Gerald McCoy Has A Quiet Day

April 28th, 2016

Strange approach today from Gerald McCoy

Since arriving in Tampa, Gerald McCoy has always loved to speak his mind.

Not today.

McCoy generously agreed to a group session with media on the sweltering One Buc Palace practice fields this afternoon, and McCoy proceeded to gently issue one word answers to questions. Occasionally, he progressed to a sentence or two or three.

Joe asked the third question of McCoy, a softball query about what makes his new new defensive line coach, Jay Hayes, different from his many other D-line coaches.

McCoy wasn’t playing. “Well, He’s different.”

Soon after, McCoy was asked to talk about his new defensive teammates.

“I’m happy with them,” he said.

This went on for a bit. McCoy did give a longer answer about improving his diet and further stepping up his already notable training regimen.

Joe then asked McCoy whether he had a message that he wanted to deliver. “Stay tuned. That’s it,” McCoy said.

The game was over in about 1 minute and 50 seconds.

Joe’s not sure what got into McCoy. It’s rare that he would talk less than eight minutes. Joe’s going to withhold speculation and hope McCoy isn’t ill. He did reference that his knees hurt, though it seemed to be in jest.

88 Responses to “Gerald McCoy Has A Quiet Day”

  1. celly Says:

    I’m looking forward to the commenters complaining about this one.

    If he talks to much, they say that he does too much talking and should perform on the field.

  2. Bryan Says:

    He is disturbed about being overshadowed by Jameis. He had a chance to make it his team but that did not happen. He is taking his place in the back where he should stay until he can make a play when it matters.

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    I am glad he’s not talking. talking did not work for him. Bryan said it very well above… he needs to make plays when it matters then he can talk all he wants.

  4. HarlemBuc Says:

    McCoy is dealing with not only a regime switch but a mindset switch. He knows his days as our default franchise player are done… He doesn’t need to speak anymore the new energy and vision at one buc means he needs to produce and 8-10 non game changing sacks ain’t gonna do it. Jameis, Licht, and Koetter/Smith have turned the page to the accountability era… And Mr”let’s have fun” is on the outside looking in
    Noah Spence @ 9!!!

  5. Johnnyc71 Says:

    Perhaps he finally realized that being vastly overpaid to take the field for far less than half the snaps over his disappointing career provides him an opportunity to shut the hell up and prove it on the field… consistently

  6. Mike Johnson Says:

    Actually I do think McCoy is happy not being the..face of the franchise any longer. Reporters do ask the same old dumb a.. questions over and over again. Its probably a big relief for him. You can only be the head..cheerleader for so long.

  7. Miko Says:

    Trade him!…doesn’t seem to fit the “football is important” model…

  8. LordCornelius Says:

    Maybe he’s tired of losing and wants to win for once b4 he talks much

  9. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Like Celly said, some of you are so pathetic you are going to hate no matter what. He speaks, you want him to shut up. He doesn’t speak enough, he’s jealous. Give me a freaking break people! Get a life! Did anyone think that maybe he’s sick of being hated on with every word he says? Perhaps he’s sick of people saying he’s a bad teammate, or that he doesn’t care about winning, or that he’s jealous of a certain player, or that he’s not any good, etc. etc. I don’t blame him one bit. The guy has produced (contrary to what the idiot haters say) and he’s an absolute model citizen. Maybe it’s just jealousy that he makes millions and you just got chewed out for burning the fries, but it’s stupid none the less. The funniest thing is, these same guys that talk all this crap about him are the same ones who scream like a little girl when they see him out in public.

  10. TNOLES Says:

    He is probably worried yet another rookie will come in and take more of the spotlight away from him. I swear this guy is a spoiled brat!! Like a little kid who doesn’t get enough attention! LMA

  11. Bryan Says:

    The thing no one ever really talks about is who were the player(s) Jameis was referring to when he said they needed to get their why’s in order? GMC and his crew? I think his feelings are still hurt. Good! GMC needs some dog. Hopefully his wounded pride will inject some dog in him and not of the ankle bitter variety.

  12. Tiny Tim Says:

    Because he realizes not only is he not the face of the franchise, but he is not the face of the defense. That belongs to kwon. I found it interesting that kwon was the first defensive player to speak at the podium last week at one buc place. That used to be gmc’s. Not anymore. Its a new day in Tampa Bay.

  13. Miko Says:

    @TNOLES….ding,ding,ding!…nailed it, attention seeker….

  14. TNOLES Says:

    The day he can finish a full 16 game season and be THE difference maker in the fourth quarter of games like he is being paid to do is the day the hate stops!

  15. Loubucfan Says:

    Maybe he knows we will draft DT like Rankins? Boo hoo 🙁

  16. Miko Says:

    @TNOLES…absolutely nailed it again!…so true..

  17. DB55 Says:

    how crazy would it be if he got traded tonight? Not saying he should but what if? Some people might die of shock and depression.

  18. feelthepewterpower Says:

    What more do Buccs fans want out of McCoy? How could the guy make plays with a bad shoulder then a broken hand….

  19. DB55 Says:


    This may answer your question.

  20. Miko Says:

    @feelthepewterpower…why did he play in the pro bowl if he was so injured at the end of the season?….why bother?

  21. BucTrooper Says:

    I’m going to edit a few of the statements above….I think McCoy liked the IDEA of being the face of the team, but he wasn’t prepared to do the work to be great. In Joe’s words, he’s “good.” But good doesn’t cut it. And when Jameis was just “good” he came out and said that “good” was unacceptable and he had to get better…and fast. You never heard that urgency EVER from McCoy. I don’t care if his stats are comparable to other great DTs….he’s soft. He scares NO ONE. there’s no fear in McCoy’s game.

    I wanted Suh.

  22. DB55 Says:

    GMC is the GREATEST smiler the Bucs have ever had.

    Oh damn my fries are burning.

  23. D-Rome Says:

    Perhaps he had a headache or needed to use the bathroom.

  24. 813bucboi Says:

    @bryan..@tmaxcon..@johnnyc71..@miko..@lordc..@tnoles..@tinytim….i agree with you all…gmc sees the writing on the wall…losing will not be accepted any more…players on this team must follow jameis and kwon….he’s pissed because no one wants to follow him…

    @db55…not crazy but good…when he was in we stopped the run and had no pressure on the qb…when he missed a game we stopped the run and got no pressure on the qb…GO BUCS!!!

  25. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Stay tuned? I guess he’s been told they’re switching to a one-gap Wade Phillips style 3-4 and he’s playing the role of pass-rushing one-gap 0-technique or 4-technique DT, kind of like Malik Jackson did at times last year for Denver (or Jay Ratliff for the Cowboys when Wade Phillips was there). Will Gholston would be a nice DE in that system while Ayers plays the other DE spot. Spence could play NT on run downs, sliding GMC to DE and then get off the field on passing downs when GMC moves back to one-gap DT again.

    Sound crazy? Think about how the dominant Wade Phillips defenses over the past decade have changed the NFL and how Mike Smith loves to play to his players’ strengths. Also think about why there’s so much buzz about Leonard Floyd (perfect OLB in this type of system). They signed Kournei Brown who’s experienced at OLB in a 3-4 for Houston. Lavonte David could roam between ILB and OLB while Kwon enforces the middle.

    Anyway, how’s that for a convoluted conspiracy theory about why McCoy wasn’t in a good mood today? Just getting in the spirit of draft-day BS.

  26. 813bucboi Says:

    hayes is probably busting his a$$ telling gmc,”your a top 5 dt but I don’t see it….atkins would make you wet the bed”…GO BUCS!!!

  27. DB55 Says:


    Are you saying it would be good to trade him?

  28. Tiny Tim Says:

    @ feelthepower

    Sapp broke his hand in late september in 1999 and went on to have 16.5 sacks and won DPOY so………

  29. unbelievable Says:

    You guys are crazy if you think opposing teams don’t game plan specifically for GMC. Haters always gonna hate tho

  30. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    How can you people say he doesn’t want to put in the work? Do you realize what he does every single offseason? Do you realize how strict he is with his diet? For those that say he’s jealous of his teammates, do you realize all the things he does for his teammates? He buys them doughnuts before practice (of course I’m sure you think it’s in attempt to get them all fat so they can play terrible). He has rented out theaters and bowling alleys for them to hang out and have a good time. He flew the entire DL to Hawaii this year for the Pro Bowl, and paid their hotel rooms (which that hotel runs at least $500 per night, probably more during the Pro Bowl). He had Jameis come to his son’s birthday party. They all went to the UFC fight a week or so ago. The list goes on and on.

    Yet a bunch of losers who know absolutely nothing have the audacity to proclaim all these things about him because they are stupid enough to think they really know better than everyone else. They know better than the organization, which sees him every day and gave him that money. They know better than his teammates, who voted him captain and always mention his name when the topic of leadership comes up. They know better than the fans, coaches, and media that vote him an All-Pro and a Pro Bowler. They know better than the players that vote him in the top 50 every year. They know better than the 31 other teams that would love to have him on their team. Yep, you guys have a football intellect that is so much better than everyone else, and you also know what is going on behind closed doors. You know his heart, and what is important and not important to him as well. And you know all this even though you have never met him, never coached football, never played, and never won at anything. It’s very impressive, and even more impressive that you have the coconuts to write it anonymously.

  31. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Sapp broke his hand in late september in 1999 and went on to have 16.5 sacks and won DPOY so………:”


    Are all hand breaks the same? Did Sapp also have a torn rotator? Sorry, I didn’t mean to drop actual facts to you.

  32. Tiny Tim Says:

    Actual facts sapp broke his hand in two places. McCoy even went to sapp for advise of how to play with a broken hand. He just cant perform at that level. Thats facts so……

  33. Bucco Bruce Says:

    It’s funny how so many talk like they know him on a personal level and sit down for steak dinner every night and chat about his thoughts and ideas. Also funny how much you all care about off the field crap.

    Thing is none of the made for tv drama crap matter from this organization or its players (wives included). What matters is they have a mentality to work hard and win. Then turn that into actual wins. I don’t care what McCoy feels I sure as hell don’t care about what Miko says. I want to see a product on the field that destroys the competition by hard play and grit. Players who don’t quit on their team or teammates.

    I want to not just be a die hard Bucs fan but be a fan of a perennial winner and contender again. We have that opportunity in my eyes and speculation and doubt from all the gossipers has no place here.

  34. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    If the Bucs got rid of every DT who wasn’t like Sapp there would be no DT’s left on the team.

    If the Bucs drafted every DT in this year’s draft who is like Sapp there would be zero draft picks.

    That’s facts, so…

  35. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    If the Bucs traded for every DT in the entire NFL who can do what Sapp did there would be no trades.


  36. Buccfan37 Says:

    More than likely McCoy didn’t say much because he didn’t have much to say.

  37. Tiny Tim Says:


    Don’t be mad at me because McCoy is just a good player and has never become great. Its not my fault at all. You can take your excuses to someone else who will fall for them. There have been many great defenders play with injuries and play at a great to elite level. McCoy is not that guy. He is good and thats it.

  38. LovieBall Says:

    McCoy doesn’t like the new “winning” attitude of the Buccaneers because of Jameis. What a loser.

  39. DB55 Says:

    Time will tell but Aaron Donald probably the closest to Sapp right now.

  40. Dewey Selmon Says:

    This is Kwon’s defense now. Title should have said “former alpha dog”

  41. Tiny Tim Says:

    If mccoy played like a great/elite talent like von miller, jj watt, justin houston etc then the fans would not say much. We dont need him to be sapp. We just want him to play at an elite level so………

  42. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Well he who laughs last laughs best. GMC WILL have the last laugh not the haters here.

    GMC is NOT Warren Sapp. This means a couple of things. He’s not as good of a football player. Sapp was blessed with freakish talent and quick twitch muscles on an ugly body with a dunlop over his waistband belly. Didn’t harm his career but it shows he did most of it on natural talent. GMC simply does not possess that.

    But GMC is a smart man, a quality human being…two things Sapp is not. Aside from football Sapp is the quintessential loser. An arrogant joke who never realized the wisdom in “To those who are given a lot a lot is expected”

    If GMC hung them up today he would have four consecutive pro bowl appearances and was a first team All pro. And he’ll be sitting on 50 million+ and he’ll be a decent human, something Sapp can’t even imagine.

    And for those who love Sapp’s jerkwad behavior believing that’s what’s required to play great…duh…DB55…Ronde…Lynch…Alstott…Dunn…Johnson…why were all these guys class acts yet great players.

    GMC has had two major flaws…injuries…not because like Sapp he took training lightly but because of bad luck and genetics…and playing for a really mismanaged franchise…again not HIS fault.

  43. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Tiny Tim,

    Did Sapp play with a torn rotator? Do you not think it would be tough to shed blocks if you can’t use your shoulder? Then on top of that, you can’t use your opposite hand? Then on top of that, he has literally zero help, and piss poor coaching. He made the freaking Pro Bowl with “Toes on the Line” and “Coach MyScheme”! That in itself is a modern day miracle. But I’m sure there are tons of players who have played through injuries, played on miserable teams, played with no help, played for terrible coaches, and still played at an elite level. The list goes on and on of those players.

    As for Sapp, nobody is saying he’s Sapp. Nobody is Sapp. If you want him to be Sapp, then that’s your problem, not mine. This isn’t 1999. Move on.

    If he hasn’t played to an elite level, why is he a 4 time pro bowler and a 2 time all Pro? He plays for a small market franchise that doesn’t win, yet still gets awarded year in and year out. Do you think people vote him in for sympathy? Instead of saying your worthless opinion as fact, why don’t you answer that question? Do you entertain the idea that those people whose vote actually matters believe different from you, so perhaps you are wrong? What makes you “eye test” such a valuable commodity? Who the hell do you think you are? How much scouting have you done?

  44. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “If mccoy played like a great/elite talent like von miller, jj watt, justin houston etc then the fans would not say much. We dont need him to be sapp. We just want him to play at an elite level so………”


    Pop quiz – What do all those guys have that GMC doesn’t? (hint: the answer is in my previous post)

  45. Tiny Tim Says:

    @ hawaiin

    I stop reading your novel after the first sentence. I get it. In your mind McCoy is the only football player to play with injury. Got it. You win because obviously you love McCoy but McCoy played the same way his whole career with or without a rotator cuff. I get it. He is great to you. Have a good one.

  46. Tiny Tim Says:

    While Hawaiian and others get confused between good and great, I myself do not. I love Shelton Quarles because he was the middle linebacker for the bucs when we lifted the Lombardi. He even went to a couple of pro bowls, but make no mistake about it, he was only a good player. I could see the difference between Quarles and Ray Lewis. I could see the difference between Quarles and Brian Urlacher. If Hawaiian and others cannot see the difference between McCoy and a player like Watt or Miller then there is nothing I can do for them because their eyes are closed the f#$k shut. And no who plays along side of you has nothing to do with whether or not you are a beast on Sundays. Hardy Nickerson for a long time played with no one what so ever and he showed out every Sunday until Sapp and the boys came. FYI….Quarles was no Hardy Nickerson either

  47. celly Says:

    @Tiny Tim…

    You’re correct.

    McCoy has played the same way his whole career… with NO help on the d-line.

    Hopefully, this draft, Licht can get him some help this year…

  48. celly Says:

    Guess what, not every player is going to be great.

    You can want them all to be great, but that’s just not the case.

    And don’t bring up (he doesn’t play up to his contract). That has absolutely no bearing on anything. It’s not our money. There’s a cap that has to be spent. If he was hurting us cap-wise, then you would have an argument.

    McCoy is great for this team. If we released him right now, I’m willing to bet that there are at LEAST 25 other teams that would want him.

  49. McBuc Says:

    Hawaiian is spot on… News flash, this just in, watt plays DE! Not the same position.

  50. celly Says:


    That’s crazy talk. it doesn’t matter. D-line is D-line.


  51. Tiny Tim Says:


    I am well aware not every player can be great. I am not mad at McCoy for not being great. He is who he is, a good player. The bucs need all the good players the can get. Here’s hoping that licht can draft some more great players starting tonight.

  52. Tiny Tim Says:

    Great is great regardless of position. Calvin johnson played most of his career with an inconsistent qb, no #2 wr and no rb yet he was considered the best receiver in the game. No one was complaining that he did not have a #2 receiver. If you are great, then you are great regardless of position and regardless of your surrounding cast.

  53. 813bucboi Says:

    @db55…it wouldn’t be crazy….to be honest imo I think he has more value as bait than with this team….I went to 7games last year(season ticket holder since 2010) and during the pre game huddle with the players you could feel the tension between the new regime(rookies) and vets like gmc that have at least been there for 3 or 4 years….but maybe hayes can turn gmc into a nasty force that’s cut from the same cloth as suh, Donald, aktins, dareus…all Im saying is that I wouldn’t be sad if he left…GO BUCS!!!

  54. celly Says:

    But how well did that greatness turn in to wins?

    Yeah, he put up great numbers, that’s not debatable. But I think an argument can be made that if he had other teammates around him, he would’ve and could’ve been even better as well as helped his team get some more wins.

  55. BigMacAttack Says:

    He’s growing up. Until you win and can stuff offenses, stfu.
    Put it on tape. All you’ve got all of the time.

  56. Tiny Tim Says:

    My above statement is in response to watt being a DE and mccoy being dt as if thats an excuse for McCoy not playing at a great level. Fyi….watt plays all over the line whic means dt as well.

  57. Steve Says:

    Trade him?? You must be on drugs or a bandwagon panthers fan.

  58. 813bucboi Says:

    @Hawaiian…Do you think people vote him in for sympathy?…
    nawl because he’s a nice guy that just wants to have fun….

    @buctrooper said it best….”He scares NO ONE. there’s no fear in McCoy’s game.”….

    give me an a$$hole bully boarder line dirty s.o.b. down in the trenches that demands respect and plays with an attitude….maybe hayes will get that out of him but you know how the sang goes….you can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink or is it you cant teach an old dog new tricks….one of those should fit gmc….GO BUCS!!!

  59. DB55 Says:

    Just as a reminder when gmc played with Bennett he had 5 sacks that year.

  60. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Notice Tiny can’t answer my question. He uses the excuse of he didn’t read my post (which we all know he did), but since he has no answer, he’ll just continue to try to compare apples to oranges.

    Besides, what the hell does it matter if he’s good or great? Why argue about a stupid label? Does it make you feel better to classify everyone? Nobody gives 2 sh!ts whether or not YOU think he’s great. I promise you McCoy doesn’t care. Now the opinion of his fellow teammates, opponents, and players – that’s a different story. Until you are someone who has any relevance in football, any opinion you have of greatness or just being good is completely useless. Of course the same can be said for me, but I just so happen to fall in line with the belief of all the experts. If I’m going to take a side in a debate, I’m going to go with the football guys over a guy anonymously posting on a blog site.

  61. Tiny Tim Says:

    Tell me what question you want me to answer without me reading your novel? And its not apples to oranges. Either you are great or not rgardless of position.

  62. Tiny Tim Says:

    Last i checked, both sapp and strahan were great. Not sure why this is hard to understand

  63. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Here you go (sorry, I didn’t realize that 3 paragraphs qualifies as a novel. But then again, I guess for people who are used to books that pop out, it is. My bad):

    If he hasn’t played to an elite level, why is he a 4 time pro bowler and a 2 time all Pro? He plays for a small market franchise that doesn’t win, yet still gets awarded year in and year out. Do you think people vote him in for sympathy?

  64. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    So there is no gray area between great and not great? Is that what you are saying? So if I give you a list of 100 players, you can separate them between great and not great, and there will be no debate? Is that what you believe? Got it. Boy, I’m learning so much today.

  65. 813bucboi Says:

    his stats don’t tell the whole story…many times I have seen gmc make a tackle on first down, sack on second down during the first drive of the game with the score 0-0 and don’t hear his called again until 2minutes left in the 4th quarter and we’re down by 10points….MANY OF TIMES!!!!….yeah he played hurt but who doesn’t play hurt…the healthiest a player will be is right now…once training camp rolls around and pads come on no one is 110% healthy….GO BUCS!!!

  66. Tiny Tim Says:

    Probowl? The pro bowl is a popularity contest. You’ve got to be kidding me right. Once you are voted in once, then you pretty much get to ride the gravy train after that. You got it, he is great to you. All the greats i know their names are at least in the running for DPOY regardless of position. Fyi… becomes a novel when your post is longer than joe’s article. I come to read joe’s articles and not your confusion.

  67. 813bucboi Says:

    @DB55….Bennett is an alpha dog and plays with an attitude…Bennett was batman….gmc was and still is catwoman…GO BUCS!!!

  68. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    problem is he is fake…good on the field but just a fake person

  69. Bryan Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    I will be your Huckleberry! The answer to your question is heart! Miles and miles of heart. I love quoting movies.

    GMC is talented, which is why he makes the pro bowl. He is big, strong and has incredible get off. He is making the pro bowl based on those attributes. He has the kind of talent that should transcend the position and perhaps the game but… Sapp has said himself that GMC is more talented yet you will never see his mug in Canton. Joe has written articles lately quoting a scout that said DE is a convict position. DT may not be a convict position but it helps if you at least aren’t an altar boy. GMC is good. He has the talent and potential to be great. He was drafted in a spot that should demand greatness. He is being paid money that should demand greatness. Our team needs him to be great. He is not great. He should not be even mentioned in the same sentence as JJ. JJ has dog. Mad Dog. If GMC has any dog it is the kind that rolls over and wets itself, at least when we need him to be a pit. You could put Johnny Football on a d-line next to JJ and he would still be great. I recently heard a commentator say that he does not want someone that wants to win. He wants someone who hates to lose. GMC does not hate losing. Only a blind apologist would suggest otherwise. I guess we should all be like you and GMC and settle for merely Goodness. At least he is a nice guy.

  70. Tiny Tim Says:

    @ hawaiian

    Explain to me how the defense folded like a cheap suit the last four games without kwon? It doesnt bother you that the great McCoy led defenses seems to always be fragile? You didnt notice the heartbeat kwon brought to this defense? Shouldnt that be McCoy’s job? Thats part of being great. You cant blame it all on scheme or personnel. McCoy is not that dude.

  71. 813bucboi Says:

    @tinytim….PREACH!!!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!

  72. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You guys are comical. Can’t answer a question with facts. You mention the Pro Bowls are a joke, but you don’t mention being an All-Pro. Is that a joke too? He was voted in the top 40 last year by his peers. Is that a joke too? Is that a popularity contest? The only joke is you my friend.

    And to those questioning his heart or his will to win (or not lose), it’s great you can judge a man without knowing him, or even meeting him. You guys have a great day.

  73. DB55 Says:

    For the record GMC apologized to the media today for being such a meanie. He said he was having a “rough day”. He’s the real MVP!

  74. Mike Johnson Says:

    Careful here now HAWAIAN BUC, People who post here (particularly the regulars) hate truth. Its like kryptonite to them! They want to stay on..fantasy island.

  75. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Hate all you want, if I were he I’d tell all yall to go to hell! Man & Woman!!

  76. 813bucboi Says:

    @db55…did he really do that?….if so, what a pu$$%!!!!!…

    like I said hayes probably chewed him out and he got his feeling hurt…GO BUCS!!!

  77. 813bucboi Says:

    damn @bryan….you on a roll today….if gmc read your last post he would roll over and WET himself…..GO BUCS!!!

  78. tnew Says:

    Just like Evans and ASJ, the Bucs need GMC to have a monster season. I’m rooting for it. Draft GMC two running buddies, a DT early and a DE late. He’ll be happy.

  79. Bryan Says:

    Thanks 813. I hope I didn’t upset @Hawaiian too much. When GMC realizes his true calling and becomes a sensitivity instructor, I promise to attend his classes.

  80. DB55 Says:


    Yes he did. He sent a tweet out to the media after practice.

  81. Owlykat Says:

    Maybe he found out his defense will elect our second year MLB as their Defensive Captain! If he keeps losing weight the only position Gerald can play is DE. All the more reason for us to take Rankins with our 9th pick in the first round and not trade down. He will need to replace Gerald in time anyway and I don’t believe we will have the 9th pick again for a long time.

  82. tmaxcon Says:

    I will be nominating Hawaiian Buc for agent of the year. McCoy is lucky to have such a dedicated agent. I will post a petition online so all can support Hawaiian Buc’s agent of the year campaign. People are not being personal McCoy is far from perfect therefore there is legit critisim warranted. Not all negative comments are “Hate”. The words hate, friends and sorry all carry no meaning these days.

  83. Capt. Tim Says:

    On a day when Buc fans should be united in optimism, I had to come here and read all this hate , from some of the stupiest f*+kers who have ever lived.

    Gawd! Some of you are so ignorant, its unbelievable

    McCoy is better than Sapp. Even Sapp has said so

    Sapp was surrounded by hall of Famers. That includes the amazing Simeon Rice.

    McCoy has been surrounded by ass clowns, and coached by inexperienced dumbasses.

    If McCoy was quiet, Its because he was reflected on how this loser franchise has wasted the best years of his career- now that he finally has a real Defensive coordinator.

    You haters can go f^*k yourselves!

  84. The Buc Realist Says:

    If you have to tell everyone that “you are the leader” then you are not a leader!!! Take a back seat GMC93, Listen to everything Coach Smitty tells you and enjoy the ride!!!! This Bus might finally be going somewhere now!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!

  85. Capt. Tim Says:

    Oh, In case I forgot
    F•*k you dumb SOBs

  86. Bucco Bruce Says:

    Well we clearly know now who here is what I mentioned in my previous post on this. Some of you need to grow up.

  87. Bucco Bruce Says:

    Capt I feel you if you read what I said (up a good bit) you would know. Don’t give these morons the time of day. Instead of trying to boost our team they hate on everything and whine about what we don’t have.

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