ASJ = J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets

September 26th, 2016

Welcomed by New York

Off to Jersey goes tweety Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

What a great place for the former Bucs tight end, who had a rough morning with the Florida Highway Patrol last week before he was cut. Jets fans will love him. And there won’t be any temptation for him in that market. Not a bit.

It was inevitable that ASJ would find a new team (after he deficated), and the Jets claimed him off waivers today. ASJ was too talented — and too young and healthy — to stay on the street.

Athletic, still-23-year-old tight ends get lots of chances, especially when they’re former second-round draft picks.

Hopefully, his next run-in with police isn’t outside a Jersey Target store with a tub of Vaseline, like another former Bucs tight end.

Joe wouldn’t bet against it.

28 Responses to “ASJ = J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets”

  1. Getaclue Says:

    Won’t have any problems finding a taxi there

  2. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    According to so many on this site, he’s going to be a Hall of Famer, because they believe EVERYONE that leaves Tampa does.

  3. Mike Johnson Says:

    NEW YORK..The Big Apple. He can drink his A.. Off. There are 500 taxi companies fighting for his business. The Jets will probably hire a free one for him when he goes on his drinkin binges. Betcha he comes out and takes a few pot shots at the Bucs.

  4. BucTrooper Says:

    Hey Joe. A lot of us are excited about Target’s everyday low prices…. some of us just have a different way of showing our enthusiasm.

  5. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    A technical question for one of you wonks.

    What happens to ASJ’s salary? Does he still get all the money from us and Jets money on top of that? Do we get to at least discount what the Jets pony up?
    Not sure how that would work.

    And I think I’m about to be ill…Did Ghost earn his millions from us and then also get to double dip.

    I’m fine with a team being forced to honor a contract but it seems that the player should be forced to either give up the money or not play for another team.

    For heaven sakes even broadcasting has non compete clauses. If ASJ earned gazillions off the football field I’d believe he’d be entitled to his football money…but if the Bucs have to pay him they shouldn’t be forced to pay a guy who may actually play against them.

    Just venting I guess.

  6. Tom Edrington Says:

    So much for the butt-heads on here who thoughts the Patriots would take this bum……J-E-T-S….Suck, suck, suck

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m quite confident that we won’t be hearing that we let ASJ go for “no good reason” from the Joes.

    Please, let’s not start whining every time he does something good for the Jets or whatever team he ends up playing for.

    It’s like complaining about an ex wife that wins the lottery with her new husband……she’s gone….finished.
    So…..TBBF says:

    ASJ is history, gone, departed, terminated, through, finished, vanished, elsewhere, SYONARA, ADIOS, AU-REVOIR, Auf WIEDERSHEN, CHEERIO, ADJO, ANTIO, DO SVIDANIYA, HASTA LA VISTA, BYE-BYE…. SO LONG Of course, Schiano would say CAIO!!!

    Lovie would say….He has a shoulder
    Jameis would say “No $hit” Not at my house!!!
    Koetter would say “I’m happy he’s not driving around here anymore.
    Pablo would say… elongated arc on ASJ….just a short arc (peyronies)

  8. Joe Says:



  9. tmaxcon Says:

    the streets of new york just got more dangerous and the median IQ has been dramatically lowered. one of the dumbest bucs of all time

  10. richardtyson Says:

    Wonder if he ever made it to the bathroom at the jail to poo(flush an illegal substance down the toilet).

  11. ElioT Says:

    I heard they have awesome toilets at the Jets’ facility.

    At lease ASJackoff left us with an ok time great sound bite.

    “I gotta take a huge sh*t” – Timeless

  12. Doctor Stroud Says:

    I have to give credit to a lot of fans here who predicted that ASJ would go to an AFC East team. It was just the wrong AFC East team. Perhaps, the Jets wanted to prevent him from being scooped up by the Patriots.

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Pablo was hoping ASJ “Henkins” would go to San Diego…..he would be close to Tiajuana,,,,,,Pablo was hoping a Tiajuana stage animal would have his way with ASJ”

  14. rrsrq Says:

    Do we get a compensatory pick

  15. Tampa Tony Says:

    Hopefully he’s cut by the time I move to NYC, he might be more dangerous than NYC cabbies

  16. BigHogHaynes Says:

    We as in Bucs Organization screwed this up and it’s gonna be painful!!

  17. celly Says:


    IIRC… since he was waived and claimed by another team, that team takes on his current contract/salary.

    If he hadn’t been picked up by another team off waivers and was then signed by another team, he would’ve been able to “double dip”. In a sense that we would’ve paid his contract salary (whatever is left guaranteed) and the other team would’ve paid him whatever they decided to pay him (most likely league minimum).

  18. Destinjohnny Says:

    Good ridence

  19. LakeLandBuc Says:

    It must be nice, going from the OUTHOUSE to the PENTHOUSE.

  20. BigMacAttack Says:

    He’ll be back on the street soon. He’s too stupid to stay off the street. What a waste of time, energy and money he was. Hopefully they have some good rehabs in the area.

  21. Mo_Downs Says:

    Sometimes kids act their age. Clearly, Koetter couldn’t reach ASJ.
    I wish Todd Bowles good luck as well as ASJ.

    I really had high hopes for ASJ as well as WR Bell.

  22. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    lol another Bell comment. Dude wasn’t NFL material and he was a 5th rounder for crying out loud. ASJ could have been a pro bowler if he wasn’t such a moron! Big big difference!

  23. DB55 Says:

    This is a perfect fit. Brandon Marshall is who he needed. Not to mention a fanbase with a brain.

  24. dusthty rhothdes Says:

    not sure if he has the character to respect brandon marshall

  25. Pickgrin Says:

    Doesn’t everybody who has a drinking and attitude problem they need to shake move to the Big Apple for help? Probably more shrinks and AA meetings available there than anywhere else in the world. Of course the bars are open 24 hours as well so……

    Good Luck ASJ. Wish you would have gotten your sh!t together while you were here so you could have actually helped this team like you’ve already been paid over $3M to do – but I do still hope you pull it together and find success in this life in 1 way or another.

  26. cometowin2 Says:

    Brandon Marshall could be exactly what ASJ needs. Quite possible ASJ has the same Borderline Personality Disorder. Hope he gets the help he needs.

  27. Cash Says:

    One never knows, getting cut could be the wake-up call he needed. I think he deserved to be cut here, but I wish him all the best there in trying to establish a decent NFL career.

  28. PRBucFan Says:

    He’ll have a suspension to serve after getting his second DUI in 3 years and violating his 5 year probation. Not to mention have to answer legally for disabling his court mandated ignition interlock. Still a ways to go before he can do anything. He won’t be drinking or partying in NY anytime soon.