“Keep Our Jobs On Three”

August 30th, 2016

JameisweatAmerica’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, huddled up your beloved Buccaneers following pre-practice stretching this afternoon.

Jameis’ message was loud enough to be heard, and it was a message of sensitivity.

Jameis mostly talked about players needing to practice hard to “keep our jobs.”

The Bucs and the rest and the NFL will start cutting players later this week to get down to the mandatory 53-man roster. Right now, rosters can have up to 75 players following this week’s cut from 90.

Obviously, Jameis has a job guaranteed — along with a fat pile of guaranteed cash. But today, it was all about relating to his Bucs family that’s about to lose some brothers.

Jameis closed the session asking for the traditional hands in the air and group one-liner to start practice. Today, Jameis everyone to yell, “Keep our jobs on three.” And they did.

25 Responses to ““Keep Our Jobs On Three””

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    Raise that level Jameis.

  2. Getaclue Says:

    I love this qb and I love our coach and it’s about damn time we had this

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Unlike the draft and FA signings….this is the time of year that is somewhat sad for the NFL….it’s time for cuts…..many of them…..after all the cuts the NFL teams will collectively cut that’s 1184 players……a staggering number of players with a dagger in their lifelong childhood dreams. Only the best of the best will make it…..some 320 will get a reprieve and make it to the practice squads.

  4. Chris Says:

    Joe- w the change in game day, I won’t be able to go on Wednesday but have great club seats (4) that I will pass along to your followers at half price ($150 for all four)
    I know your not StubHub, but if a fan can get Club Seats at this price….id prefer it to be one of your fans!!!!

  5. Capt.Tim Says:

    Saddest time of the year, in the NFL
    In the next few days, young men , Who have trained for this their entire lives, will be told they arent good enough

    Many are good enough. But they are stuck betind a draft choice, stacked roster, or dont fit that teams scheme

    Its a bad few days to be in the locker room. All the tension from guys, afraid to hear their phone ring, or to get a text

    I wish them all good luck

  6. I am the one. Says:

    Americas QB makes the previous years worth it.

  7. Pickgrin Says:

    Last thing in the world any NFL player wants this time of year is a visit from The Turk – saying “coach wants to see you and bring your playbook”. Sadly, about 20 Buccaneers will get that visit on Thursday or Friday. Many will get another chance or 2 to continue their NFL dream – but for some, this is it! They have been playing football most of their lives and its all about to come to an abrupt end.

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    I agree with Tampabaybucfan, Capt Tim and Pickgrin … this is a sad time of year for some of those who’ve worked all their life to get to this point. Some will catch on elsewhere, but for many the dream ends here. Many of us have tasted that disappointment ourselves I’m sure. But as Thomas Edison so beautifully said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” The hard work and perseverance that got them to this point will help them succeed in other endeavors. Hang tough guys.

  9. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Good attitude. Sometimes the veterans need to be reminded of the fact that they are always playing for their jobs.

  10. Pickgrin Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says:
    August 30th, 2016 at 1:46 pm
    “Only the best of the best will make it”

    Tell that to the 3 players who held the 54th spot on the roster in 2010, ’11 and ’12 – and thus got cut in favor of Myron Lewis…

  11. Dick Butkiss Says:

    Bridgewater done for the year….sad news for Viking fans. Really thought they would make it back to playoffs.

  12. Vegabuc Says:

    Dick Butkiss
    Who gives a crap about the Vikings? This is a Bucs fans message board. Get the heck outta here dude!

  13. Vegabuc Says:

    I say trade Glennon for a third round pick to the Vikings.

  14. Dick Butkiss Says:

    Vega, they are in the NFC aren’t they? It’s conference news! Chill bruh.

  15. Dick Butkiss Says:

    Vega., Ohhhh so now my comment becomes relevant?

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Right…I should have said……who “they” think are the best of the best……because “MyLew” sure wasn’t……he and many other Dominick draft losers…..

  17. Buc1 Says:

    Dislocated knee for Bridgewater….maybe career ending (depends how dislocated it is). SUCKS for him and the team.

  18. celly Says:

    Glennon for Cordarrelle Patterson, straight up.

    Win/Win for both teams…. at least i feel so.

    Glennon would have a whole year to showcase whether he can be a starting QB in the league in a contract year for him.

    Patterson would make a GREAT #3 or #4 receiver behind Jackson and Evans. Plus, he could hopefully learn behind VJ, a benefit that Evans has taken advantage of.

  19. Warren Says:

    Celly not bad. Cordarelle has speed but he’s no No. 1 receiver so it’s a fair trade. Love Teddy so that sucks..thought we should have taken him in that draft but glad we have Jameis. Hope he has a speedy recovery

  20. Chris Says:

    Saying Bridgewaters leg snapped and knee was flailing around, reportedly players threw up seeing it

  21. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Yeah terrible news bout Bridgewater – Hopefully he comes back better & stronger then before.

  22. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Surely Glennon is smart enough to know that if no one is sniffing around for him by now for a trade, then his best option is to resign with the Bucs.

  23. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Sad to see – TWO former Vols on the roster bubble.

    #15 Justin Hunter WR (25) 6-4 | 203 Tennessee
    #84 Cordarrelle Patterson WR (25) 6-2 | 220 Tennessee

  24. BucFanNJ Says:

    Love it. LOVE it. This kid’s commitment is outta sight so far. My biggest fear was the losing culture dragging him down; now I wonder if my greatest hope of him dragging us UP is coming true.


  25. orlbucfan Says:

    Man, it wasn’t just what we call “Buc Luck” that hit Bridgewater, it was freaky bad luck. Wasn’t his injury a no-contact one? It certainly could be career-ending for the young man. I know American football is a rough sport, but I still hate seeing this stuff happen. It’s happened to the Bucs, too. Vike fans, we feel for ya (at least I do).