Still Bitter Over Lovie Firing

May 19th, 2016
Four-letter still crying.

Four-letter still crying.

Man, some just can’t let go. And Joe finds it a combination of amusing and pathetic the way members of the four-letter freaked out more over the Bucs shoving Lovie Smith out the door than if they had caught their teenager sexting.

And some six months after Lovie had his access card to One Buc Palace deactivated, the outrage of the firing from the Bristol Bunch reared its ugly and misguided head again. This time from Bill Barnwell.

In breaking down the stories of each team’s offseason, Barnwell takes a whack at Team Glazer for running off Lovie.

What Went Wrong

They fired Lovie Smith. It’s hard to figure how a coach who inherited a 4-12 team and went into 2014 with Josh McCown as his starting quarterback got sent packing after improving them by four wins this past year. Smith’s Buccaneers did lose their last four games after starting 6-6, but was he responsible for the likes of Anthony Collins and Michael Johnson being so subpar as free-agent signings that they were cut after one season? Was it Smith’s fault that his offensive coordinator underwent a heart bypass weeks before the 2014 season began?

Maybe you could make a case that Smith hadn’t done enough in his area of expertise. The Bucs did fall from eighth in defensive DVOA in 2013 to 18th during Smith’s first season, but that was also after cutting Darrelle Revis and failing to replace him at corner. Despite possessing two stars and running through a lot of replacement-level players at other positions, Smith’s defense stuck at 18th in DVOA this year.

If you want to make the argument that Smith hasn’t succeeded, I think that’s reasonable. But firing Smith after two years, reportedly out of a fear of losing Dirk Koetter to a head-coaching job somewhere else? From the same people who might keep Louis Van Gaal around for a third season in Manchester? It doesn’t seem to add up.

First off, who the hell is Louis Van Gaal and what the ‘eff does a British kickball team have to do with Lovie’s (in)competence? Joe knows Van Halen but has no clue what/who this Van Gaal is. Invoking what some foreign kickball team does to Lovie’s plight, well, that’s like trying to imply the Bucs’ offense will play huge because Rachel Watson is so well-endowed.

Let Joe get this straight: Because Lovie signed Stewart McClown to lead the team, that’s evidence Lovie should have been kept? In what world? Remember: Lovie cut McClown in Chicago… for Jason Campbell of all people!

Everyone from a drunk in a bar to Kenny on South Park knew McClown was a joke of a starter. Even when Mike Glennon outplayed McClown, Lovie found a reason to bench Glennon (again).

If one is to look at all the transactions made by Lovie during his reign of terror, the only two decisions he got right was hiring Dirk Koetter and signing off on drafting America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

Barnwell then glosses over Lovie running off a Hall of Famer cornerback like Revis. Who the hell did he think made that decision? Supergirl, or the dudes who deloused the locker room of the MRSA? Booting Donald Penn out of town? Another swift move by Lovie. Second of many.

Let’s not discount, however, how other coaches hired at the same time as Lovie shamed him in the same two seasons, with the possible exception of that meathead Mike Pettine, who actually beat Lovie in 2014.

Bill O’Brien? Dude took over a team worse than the Bucs, had no quarterback and his No. 1 overall draft pick Jadeveon Clowney has been a bust. He won a division last season. Brother of Chucky? Won a division last year. Jim Caldwell? He’s a piñata for national media types but he got the Lions into the playoffs his first year. Mike Zimmer? The Vikings are a hell of a football team.

Lovie? Even with a dynamic quarterback and a Pro Bowl running back, the Bucs still couldn’t get to .500. Let’s not forget Lovie took over a club that was supposed to improve upon the two previous seasons under former commander Greg Schiano. Instead, Bucs fans were begging for the return of Schiano after Lovie ran the team into the ground.

Barnwell proudly likes to traffic in stats. Maybe he should run numbers on Lovie’s puke-inducing sieve of a defense.

Now if someone wanted to make an argument that every swing and miss Lovie made his first year was all in an effort to draft Jameis, Joe might listen with a sympathetic ear. Thing is, Joe has yet to hear a sober person suggest there’s any reality in that notion.

Yeah, making sure you keep a guy (Koetter) who is responsible for the development of the franchise’s greatest investment since maybe Lee Roy Selmon is sure wrong-headed, huh?

Maybe you could make a case Smith hadn’t done enough in his area of expertise. Maybe you could watch the freaking games and see for yourself it is so obvious!

It is beyond Joe’s comprehension how so many otherwise intelligent national sports types have such a mancrush on Lovie. Just for his lusting to have Toast Jenkins start at cornerback should have been enough for NFL officials to drug test Lovie or at least have his eyes checked for cataracts — possibly he kept misreading Toast’s number for someone else.

After reading this ill-informed, half-baked tripe by Barnwell, Joe is beginning to understand why Moe slapped Curly so much.

66 Responses to “Still Bitter Over Lovie Firing”

  1. Jason Says:

    Joe, you are fired up this morning!! Although, in fairness reading that bullspit pisses me off too. They are the same ones who later, when we do well, will say they KNEW we’d improve this year.

  2. Uk_Buc Says:

    “Some just can’t let it go”….. says the author of the worlds most repetitive and tedious “barbecue” jibes whenever Logan Mankins name was mentioned.

  3. The Buc Realist Says:

    I stand up and applaud you Joe!!!! Well said!!!! Just watch the games is all we ask and you will know why the Incompetent one was fired!!!! Just like week after week after week, coach my scheme said he was going to fix the penalties! and what did we hear from the players recently??? that nothing changed, that nothing was done in practice?

    The worst part is that the Tampa2 mafia are really waiting to say all their lies and propaganda during the season!!!! Watch how they will try to bash a brand new HC in his first 3 games!!!! so petty!!! from the same group that said “put your bame on it” they hide and talk $hit behind backs!!!! No class!!! But are we really surprised!!!!!

  4. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Omg I feel the fire inside joe. I hoped that dunce reads your article

  5. Bucs3 Says:

    But it was his fault he didn’t seek a replacement for that offensive coordinator

  6. Bird Says:

    100 agree. That’s journalism joe.

  7. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Or an offensive advisor,or a game management advisor.Lovie’s conservative decisions on sideline cost us 1-2 games a year.

  8. tmaxcon Says:

    Lovie made is entire bed when he took a BAD team and made it WORSE. Or when he took muliple pro bowl players and they regressed or flat out sucked under lovie. If it was one player I get it but it was 4 or 5 players that all of a sudden forgot how to play football under lovie. Sorry… Hiring unqualified coaches was fraudulent at best. Lovie is a media darling / creation. He did nothing in Chicago besides the one year. He burnt through coordinators left and right. I am sick and tired of the Lovie’s a good guy crap. Good guys take responsibility. Lovie and Jeff Fischer are the same. The media loves them even though they are mediocre at best. How those two have coached in the NFL for so long is beyond me. Hands down Lovie is the worst coach in bucs history. He had 9 years of previous head coaching the only two below him on the win total were first year head coaches. I can’t wait until the excuses start to fly when Lovie gets canned from the cornfields.

  9. WyldKat Says:

    It’s not a good sign for them when I read the article yesterday with a “LOL WUT?” attitude.

  10. tmac87 Says:

    Lmao Joe! – For those interested, Van Gaal is the manager (head coach) for Manchester United in the British Premier Soccer League – majority owned by the Buc’s owners, the Glazers.

  11. Buccfan37 Says:

    Lovie was such a hot commodity that he landed at Illinois. Did he ever say anything other than repeat the same words. It must of been his name Lovie that made him millions.

  12. Bucsfanman Says:

    Yea, this is becoming such a tedious subject. Why would national pundits be bringing this up now? That ship has long sailed. I didn’t agree with the decision at first but, like Joe said, “look at the games.” It was really really bad and though there was plenty of blame to go around, Lovie made his bed. There’s plenty of justification.
    It’s time for everyone to move on. This is old news. We have a new coaching staff, new players, and a renewed optimism. Lets not ruin it by rehashing this story over and over again.

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    OK…..hopefully Joe has shot the wad on this article…..I don’t think there can be any more outrage than this…..lets all get Lovie out of our system…..the last time I checked…..he has been fired…..we have a new coach and a new season upon us.
    There will always be second guessers and those who criticize the move….but no one who really counts…..The Glazers, Licht and most of us fans approve and that’s all that matters.

  14. Destro44 Says:

    The problem with everyone in the national media’s assessment is right in Joe’s words. Watch the tape. No one in national media has anything but a couple highlights of Bucs games since 2006. People outside Tampa don’t care or hardly acknowledge Tampa exists. That may change with Jameis in town. I live in Atlanta, a division opponent and most people here couldn’t name 3 players on the Bucs roster. Outside Tampa we are irrelevant and will stay that way until we win games and make people pay attention.

  15. BucsQcCity Says:

    I find it funny when people who obviously don’t follow the team put up such weak analysis of what went wrong. Maybe if Lovie would have been wlling to evolve he would have kepts its job. Maybe firing his son would have saved him. Maybe stop lying about invisible on tape improvement and replace that with a tiny bit of accountability wiuld have played in its favor. Maybe cutting loose the bromance with ex-bears like Jenkins and stopping the db carousel would have help him stay. Greg Schiano had to deal with a lesser qb, mrsa AND The rockstar and managed to be better than Lovie… Anyway, I expect the uninformed crowd to make this kind of analysis

  16. buccfan305 Says:

    Im starting to think BSPN is slacking in their drug testing department. Some one has been dabbing into the medicinal on the clock.

  17. The Buc Realist Says:


    I guess some of us have problems when lies and propaganda are told and are allowed to go unchecked!!! Because it will only take root and grow to a bigger lie!!! Just wait until the season starts, and that is when the Tampa2 mafia will be out for blood!!! So many of the Incompetent one’s contacts are at espn!!!

    I am starting to think that NFL GM Licht should have told the unbridled truth that lovie was fired for gross incompetence!!!! That this team was going backwards and major issues were being ignored!!!! When dealing with the Tampa2 mafia you cannot allow them any insinuate as they will twist and spin anything!!!!!

  18. Tampamac Says:

    The game passed Lovie. There was no defending him, especially after the last 4 games. I have a feeling the Glazers gave him the chance to fight for his job still. I believe they asked what he was going to do to improve the team and they wanted to hear specific changes to the staff as in getting rid of his inept sons. I’d guess he said something along the lines of a good draft and bringing in some free agents and that was enough for the Glazers to pull the trigger. At some point, you can’t defend the performance regardless of if you think he’s a good guy. I used to be a Freeman supporter until the Saints game in 2013.. I realized he was never gonna put it all together in that game.

  19. Drew Says:

    Wow! Dude has an extremely bad case of diarrhea of the mouth. I wasn’t aware one individual was capable of spewing out so much BS.

    Dr. Recommends a heavy dose of Imodium.

  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Realist

    The only justification for keeping Lovie has never been used and that is that he inherited an awful roster full of Dominick draft picks along with FAs & UDFA brought in to replace Dominick draft picks that didn’t work out…
    But that would be dissing one of their own.]
    The downfall of Lovie Smith is very pure, clear and simple…..His defense was a failure….Had he not taken over from Frazier…..and hired his sons…..he could have fired Frazier & his sons and bought another year.
    I suspect that year would have been more of the same and that’s what the Glazers felt also.

  21. Tampa Tony Says:

    The Joes can’t let go of Michael Bennett and their trusted source Dominik and the national media can’t let go of Lovie??

    So who is more of a joke?

  22. BigHogHaynes Says:

    This is one for the LOVIE BALL BANGERS!

  23. StevieJanowski Says:

    The piece you referenced was just one of the few ridiculous parts of that hack piece. I’m really glad you referenced the part about Manchester United– is this guy serious? How are dupes like this guy employed when there seems to be so many successful writers on the street.

  24. LordCornelius Says:

    I wish this guy saw Lovies pressers where he kept talking sh1t about us being a 4-12 team as if he’d never produce such a thing. Then he averages that record for his 2 seasons after preaching fans shouldn’t be patient lol

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    @Rhealist and Joe…That’s what I keep saying when peeps try to defend him. I don’t get it. I ask them if they watched any of the games. There’s simply no way to defend what we saw…..slants, slants and more slants. We can’t forget it either as Buc fans. I think it will take me about 2 back to back good seasons to erase the bad taste of those slants.

    I was one of those fans that was calling for Schiano to come back by the middle of last season. Shameful. Had it really gotten THAT bad? Yes, yes it did.

    I was also one of the original if not the founder of the “Tankers”. Lovie was tanking 2014 to get to Winston. Not the whole season, but at least half of it. I was adamant about it. It just made no sense to me that a guy with Lovie’s experience would take a 2-14 team and go backwards. It had to be a tank job. Then 2015 punched me in the face and I realized how wrong I was.

    I really don’t care what national media types have to say when defending Lovie anymore. It’s when some of you FANS do it that make no sense to me. Then come on here as well and tell me that YES you watched the games. How exactly is that possible if you’re still defending Lovie.

    Koetter? Hiring Koetter in order to not lose him? Pshhh I didn’t care WHO they hired as long as Lovie was gone. Days went by, Lovie was still here and I was depressed over the notion of a 3rd season. He got fired I jumped so high in the air my head nearly touched my vaulted ceiling.

  26. Tiny Tim Says:

    Can’t let it go? Thats funny. All this site and it’s posters do is bash lovie everyday. An article about a community service event will have 10 comments bashing lovie. You can’t be serious when you say why can’t they let it go? How can we expect the national media to let it go when you and many on this site can’t let it go? Unbelievable

  27. Cobraboy Says:

    PC run amok…

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    BigHogHaynes…there will be a lot more from now until say October.

  29. UpstateBuc Says:

    I normally like Barnwell’s columns, but this one is odd to me. I agree with everything Joe is saying here except for Toast Jenkins. Jenkins was worse than bad as a Buc, but the term ‘Toast’ should only be used when speaking of Rod Jones. Period.

  30. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Tiny Tim- There’s still a lot of raw unchecked emotion run amok regarding Lovie and his tenure. There comes a point however where we’re just piling on for piling on’s sake. Once the season starts, I have to hope that these emotions go away and we can concentrate on the football team that we currently have.
    Until then, I’m sure there will be plenty of banter.

  31. SOGGY Says:

    Ya we need a statue of Lovie to go along with the statue of Chucky.. @sarcasm@
    Ya get 2 staues of Lovie and call them Dumber and Dumber..

  32. Tiny Tim Says:

    @ bucsfanman

    I hope you are right. I would have understood the bucs keeping him as well as firing him. A case could have been made for both. But the way some trash this man constantly you would think he he shot their mothers and children.

  33. DallasBuc Says:

    Finally Joe is aptly ascribing the word ‘incompetent’ to Lovie Smith.
    You are all welcome.

  34. Bucsfanman Says:

    @87- I anticipate that it’ll probably linger longer than that, especially if we start winning some games. Then it will be the “I told you so” crowd! At least if that’s the case it’ll be more tolerable.

  35. The Buc Realist Says:


    I am proud of you, And now look what Joe has just handed you!!!! Drink deeply from that huge cup of Vindication!!!! Our small grass roots effort to Expose the Incompetent one started out against so much adversity!!! From being insinuated and called “racist” to the “animosity amigos” We have persevered!!!!! Stand tall true Buc fans!!! For we have taken down the worst regime in Buc History!!!!

    When you side with the Truth you can always hold you head high!!!!! Now that coach my scheme has been EXPOSED and the classless way he left with his tail between his legs!!! We can start to truly start to build a Football Team!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!

  36. Maze Says:

    I feel incredibly dumber after reading that article. Praying for the poor innocent children of Illinois

  37. Strider ....Sec 147 Says:

    Louis van Gaal is the national coach for the Netherlands and he constantly keeps the Netherlands in the top for World Cup euros blah blah blah been the coach of Man U for the last 2 season they been complete crap his tactics are different idk I don’t like him but his hair is on point lol

  38. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Realist- You’re such an instigator! And what have you been drinking lately?! Next thing we know, you’ll be referring to yourself in 3rd person! You’ve gone exclamation point crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I don’t have a problem with firing Lovie, but I don’t believe Koetter was actually leaving, so it really wasn’t necessary. Lovie’s administration built the first potent Bucs offense.

    I think giving him another year wouldn’t have hurt. Koetter could be promoted next year if Lovie failed.

    I mainly am against firing any coach after two years, unless he is guilty of a crime or something. Three years should be required by the nfl.

  40. Phil Says:

    Damn Joe where did all this anger come from? I said on the day they hired Lovie that I wish they would have kept Schiano if that was there choice. I thought we were doomed to suffer through another season of Lovie when he wasn’t fired right after the season. But he is gone now and we have Jameis so everything is good. Relax.

  41. I know why Says:

    Thank you “Buc Reaist” ala “Captain Hindsight” for your great comments of bashing after the fact moves. I shutter for Licht in a couple years. You will come up with “Bucs should have drafted Tunsil and not believed in Smith as our LT”

  42. BucTrooper Says:


    “It’s hard to figure how a coach who inherited a 4-12 team and went into 2014 with Josh McCown as his starting quarterback got sent packing…”

    Yeah… Who pick McCown? That’s like complaining that the shirt you’re wearing is ugly and stained, meanwhile you dress yourself in the morning.

  43. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Thanks for the great link! I’m still laughing. Don’t know why but Moe just makes me roll!

    I couldn’t help but think I was watching Realist with JBF posters. LMAO

  44. salish_seamonster Says:

    I read that article yesterday and was a bit irritated that Lovie’s firing was in the “what went wrong” column, especially since mot Bucs fans seem to welcome his firing. An opinion such as this could only come from someone who never watched the team play or didn’t read about how the games were lost week in and week out. Lame effort from BSPN.

  45. The Buc Realist Says:

    What a week!!!! Maybe we need to review some of the things we have learned so far!!!
    From the Incompetent one’s own players that his scheme was “passive’ and a fiasco!!!
    National media “over matched” and “a horrible in game coach”!!!!! and now from another media outlet “Incompetent”!!!!

    The Truth is now being exposed!!!!

  46. The Buc Realist Says:


    Ahhh, Wise Guy Eh!!!! Nyuk nyuk!!!!!!

  47. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Is it the same guy who said the Packers won the NFC North last season??

  48. Idontwannahearitanymore Says:

    “the only two decisions he got right was hiring Dirk Koetter and signing off on drafting America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.”

    I would add to that the selection of Jason Licht as GM.

  49. The Buc Realist Says:


    Licht was the one who suggested Koetter after the canidate that lovie wanted did not even want to interview!!!!!!!

    lovie did demand that the Pop-star be fired though!!!!! Much credit for that!!!!

  50. cegeto Says:

    Outside of US territory everyone knows who is Louis Van Gaal.

    Louis Van Gaal (Manchester Utd) = Dirk Koetter (Bucs)

  51. salish_seamonster Says:

    The Buc Realist Says:
    May 19th, 2016 at 1:46 pm

    Licht was the one who suggested Koetter after the canidate that lovie wanted did not even want to interview!!!!!!!

    I’ve always suspected that Koetter was Licht’s choice more than Lovie’s, but I never heard this story. Who was it that Lovie wanted who wouldn’t interview?

    lovie did demand that the Pop-star be fired though!!!!! Much credit for that!!!!

    Dominik was fired along with Schiano, before Lovie was hired. Are you saying the Lovie deal was already in the bag before the Glazers canned Dominik and Schiano? I guess it’s possible, but that didn’t seem to be the way it went down.

  52. Buc1987 Says:

    salish…..Rhealist says a lot of things.

  53. Buc1987 Says:

    This thread has to be a record number of posts for Rhealist.

    You’re truly excited about all this buddy.

  54. Cobraboy Says:

    BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I don’t have a problem with firing Lovie, but I don’t believe Koetter was actually leaving, so it really wasn’t necessary. Lovie’s administration built the first potent Bucs offense.

    I think giving him another year wouldn’t have hurt. Koetter could be promoted next year if Lovie failed.

    I mainly am against firing any coach after two years, unless he is guilty of a crime or something. Three years should be required by the nfl.

    Certainly opinions vary, but we saw a defense regressing so badly that 2nd & 3rd-tier QB’s beat the Bucs and Lovies system like the proverbial red-headed stepchild.

    Set to make a playoff run at 6-6, he engineered 4 losses in a row and looked really bad in the process.

    And was arrogant to boot, and it was clear many players weren’t motivated. Just listen to what players attitudes are toward the firing. Many feel a great weight lifted from their shoulders.

    Lovie earned his dismissal and Buc fans are better for it. I hope to never hear “simple as that” (or Dungy’s “we weren’t in sync”) from a coach ever again. Simple as that. 😉

    For me the Lovoie experiment was like owning a boat: Great Day when you buy, and Great Day when you sell. And I was quite happy when he was hired.

    3 years required? No way. Two years with some improvement might buy a third year, but that’s not what happened. His D flat sucked and was getting worse.

    Nice guy. Poor results. NFL: Not For Long.

  55. The Buc Realist Says:


    Maybe its just my new espresso machine a got!!! And correction on “..Rhealist says a lot of things.” and they are usually true!!!!!!

    I am glad someone is paying attention!!!! lovie interview with the Glazers back in October while Coach Schiano was Head Coach for another 2 months!!!! That is what made all the accusations of back-stabbing so funny!!! because that was the same manner lovie got this job!!!!

    Some will say that the team declined the interview, But from a pretty good source, lovie wanted mularkey pretty bad, but was told not until Miami freezes over!!!!

  56. Kevin Schmidt Says:

    I do believe still to this day that Lovie lost on purpose for Jameis…it was clear as day. BUT… I think it’s easy to confuse Lovie trying to win games vs Lovie trying to lose games because he was such a bad coach.

    He was the absolute worst game manager in football last year.

  57. BigHogHaynes Says:

    @TheBucRealBigot: you say a lot stuff and say it’s true, you always seem to know who said what with no proof, I’m beginning to learn is that you don’t know coin shut from wild honey or your ass from a hole in the ground!

  58. Mike Johnson Says:

    YOU..can cut him down now Joe. There is no heartbeat. The coroner pronounced Lovie ded at seasons end in gallow no 3. Your head henchman, Buc Realist ..when you give him a Lovie Bone. He’s like..Pavlov’s Dog. I’ve heard of getting your jollies off. But Buc Realist just circle jerks at the mere mention of Lovie. PITYFUL! Man, I’d hate to be around him and hear the word..Lovie. Better have buckets ready!

  59. ATrain Says:


    A-Train has been on your site for about a year..I love this site and the TRUE Bucs Fans on here.

    Can you PLEASE do me a favor—- NO MORE LOVIE STORIES.

    LOSER IS GONE..You can never change some of these Loser Lovers minds…Simple Fact if he was a good Coach a Big college or another NFL Team would have picked him up at least as a D Coordinator…

    Loser is in Illinois,, Please that says it all.

    P.S. Do You see the excitement in our players…I Do.


    GO BUCS!!!!!

  60. Mike Johnson Says:

    Note to ATrain… Ain’t happening. Joe know the mere mentioning of Lovie Smith created 50 post. Historically, Buc fans have always had to have a scapegoat. Very seldom have players been blamed or named. Cconstant Lovie bashing gives readers here a relief..enjoyment, a sense of catching a culprit. There are about 6 posters here who just about Nut..everytime Lovie is mentioned. Buc Realist goes into a feeding frenzy. Yes, its time to let Lovie go. But we do that when you can roast and feast continuously with limited readership? I’m more concerned about this present regime. Can they deliver? If not, they’ll be feasted upon the same guys who roasted Lovie.

  61. DavidbigBucsFan Says:

    Kevin it was so obvious he lost that season on purpose it’s not even funny but the far right klan up here refuses to see it. By virtue of not getting a qualified oc and then sticking with McClown instead of Glennon. They think their way of thinking is fhe way everybody should think and anyone who doesn’t is a Lovie apologist or sheep.

    Cobraboy that is the most INTELLIGENT and well put and classy post I’ve ever seen about this fiasco. I too was happy when Lovie was hired and was patient through the first year because I saw the plan laid out for Jameis. Sure I had rose colored glasses on for a while but like everyone else up here you have to see the body of work and there simply is nothing outside of wishful thinking that anyone could support keeping Lovie as coach. 0-4 to end season and back slide on defense and endless supply of penalties and terrible in game planning. The problem for the more decent people up here is that we have to see the buffoons up here pile and pile their crap up up here like he did something personal like sleep with their mothers or wives. The outright hatred is absolutely retarded.

    BigHog realist is a blowhard who has a need for attention. He’s probably ignored out in the real world, played dungeons and dragons growing up. He’s one of those know it alls and what ever he says is supposed to be the truth beyond reproach. Always talks like he has inside info but shows no sources. You call him a bigot well he and his klan should time warp back to the 40s , far more simpler times and they wouldn’t have to worry about anyone like Lovie ever having a dream of coaching their team. wink wink!

  62. salish_seamonster Says:

    The Buc Realist Says:
    May 19th, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    lovie interview with the Glazers back in October while Coach Schiano was Head Coach for another 2 months!!!! That is what made all the accusations of back-stabbing so funny!!! because that was the same manner lovie got this job!!!!

    I never heard that this happened, although it’s entirely possible it was done discretely.

    Some will say that the team declined the interview, But from a pretty good source, lovie wanted mularkey pretty bad, but was told not until Miami freezes over!!!!

    Mularkey had the assistant head coach title in Tennessee and probably saw himself as the heir apparent in the event of Whisenhunt’s firing (good planning). Also, does the asst. HC title allow a team to deny interview requests? That’s entirely possible. Anyway, I wouldn’t blame any OC for not wanting to work for Lovie. In fact, I was surprised Koetter initially took the job. I strongly suspect Licht had a plan for Koetter all along.

  63. Mike Johnson Says:

    We want more Lovie stories. Pumpkin head..Arise!

  64. The Buc Realist Says:

    @mike Johnson

    Then you should ask Joe about how mad the front office was at lovie when he declined to do the senior bowl and acted like he was too good for it!!!! I am sure that did not help when NFL GM Licht gave his evaluation to the Glazers!!!!!!

  65. Joe Says:



    First, thanks for your support and your kind words. Much appreciated.

    Sorry, no can do. Joe writes about ex-coaches all the time. Just this past week, Joe wrote two Chucky stories. No one complains about Chucky stories.

    Joe has written about Rah, about Schiano and about Father Dungy. And will continue to do so.

    Why is Lovie so special he should never be written about? This was a legitimate story: A BSPNer this week mocks Team Glazer for firing Lovie. Timely and relevant.

  66. Mike Johnson Says:

    I knew you would take the bait here Buc Realist. You just can’t resist the name, Lovie. Its like you are in..heat..when you see a post mentioning his name. You poor ole soul. Get help. I know you stay up late waiting..watching..for Joe to post the next Lovie thread. You’re probably wagging your tail now. Everybody here got you down pat now. Not to worry though, tmw, there will be yet another lovie bashing thread for you to..take off on! Get some sleep and..Get ready!