Draft Smokescreens Already Started?

March 1st, 2016

Draft season = smoke season.

Yes, Joe already hinted folks should be careful inhaling after Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht had meetings with local reporters prior to the NFL Scouting Combine.

Could Licht have been fanning more flames from his barbecue pit in Indianapolis? Consider what he said about the focus of the Bucs in the draft:

“We will focus on defense, for sure, this offseason,” Licht said. “To say that for sure we will do it early in the draft, I can’t say that. The needs do match up, it is a strong group of players at certain positions that we do have a need at, but we’ve taken the approach the last couple of years of ‘best player available.’ We felt really good about our last draft and even 2014. We’re not going to sacrifice a really good player just to fill a need. That’s where a lot of mistakes are made.”

Well, first, the “best player available” theme is largely an NFL urban myth. For example, does anyone really believe the Bucs will draft a quarterback in the first or second round? Or a weakside linebacker? Of course not.

There is no question the Bucs need help on defense. A guy walking around with a white cane can see this. However, this team is all about America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston. In other words, surround him with weapons.

If the draft truly is that deep at defensive end, could Licht go offense in, say, the second round to help out Jameis?

37 Responses to “Draft Smokescreens Already Started?”

  1. Mojiska Says:

    I was thinking depending on how f.a. goes sterling shephard or fuller in the 2nd would add a dimention to our offense that we are missing. There will be some quality at c.b. and d.e. in the 3rd more than likely. Artie burns at cb and nassib could be there, both quality contributors imo.

  2. DB55 Says:

    Watched the senior bowl last night and thought to myself with all the 6’5″ 300lbs guys running 40s in 4.98 seconds why in the world would we consider taking a 4ft nothing 115lb guy who wasn’t even the fastest CB at the combine. We don’t need no stinking gators. (Lol,That’s for you SB,lol)

  3. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    The key thing Licht said- “We’re looking at 3yrs – Where we’ll be 3 yrs down the road”

    The only position that really stands out is RT – from a development stand point.

    That’s why I wouldn’t be shocked if drafted either.

    Ronnie Stanley OT Notre Dame 6-6 312

    Or Trade back (Pick up and Extra 2 & 4th rounder) and draft

    Jack Conklin OT Michigan State 6-6 308

  4. 1nebuc Says:

    I hate the FN LIZARDS too ! NOLENATION BABY! I dont know which team we have the worst luck drafting from the florida lizards or the clemson kittens . I say use the 9th pick and Glennon make a trade with Cleveland for the 2nd pick and their 4th round pick and get Ramsey

  5. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Glad to see some State LUV

  6. Bo Says:

    OT would not shock me either… Best player available should be easy with so many needs.. Most likely will be a passrusher or secondary.

  7. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    I hear U bruh. But I’m certain we can pick up those pieces up in Free Agency. An double down if need be, in the mid-to-later rounds.

  8. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    “The key thing Licht said- “We’re looking at 3yrs – Where we’ll be 3 yrs down the road”

    The only position that really stands out is RT – from a development stand point.”

    I disagree with that. It’s not the ONLY position.

  9. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I’m sure we can pick up a DE in free agency…but that doesn’t remove the need to draft one. We DO need two of them after all. Even if we sign two of them in free agency…we should draft one…although maybe not with the first pick.

  10. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    We can agree to disagree family. But we known how that youngman performs, when he’s comfortable in the pocket. They gave him the keys to Franchise. So you gotta protect your most prized position.

  11. DB55 Says:


    say use the 9th pick and Glennon make a trade with Cleveland for the 2nd pick and their 4th round pick and get Ramsey

    Yes! Jameis would love this. But y trade away a great player like Glennon? Send GMC instead. Haha I’m just playing. Too early to get people pissed off. Lmao.

  12. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    I will always reflect back to the 1990 draft

    When we decided to draft Keith McCants. Sure we needed defensive help. But there was strong amount of fans, that wanted to more help on the Oline for Vinny. It’s crazy because Miami – did the complete opposite. They drafted Richmond Webb & Keith Sims, with their 1st and 2nd picks. To help out Marino

    I know hindsite is 20/20. But like a said their was strong contingent that wanted us to go OLine early that year. It’s not like this line doesn’t need it.

  13. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Think about it – every single QB that left Tampa too when a Super Bowl. Walked into some of the best offensive lines in NFL History. One could make a strong point – that the reason why we’ve been a below average franchise. Is because of poor Offensive Line Play.

  14. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    Oh, I agree we need an OT. I just don’t think we should get one with our first pick. Round 2 should be fine.

  15. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Stanley & Conklin are Blue Chippers. Your not picking up that type of talent (this year) in the 2nd round.

  16. MadMax Says:

    Sup Luv! Man Im glad you like Conklin too. So many directions we could go with that #9 pick. Im guessing Ramsey is def not possible now after he killed it at the combine yesterday. He’s top 3-5 for sure. Bosa could be possible to trade up for if he falls near us. Maybe even Buckner. But if we stay put, Im also thinking OT as BPA…..maybe even trade down for the right price.

    But with Glennon, and maybe even next year’s 1st pick, I would NOT mind trading up for Ramsey. Always wanted him anyway, but even more now. As long as he stays healthy, he’ll be a pro bowler for sure.

    Luv, whats your thoughts on Pharoh Cooper if he’s still there in the bottom of the 3rd and we can move up for him? ….or he just might be there for our 4th.

  17. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    My dude – what’s good brudda?

  18. macabee Says:

    On this point I must agree with the Joes! BPA is a catchword used today by fans who don’t quite know who to pick – probably as a result of so many varying mock drafts. I use it, everybody uses it, but it exists only at draft time and in the eye of the team who’s making the pick. So the BPA is only the BPA if the team on the clock thinks so. Some other team may have taken a different BPA.

    Every player that got a 1st round grade from the NFL is already the best player available or they wouldn’t be in the 1st round – and even they aren’t in the 1st round unless somebody picks them there. There is no list prepared beforehand that identifies the BPA. And you don’t know who it is or you would name the player when you say BPA.

    You see, at some point in the round as we trade down or pick later, what we call BPA really becomes the LPF or least player preferred because he’s still on the board. So it’s subjective. But no harm no foul – everybody says it and people are going to continue to say it because it’s a convenience.

    So forgive me for this post – in a way it’s heresy because who wouldn’t want to get the best player available. Lol.

  19. Pickgrin Says:

    The only positions that BPA should not apply to with the 1st round pick are QB, 3-tech DT, WLB and MLB. (and RB if Martin is signed to a long term deal) We could use an upgrade at any other position on the team.

  20. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    I hear U, and I’ve got LUV for Ramsey – don’t get me wrong.
    I just see a greater need on the Oline.

    If the goal in Free Agency is to

    Resign Doug
    Sign a Replacement for Logan Mankins (Alex Boone?)
    Hit the Bargain Bin for a Few Wide Outs (Sanu, Quan?)

    Pick up two Quality Defensive Ends
    And a Corner.

    Then I see how we – could go Offensive line Early in the Draft. Especially if we can trade back, pick up a few extra picks – and still draft our guy.

  21. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Pharoh Cooper? He solid – Like the kid out of Oklahoma (Sterling Shepard) more though.

  22. MadMax Says:

    Yeah, being a Gamecock I kind of watched a lot of him, and he was our star player. Even played QB sometimes. Glad you like him. I thought he would be a 2nd round talent but the D line depth and other wideouts will probably push him to late 3rd/early 4th. He’d be a gem for us in the 4th if we could get him.

    Remember, Ive got a pretty good nose now….told everyone about Marpet and Humphries when barely anyone knew of them. I still think Humphries stays on for a while and will only get better.

  23. MadMax Says:

    I also wouldnt mind if we took a chance on LB Jaylon Smith if he falls to the 3rd round. Doubt he will though. But man, his attitude and maturity really shined at the combine even though he couldnt perform. Im rooting for that kid and hope the nerve damage isnt as bad as many think. He might miss all of this season but someone will take a chance on him. He’d be a top 10 if it wasnt for that injury.

  24. Mike Johnson Says:

    To hell with some smokescreen. The Bucs had better hurry up and figure out a way to sign Doug Martin. Cause trust me, there are some teams out there who will give him what he is asking plus a signing bonus! And they will give it up quickly without hesitation. Better call Saul Bucs.

  25. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    U on point Bruh – no worries.

  26. colincanada Says:

    Best player available means the best player on the BUCS draft board.

    I would guess that the bucs probably don’t have QBs on their board so the argument of drafting a QB because they are the best player available probably does not apply. In this case though I can’t see any other positions being completely off the board and I do think that just about any position is in play at pick #9.

  27. Tnew Says:

    BPA is usually not a QB in any pick in the draft. Teams will reach for this position as it is the most important. Being said if at 9 Licht felt the best player available was a transcendent weak side linebacker and we didn’t take him, then shame on us. I don’t see personally any will lb that is warranting that attention myself. But if the BPA is a left tackle or an defensive tackle (which could be the case) and we don’t take that player… That would be a mistake in my opinion. In the third if the BPA is truly a QB, I don’t know but if in the 4th the BPA is a qb, take him.

    How crazy to the Redskins look now for drafting Cousins in the second round in the same draft as RGIII.

    I think that you should be aware of your needs when drafting but in the end, take the BPA especially early, or trade out if you don’t need said player. Oh and Love My Bucs.. if Stanley is there, he should be the pick

  28. Bucco Brice Says:

    Bosa, Buckner, Ramsey,Hargreaves will all be gone before #9…who’s best avaialble after them? Nobody that really fits…Trade down might be the play this year?

  29. Bo Says:

    Agreed ..I’m open to trading down if the price is right and the above players are all gone. That opens the door for multiple picks in maybe the deepest Dline draft yet, also leaves Ogbah on the table, who I really like.

  30. Bo Says:

    @luvmybucs… Is similar to 1990.. They took McCants to form a strong Dline with “Sandman” BT. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. That’s why you take the best player. Glad those days are over.

  31. 813bucboi Says:

    if bosa, tonsil and ramsey are gone the best player would be VHG…he is the best pure corner in the draft…ramsey lacks technique…athleticism will only get ramsey so far…ramsey cant match vhg’s ball skills, footwork or technique…ramsey is a good player but the best cover corner in the draft is a GATOR!!!…GO BUCS!!!

  32. bobus Says:

    If Buckner, Bosa, Ramsey, and Hargreaves are gone before our 9th pick and we don’t bring Martin back any chance we draft Elliot or Henry or do we stay with Sims

  33. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Wow is all I can say. If Nkemdiche hadn’t fallen over that balcony everyone would be saying he’s a sure bet to go to the Titans. Brice you say after those cats no one else would fit. Nkemdiche ran a sub 5 second in the 40 and had a 35in vertical at 300lbs. Oh I think he’d fit quite nicely my dude.

  34. godzilla13 Says:

    BPABON (best player available based on need). No one is going to trade for Glennon or he would be traded by now. Were not moving up. To expensive (next years first round pick). No one will trade with us to move back. Why? First round we will end up drafting Noah Spence or Eli Apple. Second round is were all the meat of the draft is. What if Andrew Billings falls to us in the second? There is a real possibility. If that happens we draft him. If not we should draft SS Karl Joseph, if he is available. Once FA begins on March 9, we should know exactly were our needs will be. Jason Licht should grab Jameis, Gerold and Lavonte and set up a meeting with Mario. The word on Nkemdiche is that he is a head case, really out there. Pass.

  35. Bucluck Says:

    I think that quarterback is a serious concern 3 years down the road, and taking a QB in the first round again is justifiable.

  36. bucs4life86 Says:

    No doubt 813, VH3 is the best corner in the draft, Ramsey Is the best safety. VH3 is prob the safest pick at this point. We passed on another former Gator in the 1st rd named Joe Haden that was suppose to be “to short”. How’d he turn out?? GO BUCS N GATORS!!! F*CK THE NOLES!!! HOLLA @ US WHEN U GOT AS MANY CHAMPIONSHIPS AS US. #GATOR NATION

  37. bucs4life86 Says:

    I really like the safety Karl Joseph out WVA in the second or third rd. Prob be gone in the 3rd tho. I think we need a safety more than a CB at this point. There just isn’t a safety worth taking in the 1st. But there is a corner (VH3)