Fast Start Needed

May 19th, 2016
Early schedule grueling.

Early schedule grueling.

We heard a lot during the Lovie Smith era, and to a lesser degree from former Bucs commander Greg Schiano, that the Bucs wanted fast starts.

Mostly, these utterances related to getting out to a quick lead, which rarely happened. But as true as that saying is about early leads in games, it is also true about starting the regular season.

The research of eye-RAH! Kaufman, the lone Pro Football Hall of Fame selector representing the Tampa Bay area, dug up alarming information.

Five wins in four seasons in the first five weeks? That is worse than embarrassing, that is godawful.

The Bucs play in a tough division. Swimming upstream trying to reach .500 much less trying to make a playoff run is awfully rough if you start out slow.

Just for reference, the first five games this season are at Atlanta, at Arizona, Los Angeles, Denver and at Carolina.


20 Responses to “Fast Start Needed”

  1. BucfanBF Says:

    Outside of the Atlanta game the other four are going to be tough. I would be happy to be 3-2 after 5 games this year!!
    It is nothing new for a coach wanting to come out of the gate firing on all cylinders.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    5-15……25%………19-64…..29%………Not much difference between overall performance and starting performance.

    To me the key has been home game losses.

    Somehow, I think the acquisition of Monken will play a much bigger part than most think…..I think this guy likes to score!!!

  3. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Less concerned with the start more interested in in how we finish. Falcons looked impressive the first six weeks but fizzled the rest of the way.

  4. SB with Jameis Says:

    I don’t care When it happens just win 70% of your games.

  5. tmaxcon Says:


    I agree with you on Monken. I think he will be key in Evans growth and that having a qualified / experienced WR coach for the first time in Evans career will payoff quickly. I also believe that Monken will get the best out of the two projects in Humphries and Bell. Bucs still need an experienced and proven receiver for when vjax misses games.


    I hear you man… No more ending the season with a losing streak. I’d like a fast start but a strong finish is more important to me.

  6. The Buc Realist Says:

    Actually, not seeing opposing QB’s being pulled in the third quarter because the game is out of hand would be a huge improvement for the Bucs!!! The question going against very solid teams is how simple will Coach Smitty keep the defense until they form an identity!!! or will he throw the whole book at them and let them learn by trial by fire with more communication and assignment mistakes???

  7. BigHogHaynes Says:

    @ REALIST : are you making the case that we can expect this defence to be umm sub-par!! Is that what your saying?

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe…..I want to thank you for giving eye-RAH the exposure he deserves……hopefully it will help him land somewhere…..and, I think Ira is very smart to continue to stay in the public eye……

  9. Bucsfanman Says:

    TBBF has it nailed! Two words: HOME GAMES. In and of itself, winning those is already a vast improvement.
    We have to stop playing from behind in games or in season. Score big, score often and NEVER let off the gas. The defense HAS to be better this year too.

  10. tmaxcon Says:

    The defense can not be any worse than has been the last 2 years. Looking at the history both Koetter and Good Coach Smith both have NO issues running up the score or never letting up just ask Bad Coach Smith who was blown out and embarrassed by good coach smith his first year. Unlike Lovie who was scared to score and went into prevent mode with a 3 point lead in the first qtr.

  11. Buccfan37 Says:

    The new and improved Bucs 2016 edition will have to come on and play lights out to come out above .500 after the first five. Realistically 2 wins will be positive going forward. Three wins out of the first five will be proof positive that this ain’t the losing Bucs of old.

  12. Bucsfanman Says:

    @tmax-“The defense can not be any worse than has been the last 2 years.”
    That’s what I’m saying! Especially the pass defense, how can it be worse?!

  13. Tampa Tony Says:

    Bucs beat Falcons twice last season, Cards are tough at home, both the Rams and Broncos will be playing new qbs and traveling east and who knows how carolina rebounds from the super bowl hangover that Super Bowl losers usually deal with.

    Two sides to every outlook

  14. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Tony- I agree about the schedule. Strength is based on last year’s performance. That was last year! There are many new faces and coaches on every team. For now, we’re dead even in my book!

  15. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Wow. Is the glass half full or half empty. If we’re already afraid of the Dixie Chicks before the season even begins we might as well phone it in!!! Tampa Tony seems to be the only one to get it!

    We beat the Falcons twice last year!!! Atlanta in Atlanta is a very winnable game as is the game at home against Los Angeles and we know Denver will have a great D but what about their offense? And so we pull off that upset beating the Broncos in Ray Jay.

    We enter the Carolina game 3-1 with bragging rights on the line. Home field will mean nothing. My PREDICTION. The Carolina-Tampa Bay Bucs game early in the year will be the first of many showdowns between Cam Newton and Jameis Winston. I’m just happy to be a Bucs fan as the rivalry begins for real!!!

  16. feelthepewterpower Says:

    The last five games appear to be tough as well……so it makes it even more crucial we get off to sound start, Joe.

  17. Pickgrin Says:

    2-3 in the 1st 5 games is realistic. A 3-2 start would be a serious leg up towards making a legit playoff run.

  18. D-Rome Says:

    Sounds like some of you are hedging your bets in case the Bucs start poorly.

  19. BigHogHaynes Says:

    ^^^^^Tgsts the Realist way !!

  20. Mike Johnson Says:

    If the Bucs come out of the gate and lose 4 of the 1st 6? FORGETABOUTIT. not play well from behind. Sure the schedule is tough. And so it is for..31 other teams too!