“Super Fast Out There”

June 18th, 2016
Blake Bortles surely fears one Bucs defensive end

Blake Bortles surely fears one Bucs defensive end

Joe’s got a trivia question:

Who had the quietest/most unheralded five-sack season in Buccaneers history?

Joe’s answer is Howard Jones, the part-time edge rusher for Tampa Bay last year. Jones saw his first NFL action, made five starts, had nine tackles, and he rumbled 43 yards for a touchdown during the Capital Collapse. But the guy is virtually off the radar of everyone following the Bucs.

However, Joe noted how standout quick Jones looked through several drills two weeks ago.

On Wednesday, veteran DE Robert Ayers echoed that love. Ayers rambled on about how much talent is on the Bucs’ defensive line. During that chatter, the big-money, free-agent newcomer had a lot of emotion in his voice while saying Jones is “super fast out there.” Keep in mind Ayers is a guy who has played with Von Miller, Jason Pierre-Paul and other lightning fast ends.

Is Jones a major, under-the-radar weapon? Or is he just a guy with a flimsy chance to make the roster? Jacquies Smith, William Gholston, Noah Spence, Ayers are locks, if they stay healthy through training camp.

Jones will get plenty of chances to abuse second- and third-team guys in preseason. If can do that, then he’s a safe bet to stick around. If he can’t do that, then there’s a good chance the Bucs will be able to sneak him back on the practice squad.

18 Responses to ““Super Fast Out There””

  1. Erik w/ Clean Athletics 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs Fans' Says:

    Jones is faster than Von Miller. I like his potntial for sure.

  2. Cobraboy Says:

    I would think Jones is an excellent choice for a 3-4 style DE, maybe equal to or moreso than Spence based on pure get-off and speed…and supposedly the Bucs are running some of those looks.

    He adds great flexibility to that multi-look D…

  3. DB55 Says:

    The knock on Jones is that he got all/most of his sacks on stunts. I for one could care less how he got them, not too many rookie DEs in the league with 5 sacks.

  4. Lunchbox Says:

    Definitely has been on the radar since last season for this Buc fan. He may be a rotational pass rusher for a little while longer, but it would be very foolish to let this guy go and catch on with another team. This is a guy you need to find room on the roster for, especially with Hayes coaching him up.

  5. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    With the new scheme, it’s hard to say. I would think he has a shot.

  6. Pickgrin Says:

    Ho Jo performed well last year with the limited snaps he received. He looked fast on game days too in a # of instances. Between Jack Smith, Noah Spence and HoJo – we’ve got some serious speed coming off the edge. Work your magic coach Hayes.

  7. Gt40bear Says:


  8. Louis Says:

    On obvious passing downs the bucs have soon many options for defensive alignments
    D line ..Ayers, Gohlston, McCoy, Smith
    Lb Spence Alexander, David
    CB Hargreaves, Grimes, Verner
    Smith as lone safety
    That’s scary speed everywhere! The Qb will have no time to breathe let alone have any time to think.
    With dB’s in press coverage who is getting open!

  9. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Wasn’t off my radar! I think he supplants Jacquies Smith…

  10. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Didn’t he cause the sack fumble against JVille or was tha a rb who fumbled?

  11. feelthepewterpower Says:

    if he goes on the practice squad another team will snatch him…..would be a sad day. Hopefully he splashes and makes his way towards the front of the line.

  12. THETRUTH Says:

    Maybe if the scheme was different last year and the corners didnt play 25 yards off the line we could see what these DL could have done, when WR are actually jammed at the line as opposed to wide open first ten yards of the line of scrimmage.

  13. Kevin Says:

    5 sacks in 5 starts???

    Hayes is going to have fun coaching him, I predict our defense is top 10 in the league going forward and a possible playoff birth this season.

  14. Kevin Says:

    @thetruth, ive been screaming at my tv for it seems like almost a decade at our corners always lining up so far away from the recievers you could park a city bus between them. Impossible to have a consistent pass rush like that when there is always someone wide open. Although it does open up the door for big plays I am so fired up to finally watch some press coverage on this defense its going to change everything!

  15. USFBUC Says:

    @feelthepewterpower – he wasn’t off my radar either, I have brought him up several times here about the potential of him. We snagged him from the Steelers who were developing him as an OLB.

  16. Scott Fitzgerald Says:

    Imagine Howard Jones and Noah Spence coming off the edges in a 3-4 look

  17. William Walls Says:

    “No One is to Blame” for not seeing this kid’s talent right away with his limited time on the field last year; but I’ve got “Everlasting Love” for his tremendous potential. And with Coach Hayes in the house, “Things Can Only Get Better”!

  18. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:

    Good point Joe. Ho Jo is flying under the radar after having a productive half of season. He’s going no where imo because he is the PERFECT fit for our new 3-4 look as a stand up blitzing LB. That’s where he can utilize his speed wich is his best weapon. Look for him blitzing on the left side with Spence coming from the other. Def like the look of that on 3rd down.