Louis Murphy Channels The ACL Master

April 28th, 2016
Following November ACL surgery, Louis Murphy did what ever smart NFL player should do.

Following November ACL surgery, Louis Murphy did what ever smart NFL player should do.

Will Bucs No. 3 receiver Louis Murphy really be ready for training camp as Dirk Koetter suggested?

Joe got an interesting take from Murphy on the subject this afternoon at One Buc Palace.

After his November ACL surgery, Murphy did what every wise NFL player should do: Get on the phone and channel the knowledge of the one man who changed the landscape of ACL recovery. That would be Adrian Peterson.

“He came back from the ACL stronger than ever. I felt it was only right to ask him and work with him and get his good wisdom,” said Murphy, who said he flew to Houston to train this offseason with Peterson.

Muprhy said he also reached out to his former Panthers teammate, linebacker Thomas Davis, who has come back from three ACL injuries surgeries.

“They both gave me a lot of good wisdom and advice to how to really come back strong from this injury,” Muprhy said. “It’s been new process for me, just have to learn to stay patient.

“It’s exciting man. I feel I’ll be ready for [training] camp.”

Murphy blew out his knee in the Capitol Collapse, against Washington on Oct. 25. His surgery was in November. Can Murphy be one of those freakish healers who can really play quality football eight or nine months later?

Joe’s pulling for Murphy but really hopes the Bucs find a backup plan in the draft.

9 Responses to “Louis Murphy Channels The ACL Master”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Even with Murphy healthy we need another WR…..one with great speed.

    We will have


    I doubt we keep 7….but we might or put Bell or Humphries on the practice squad…..The key is Bell’s ability to make something happen.

  2. Tampa Tony Says:

    Draft a WR in the first 3 rounds!!!

  3. BamaBuc Says:

    Agreed. Sterling shepard would be great in the second.

  4. BamaBuc Says:

    I’m torn though guess depends on safeties available at that spot. Also Shepard might be gone.

  5. 813bucboi Says:

    ANDRE DAVIS IS THE WILD CARD…..watch out for taj sharpe out of umass….GO BUCS!!!

  6. Espo Says:

    I tore my ACL in 02. I think I’m about to make my recovery.

  7. Owlykat Says:

    Murphy will come back strong! I have been critical of Bell, but I would like to see him become another fast WR with good hands who is durable enough to get through this season. We have a better WR Coach this year and it would be great if he can teach all our receivers how to run precise routes and get open. If so we won’t need to waste a high draft pick on a WR. Still there are decent WRs who can be picked lower in the draft and developed.

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