Benenoch: Football Player By Accident

April 30th, 2016
Soccer player.

Soccer player.

Now this is a cool story and it should be told and celebrated every Fourth of July. It is as American as apple pie, Bud Light and cheerleaders.

New Bucs offensive tackle Caleb Benenoch, today’s fifth-round pick, was born in Nigeria. When his family moved to Texas, obviously, they wanted young Caleb to blend in with American society. So when there was a local youth football camp holding tryouts, Caleb’s mother was quick to send him there to try to make new friends, and make the team.

There was a bump in the road, however. Caleb’s mom associated football with — brace yourself — soccer!

“We got out there and it was a complete different game than we thought it was,” Benenoch told the local pen and mic club via teleconference. “But I fell in love with it really, really fast. I’ve played it ever since.”

Benenoch recalled his mom was “all excited” about him playing what we Americans refer to as soccer.

“But it was American football,” Benenoch said. “I just wanted to make friends, honestly. And that’s what my friends were doing and I just wanted to have fun and play with my friends at school.”

6 Responses to “Benenoch: Football Player By Accident”

  1. BuC LiFe Says:

    Could be the Kwon of the draft ?? Still scratching my head about Berto in the second, but all in a solid draft

  2. BuC LiFe Says:

    Oh and Go Bolts !!!

  3. Mike Johnson Says:

    Many athletes from Nigeria already have that quick lower limb and foot movement. Soccer is the no 1 sport in many African nations. So, we’ll see how this kid develops. He has the right attitude and a lot of upside.

  4. Buccfan37 Says:

    Not too many athletes can make the transition from soccer to pro football.

  5. Mike Johnson Says:

    BucFab37..I can only think of that Nigerian guy fron KC like our Allstott. He was a beast for a few yrs before he..turned down a lucarative contact saying, NO MORE! I got a feeling bout this line guy we picked, He..wants to play for a few yrs. And a few yrs is all we need!!

  6. CaptBUC Says:

    Hey Buc Life,

    Since Caleb here plays soccer as well as football. He may be a backup for Berto if he’s ever needed? Lol