The Sin Of Poor Coaching

August 8th, 2016
jameis and koetter

Jameis says he was unprepared

Man, Joe has learned so much about the demise of the Lovie Smith regime in the past couple of weeks.

Lavonte David and America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, really helped Joe get a deeper understanding.

When the Bucs first reported for training camp this season, Joe asked David if there’s anything he can do/change early in training camp to avoid a brutal opening day defeat like was experienced last year, when the Bucs were clobbered 42-14 at home by a Titans team that eventually earned the No. 1 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

David could have provided a variety of answers, but he went with the following:

“The main thing is just never underestimate your opponent,” David said. “Study the best what you can of your opponent, sometimes teams don’t give you the full thing in preseason, but when you know your job and studying as much stuff as you can, teams will eventually come back to what they know. That’s the main thing: Just try to stay within the game and just try to do our job the best way we can.”

Hmmm, “don’t underestimate your opponent” and “teams will eventually come back to what they know.”

It sure sounded like David was saying the Bucs took Tennessee lightly, should have known Marcus Mariota would be running a version of Oregon’s, and they were fooled by the Titans’ preseason film. … Good thing they had a seasoned head coach.

But it seems the finger isn’t all on Lovie Smith. Then-offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter has to take a share of the blame. Consider what Jameis told BSPN last week about the first pass of his career against the Titans.

“I’m just going to take you back to the first pass. it was a pick-6,” Jameis said. “That was one of the first times I seen two-man [zone defense] in my career. You know, we didn’t even practice that at practice. You know, we weren’t anticipating them playing two-man, but that happened.”

Now Jameis was lauded during the spring and summer of his rookie year for his massive football IQ and tireless work ethic. Koetter and Lovie had said Jameis’ was being overloaded with plays and film work, and he was thriving big time.

But somehow, per Jameis, nobody spent time with him on a common “two-man” look, which translates to an aggressive man-to-man on short routes like the one that burned him early. That’s pretty stunning, and Joe has to put that on Koetter and his staff for not being ready.

The evidence is very clear that the Bucs were neither prepared nor ready to play on opening day last season. Joe’s not worried about a repeat performance, but Joe does fear a potential here-we-go-again psyche for the Bucs if they trail early in Atlanta.

18 Responses to “The Sin Of Poor Coaching”

  1. The Buc Realist Says:

    How can JW3 know anything but the 4 play passive, antiquated, fiasco of the defense that coach my scheme showed him the whole off-season!!!! The worst part is the Incompetent one was going to come back and to all the same things all over again!!!!! The incompetent one has been Exposed!!!!!! The fact he is no longer in the league is the final truth!!!!!!

    Just like lovie’s reputation, this class is over!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bucsfanman Says:

    I’ll let you go Realist but I’m pretty sure that this is an indictment of Koetter as well.
    All in all, it truly is a shame at this level!

  3. Defense Rules Says:

    Any time you get blown out in a game, a big part of that has to go back to inadequate preparation and mediocre coaching. Personally though, I give Coach Koetter a pass for that first game (we’ll call it a mulligan). Just look at what he faced at the start of preseason last year: (1) training up a rookie to be our starting QB; (2) an OLine with 2 rookies starting and a couple of new FAs starting; (3) Dirk’s first season as our OC so still trying to learn the players; (4) new assistant coaches who he didn’t pick for the most part; (5) practicing all preseason against one of the worst defenses in the NFL (“aggressive man-to-man on short routes” … does that sound like Lovie’s defense?). Based on how our offense responded after that first game, I’d say Coach Koetter learned real fast. So did Jameis.

  4. Rrsrq Says:

    I’m expecting that not to ever happen again, me and quite a few Bucs fan have tix already for the ATL game, those dirty bird fans are stilled pissed about last years sweep, so the Bucs better know that. They even went out and drafted an undersized fast LSU linebacker Deon Jones because of how Kwon did them last year, Dan Quinn was like, I got get me one of them. Plus this is the return of Mike Smith, he should have that defense fired up and ready to go for any game, it should be this one, he knows Matt Ryan.

  5. JAB83 Says:

    This is what we have to look forward to….







  6. tdtb2015 Says:

    Bringing up that game makes any Bucs fan sick to their stomach.

    I agree with the Lovie bashing.

    The pick 6 was nerves from a rookie qb. I could have picked that pass with one hand. It was an awful rookie mistake. But as we know now is just water under the bridge. We know we got our franchise qb. Praise Licht for passing on Johnny Football.

    To me the biggest red flag on that game was David’s character. Frist defensive drive and he got deflated from a ref’s call? Hopefully that will change with maturity. It was highly disappointing. As simple as that!

    New Era….New chapter….. Go Bucs!!!

  7. Fsuking Says:

    “We didn’t even practice that at practice” with Lovie Smith calling the defense. It’s one of the few times I can fault Jameis. It was early in his career and the play simply wasn’t there. I can’t fault Koetter at all for that

  8. Buccfan37 Says:

    That game is tough to erase from memory, a season opener at home and that result. It seems like a long time ago. Time heals all wounds.

  9. BigHogHaynes Says:

    It’s all LOVIE’S fault ……man I can’t wait for Jameis to throw his first pick this season, who you gonna call (out)….Ghost Busters, he’s gone Realist, you gonna have to find another scapegoat! Coach my scheme, incompetent, exposed…ha ha ha ha ha ha man your funny!?

  10. sumo Says:

    I am a season ticket holder and I walked out of that stadium at halftime after waiting an entire off season for Buccaneer football. I knew right away that our team was not prepared to play that game. As I walked out of the stadium, I looked back and gave the entire organization the middle finger salute because I knew from half time of the first game that our coaching was not right. I’ll take nothing for granted with this organization. Where was the will to win a damn game? I am in the show – me phase now. I’m not getting fired up until they win a couple of games and I’m not buying into their hype any more and you shouldn’t either.

  11. D-Rome Says:

    man I can’t wait for Jameis to throw his first pick this season, who you gonna call

    I have a feeling Dirk Koetter won’t face the same kind of criticism if the Bucs end up 6-10 or 7-9 even though the team is more talented this year.

  12. salish_seamonster Says:

    You can study it on paper, but if Lovie’s D wasn’t giving him those looks in practice, there’s no way he could be prepared. So I put that on Lovie and his vanilla D more than Dirk. Also, it’s hard to prepare a rookie QB for all the defenses they’re gonna see, which is why most rookie QBs throw more interceptions.

  13. Maze Says:

    Lovie made the Bucs a laughing stock. What a clown

  14. Eric Says:

    Uh the offensive coordinator for that horrific game is now our head coach.

    So this is good news how?

  15. Pickgrin Says:

    Last year’s opening game vs the Titans was an absolute embarrassment.
    I’ve been a hardcore Bucs fan for over 3 decades and couldn’t remember watching a more painful game – which is really saying something having suffered through the Leeman Bennett, Ray Perkins, Richard Williamson and Sam Wyche eras.

    I’m glad we are playing Atlanta the 1st game this year. I believe Koetter and Mike Smith’s familiarity with those players will give us a definite advantage with all the time between now and Sept 11th to plan and scheme.

  16. Brent bull/buc Says:

    Lovie got chain whipped a few times in his 2 years. Ravens, Falcons both put up 50 on his defense. Just sad to get beat like a high school team.

  17. Mike Johnson Says:

    Joe doing his best to throw out all of the Lovie Meat prior to season’s beginning. As usual, Buc Realist is the 1st to..relieve himself. Although I suspect after our 1st loss, Joe will pin the hangover on ole Lovie too. Go ahead Joe, Continue to empty your Lovie Meat locker. It ought to be just about empty in a few more postings.

  18. salish_seamonster Says:

    I don’t understand the Losie apologists… Bashing a crappy head coach is fun. Losie was a crappy head coach. Simple as that.