like soliloquy that we don’t understand and I’m gonna take it as disrespect.

    I’m kidding I actually am fully aware of what it means I’m just surprised that you know what it means with your uneducated and blinded garbage racial comments that you always come here with. Lovie is garbage. I’m an Illini alum and I make these same claims to my former teammates and college friends(not football but another sport that actually was pretty good in the NCAA like top 5) who say lovie is better than beckman. I have to agree w that bc at least he has a “name” even tho I think it’s total trash

    Mike Johnson and big hog are biggots. It’s embarrassing. It’s delusional. Like they and lovie and even kaepernick are owed something. Just stop

    I’m sorry I’m so late to commenting on a lovie article with these to bafoons on the loose. 15 hour work days gets ya

    Go bucs. 4-0 going into the kitty Kat game. Built for speed or comfort

  31. BigHogHaynes Says:

    To all Lovie Haters: my views will always be what they are, and I’m just as sure your views will never change: Tmaxcon I’m going to turn my tube off untill after the NATIONAL RACIST ANTHEM is played in support of Colin Kappernick, who can I get to join me! A Salute to all the Haters, Thanks in advance for your support T Max & Realist!!

  32. Shadow man Says:

    Lmao big hog you crack me up with the mere thought that anyone would follow you. Lemme guess, you’re a leader of men huh. Treat young men with respect. Simple as that

    National racist anthem hahahah classic. So original. An uneducated claim there. I bet you heard that somewhere else. If it’s such a bad country then why are you here? Why are you supporting a team that proudly flies the red white and blue. Why do you collect a pay check and deposit it into an American bank? Do you? Or unemployment? With the stupidity and racial claims of your comments none of us would be surprised if that were the case.

    How are you going to know when to turn your tube back on? What if you turn on and the anthem is still going on? No one cares about your juvenile immature and pointless stands that you take. At least kap did it on tv and even he looks like a dumba$$. Even if the cause is good he’s still a moron and a garbage qb on top of that . But hey, at least he’s got a dime piece p*s*y whipping his ideas.

  33. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Shaidow man: you claim I have an uneducated claim! I challenge you to read the entire poem written by a slave owner, which is our National Racist Anthem. Now to answer your questions, I’m here because I was born here, here in the greatest country in the world but far from perfect, I have no problem with the colors of our flag, I’ve been knowing about work since I was 12 years old, now 58 years old, I collect my check and use an American Bank because it’s the American Way, if Colin’s cause is good how can he be a moron, oh because he won’t let another be it red, white or blue man tell him how or when to protest. Now Mr Shadowman I think I’ve answered your questions, now do some research and educate yourself on our National Racist Anthem!

  34. KingBuc17 Says:

    That is so aggravating to hear from Mike Evans and really sad for the organization. Glad we are past that fiasco. One would think Lovie would have gotten the O coordinator in place… especially the other side of the ball. Strange? Owners, GM, etc. should have demanded….raw deal for the organization.

    Enough dwelling on past…All good now…. beat the angry birds in their nest. Go Bucs 29-17

  35. Mike Johnson Says:

    BigHoghaynes…You should know we give special education students like the Shadow man a break here and there. its not entirely his fault. But more so.. Inbreeding Genetics within his family tree. His lack of any clear thought is purely..innate. Poor Guy! As you can tell by his mutterings, He has a fantasy to..be with Lovie as a lover.

  36. John Callahan Says:

    Wow,,there Mike Johnson you are a cold man. You hit back hard brother. Don’t be so cold against the Shadow man.

  37. Chris Grubb Says:

    Big Hog, perhaps you should do some research into the anthem yourself. I’m sure you are referring to the hireling an slave line. You need to understand a little history in order to understand that line. The British hired mercenaries to help them during the war- the hireling. The British also captured slaves and force them to fight for them – the slave. The term slave has no racial reference whatsoever. Slaves have come in all ethnicities.

  38. Chris Grubb Says:

    The history of slavery is not the story of America. The conquest of slavery – this is the story of America.

  39. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Chris Grubb: That’s White History’s Story, the Black slave was not a hired mercenary, the black slave just wanted his freedom and was more than willing to join in with the British in the war because he was offered freedom, now did they capture some slaves and force them to fight, I’m sure they did for at the time we had no power we were slaves. Slavery was embedded in this country’s early existence and has been overcome but the reason for it will never go away “RACISM”