Jameis: “He’s The Best Player On Our Team”

August 8th, 2016


America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, likes to say he lives by the motto “real recognize real.”

Jameis reiterated that on BSPN’s popular First Take last week. As a “real-talk” talker, it was interesting to note he called Gerald McCoy “the best player on our team.”

Pretty telling stuff there. It came in the context of Jameis explaining that he works to have “genuine” conversations to build real relationships with all Buccaneers, specifically mentioning McCoy at the top of the food chain, and punter Jacob Schum represented the opposite extreme.

Joe finds it noteworthy because Jameis could have referenced Doug Martin, who was the Bucs’ true superstar last year, the first for Jameis in Bucs colors. He also had Lavonte David available to choose, but he chose McCoy.

The McCoy haters must be loading up on Tums after hearing that.

26 Responses to “Jameis: “He’s The Best Player On Our Team””

  1. Wombat Says:

    Agree that McCoy is the “Best Player” on the team. But why is it this year he has noticebly stepped it up a gear? He looks like he has been bourne again? I think Jameis has brought the “Best” of Geraldini…… Just speculation.
    Plus look out for ASJ to tear it up this year, yes I said it!

  2. Erik w/ Clean Athletics 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs Fans' Says:

    I agree with those takes, Wombat.

    The ASJ thing could go either way, obviously, but I can definitely see him possibly having 10TD. Even though Brate is great

  3. DPewter Says:

    McCoy is the best talent on the team, but that didn’t always show last year. I am a huge McCoy fan but expect more from our superstar.

  4. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Go back and look at the archives for every training camp. They say the same thing every year.

  5. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Before we start christening McCoy, can we wait until the lights come on and the real games are played to see if he can play all 4 quarters with the new supporting cast he has?

  6. The Other Side of the Coin Says:

    If McCoy is arguably the best player, then Winston is the no doubt the best teammate. If not already, he’s rapidly becoming the heart of the team.

  7. tmaxcon Says:

    every year it’s the same BS during camp and the off-season…. maybe this is the year we get great play out of a good player for all 4qtrs and 16 games. hopefully he can finally stay healthy and produce some meaningful plays at critical times.

  8. Wombat Says:

    ASJ has been jumping the fence at training camp and mingling with the crowd. Every day he has done that and has done so with a smile on his face. He could have pouted and asked to be traded, but hus sucked it up and taken his punishment like a man. Plus for the haters, he only missed one game in 3yrs in college, so his staying injury free has to be about his turn. This team needs him all 16 games with his head in it, not up his arse!!

  9. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    I believe he has the ability if he so choses to be the best player on this team right now. Obviously in a few years best player will hardly be a debate.

  10. Buccfan37 Says:

    Just like that McCoy goes from goat to godlike in one fell swoop.

  11. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Open your ears and shut your trap! Do you heater the words that are coming out of El Cap A Tain’s mouth!

  12. Bucsfanman Says:

    Stay healthy Gerald. We need you. Jameis needs you!

  13. Lunchbox Says:

    Joe, just curious, did Jameis actually say the punter was essentially the worst member of our team? Not arguing with it, just wondering if he actually said that.

  14. The Buc Realist Says:

    Funny, I did not hear the word “leader”!!! I will agree that he is the best player on the defense last year ( that is the time that JW3 watched GMC93) !!! If Healthy and When Healthy are huge parts of someone’s football career!! Take out the IF’s and When’s and you could talk Hall of Fame!!

  15. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Just read a comment from A. Verner on the Pewter report. His words”Brent Grimes has been the star in the secondary and honestly I don’t think he’s going all out yet. I think he’ll take it up another notch come the regular season”. Again I’m starting to understand better the fin fans disgust in him leaving.

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    I suspect there’s a reason why they select both an NFL Offensive Player of the Year and an NFL Defensive Player of the Year. The old ‘comparing apples-to-oranges’ thingie perhaps? I think the same could be said for any team though. It’s pretty hard to compare offensive and defensive players in terms of their impact on particular games and on the season. If someone were to ask who’s the most valuable player on offense, that’s pretty easy: Jameis. Without him, Bucs may not go very far. But if they were to ask the same about the most valuable player on defense, that’s a bit harder. But I think I’d go with GMC at this point. Wouldn’t be surprised if several guys push him this year for that honor though (LVD, Kwon and perhaps a couple of others).

  17. Tnew Says:

    Jameis is showing who the best player is everyday. He also has been doing everything possible to get GMC going. It is something the best player on the team would do.

  18. Samsung Says:

    Stroking his ego so he’ll quit pouting. GMC is not a difference maker the way Aron Donald is, really nice guy though

  19. Buc1987 Says:

    Jameis speaks…

  20. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Funny, I did not hear the word “leader”!!”


    If you actually saw the interview, Jameis called McCoy a leader several times. He’s also mentioned it in other interviews this training camp. But really nice try.

  21. LargoBuc Says:

    Realist, the only one’s talking “hall of fame” are you and the rest of the anti GMC crowd. I don’t hear one person who is on the other side of the debate calling him a “hof’er”, at least not recently.
    And we all know that Mccoy isn’t that vocal leader, since when is that an issue? You need rah rah guys, you draft rah rah, don’t ask leaders by example to be something their personality quirk says they aren’t. However, if GMC didn’t have it in him, Jameis likely wouldn’t ask it of him, so who knows. I guess we’ll see.
    Kinda in left field here, but I like to compare GMC to Matt Ryan. Both players have shown they can be great, just not elite. And fans and media keep anticipating that step to the next tier, but by now some fans are starting to see these guys are who they are. It’s a big reason i’ve said multiple times that Jameis is the third best qb in the NFCS, Ryan has shown his peak, Jameis hasn’t yet, and on an average day Jameis > Ryan 😀

  22. DB55 Says:

    I’m just here so I don’t get fined. Carry on…..

  23. DB55 Says:

    Yoooooooooo after watching Ayer’s pc all I have to is if a certain someone played with that kind of intensity we’d all be saying “Sapp who?”

    Ayers was so hyped I think he scared the media. They were like scared to ask him stuff. Lmao.

  24. Bucsfanman Says:

    @DB55- There’s always room for you in the GMC fanclub! I’ll save your seat!
    I was just reading some of the clips from Ayers….LOVE IT!!! That guy’s going to be fun to watch.

  25. DB55 Says:


    Lmao I can’t wait! When I see an attitude like Ayers, LVD, Kwon, or Jaboowins develop then I’ll be happy to sit with you and munch on some crow-flavored popcorn. “Stay tuned”…..

  26. DRFEELGOOD Says:

    The reason GMC “struggled” during another Pro Bowl season was that he was playing with a TORN ROTATOR CUFF!!! So, he was basically playing with 1 arm and still did well, overall. I was at the game in Houston when he came running off of the field, threw his helmet, and fell to the ground writhing in agony. I told my friends, “he’s done for the year” because I knew he had hurt it the week before in New Orleans. Badass came back a few plays later and fought all year long with one of the most painful injuries possible. If you think GMC is a problem, then you are sadly unaware of the pain he played through last season. He’s kicking ass now because he’s HEALTHY!!!! And, hopefully, with more DL depth, he will have a fully healthy season. If he stays healthy, he will have at least 10 sacks. Anyone wanna bet? Go GMC and Go Bucs!!