Gerald McCoy Is In Love

March 3rd, 2016

RevisMcCoyProBowlGerald McCoy is having severe mood swings lately.

First, he was laughing at “hilarious,” two-faced Bucs fans.

Now, No. 93 is voicing his love of Doug Martin. After the great Muscle Hamster was not granted the franchise tag by the Bucs, McCoy headed to Twitter and shared the following.

@Geradini93 – FYI I LOVE YOU @DougMartin22!! Patiently waiting……..Haha

Does McCoy know something Bucs fans don’t?

Has Martin told Tampa Bay he’ll hit free agency and bring them back an offer to match. And the Bucs said they’ll match it?

Or is McCoy giving his comrade of four years a social media good-bye kiss?

Mark it down. Joe will vomit if Martin is taking carries from Marcus Mariota this season.

12 Responses to “Gerald McCoy Is In Love”

  1. Buc89 Says:

    “Mariota…. hands it off to Martin…. Martin shakes 2 defenders in the backfield…. He’s got a hole! To the 40.. the 30… 20… 10… 5… TOUCHDOWN Martin”

    And the announcers will talk about how good of a hand off it was from Mariota

  2. Buc Neckid Says:

    If Mariota is a “Coach Killer”
    Is Jameis one too?

    No. Jameis’ coach made it through a whole season and hung himself with a garbage defense. Mariota’s coach, an alleged QB guru, was fired very early, while his QB was inconsistent and couldn’t win games. –Joe

  3. Jjuice32 Says:

    That’s close but it’s “to the 40, 30, 20, 10, 5, and tackled at the 2”.
    Does anybody know who led RB’s in the most lost fumbles last yr?
    That’s right #22

  4. Supersam Says:

    Mariota looked pretty consistent beating our defense up and down the field week one, I thought he wasn’t supposed to be capable of doing things like that? Ya know coming from Oregon and all. Somebody made a whoops…

  5. BucsFanaticinAZ Says:

    If Doug Martin signs with another team, the Bucs are making it damn near IMPOSSIBLE for me to buy a jersey for a player that sticks.

    Cadillac Williams, Michael Clayton, Warren Sapp, Josh Freeman, Mark Barron, Darrelle Revis, and now Mike Evans, Doug Martin, and Jameis Winston.

    Even when Doug was having a down year, he was always tough to bring down. His vision and ability to carry tacklers this year really made a difference. I don’t see those things magically disappearing from his reportois this next season. Bring the man back!

  6. BigHogHaynes Says:

    @Jjuice32: how many running backs gained 1400 yards? Fumbles are a nature of the beast in this game!!…………..but them 1400 tho!!

  7. 1sparkybuc Says:

    I believe AP led the league in fumbles, as well as as yardage, last year.

  8. ndog Says:

    There is Supersam continuing his love affair with his boy. I guess you forgot that Case Keenum of the Rams also lit up our defensive along with Ryan Mallet who is not on a team now. But yes beating the Bucs d last year equates to greatness. Give it up.

  9. Pickgrin Says:

    Sounds to me like Gerald still expects Martin to be a Buc next year. As do I.

    I’ve been saying for weeks now – 4 years $25M – $12M guaranteed including a $5M signing bonus is the deal that is fair for both the Bucs and Doug Martin. Lets see how close I am to right once Doug signs his new deal.

  10. Jjuice32 Says:

    Did the team that won the superbowl have a pro bowl RB or the team that won the previous yr.(pats)?

  11. Todd Says:

    Poor McCoy this team will always miss the playoffs

  12. Chromolly Says:

    Ovcourse he loves Martin.They have both been slacker pals over the last 4 years…Im sick of McSofty…loser